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  • Podcastinf for the future

    1 day ago


    As we head into the NEXT 500 podcasts, I can't help but look back over what has worked and what I want to change. What's some things you would like to see us do in future podcasts?


    1 day ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Specialis

    Hey all,

    We're excited to share our Community Corner schedule. Please show them love and support at our first ever Community Corner in Rooster Town (BOOTH 731) located near the RT Store on the Exhibit Floor. 






  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    The name of a currency is a strange thing: whether they are pounds, named for their worth as a pound of silver, or a cent, which is in reference to the Latin centum, meaning one hundred.

    Most monetary denominations have a relatively simple explanation of their denominations. So what about the most well known currency in the world?

    The U.S Dollar.

    Well, the story of how the dollar got it’s name is a bit more complicated than you may think...

    The modern word “dollar” derives from the old word “thaler”, which, in turn, is an abbreviation for the word “Joachimsthaler”, which was a coin type, made of silver specifically, These Joachimsthaler we’re first minted in 1519 and were mined within the vicinity of Joachimsthal, Bohemia. Modern day Bohemia and by extension Joachimsthal can be found in the Czech Republic.

    Now, “thal” is the old German word for valley, a "thaler" is a person or a thing "from the valley, Joachimsthal means Joachim’s Valley, named for Saint Joachim. Therefore a “Joachimsthaler“ means: the thing from Joachim’s valley.

    So there you are, America has a valley in the Czech Republic to thank for the name of their money.

    Yet another thing the Czech have given us, isn’t that right @Lamkia?

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dollar


  • Alone

    1 day ago


    This site is dead. 

    Was fun. 

  • Office Romance

    1 day ago


    Anyone and everyone who has ever claimed to be an otaku, should know more so than not that finding love as such a person can be difficult; and that's putting it lightly. We many few are just don't fit well anywhere else besides the places we make our safe zones, and even other otaku might not be able to hare in that space. So it would come as no surprise that anime picked up on this problem, and attempted to solve it through many different iterations. Some anime poked fun at the otaku and changed them for the "better", some anime had the romantic partners conform to their love interests' otaku ways, and some anime brought two otakus together and let their commonalities do the talking. In Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, or Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, we get a far more refined version of that last type of romantic attraction. It's an anime that pretty much nails the problems and issues we otaku run into with love, and does an excellent job at solving those problems with humor and a realistic approach.

    The anime starts with us following Narumi, a new hire who is starting her first day working at a company with an office setting. We don't really ever learn what this agency does, but I assumed it's one of those analytical business-type offices that crunches numbers. Narumi is given a tour around the building by Hanako, her superior at the company and someone who even Narumi can't help but point out how big her boobs are. The tour is soon brought to an end when another employee by the name of Hirotaka calls out to Narumi, recognizing her from his school days, and almost immediately destroys her plan to keep the fact she's an otaku a secret. That's right, Narumi is an otaku, a fujoshi otaku to be exact. Luckily for girl her sempai is also into anime, so there's no major destruction of her image on her very first day. Later that day she goes out to eat with Hirotaka, the two catching up on what has happened in their lives since school, and talking about how difficult it is to find someone who will love them for who they are. However before they end the night, Hirotaka inquires if he might be able to be Narumi's boyfriend, in a rather awkward fashion, but none the less Narumi accepts. I know, right? It's the first episode and these two are already dating.

    What follows is a series of events that us otaku may run into, and how this anime solves them. Like how since Hirotaka is a gamer otaku and Narumi is a fujoshi, they sometimes don't see eye to eye on otaku culture. Or like when they try to find anything else besides otaku topics to talk about during a date, they just can't think of anything. But Narumi and Hirotaka aren't the only otaku couple in this anime, as both of their superiors at the office, Hanako and Tarō, are otaku and dating. These two clash even more than Narumi and Hirotaka, as Hanako is a fujoshi cosplay otaku, and Tarō is a straight-laced bishojo anime lover. These two give us examples of when two very strong personalities clash, and how those personalities can lead to hurt feelings that require smoothing over. There's a number of times I was reminded of IRL moments I experienced myself attempting to date as an otaku, so I really gravitated towards this far more realistic approach to otaku romance.

    Now I won't say the anime is perfect, with the biggest flaw I felt being the slow pace that the relationship progressed. Now I know I said I liked the more realistic approach, but if these two are really childhood friends who went to school together, then there should be some more movement in this relationship. Even the characters recognize this fact, fretting about how they aren't going anywhere and are simply satisfied with what they have. These aren't two high school students, they are full grown adults, meaning they should have adult needs. I mean sex. It's basically stated that Hanako and Tarō are intimate, but Narumi and Hirotaka come off as way more platonic. They do kiss and hug, and Narumi sees Hirotaka hanging dong, but I wanted a morning after shot or perhaps a scene where Narumi and Hanako are having girl talk about their sex lives. Oh well, can't have everything you want of course.

    I do want to mention one more couple, or rather a paring, who are on the very cusp of the otaku spectrum; Naoya and . Naoya is Hirotaka's little brother is is basically a normie, he's very friendly to everyone but is a bit of an airhead. He also sucks at video games and has almost not understanding of the otaku lifestyle, but he still played a good role. Kō on the other hand is an extremely nervous and anxious person, she also looks like a guy which even fooled me because I thought they were going for a progressive homosexual relationship at first; not that I don't find the truth just as attractive a prospect. Kō is also a gamer, though I can't say she's an otaku. What was attractive about this budding relationship though was that Naoya, who is terrible at games, was willing to try and try again to become better so he could play with Kō. Kō herself writing a journal to help Naoya, who returns her assistance with an abundance of friendliness that she's not use to. It was really sweet and soft, something that was far more suited to being a slow burn than that Narumi and Hirotaka should have had.

    I was hoping the anime would wrap up with some nice conclusions, or perhaps some tantalizing appetizers for a second season, but instead it just seems to stop an episode early. That's right, this season only runs for 11 episodes, with a 12th episode easily set up for being about the upcoming sakura festival but never arriving. It was odd to say the least, but at least it ended on a highlight that all the couples were moving forward in their relationships. So while there were some minor things that could have used some adjustment, the anime turned out to be plenty good. It made me laugh and feel good many times over, but I'll admit, I'd still rather watch an anime than pursue a relationship myself.

    Genres: Romance, Comedy

    Animation: Outstanding work by A-1 Pictures, the same studio who brought us GATE, Sword Art Online, and Saekano. You can't nail emotions with voice acting alone, and A-1 really brought its A-game out for this production.

    Voice Acting: I don't know if they could have found better voice actors for the respective roles in this anime, but it would have been pretty darn hard. Everyone fit so well with the character they were voicing, Kent Itō played an excellent mellow character like Hirotaka, Arisa Date provided plenty of energy to Narumi's character, Miyuki Sawashiro had a great mature and experienced voice for Hanako, and Tomokazu Sugita did a good job acting the part of an easily angered Tarō.

    Favorite Character: Picking one character here really just isn't fair, and since this animes is all about couples, I have to use my rarely given couple's award to Narumi and Hirotaka. Yes it's true that their relationship wasn't as speedy as I would have preferred, but it was still far less aggressive than what Hanako and Tarō had and way more advance than Naoya and Kō's.


    Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii gets a 8.6 out of 10


  • Fact of The Day:

    16 hours ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    ZhUOZ, UVB-76 or also simply known as "The Buzzer”, is a shortwave radio station that broadcasts on the frequency 4625 kHz, from an unknown location in Russia.

    It broadcasts a short, monotonous buzz tone, repeating at a rate of approximately 25 tones per minute, for a total of around 36,000 tones per 24 hours.

    Occasionally, the buzzer signal is interrupted and a voice transmission in Russian takes place, often including common nouns, including “virus” and “prison”. It has been theorised to be some sort of code. The first reports were made of a station on this frequency in 1983.

    The Russian military claim they have nothing to do with this mysterious signal.

    Perhaps the most disturbing theory of what this foreboding tone may be is that if is what is known as a “Dead Hand” signal.

    “Dead Hand”, also known as “Perimeter”, was a Cold War-era automatic nuclear weapons-control system used by the Soviet Union. Designed to automatically retaliate with a deadly nuclear strike in response to a nuclear attack on Russia. Some experts suggest it may still be in use today.

    Regardless, of its origins, there must be someone behind the signal and there must be someone listening to the transmission that knows what it means. The question is who? Why? Do we want to know?

    Sounds like some real James Bond shit to me.

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UVB-76


  • My Dearly Beloved Series

    2 days ago

    DuoAchievement This Fucking Weeb

    If you have ever talked to me about games, then you know that the Kingdom Hearts games is the only series that I will always play and always love. I spent nearly all of my childhood cheering on these characters as they fight the darkness and travel different world. I cried over their deaths time and time again. I watched them mature over time, slowly become the keyblade masters that I know they can be. I will defend the Way Finder, Sea Salt, AND Destiny Island trios by myself if I ever have to just because they deserve love and happiness.

    Tonight I finally went to a show that I have only ever dreamed of. Years of planning, canceling trips over and over again, of searching hours upon hours of online clips. I finally attended a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra show. I finally saw the performance that I never thought I could see in my life because I was too broke or too far away to attend. I'm not lying when I said I almost cried there and then listening to Heroes and Heroines live with hundreds of other fans. I don't know how to describe my emotions right now, and I know people are going to think I'm being dramatic over this but honestly? I never thought I would get to see this performance and now that I have I can finally cross it off my bucket list. They even played the theme for the new Toy Story world which was fucking fantastic by the way and hyped me up for January even more. 

    These next few months are going to test my patience for sure, but I think after waiting like 13 years I might be able to wait 6 months for KH3  heart yellow_heart green_heart blue_heart purple_heart


  • RTX Tips Part 3 - Panels to See, Places to Eat, and Things to Do

    1 day ago

    Antharwn FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTNY Admin

    Admins from over a dozen groups have come together with all their collective knowledge from RTX's past to present RT World's Ultimate RTX Pro Tips. Whether your a newbie or a veteran, there is fantastic information here for you! This 5 post series will be posted every Sunday throughout July 2018, leading straight up to RTX Austin.

    Part 1 Important Things to Have & Bring (7/1)

    Part 2 The Best Apps to Have on Your Phone & Staying Safe (7/8)

    Part 3 Panels to See, Places to Eat and Things to Do

    The Most Underrated Panels that We Recommend Attending are…

    The Animation Panels (especially the smaller ones)

    Behind the Scenes Panels (3D Animation, Broadcast, writing, music, etc)

    Dungeons and Dragons and Drunks

    Game Attack

    Kinda Funny

    The Live Action Panel

    The LGBTQA+ Panel and/or Pride Panel

    Troadero Panels hosted by Nico

    The BIGBITE Panel

    The Oxford Comma Cafe panel

    And all of the community submitted panels that were added back to the schedule this year! 

    Community panels tend to be less full but will have fantastic information and very interactive panelists. You can find a complete list here.

    RTWorld is bringing two panels:

    Extra Life: What RT Communities can do #forthekids and

    “How To: RT Community”

    In regards to the area around the convention center:

    The convention center is downtown, and all of the streets are numbered. During the day 6th Street specifically can be a place to get a burger or take a leisurely stroll. At night the locals refer to it as Dirty Sixth, and tend to avoid the area. It’s big on parties and alcohol. If that’s not your scene, try some of the other locations on our list!

    We Recommend Trying These Places to Eat or Get Drinks

    Walkable from the Convention Center

    Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill 214 E 6th St (it’s really worth it if you can get past the waitress’s uniform, all ages and can accommodate large groups)

    Buckshot - 422 E 6th St (21 plus shot bar)

    Buffalo Billiards 201 E 6th St (18+ for rtx badge holders Sunday 21+ the rest of the time)

    Casino El Camino 517 E 6th St (great burgers for lunch)

    Chupacabra Cantina - 400 E 6th St.

    Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que 217 Congress Ave

    Eureka! 200 E 6th St (under 18 welcome)

    Frank 2918, 407 Colorado St

    Gus’s Fried Chicken 117 San Jacinto Blvd (everything is fried in peanut oil)

    Iron Cactus 606 Trinity St

    Iron Works 100 Red River St

    Jo’s Coffee 4160, 242 W 2nd st

    JuiceLand 120 E 4th St

    Le Cafe Crepe 200 San Jacinto Blvd A (small inside, maybe get it to go)

    P. Terry’s - 515 Congress Ave #130 (small inside, but a less expensive option)

    Roppolo’s Pizzeria 316 E 6th St

    Uncle Julio’s 301 Brazos St #150

    Voodoo Doughnut 212 E 6th St (open 24 hours)

    Which Wich 259 W 3rd St

    Catch a Ride (these places are a bit more of a walk, so maybe consider a ride share app instead)

    Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts. 3042, 1503 S 1st St

    Home Slice Pizza 1415 S Congress Ave

    Kerbey Lane Cafe 2606 Guadalupe St (multiple locations, this is the closest)

    The Oasis on Lake Travis 6550 Comanche Trail

    Torchy’s Tacos 1822 S Congress Ave (multiple locations, this is the closest)

    Note, there’s usually food in the convention center but it’s typically more expensive, and likely won’t be the quality that you find outside.

    If You’re Looking For Things to do Outside of RTX there’s...

    Seeing the Bats from South Congress Bridge

    Check out some of the parks in Austin. Like Zilker Park or Lake Travis

    Check out the Capital Building. You don’t need to take a tour, just the lawn is a cool place and it’s free to go inside.

    See a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse on 6th street (320 E 6th st) or catch a ride to the South Lamar location.

    Go Swimming at Barton Springs

    See Austin's Ghost Tours

    Go to The Bullock Texas History State Museum (a bit of a walk, maybe catch a ride)

    Try these Escape Rooms: The Escape Game Austin and Austin Panic Room

    If you wanna Float the river, there are lots of options

    Do some research around for live music, events that might be going on downtown, like farmer’s markets, or other special events.

    Keep an eye on RT’s twitter for other ideas, as they often have suggestions too.

    You can also rent bikes to get around.

    Want to get a more native view of the city? Try Do512 or Austin360.

    These are other things happening around RTX that are not RT ran, but still well worth doing!

    Sidequest  Sidequest is a charity event around RTX that has events such as a charity gala, and barlympics!

    The Bus is hosting a massive community cookout happening in Zilker park Wednesday before RTX starts.

    Come back next week for more RTX Pro Tips! Our next post will be about community meetups happening at RTX! 


    2 days ago

    AlecsanderM A literal SmartAlec

    Wonderful, amazing, genital tingling good news everyone! 

    For those who don't know me personally, I'm a senior art student earning my Bachelor's in Graphic Design and I'm approaching the end of my program. One of the final requirements is that I complete a particular number of hours working for an actual company. Because of how I prioritized classes (mainly taking the ones I liked first then the core subjects) I didn't bother looking for an internship until I knew the course was approaching. I BULLSHIT YOU NOT, 3 months of looking and sending around 10-15 emails a week to companies in my area I only received around 5-8 replies. It was brutal, there was a period I sincerely thought I'd have to drop the course and waste time postponing my graduation. 

    However, this is the part that saved everything! A magazine publisher for multiple titles in my county emailed me requesting an interview, everything went well and I think they liked me for the most part. The only critical thing that worried me was that the internship position they had was for around half the hours I'd need to complete my program. Shit looked grim. Around a week later, while I basked in a combination of depression and melted Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream one of my professors emailed me; he told me that someone from the publishing agency had reached out to check my references and if I'd be qualified for the position. I was told they talked me up, put in a great word and convinced them to hire me for the max hours I needed. 

    It's 2 weeks into my internship, I've been actually working with clients and doing big-boy work. It's a little chaotic at times but god it feels so good too actually do what I've been striving for, especially when it seemed like it just wouldn't happen. 

    Hope that this journal entry perks you up, I was a terrible student in high school and honestly it caused me to have lackluster aspirations but this victory has me pumped to see what's next! 

  • RT Radio Friday: Week 217

    2 days ago


    Thank you to everyone for joining us tonight and thank you for the wonderful evening!

    Tonight's tracklist can be found here:




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