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  • Day 1294: Really embracing Roleplaying

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I went over to my friends' house and we continued our story in D&D, where I'm playing an Aasimar, and I'm misaligned to the rest of my party.

    My character has been shifty, and kept making random trips, I bought a book on herbs and other sources of poisons, and hunted down a gnome druid, and had all of these adventures while masquerading to the rest of the party that I was doing useful things. I even picked us up a job to do. 

    I have taken very well to my character, but I'm afraid all my character quirks are taking up too much of the DMs time, but I'm there to have fun, and he likes explaining his world, as long as no one else is getting bored then it'll all be good. 

    I can't remember how much I've explained about this character, but it's probably my favourite one I've come up with to date, it's a real tragic story, and because I'm from the wrong part of the continent I'm acting as a spy, while my Kingdom is neutral to good, just opposed to the place I'm in, I could be playing good, but my character is evil, so I'm taking an even further step away from the regular roleplaying I do, and kind of running a little espionage too. It's a whole enjoyable time. 

    Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • ​ 008 Update #26- RTXcited (Again) Part 4-C: Metaphorical FUNpacking

    2 days ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    This #RTXcited blog is the fourth of the series for #RTX2017.  Since it’s from me you can mostly expect it to be ridiculous with kernels of things that are nice to know.  It’s also kinda lucky that it was done in time for #rtcommunityday (or would have been if the first whole upload worked).Now we're doing it 5-6 parts because of all the uploading issues between the links and the size.  Don't worry, I'll make the links easy once they're all up








    “Well rested” and ready for the day I woke up decently early to get into my casual Mad King Ryan cosplay.


    Here’s another little story about shinanigans early in the morning with no pictures to show at this point.

    You all know about the great little picture of me @SailorGirl81 painted of me in her wonderful style.  Well, not only does she make these, she gives them to us, and I originally planned to get it from her at the party the night previous.  An AT&T dead zone in the bar and completely understandable situations on her end meant we couldn’t.  It’s all fine because I just got up early and ran to the convention center to get it from her.

    In full compliance with the Guardians I was able to get in the building and down to the signings area to wait for her at 7:something AM CST which was pretty cool.  Then I received the picture and, as I told the people at the front, I came back out with my painting in hand. 

    It’s a very nice painting so I immediately ran up to my room and slid it into my laptop.




    All in good humor and faith (because I believed that the line issue would be resolved), here’s the first line of the day I was very excited to wait in.  Starbucks!  I didn’t tweet the snarky line, but I’ll tell you all here:

    “The line for breakfast before RTX is long enough to watch the new Camp Camp twice!”

    Which is what I did.  (By the way, great episode and real shout-out to @Miles for keeping up that voice.)


    And that iced mocha certainly was the jolt I needed for the day to begin.




    I also snagged a selfie with the new and improved lines. 

    Obviously working with a problem happening is different from working with a problem the next day, but having multiple denser lines was really the way to go.  Also, going from 3 to 9+ metal detectors (I didn’t really count) helped a whole bunch. 

    The problem was solved and everything was as good as it could be given the circumstances.



    Next stop was the Expo hall itself.  Boy, was it nice!

    I tend to take a full look around before I start doing things on an Expo floor.  Not only to plan things out, but also to get a sense of it for future reference (which definitely came in handy (see the third day)).



    After my survey I went to @lukemckay ‘s booth where I got myself sketched in my crown and had a nice conversation with the fellow Seattle-area-ite and sure enough down came @OboeCrazy who I’ve also interacted with on the site and at RT_Seattle events. 

    They’re both tons of fun and I’m glad I had the chance to see them myself so early when I completely missed them last year.  I’d come back (I had to get the other Balls 2 That book if I had any money left after the RT Store.




    Remember how excited I said the guardians were to see attendees in the RT Store, well, I was just as excited to be there myself.  I had a plan and I also got a few extras in two trips that day.  For more details on this trip you’ll have to wait for the 008 Update #27- Quite Literal FUNpacking.




    One thing I did get was that Kinda Funny hat I wanted, which was great.  I took a quick swing back to the hotel to get swag in the room and get another iced mocha (as is fitting) as pre game for the Kinda Funny panel that was happening.



    The Kinda Funny panel was fantastic and everything a Best Friend like me could have asked for.  If it’s like last year, this will go up on the Kinda Funny channel soon enough.  If I remember I’ll come back and link it here. 




    After the panel we had a two part meet-up at the front and started to grab my pictures and photos with the Kinda Funny people present, including Gen Miller.  She was super sweet and signed the brim of my hat too!  I think she was a little surprised by it, but I wanted all the signatures I could get.  The first part was a mass of us at the front (except for Nick who had to go to a press thing).  I also ran into the other Kinda Hunnies who signed my hat as we waited outside.  Very nice ladies, all of them.


    My picture with Andy is blurry, but I have a story about this animal too.  He signed my Mad King crown.  I had it on my hat when I handed it to him, so fair enough, but it’s a really good funny story to have that as the only signature on my crown.  I was trying to get Ryan or Meg to sign it too, but this is good.  This is the kinda story you tell about Kinda Funny.


    @TimGettys is one of the most down-to earth individuals I know in RT (and I know there are quite a few).  He genuinely cares about the audience and he makes an effort.  Last year, on the way back to my friends’ rented apartment, I got a high-five from him.  He clearly was on his way somewhere but he stopped to make it happen after the event and with somewhere to go.  Also I have to give him major props for noticing my Heartles Emblem lock-screen.


    Greg Miller, that enduring tower of hope, he’s great.  He can play the heel all he wants, he can even call Batman V Superman a good movie, but the man is an inspiration.  He listens to us too.  I went to the panel with one message from my mother (also a Kinda Funny fan) that I got that morning in a text.  She wants more Portillo (so do I, that little skamp) and is excited for Cooking with Greggy.  He listens and is more than happy to share his time with us.  I appreciate you for that sir.  That and all the poisitivity he generates with Team Fat, his bombastic attitude, and those ridiculous stories with the wheezing laughs.

    Seeing all of these people so much this RTX was an honor.




    A similar honor was getting to meet the architect himself, @Axialmatt who I just love.  He is one of those fan success stories that’s an inspiration.  He also is responsible for everything I’ve had to build in #Bleepbloopopolous, sooo…  Well, at least I work within my 1-man team limits.  Catching him in the wild on the floor was pretty cool.

    I also caught him while wandering with my OCC buddy Greenbull who I just now realize I didn’t take any pictures with.  I’m super sorry dude.  You’re a whole lot of fun and we were almost always doing something so we definitely had fun.




    I spoke too soon, when I was in line for my photo at the AH lounge, my guardian took a sneaky selfie, and there is Greenbull.  Hi Greenbull and Guardian I don’t know!  Thanks for your work all weekend.




    Which yeah, I had to take a picture of me man-spreading evily on the Throne of Pimps while in my Mad King outfit.  DUH.


    A selfie with the Tower of Pimps was also required.













































  • July's Q&A - Friday July 21 - TOMORROW!

    20 hours ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager


    Happy post-RTX to those of you who were there, and post-second-weekend-in-July to those of you who were only there in spirit. <3

    This month we're going to be following the RTX train and will be sitting down with Bethany Feinstein, Director of Events, and her team behind all of Rooster Teeth's live events that you've seen around the world. 

    When is it?

    Friday, July 21, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. CDT / 10:30 p.m. GMT (+1) / 7:30 a.m. AEST (next day)

    Where do you go to join?

    Click on CHAT and join the chat room 

    How does it work?

    At or right around 4:30 p.m. CDT, start asking your questions. You can ask anything related to live events (such as RTX or Let's Play Live), Rooster Teeth or other productions that Bethany and her team have been a part of. 

    Look forward to seeing you there!


  • I'm Looking For An Animator To Commission!

    2 days ago


    To put it simply, I'm re-vamping my YouTube channel in the hopes of it being not QUITE as lame as it is currently. I've been slowly working on a few aspects of it AND my branding/presence beyond such. So far I've got the theme I want to go with down, my website is about 75% done, I've made an end card slate AND I've done a few other little things in terms of planning and motivation up-keep.... I just need an animation to finish the intro slate.

    I've already got the background, effects and everything else planned out, but it's missing the key element which is the animation in question! I've got ZERO skill or knowledge of animation, so I'm on the hunt for an animator I can hire/commission for the piece!

    To sum up the project quickly, it's only going to be about five seconds long and it's going to roughly be the same sort of animation as when Sonic/Tails come up from out of frame inside the logo upon the title screen of the old Sonic The Hedgehog games. Obviously it's going to be a different character (And ONLY a single character) and there's finer details to it that I can explain, but until I FIND an artist willing to entertain the idea there's really no point in laying out all the details/reference art in full.

    So then... Any takers and/or anyone got an animator friend who'd like to talk details?

  • Memories of Forums Passed

    5 hours ago


    It is now two years to the day that we moved over from the old site onto this one. In those first few days and weeks, the site was almost unusable. Of course this was unknown to us in the first few hours and we were still full of life and hope:


    But this journal is about the OLD site. The TRUE Rooster Teeth community site where everyone hung out for the decade prior to the switch. I missed the early days back in the mid 2000's, but I'm glad I was there for the final three years of the old site.

    So let's go back in time:

    We had karma levels and leaderboards.


    (The top 42 highest karma levels on the old site)

    We had statistics.


    (I managed to reach 50,000 posts just three days before the site switch)

    We had awards.


    (In case newer people reading this don't know - they stopped tracking online time in 2012, so I was stuck with the "settled in" award showing that I had been online for a day. But when this screen cap was taken, I probably had a total time online of several weeks or months)

    And we had lots of other stuff, which all looked nicer than whatever we have now.


    (My karma level the day before the site switch)

    There was also a weird glitch in the site that would take you to a hidden journal that you normally couldn't see. Only a few users knew about it.


    (Those were the last few posts from the hidden Matrix journal)

    The place I hung out the most was (by far) the forums. Here they are in all their glory.


    On the last day, nostalgia journals were flooding the tabs. Meanwhile, in the Red Vs Blue Season 13 thread, we were having an apocalypse party.


    I have hundreds of screen caps of the old site, but this journal is already way too long and I'm usually not a fan of super long journals. And if you're wondering, yes, I actually did take several screen caps of a single page of a thread and then stitch them all together. And yes, I did this with dozens of pages from multiple different forum threads. No, you can't see them.

    Also if you're wondering why these forum posts from the last day of the website all say "posted 3 months ago", it's because I took those particular screen caps during a fondly remembered event known as "The Great Migration". In November 2015, three months after the launch of this new site, we were given access to a backup version of the old site for a few days. In those few days I went round the old site again and took tons more screen caps. So that's why.


    (The journal I made on the old site during The Great Migration that is now floating around in the ether somewhere).

    It's been two years. And so I have only one thing to say:


  • More Fate/Grand Order screenshots

    1 day ago


    And I have a lot inbound.  Also, new images, too.

    1) WxG0Pe9.png

    I can't imagine what they're laughing at.

    2) bopEDLG.png


    Yes.  You're very humbling, Empress.

    3) 8Xw3b1Q.png


    4) 9ysAoPS.png

    Which is amazing given how vast her range is.  According to her, that is.

    5) sVzpcwm.png


    Then she will ask for the Grail.  And not to make a wish, but to drink wine from it.  Because why not?

    6) vqv2PJg.png

    If you select the second choice...


    Then I desire a pool filled with chocolate ice cream!

    7) zhEpkjQ.png

    So she says.  Which is probably true with this Empress.

    8) R2QvJjd.png


    And if you select the first option...


    And there are very few people the Empress dislikes.  So... not quite an exclusive club.

    9) NCTSGC9.png


    For a moment, I thought this was a translation error, but then I saw Mash's look and it turned out not to be the case here.  Mash will beat you with the back of her blade, if she has to.

    10) EG5SPhK.png

    I think there are a couple of Queens that will have problems with that, Empress.

    11) IzpvLur.png

    You know, with how often she throws around the word "generous", you'd think she was trying to compensate for something.

    12) CUX8WZl.png

    ...You know, despite your giant ego, you're still my favorite.

    13) TQeKh5Z.png

    So we don't need to listen normally?

    14) 23iWOzF.png

    But more importantly, victory belongs to her.

    15) WlQgyPz.png

    A hug from Sparticus.  Yeah, that seems like fun.

    16) XbU7a2p.png

    Hey, remember when I said that it'd be interesting to have Empress Saber and Boudica together?  The game decided to make that happen.

    17) P3ig5ey.png

    Among other questions.  Mostly on how much does it hurt when Sparticus hugs people?

    18) nrpSivm.png

    I sense some backstabbing later.

    19) sizDuuq.png

    Sad Boudica is sad.  Also, we really need a fate animated series with her in it, now.  Preferable not her starting outfit.

    20) EQ5WstL.png

    Which is used to buff up your own defenses.  Still useful when combined with Shielder's spells and skills.





    I love the expressions here.  Boudica dropped her tough girl act to go all girly while Mash is all kinds of confused.

    22) Td0bvnn.png

    Right, because I chose a female character for this playthrough.  Also, she's hugging Mash, in case you don't recognize what's going on.

    23) apZBEqz.png

    And big sisters love giving their little sisters powerful hugs to suffocate the life out of them.

    Perhaps there will be more along the way.  But we'll see how things go.  Until then.

  • Lamkia's MENTOR PROFILE (Temporary Version)

    2 days ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    ((This is from the Version 1.1 Questionnaire, as always any feedback helps.))

      1) What is your RT screenname and (optional) First/Familiar Name?

    On the site I’m @Lamkia, real name is Michelle, many of my friends call me Mish. You can use whatever you are comfortable with!  

    2) What are some of your favorite Rooster Teeth productions?

    RWBY Red vs Blue Camp Camp Day 5 Occasional Let’s Plays  

    3) How do you interact with the RT community on the site (forums, chatrooms. blogs, fanworks, video comments, games, &c.)?  Which of these would you say a newbie or mentor with questions could come to you about for particular help (your specialites)?

    I mostly interact through the forums (especially in the Oxford Comma Café), journals where I post my doodles, and in the RT Radio chat room.   

    4) How do you interact with the RT community off of this site?  Do you participate in a local Community Group?  Do you often go to meet-ups?

    Outside of RTX, I unfortunately only talk to others through 1s and 0s.


    5) Other than messages on the RT Site, is there a way you would be fine with your newbies contacting you (twitter, facebook, email, &c.)?  Are there specific times that newbies can expect responses? 

    The fastest and most reliable way for me is probably through a PM on the site. I check the site periodically throughout the day. If need be, I can be asked for an email or Facebook.  

    6) How long have you been a part of the RT Community Site?

    Four years!~ 

    7) What are some of your interests and/or hobbies?

    I do lots of art projects including traditional art, digital art, and some cosplay. I also play video games, but not on a regular basis lately.  

    8) What would you say is your favorite aspect of the RT Community?

    Interacting with people that have similar interests and styles of humor. It’s amazing how well RT fans meld, even strangers! It’s also interesting to see in what ways we differ and share different perspectives while having a good understanding. Building friendships gets pretty easy once you participate regularly! 

     9) Are there any other forum threads, groups, or pages you are a part of you would like to mention?

    Most actively I participate in the Oxford Comma Café and RT Radio. 

    10) Is there anything else about yourself you’d like to mention?

    I really like rabbits and cherry tomatoes and my words are often seasoned with a healthy dose of snarky sarcasm. Otherwise, I’m half American and half Czech, have lived in both several years, and speak both languages fluently. 

    11) What time zone do you live in and do you have particular hours when you’d prefer to be contacted? 

    Currently I am in the Eastern time zone, occasionally I’ll be in British Standard Time +1 Hours vary because of my job so I have no preference, but I will always check the site before bed at the very least.

  • I Had LASIK Eye Surgery Yesterday

    23 hours ago


    So beforehand, my vision was poopshite. Not great.

    Then I went in for LASIK, paid $5K(eeeeewwww), and had suction cups around my eyes, and a laser reshaping my balls of sight. The smell of burning eyeballs is...odd. Doesn't smell delicious.

    Anywho, now the day after I'm 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other, though that'll change over the next few days to have me at 20/20 in both. Though I did tell him and the others that I wanted 20/-5 so I could see into the future. I trusted them. I BELIEVED.

    Note to the world, make the people around you laugh. Here's the full WWE introduction I gave to my doc, word for word-

    "Welcome to The World's Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, for the main event of the evening.

    The following is a two on one handicap match scheduled for one fall, falls can only be counted by laser correction.

    In this corner, the challengers, hailing from the dawn of human existence, you know them as the banes of visual acumen, the tag team of, Near Sightedness and Astigmatism!

    And in this corner, hailing from the borough of Brooklyn, New York City, New York, you know him as The Man, The Myth, The Legend, and the reigning, defending, Operating Champion of The Wooooorld, his momma told him to knock you out, DR. *name of my doctor*!"

    Had him in stitches. Probably needed someone to operate on him afterward. *not sorry*

    So now, I can see like the normies again. I'm one of "them". Eye drops every few hours, everything's crystal clear again. Good stuff.

    Hope you guys are doing well. I now have to go on a quest to rebuild my goddamn bank account so its not in the pits. hahaha

  • Game Night Meetup

    1 day ago


    If you are still an active member of this group and want to attend events, please comment with your city so the planning can start for your area. 

  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    Octopuses have individual miniature brains for each of their tentacle, as well as genitals at the end of each tentacle.

    I've heard of men thinking with their dicks but this is just bizarre...

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octopus


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