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  • Back to Basics / Animus

    23 hours ago


    Over the past two months I have dropped some bad habits, one or two of which I realized were incredibly self destructive, and replaced them with habits that are doing me much better. It's motivated me to start over in some areas, which has given me some much needed reflection.

    One thing is drawing. I feel like I've gotten much better in general, but don't have the work to show it, so I tried doing some basic self portraits again using a mirror after a long time.



    Then, this week I've been studying for a literary interpretation class and one of the topics is based off of Jung's work in psychology, specifically with archetypes. There were some ideas I thought were interesting and helped to see things from a different perspective, both in lit and inwards. What really caught my eye was the idea of anima and animus.

    Animus is the [masculine] archetype of reason and spirit in women. When identified with the animus, women develop an excessive rational drive which may end up in excessive criticism and stubbornness.This also heavily influences a woman's interaction with men and her attitudes toward them.
    The process of animus development deals with cultivating an independent and non-socially subjugated idea of self. ....[When successful,] she is more internally aware of what she believes and feels, and is more capable of expressing these beliefs and feelings
    This is the male aspect of the female psyche, as the anima is the female aspect of male psyche (related to sensitivity, sensuality, intuition, creativity)

    So combining the two themes above, self portrait and animus:


    (on tumblr and twitter)

    Some stills that work well as stand alone portraits:




    I went back and forth between a few different options for my animus, including Slavic deity Černoboh ("black god" associated with evil) and a German shepherd, but settled on a fox for their infamous trickster stereotype, because of my experiences with the story of The Fox and the Crow, and other aspects that make me think it reflects some of (what would be) my animus's values. And I think foxes are kinda cool ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    With this one I also tried to pay more attention to composition and movement, with the red crossing the face and neck appropriately and the red stretching down counters the mist rising above. I dunno this is me pretending I know stuff about composition and doodads.

    I may do one for Jung's archetype of Shadow and make it a diptych piece, maybe as a crow to be like the story

    Guess that's it for these. Do you guys have any ideas for your own anima/animus? 

    ~ Mish

  • A Week in the Life

    1 day ago


    It's been a really full week for me. Lots of announcements and whatnot, including the community stuff at RTX (which I am still super hyped for). In that journal, I mentioned wanting to rant. Well, I started the week with only 1 rant, but now I've got a couple built up. I guess these aren't really even rants; they're more "Hey! Don't do this, butthead!"

    1. Don't act like an authority figure unless you actually have authority. I've noticed men do this more than women. You can hate me for calling that out, I don't care. You know what happens when you assume authority? You confuse the people who don't know better and alienate the ones who do. You don't have to step on other people's toes to show you can be a leader. In fact, doing that proves quite the opposite. Be helpful, yes, but also be humble. You will gain nothing by pushing yourself into the spotlight when you haven't earned it.

    2. Volunteering is hard work. I don't know why some people expect it to be fun and games. It is quite often either physically or emotionally exhausting. Sometimes it's both. Know what you're getting into before you get into it.

    3. This has been bouncing around on my Twitter timeline recently, but it also affected me personally this week. Criticism and bashing are vastly different and being negative in public isn't the most prudent idea. If you're going to be overtly negative about something, maybe make sure you aren't doing so around the people who worked on it? Or even the peers of someone who worked on it. Like point 1, doing this will only get you alienated. Nobody wants to associate with those who are disrespectful of the time and energy of others.

    On a lighter note, this week has been exceptionally nice for me. Started the day yesterday by co-hosting RT Austin's 2nd charity meetup. Everyone left smiling and we made a positive impact on the organization we volunteered for. I'm going to call it a success.



    I am ridiculously sore today, however. Who knew gardening was such an upper back workout? Kinda loving it, though. I've been looking for ways to strengthen the muscles in my back.

    Now I'm off to work on a game pitch for my mentoring meeting!

    How's your week been?

    <3 Duck

  • 1 Year of ZGZ

    1 day ago


    Hello everyone! (~‾▿‾)~

    Today marks the day of when I decided to ditch my old online handle and pick up a new one - and decided on one I had used long, long ago: zeitgeistzest. The origin story of that name in short involves mentioning MSN Messenger and a Finnish-English-Finnish dictionary. 

    So I started using that on DA, IG, Twitter, and Xbox Live. And here's some stats I've accumulated over the past year~~

    Xbox Live

    * Gamerscore: 6,210

    DA (even though I no longer really use it)

    * Deviations: 77

    * Comments: 559

    * Pageviews: 2,225


    * Posts: 602

    * Followers: 95

    * Following: 133


    * Tweets: 3,517

    * Following: 254

    * Followers: 92


    It's also been about a year since I got my ears pierced~~ They're finally starting to heal. XD And last night me and mom decided to try something new for my hair...



    Well, despite the crappy weather, mom and stepdad insist we go for a walk... and my legs already hurt from putting up new curtains... <.<;;; Guess I should have some breakfast....

    Cheers! ^w^

  • The Return of Dungeon Drunks (hopefully)

    7 hours ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Dungeon Drunks would love to run another live D&D game at RTX this year. With the new community track we have a home, and we've submitted for a spot on the schedule.

    If you haven't listening to us, would you go give us a try? The show is loads of fun, we love doing it, and we were born out of this community.  Your entertainment is how we continue to give back.  

    If you have listened to us, would you tell your friends? Maybe leave us an iTunes review? Post about us on your favorite social media platform? 

    This isn't about asking you to petition RT for us. We want to earn that spot in the community track. And the way we do that is by asking you, our family in this community, to come and join our fun. 

    Thanks <3


  • Jotaro VS Kenshiro Prediction Blog

    1 day ago


    Our prediction blog for the upcoming battle of the muscular manly men of anime is out! Give it a look here.

  • #Fit4RTX 2018 Week Zero - Shedding the Winter Layer

    1 day ago

    Tropes Einn Saman


    So it's been a while. I did realize something, it's a bit harder to do fitness posts when it's not a weight loss or bodyfat percentage goal. I mean strength numbers are great but when you're in the nitty-gritty it's hard to give week-by-week results like you can with weight or bodyfat. So let me sum up my last few weeks and months of fitness while I wait for the penultimate episode of Dragon Ball Super, yeah?

    So first off, since I got back from Austin at the end of RTX 2017 I've been doing a very long, slow-burn bulk. This bulk was not perfect, I will totally admit. I had a few too many days that were not clean, but for the most part I did eat well. My go-to meal by the end was Barilla protein pasta and some ground beef with spinach on the side, an excellent and calorie-dense meal without too much extra sodium or unnecessary sugars, while fulfilling the golden rule of any meal plan, "greens & proteins." After RTX 2018 it'll likely be my go-to meal until the next spring, since it's also surprisingly delicious and easy to make in large quantities for the week ahead.

    Of course I neglect to mention the a little too frequent visits by my good friends Ben & Jerry, but if the only dessert I go gaga for is ice cream then I guess it happens. 

    My lifts have all got better. I don't really do conventional bench because my shoulder is apparently stopped up with scar tissue that still to this day causes pain for some horizontal pressing motions. However pushups and dumbbell bench have started to feel better due to the slightly freer shoulder mobility, and my strength on dumbbell bench has increased dramatically. My deadlift and squat are also up, despite a minor knee injury a few weeks ago (sprain, healed). Most strength improvement happened in the last few months, since many people at work are hardcore powerlifters and I learn new skills quickly when properly shown.

    As for my body statistics, I'm currently using a device called Fit3d, which my work has. It takes weight and bodyfat, although the bodyfat has a few caveats. First off, it tends to have a higher number percentage than most devices (usually tracks about 5 percentage points higher). Also, since it's an external scan it is an estimate (although normally pretty accurate and tracks close to a DEXA scan) and can't actually see if you have excess visceral fat. As far as I know I don't, so we can assume it's accurate and ideally will be consistent with itself, which is more important anyway. This does take numbers differently than the old Valhalla machine at my last gym (bio-impedance wave scanner) so don't be confused if it looks like my lean mass has gone down. I can say definitively it hasn't, it's just a different method of measurement. 

    So here's where I sort of am now, and I'll explain that in a second:

    Week Zero

    Total weight: 207.7 lbs 

    Lean Mass: 146.1 lbs

    Fat Mass: 61.6 lbs

    Bodyfat percentage: 29.68%

    So I say sort of because during the first week of a cutting diet I lose a lot of waterweight. So a week from today will be my "real" starting weight and this is week zero. Although I do note with some pride that the last time I was over 200 I was very definitely not muscular, whereas now I do look good and fit, but with a bit of what we New Englanders call the "Winter Layer."

    It also takes measurements of my extremities but I don't want to bog this down in numbers. 

    So let's get on to goals, yeah?

    My goal weight is between 180 and 190 lbs, with my lean mass staying as close to 146.1 as possible. I want the majority of the 20-30lbs lost between now and RTX to be from the 61.6 lbs of fat I'm not using. I'd like if possible to dip under 20% bodyfat by their measurements. To keep it nice and loose I'd like to be as lean as I was back at the last RTX (the leanest I'd ever been) but with an extra 20 pounds of muscle added to that, and with all of my strength maintained or improved despite the calorie deficit. As for extremities, I have a big ole booty and thick legs. I'm okay with that, but for the sake of convenience I'd like those to shrink a little (I am too lazy and cheap to buy more jeans). My arms are pretty good and I'd like for them to stay good but get more defined. Both of those will be natural effects of losing fat and retaining muscle. 

    One reason why is that I am doing martial arts and will hopefully compete soon (as in, within two months) and taekwondo heavyweights are upper 170s and above. Since I want to fight the strongest possible opponents I want to make sure that even when I'm lean I qualify for heavyweight. My martial arts training will serve as my cardio in addition to my strength work.

    Week Zero is going to be a deload week for me on strength training since this week was a max effort week and my nervous system needs to recover. I'm also going to go a little more extreme with the diet than I will on the long term (just eggs, chicken and spinach to really cut the waterweight to get my real weight) before I transition into a healthy, balanced meal plan that will be a deficit of 500 calories from maintenance levels and include some carbs in the mornings. During week zero I'll determine my long-term meal plan as well as set up my lifting program moving forward. 

    Mid March is the best time to get started on your summer aesthetic, so if you're looking to do a bit of weight loss now is the time! I definitely expect people to come to my work in May asking us to help them lose 20 lbs for a cruise in early June, and the body doesn't work that way. Healthy fat loss is a long, slow process, otherwise you may wind up doing more damage than carrying a few extra pounds would! Sometimes people lose sight of this but health is the goal here, and the rest will follow.

    If you do want a workout routine, I can write one for you as a NASM certified personal trainer! Four weeks of three workouts per week comes to $150, so if that's in your price range and you want something like that feel free to DM for more details!

  • Small Update! Love Life || 3-18-18

    8 hours ago

    FiskJr KevinEverett

    Hey Everyone, 

    I have been catching up on some @burnie ( @elliemainey ) vlogs. In particular, the ones where Burnie sits down and talks to the camera and then the Final Vlog (btw for the love of god, can vlog not be underlined red as a grammatical error, it is 2018). 

    These vlogs were lovely to watch. I am glad I’ve waited to watch them at a point in my life where I am content and not upset. 

    Things have been really rough for me personally, and with college, but I’ve been coming around and it is due to one simple thing... I have been feeling more comfortable as myself. I recently have been to my former high school two times in the past two weeks and these few hours were amazing. These are people of my past. They are important to see once in a while, so I am able to reflect upon myself and the changes I have made and that they have noticed. My former teachers (Digital Cinema&Broadcasting) are wonderful individuals and I look up to them a heck of  a lot. The students are also really fun to be around and talk to. I ended up helping with very little things for projects the students had been working on after school, since I was in the room, but it was neat and enjoyable. 

    My Digital Cinema teacher I had for two semesters confirmed with me the school he has been trying to get into for his Masters Degree. He told me it was Emerson College for the writing masters... this made me really happy because it is the school I am currently at. Although he will be doing Online schooling, due to him already having a job as a teacher, it is a really cool thing to know that my former teacher is aiming towards the same school as me. 

    My friend who is a senior at the high school ended up Direct messaging me on twitter telling me to “guess what”. I immediately said, “Please say Emerson” and she then told me she had been accepted for the same major as me. This again made me so joyful. It is another situation where someone of my past is still apart of my present and hopefully the future. 

    There has been a lot of little things that have been happening that invokes me to be alive. I feel appreciated and that makes me unbelievably happy. I feel like I have a purpose, even if it means just existing and confronting each day as myself. I hope to open up more in the next few years, but I feel like my Boston life will be the way I will grow up out of my shell. I may not be making physical progress with school or projects, but mentally I am learning to accept myself and this is what I need. It’s what I have been needing during these past few years, but without the struggle, I would have never of known what I truly needed. I still do not know 100% completely, but Im on my way. 

    My next update with you guys will be in April, but I hope to talk about my life developing in Boston for the next 3 years to come. It is nice to finally find acceptance at the place I have been wanting to get away from for my whole life... home. The reason why I am finding acceptance is due to me accepting myself. I never needed a change of location to do this. I just needed time and reflection. I am content with losing people in my life. People come and go. The ones who find ways to appreciate you are the ones who will stay, even if they do not directly interact with you, they will always be there when you are ready to interact with them. 

    No one will fully understand the crazy small things that I have experienced these last few years; same thing goes for everyone else. I will never fully understand another individuals experience with the small things in their life that created a huge impact on who they are. This is the beauty of living life. Our characters are built upon a lot of things that not one single person will fully understand except for themselves. 

    Peace y’all <3

    -Kevin Everett Fisk Jr.

    (Visit Photo “Images” section on my profile to see some photos of me and some little things I have been up too. If you want to keep fully up to date with me, I have a journal style twitter @KEFiskJr) 

  • Unrecognized...

    1 day ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold I'm a Know Buddy!

    I remember a couple of games when I was little where the player's character started as nobody, saved everything, and still ended up being a nobody. (Space Quest, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Half-Life: Blue Shift...)

    ... but I can't think of any recent games where the hero begins and ends as a nobody. (Even Lee Everett ends up being a hero to one little girl's entire universe.)

    What more-recent games are there where the player's character begins and ends as a nobody and still saves everyone?

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