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  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    China went mango mad during 1968.

    Chairman Mao Zedong, whom was given about 40 mangoes by the foreign minister of Pakistan, decided to gift them to the workers of Northern China.

    Yes, Mao gave approximately 30,000 people, at the time, around 40 mangoes.

    They were a hit with the public.

    Though they became immortalised throughout all of China's population, all 

    The mangoes were taken as a symbol of how Mao had in the chaotic random violence of, and that the mangoes symbolised the end of the Cultural Revolution.

    They were so popular that the large majority were never eaten, they were instead preserved and revered as "holy" objects.

    Wax replicas of the fruit held in glass were even given to workers, which were to be held in high regard in their homes, else they would be admonished by their companions and superiors.

    There were riots, parades, debates and even executions all in the name of these mangoes, most of China had never even seen a mango, let alone worshipped one as holy.

    To this day the mango is held in high regard in China.

    So, there you are China went mango mad in the late sixties, all because Mao didn't really even like fruit.

    If Pakistan had given him a crate of raisins then there might have been enough for everyone.

    Further Info: https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/660/cpsprodpb/A059/production/_88194014_mangoestop.jpg


  • My Pokemon Silver adventure has started (again)

    1 day ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    In my wait for Danganronpa V3 to come out (26th September in US, 29th September for EU , Please don't spoil me ) I've picked up Pokemon Silver on 3ds Virtual Console . My favorite generation of Pokemon.

    My adventure started with a all to familiar choice. Who will be my starter.

    Chikorita   ,    Cyndaquil   ,    Totodile

    152.png         155.png        158.png

    I chose Cyndaquil. This much like gen 1 is such a hard choice cause man all these starters are so well designed. (Yes even Chikorita , you Chikorita hating monster).

    After I chose I was on my way on an errant for Prof.Elm. But before i left the town I got beat up by some ginger kid . He physically kicked me. Like a savage  

    When I got to the location of my errant I met the Prof.Oak. He gave me a sick ass mini laptop to record all the animals I catch and fight. Always handy.

    On my way back I met the ginger kid again. But this time we fought like true gentleman . By making our animals fight each other . (Sure he insulted me first but that's just pre fight banter).

    My animal beat his animal and all was right in the world. (Also btw's he stole his Pokemon from Prof.Elm, Probably not a big deal).

    Got to Elms place, It was totally a big deal. The fuss was there and asked me for the kids name.

    Which of course I gave cause even though snitches get stitches the kid kicked me so I already got those. No worries for me.

    After that little incident I make my way to Violet city and its illustrious Sprout Tower . Now everybody like , oh you gotta go to the Sprout Tower its great . Wrong! Here's what you get in Sprout Tower:

    You get a bunch of these dudes:58.gif  with a ton of these 069.png also two of them got one of these 163.png

    But we beat up all these animals in the tower and our little cute fire mouse is now a dope ass volcano Pokemon  156.png. So that's rad. 

    Now here's the thing in Violet city there's this thing called a gym. Its where the pro's fight with their animals. Real big league stuff . Now the Violet city gym his run by this dude 20.gif Falkner. He's got daddy issues and a bunch of birds016.png017.png

    Now I can't do much with fire about his daddy issues. But I can burn his pigeons in my flames.

    So I did. And he took it really well. Gave me a sick cd and a cool looking pin 13.gif.

    Just shows you that even if someone has issues you can still all get along.

    We also got a egg now from Prof.Elm's aid . Always good to know I got some people back home making sure I can eat a healthy breakfast. 

    Well of too Azalea town.

  • RT Box August 2017 Impressions

    1 day ago

    gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

    Howdy folks!

    A sincere I-hope-you-haven't-been-affected-by-a-natural-disaster message, and well, if you have...a sincere I'm-sorry-you-have-been-affected-by-a-natural-disaster. Today I've gotten about five bushfire notifications so at least you're not alone. Australia sucks when it gets set on fire! You'll even notice that my photos have returned to being taken in sunlight again, because we've been getting a lot of it now we've hit Spring.

    Getting back on track to something a bit more lighthearted, August's RT Box looks to be survival themed. Hey, I only said it was a bit more lighthearted, right? This one is perfectly timed for me since the Day 5 season 2 finale is right around the corner, and if you're unaware, that show is all about surviving the apocalypse. If you haven't seen Day 5, I highly recommend it!

    It's coming from Josh Flanagan, who is a key component of what makes Day 5, literally! He learned that it's best to be prepared for the end of days from his neighbour; these lessons long surpassed that man's ability to avoid jail.

    Now, whether your apocalypse is a sleepy one, or otherwise, get ready to pack some useful items such as:

    - one Day 5 Sandman's Oasis glow in the dark shirt (light blue, with parts that glow!)

    - one rechargeable Day 5 flashlight (bright!)

    - one AHWU first aid/repair kit (red)

    - one 'Headlight Fluid' flask gavin (transparent red)

    - one RWBY Dragon Grimm sticker (matte finish)

    - one 'Vault Boy' Geoff Ramsey pin geoff

    #7 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Day 5 (20% were signed by the survivors that make the characters in that show somehow not dead yet).

    - one Steam code for Serial Cleaner from iFun4All S.A.

    We have our first glow in the dark shirt this month! While it's not the first glow in the dark item (I think last October held the glowing RWBY pins), it's certainly still 100% cooler than non-glow in the dark items. I do like the design and I love the show so there's nothing to lose here, and the shirt is quite thick in terms of material. Apparently the glow gives a hidden message...



    Look at that bona fide glow! More than just the 5 glows but it's really hard to get the glow on and take a picture before it goes away.

    The flashlight is a really handy item! This one says 'do not fall asleep' on it, the standard Day 5 mantra, and it's super duper BRIGHT! A rechargeable one is also way better than using batteries, as per one of my preferences for the Dualshock 3 and 4 instead of the Xbox 360 and One controllers  wink you charge the LED lights by squeezing the trigger on the side, which can be popped out at your convenience, and then switched on or off. Lovely!

    Let's Play...with this first aid kit! Because Achievement Hunter love to break things, this AHWU bad decision repair kit will make sure you're good to go if you too, like the AH crew, love to play with sharp things. It's got gauze, bandages, swabs, needle and thread, other shit, and wow will you want this if you're as dangerous as Gavin is with a grappling hook.


    Now, here we have a flask that you can fill with sterilised pee, filtrated water, or whatever the hell you like to drink. But, I direct you to one of the most loved RTAAs ever, Gavin's headlight fluid story, if you've somehow not heard of or seen it. Because it's making a comeback right now!


    Mind you, I'm partial to wiper juice myself.

    Have a cool-ass RWBY dragon Grimm sticker! It's great to decorate your cold, derelict-looking bunker with. This Grimm appeared in Volume 4; Blake and Sun fought it on the high seas, and it was some anime-style fight alright. Flying all over the joint and there was a lot of falling and catching. But at least you'll catch more eyes with this than Sun ever will with Blake! blake It has a matte finish which is a first for the RT Box stickers. I also can't read Japanese so I've got no clue what the text says~

    Hey, you! Do you like Fallout? Do you like Geoff Ramsey? Well, my answer to the former is no, but to the latter, fuck yeah I like Geoff! In fact, this is "the coolest thing I've ever seen in my entire life" which I'm pretty sure is Geoff's favourite thing to say about everything.


    And last, let's not forget the Gold card. This one has stylised art of the Day 5 promotional art I often see on the front page. About 20% were signed, but I didn't get lucky this month either. Ally, Sam, Jake and Ellis stare into the sleep apocalypse wondering whether or not (warning if you haven't watched the show or the latest few episodes definitely do not look at that spoiler!) they can trust Australians.

    Their ratings seem to be a little censored. We all know they used hardcore drugs to stay awake, not energy drinks and coffee...well, they did until they ran out.


    Oh, by the way, there's a Steam game this month - Serial Cleaner which is like the aftermath of Party Hard from June's box. Clean up dead bodies. Achievement Hunter has a let's play for this if you missed it. The card art is nice, although it's only on one side which is a shame; you can look in my album. Don't bother trying to redeem my code, I already did!

    Here's what your survival kit should look like:


    Welp, I hope you're still alive, or awake. Don't forget to tune into the Day 5 season 2 finale... whenever that is. I don't do dates, okay?

    Don't forget to check out any photos, if you want, in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

    Most importantly, remember...


  • Day 1359: closer...

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    It's only 5 days, only 5 days of work. Today was a very encouraging day, there was a lot of positivity at work and it was strange. After yesterdays successful meeting it was altogether a good day and progress was made. I do need to schedule meetings that I won't attend, so that's an interesting thing. How will I know they get done? I guess asking for minutes to be filed accordingly will have to be the way to ensure that things get done. 

    This weekend I guess I should tidy and ensure all my clothes are washed, and make sure I've got everything I want to take with me ready. It's a crazy time. 

    I don't know what else to talk about! Have an excellent day! What are you up to this weekend? You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Day 1360: Saturday!

    23 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I was waiting on something being delivered before I went shopping and got some food. It didn't turn up until after 6pm, so that was a whole ordeal. 

    Aside from that, I've not done much today. I messed around with Nether Star Generators in Sky Factory after getting my areas Wither killing area sorted. It was a good time. Aside from that I burned through a bunch of resources, but replaced them. I just want to reorganise the area I was in, and dedicate certain things to certain tasks, fit appropriate filters to item sorting. 

    I should have done more house work today than I got done, but I know I'll find myself with plenty of motivation as the week progresses. And it's been an insane week, and I needed to chill out for a day. 

    I even stopped playing video games as I was perfectly satiated. Then I made Rachyrock watch an episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and that was a whole conundrum. She was not impressed initially, especially with a 16 minute introduction, on a 45 minute video. But the whole thing was enjoyable! And I thought it was one of the weaker episodes I've seen. 

    Anyway, it's been a day! We also watched a bunch of Kesha videos and a good mythical more episode. Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Ask me anything!

    1 day ago

    Fly Keeper of Blades

    You know the drill!!!

    1. Questions tab

    2. Ask a question

    3. I'll eventually answer it

  • Wow... it's been 5 months since I posted anything......sorry

    2 days ago

    JackJammerRoy The One Who Write's

    still been watching Roosterteeth content just haven't felt like posting, probably should do that a little more haha.

    Nothing much has happened recently just been getting my life in order.

    trying to write a script, but I' doing it in the correct format. I am so happy I found Rick and Morty scripts for the basis of a script structure.

    I don't think I'll post it on here, especially since its not even done yet but jut felt like sharing with you all on what I'm doing at the moment.

    See ya all later!

  • Some things

    10 hours ago

    Nyan-Chan Little cosplayer

    I don't know how many  people read the stuff I post on here...

    Anyway, I have my Futaba Sakura cosplay near enough ready. I've got a set of her casual clothes now. I did want to cosplay her Phantom Thief design (which I do have what I need for that on order), but I'm not entirely confident that it'd arrive in time for the con that I'd like to wear it at.

    I'm hoping to get a picture or two of me in the cosplay onto DeviantART soon.

    Now, on a side note, on DeviantART, lately I'd been making mythology inspired 3D models for the fun of it.

    Recently, I announced that during October, I'd be working on a model inspired by a kind of Yōkai, but I didn't specify which kind. And I challenged my followers to guess.

    So far, no one's managed to guess right. I know it might make me look like an ass to say this, but its actually a little fun to do this to them. =p

  • Not New to Rooster Teeth Community, New to Social Interaction

    1 day ago


    i've been a fan of Rooster Teeth about a month after their first episode of RvB, ever since then i've been very committed and pleased in Rooster Teeth for all the content they make, from RvB to their animations, Rwby to Million dollars but, etc.

    I have never really participated in discussing anything about Rooster Teeth (*cough*cockbite*cough*) content with anyone online or in person aside from the occasional "nice shirt" i get when I'm wearing my Beacon Academy T-shirt when i go out. 

    Long explanation cut short, id just like to be me and invest more in being social in this community of people who love the great content these creators make to share with the world.

    -Love, Silverind. (P.S- Jaune needs a episode where he gets voiced by Micheal and just screams whenever anything bad happens, Miles could then voice Sun.)

  • Can we just call Trump a racist already?

    18 hours ago

    ragusa33 Goose Master

    Let's break down all the things he's done:

    1) Revoked an imaginary invite to Stephen Curry, star player of the NBA champion Warriors.

    2) Belittled Colin Kaepernick, and dozens of other African-American athletes for taking a knee during the national anthem.

    3) Defended the white supremacists & Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, saying that there were some "very fine people" among them.

    4) Pardoned Joe Arpaio, a man guilty of committing racial profiling & police brutality.

    And this is just recent stuff from the last 2-3 months! It's been well-documented of how he has mistreated people of color & minority in the past. It's time to stop tip-toeing around the obvious: the guy is a flat-out racist piece of shit, who is fanning the flames of hatred & division in this country. It's unacceptable, and it has to end. FUCKING PERIOD.

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