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  • The Expanse Season 2 Review

    1 day ago

    tomtom4468 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Let me take a minute to explain what’s happening here, since I’ve never done a review in this format and I’m sure anyone who follows me here regularly is entirely confused as they’re reading this. On April 19, 2017, I was supposed to review season 2 of The Expanse on my podcast, Clark Film, like I typically do for so many other movies and television shows. That did not happen. Instead, like an idiot, I fell asleep and missed the season finale. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. I would just wake up the next morning, watch the finale and do the review then. This, however, was a very busy week and I did not have the time to record this particular review on any other day. So I decided, rather than abandoning it entirely, to complete this review in a written format at my own pace. That way, you get it in some form albeit a little late.

    Now that that explanation’s out of the way, here’s my review of The Expanse Season 2….

    Before I begin, fair warning… If you haven’t seen season 1 of The Expanse, this review WILL contain spoilers. So stop reading now and go watch The Expanse, it’s definitely worth watching.

    In this season, the crew of the Rocinante have escaped from Eros station and are now on a mission to learn more about and destroy the Protomolecule (I can’t remember if the blue glowy thing was given a name at the end of S1 or the beginning of S2) with the help of Fred Johnson and the OPA.

    I loved season 1 of The Expanse! It was such imaginative sci-fi that pulled me in immediately. So, of course, I was excited for season 2... and it ended up being really good as well!

    Everything I love about this show is still great! The performances are really good, the characters are really well written and compelling (especially the Rocinante crew, I love their whole team dynamic) and the writing is incredibly subtle. It also continues to perfectly balance fresh, imaginative, realistic sci-fi with political intrigue. This is every bit as much a political thriller as it is a science fiction series and that is what I love about this show most

    In this season, we continue to see the increasing tension between Earth, Mars and The Belt. It puts on display this Cold War esque conflict that keeps building up and up and up and up until, this season, it’s just about ready to explode. This conflict continues to be explored in an excellent fashion with ever increasing depth. We even get a deeper look at the Martian perspective this season (because we really didn’t get much of that in S1) with the introduction of Bobby Draper, a Martian marine. Bobby Draper is a fantastic character with an arc that I will say nothing about, but it’s incredible!

    Of course, there’s also more of the protomolecule this season. We learn more about it and its origins and all the information we get is fascinating. We also see the reactions of the entire solar system to the Eros event. This is something that people simply don’t understand and are confused by, dangerous assumptions are made and the way this story progresses from Eros is incredible! This entire show is completely and utterly captivating!

    I do, however, have a couple of issues with this season. First, just like last season, the visuals are kinda meh. At its best, it’s solid, but there are a lot of moments where their vision outweighs their technical ability. If every episode had a Hollywood blockbuster budget, it would be great... but it doesn’t. It also, at a certain point, starts to feel like two separate seasons that don’t mesh together very well.

    Other than that, I really liked this season! It was utterly entertaining and fascinating, it’s very well written and I can not wait for season 3!

    And I’m gonna give The Expanse Season 2… an 8 out of 10!!!!!

    You can find my podcast, Clark Film, on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music and pretty much everywhere else or by going to clarkfilm.libsyn.com and you can find raw video versions at bit.ly/clarksessionsvideo. patreon.com/thomasclark is where you can go to support the show, support my work, if you think it’s worth money (which why would you that’s dumb) it’s just a dollar a month, it’s not that much, I appreciate everything I get through there. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, tomtom4468, Email me [email protected], put “The Expanse’ in the subject line. Go over to iTunes, rate and review the show, 4 or 5 stars is preferable but I’m not gonna stop you from having an opinion.

    And hopefully this never happens again because FUCK THIS ENTIRE EXPERIENCE!

  • A silly question

    2 days ago

    Dimes003 Dimes003

    Is the first Lazer Team movie available to watch on this site? I saw it at the movies but would love to watch it again. I can find behind the scenes videos but not the movie. Any chance it's in the site and I can't find it?

  • *AHEM*

    20 hours ago

    TheMexicanMoose Moose

    Yeah so I promised myself I'd take more part on community things but I suck at social media... 

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    Playing a lot of WOW leveling my Pally. Nothing special.

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