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  • Do you have a Facebook?

    2 days ago


    Then feel free to come like https://www.facebook.com/theMasterofArt/ to stay up to date with arty photographs and animations. New posts daily!

    Here! Have a penguin and sea lion!


  • A Little Smoke: My Video Series

    1 hour ago


    If you happen to be reading this, great! Thanks!

    I've been interested in doing some kind of YouTube series for a while. I didn't want to be another vlog or gaming channel, as those are...a bit flooded. Not to mention that I feel like vlogs are best left to those who we already know and love from their other content, rather than as the main content (Casey Neistat is an enigma to me).

    I had an idea last year or so to do a one-shot documentary dealing with hookah smoking and health, as a lot of the FDA tests are...not so reliable. So, I wanted to explore anecdotally myself what hookah smoking would do for a work-out. Then I realized...why wait? Why do some huge project "movie style" when YT is right there, and I've never edited a video in my life?

    So here's the birth of that project. I hope you enjoy it. I know it's niche, and I don't expect a huge influx from this site, but I'd love to know your feedback/criticism from a creator or viewer's perspective. Thanks guys!

  • Heavy Metal Gamer Video Blog: Youtube 10,000 Lifetime Views

    2 days ago


    To start out the week, I am doing a video blog expressing my thoughts on the whole Youtube 10,000 lifetime views rule that Youtube recently came out with for monetization. I hope you enjoy this video, thanks for watching.




  • For Barb

    2 days ago

    srie4799 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    To Barbara Dunkleman of Rooster Teeth,

    I've been pining to ash something of you. It may sound sappy, but maple you'll find it intreeguing. For you seed, like yew, I myself am something of a pun artist. Probably thanks to my dad. For me, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But lately, I've gotten board with him. His puns are good, and very a-corny, but also a little plane. Almond immediately after, I started arboring thoughts of an opine pun war. Sadleaf, my friends and family walnut stand for something so unpoplar. So I decided to branch out a bit. I tried to spruce things up a bit, stick with something else, but it was all for knot. I treecided to go all out with my puns, even if it's aspen for trouble. Even if I end up walking a social plank, I would not see the forest for the trees. I was, in short, a stick in the mud.

    So here I am, going out on a limb to axe you to let me try to stump you. If you see this, please don't log off and leaf it there. I've been in pun limb-o for so long, and you might, knock on wood, be the one to help me turn over a new leaf. Or knot. Either way, I think it wood be a cherry beneficial axeperience for the bole of us. 

    But I'm beating around the bush. I'm here to seed if I can beech you in a pun war. So, by your leave, I've decided to hold a pun war with the greatest punmeisters of the centree, starting with you. It's probably in the sticks, but even if you don't respond, I'll be glade I worked up the gall to ask you.

    With olive my love,


  • Heavy Metal Gamer Presents: Drag My Own Coffin To Hell

    17 hours ago


    So this was a spur of the moment video, but it came to my mind while listening to the song "Drag My Own Coffin To Hell" by a thrash metal band known as Bitchslicer. So I figured I would put this song, with some Dark Souls footage I recorded. The whole point of the video? Well we all know that Dark Souls can give you a lot of hell, almost like you are dragging your own coffin to hell. So enjoy the slaughter of enemies, and even myself. I hope you enjoy this Heavy Metal Gamer Presents. Thanks for watching.

    For more information on the band Bitchslicer:





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