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  • How to: The RT Community Site

    1 day ago

    Lamkia Keeper of Snarky Sarcasm

    * If you are a regular user let me know if there is anything that needs to be fixed or added! I will make one big edit to the journal after reviewing the comments

    * The QUIRKS section is a recommended read for all users, new or experienced

    I've been seeing a lot of posts asking how to get into the community on the RT site lately and I'm getting tired of writing the same thing over and over again, so this journal is going to act as a general manual on how to navigate the site and use it most effectively. To cut down on reading, there will be no jokes (not even dick jokes, trust me it hurts me more than you) and I'll write info down as concisely as possible.

    More handy info I have put into the comments below:
    - How to actively and effectively get involved in the community (will link in next edit)
    - Some active threads to jump in and get to know people (in next journal, will link later)
    - A list of local RT community groups
    - Some important groups and users to consider following (will link in next edit)


    The TL;DR is that there was a semi-rushed migration in 2015 to the current site and it's got some fixing up to do before it is in good shape. It's not terrible, but there are improvements to be made. If it is beyond your patience, come back in a few months. It has been announced that the community portion of the website will be worked on in the summer. Otherwise, we'd be happy to see you around!~

    BUG REPORTS: Comment on this journal with detailed info of the problem, browser, and OS

    - As a user you have the ability to post journals, create groups (admins make group news posts), post in/create threads, and send private messages (currently only two-way)

    - Customize your profile! Hover over/click on your username in the top right hand corner and click on My Profile. From there you can add info
    - Add friends! Make friends. Do it. Now. You can follow/message/friend people via buttons on their profiles
    - You can also comment on journals, news, and videos. Further, you can reply to journal/news comments. To use this effectively, see the QUIRKS section below
    - The format of the website depends on the resolution of the screen you are using. The instructions below apply to the format used with most computer monitors, but it doesn't differ much from mobile versions
    - The front page shows latest videos and featured news posts from RT Staff, all can be commented on and modded when you click through the title

    - Lil stars? Users with one star next to their usernames are FIRST members, double stars are Double Gold FIRST members. See the FIRST menu above to learn more about joining these services

    - Each post has a mod value. Users can add or neg mod via a drop down menu at the bottom of each post
    - Like or agree with something? Mod that shit
    - Popular Content is determined by mod value (more below)

    ~NOTIFICAITONS (+ relevant misc info)~
    - Notifications stack, meaning all new posts to a single thread will be represented by one notification until cleared. Regarding user journals, if you post several in a row, followers will only be notified about the latest journal
    - Notifications appear when:
       • Someone you follow posts a journal
       • A new post appears in a followed thread (you will autofollow any thread you post in)
       • A new episode appears in a followed series (I've been told it's very buggy, though)
       • Someone comments on your journal
       • Someone replies to your comment within a journal
       • Someone tags you (To tag - @ symbol + username without punctuation folllowing, ex @Lamkia )
       • Someone sends you a friend request

    - Notifications DO NOT appear for

       • New uploaded images (people have issues with uploading images anyway, I suggest uploading somewhere else and then posting them as a journal)
       • New threads (will show up on the dashboard, though)
       • New followers

    - Images on the internet - copy the direct address to the image (often right clicking the image offers the option to copy this) and paste it to the text editor. The image will automatically populate after you paste the address
    - Local images - Personal albums are hella buggy. Upload them elsewhere (like through imgur) and then use the directions in the above point

    - Under the Community menu
    - Activity from your followed users appears here, unlike notifications it also includes threads
    - On the left are a few handy feeds for filtering content, pretty self explanatory
    - Don't be afraid to pop open the Everyone Feed and comment on stuff! It's one of the best ways to get to know people

    - Under the Community menu, have their own subforums (accessible through their group page), some have their own chat tabs
    - Have the ability to publish news posts, all followers will be alerted
    - Joining group =/= following group, these are separate actions
    - Active groups to consider following -
    - RT Radio - 3 shows a week, awesome people to chat with, great music! Go to the chat tab on the group page to join in
    - RT World - includes a list of local community groups

    - RT Poppycock - Overseen by RT's own Becca (voice of Sister in RvB), posts humorous articles, expands on topics from the RT Podcast, hosts Fanart Friday
    - Official Web Development Group
    - Your own local group! If applicable

    - Under the Community menu
    - Forums aren't organized the best way right now and will hopefully be restructured soon. At this point I suggest browsing the Gen Discussion and FIRST forums and then others depending on your interest!
    - *Always read the first post

    - You autofollow threads you post in
    - Consider lurking in an active thread for a little or reading the last few posts before jumping right in. Otherwise feel free to post in old threads.

    - 1337 speak is generally discouraged
    - Otherwise they function just like elsewhere on the internet, have at it!
    - Next journal will feature worthwhile threads, will link here after

    - Under the Community menu
    - Journals and group news with the highest mod values over the past 2 days will appear here (not threads)
    - A great way to get the feel for the community and interact with active users, comment on the posts if you have something to say about it!

    - Spam and posts with content violating ToU can be reported via the little itty bitty red flags for review
    - Currently there is no way to formally report a user. If you have an issue with a user, contact an admin or flag the relevant post
    - Unfortunately, there is no way to block users right now

    ~QUIRKS /BUGS/ISSUES/What have you~
    - If you post several journals in a row, followers will only be notified about the latest journal. Consider spacing out journals by a day or so for best visibility
    - Friending someone =/= following them, following must be done separately
    - New images don't send notifications
    - This is one even regular users have trouble with (ie pls read this) - When replying to a journal comment, only the user who posted the original comment will be notified 

    Image for clarification:

    (Link to image in case it drops later on)
    Only User1 is getting notifications about these replies. If User1 wants User2 and User3 to get notified about their reply, User1 MUST TAG THEM using @ + username (ex @Lamkia ) in the body of the comment reply. Also, applies to User3 if they want to notify User2. Make sense?
    - Editing a journal resends notifications about it! So think twice before fixing a comma from a year old journal
    -The WYSIWYG text editor is complicated and there is a science to learn if you want to wrangle it. Firefox seems to have a lot of issues with it (spoiler tags don't work, unlinking text in replies is a pain, etc). Chrome seems to work best. Do the best you can with it
    - Following shows is really buggy, not all episodes send out notifications

    - When a new page is added to a thread, it takes a little bit of time before the page count updates and new post notifications might be a little finicky
    - Browsing user image galleries is a huge pain, navigating through pages brings you back to their journals, there isn't a work around except to do some extra clicking

    - Overtime some images linked from Tumblr stop appearing for some reason
    - I know there are more, but I can't think of any other big ones, just little ones not really worthy of comment, let me know in the comments of known bugs/workarounds!

    WHEW, okay. So this is functioning as a basic guide for new users. Look back at the top of this journal for extra info about effectively participating. Have a question? ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS in the comments. 

    And if you're new


    ~ Mish

  • Little Tokyo shall be no more.

    20 hours ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars


    This weekend will not be spent partying, but packing.

    Yes. I'm moving. Again. On the 1st. 

    Little Tokyo 3.0 shall be upgraded into... ummm.... well it's not gonna be Little Tokyo anymore!

    -Gasp- but why Julie??

    I'm moving in with my 彼氏 (le Boyfriend). 

    Um... I've never done this before.

    That means Little Tokyo will become Japan–United States Cohabitation.

    This is, essentially, a new chapter of my life. You know, living alone for so long, and being lonely for that matter, was a strong driving for to my arts. Much of my feelings towards relationships were simple, "well, I won't get to experience it, might as well not think about it." I didn't mind being alone, but I minded being lonely. Right? Who likes being lonely?

    So this'll be an interesting experience... 

    But most importantly, I get to start building a life with a man I quite admire and adore. I hope he knows that. Well, I guess I should tell him! 


  • A time long forgotten

    1 day ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    I know I'm not the only one still waiting for some perks on the social media end of things. I could make this a formal complaint, but I have found my journals to be a bit more effective in this regard. I know that RT (according to Burnie) is set to begin work on the social media aspect of the site around July(ish). While this is great news I think it is fair to bring up some of the social media perks many of us used to enjoy before the Full Screen buyout/site change.

    For starters there was a much more intuitive community feed. These days we have to look for the dashboard and even that is really just a listing of the latest posts. I can't help but miss the times when there was a legitimate feed that would encourage relationships by displaying those who are the most active or at least had the most intriguing thought of the day. I love that the old mod system is back but is this the price it came at or am I just expecting too much? I have to say a more interactive feed of community users would be fantastic!

    Back in the day when the community still had an amazing presence on the site you could actually see who was liking your posts if you were a Sponsor. That sponsorship has now shifted to a First membership that is more geared for content rather than social media. I am not upset about it. I still love the RT content but the fact remains that a ton of people here abandoned the site because Twitter became a more viable platform. That's just a fact. Liking anything on the RT site does nothing to spread people's posts here unless you are looking at the "most liked" part of the community tab.

    The Notifications here have been absolutely terrible for a long time. Please start with that.

    I will tell you the problems I have with notifications (coming from a journal guy and not a forum person). Let's say I post a journal and people decide to comment on it. I am pretty sure that there are no notifications for a response once a person has already commented once. The only workaround for this is to tag people in your responses. I kinda fucked up the site before when it comes to tagging people and i'd rather not do it again. It's never once been by choice but it happens to me sometimes.

    I know I sound like an entitled asshole right now but anyone who has been here a while can probably feel where I am coming from. I know it's asking a lot, but please do something with this amazing community!

  • Nearly Finished Unpacking

    1 day ago

    MrWartburg Team Fat

    So a couple weeks ago, I mentioned a few life updates, like moving to a new place. And over the last week I've gotten just about everything unpacked, stored in the closet, and all the cool shit hung on the wall. And the coolest stuff went in the basement. 

    Wall #1


    Wall #2


    Having the whole space pretty much all to myself is going to be pretty awesome, because it means I get to do stuff like keep my green screen up all the time! 


    I'm going to like having room to actually spread out while I'm streaming, instead of being cramped in the same small room where my bed was in the old place. Still playing with the lighting and what not, and working on some back end stuff for the new channel, but it's be a pretty solid couple weeks.

  • I Got Sailor'd!

    1 day ago

    Newbs Uncle Slam

    Holy cow! Go check out @SailorGirl81's latest journal. She did a fantastic job of showing off my spooked silly side!


    Thanks for drawing me, Sailor!

  • Day 117

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Today I did some preliminary design work. Now for some research on techniques.

  • Oh hey girrrl

    21 hours ago

    scheree Artist

    Life update journal because I promised that like forever ago and NOW I'M HERE. It's been so long. I don't remember when I last posted about life and something that wasn't art related.

    How are you guys? I'm going pretty good. Been busy making comics and animations, commissions, hitting up conventions and working part time at my awesome game studio day job (still can't believe it's real). Home life kind of isn't great but I think I'm just over living in a share house and dealing with my housemates. So many toxic issues. I want my only place with my own internet where no one can suck up the entire download speed or leave dirty dishes in the sink for weeks on end. 

    I stayed in an awesome apartment last weekend for a convention and whoa I've long since forgotten that a home can be actually be warm and not require you to wear 3 layers. And it ain't even proper winter yet. 

    Trying to figure out what I'm allowed to do with work in terms of supplemental income. I want to maybe start a patreon for behind the scenes stuff for longer projects that I don't post about (comics and animations/videos). It's a slight gray area for the day job because I'm part time. At least I'm permanent now. No more stress about being sick and not being able to pay the rent. Yay for sick leave. Speaking of which finding a good doctor is hard. Last two I saw were some old guys who's response to my problems where 'that happens, it's a women thing'. Nope nope totally unacceptable. I'm not gonna share medical things but that's just not right. 

    What else has been happening. I will not be at RTX in Austin this year (awww) because of money (double awwwwww) but I did however, at the end of last year ish sometime apply for some stuff to get a green card to move over to the US which I find out about real soon. I'm kind of in a weird state right now about it because I find about it so soon. Like I've wanted to do this for so long but at the same time my life has literally stabilised for the first time in several years so I've got some weird buyers remorse thing going on of do I want to leave stability and still want this. I know deep down it's still a big fat yes I do but at the same time I'm an anxious ball of putty. Starting over is scary and it's been so long since I've seen and talked to so many of you guys and I know it's on me but like I don't want to bother people so I don't talk. It's some messed up social anxiety going on, same thing that stops me from replying to people on twitter. Write a tweet and never hit send. This is what happens when you're a hermit for way to long. I need positive people. And hugs and waaaaaaay more frequently than the maybe one a week I currently get.

    Why am I being such a downer. What's something nice that's happening scheree. Nice and happy. Well if the green card thing does go ahead I should know by the end of the year if I'm approved all good and proper to move. What else, what else. I started collecting pins. Oh gosh I fell down that rabbit hole. Break one collecting habit, start another. Got into D&D good and proper over the last year. Got no one to play with though so I suck up whatever shows I can get my hands on. Critical Role over on Geek & Sundry is by far my favourite. I want to try tell a story/comic using dice roles to determine stuff one day. Not today though. Got too many of my own projects on my plate.

    I got an Xbox One back at christmas time. I love it. Played Dragon Age Inquisition all the way through. Good fun that. Debating on it I want to get a Switch which I pretty much just want for Breath of the Wild. And mobile Stardew Valley. Oh man how I do love Stardew Valley. Good game to play while listening to podcasts and when I just need to unwind.

    Started streaming to twitch which is the most awesome thing ever. I've been wanting to switch over to them for years and it's just never worked on my internet connections and now suddenly it does. I don't know if it was them supporting terrible internet or my ISP but I'm not gonna question it. Got to stream as part of RT World for Rooster Teeth's anniversary which was pretty amazing. 

    Oh man it's after midnight and I can't type straight anymore. so many spelling errors, help me auto correct. Time to go to bed I think. I've got some art to post but that might come tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams friends. I miss y'all so very much <3

  • Tomorrow is the April Q&A!

    1 day ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    Are you ready kids?

    We've got two of the founding fathers... Can you guess who it is? 

    We'll be going live tomorrow, Friday April 28 at 4:30 p.m. CDT. The Q&A will start at 4:30 p.m. CDT in the chat section. Feel free to pop in a few minutes before to start getting your questions in. 

    I'll be back in the morning to talk to you some more and let you know who will be on! In the meantime... take a guess. ;)


    WELL. Because Gus decided to tweet about it (okay, good on him!) it's been announced! Tomorrow will have the founders, Matt Hullum and Gus Sorola on!

  • What happened?

    1 day ago


    I got onto RT to check some stuff that had to do with the stupid thing I'm trying, but of course I'm on my laptop cause I visiting someone so I wasn't signed in. Every time I got onto RT this week I thought, "Meh, no reason to sign in. I don't need to be to re-watch stuff and whatnot." Except today I felt like I should, just to see if someone I follow made a journal or anything. Imagine my surprise to see a bunch of notifications for me. "Wow that's a lot of journals to read." Hover over it: "Friend request." "Friend request." "Friend request." "New message" "New comment" I had no idea what was going on. And then I thought of something, but no way it could be true. Could it? Immediately I scrolled down the home page and, surprisingly, it was. I was Featured User for the day. I don't know how my name got into the bucket (not really bucket per say, I read the journal too on how FU is chosen I just don't remember the word it was called) but, I'm still happy and I don't know why. It was a nice surprise and a good way to end the day as the end of the week draws near and I'll have to (unhappily) head home soon. Still, thank you everyone for the happy FU comments!

  • Signal Boost Relay: How To: The RT Community Site

    1 day ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    It it's at all possible you're following me and not snark artist extraordinaire @Lamkia (she does good other art too) you may have missed that she just posted that start of a short series of posts and edits to those posts that are an effort to streamline and localize the things you need to know going into or just around the site as it stands now.

    Here's the post.

    Not only do I recommend checking it out yourself, but spread it around.  You never know who might need to see it and if you're the one to show it to them.

    [News reel voice]

    Thank you, Lamkia, for your persistent efforts for our community in our community's home. 

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