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  • Thingken of Gaems.

    15 hours ago


    Thinking of buying a PS4 this week. As I understand it, there's currently a deal on where you can get a 500GB Slim with Uncharted 4, plus your choice of one of three games for free (I'm looking at FF15). Right now I mostly just want one so I can play Prey (I got really fucking sick of watching Markiplier be an idiot while playing it, but the game looks really cool), but there's plenty of games for it I'd like to get eventually. the Kingdom Hearts collections, the Uncharted series, the upcoming Crash remake trilogy, SAO games, future Nep games, the upcoming Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, Titanfall, etc.

    An Xbone is tempting for Halo 5, but that's the only exclusive (maybe Gears) I can think of off the top of my head that I really want for that right now. So a PS4 would be a better investment for the time being. Besides, my brother will probably want to grab an Xbone anyway once her can afford it.

    Now that said, my backlog is still completely out of control, so I'm sure there's stuff I may not get around to for years. But Prey seems like the type of game I could easily focus on and play right through to the end, kind of like Halo or Dead Space for me. So I know I'd be enjoying at least that right away.

    Any other games I should think about for it?

  • In my absence....

    17 hours ago


    In my absence I give control of my page to this dog

    Any questions will go to dog thank you all for being so understanding.

  • Since we're about as far away from november as possible

    1 day ago

    Benchmark Be Happy

    Just take a moment to be thankful. I know a lot of ya'll might be going through rough times, whether with physical, mental, or financial stresses, maybe all of them, but try to find a bright side to it all, and try to find something to be joyful about.

    I've been trying to challenge myself this year to be more positive and more patient, and the key thing I'm learning is just re-tooling my perspective on life. The other day I was at a job interview and I had to wait about 30-40 minutes for the manager to show up. There wasn't a chair, nowhere to sit, and it was fairly gross in the building climate wise, but I just thought to myself "Well, we've been asking for more patience this year, skills are grown through practice, so here's my chance." and i just focused on being appreciative of an opportunity to exercise that. I know that sounds tacky and like the catch all "Hey you're depressed, just try to be happier." and that's not what I'm saying. 

    I just know that for me, one of the big things that fed my depression was the fact that I was embracing the negativity and not trying to stop it. A part of my almost enjoyed being cynical because it was easier. It's easy to be Eeore. When I stopped letting myself immediately think of the negative and instead focus on the positive, it got a lot easier to be calm and happy during the day to day. 

    So just take a small moment to just find something to be thankful for. Whether that's a chance to grow a skill, a hot shower, an opportunity to be a good influence in someone's life, start putting down what you want to pick up. Plant the seeds of the fruit you want to grow. 

    Be thankful, my friends. There's so many little things we can appreciate, even in the dark. 

  • Update for the Week of 5/21/17

    2 days ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian

    Game Nights


    OverWatch 5/23 8pm Xbox

    This week OverWatch starts its anniversary event so what better then to have a game along with it. The fun will start around 8pm, add Evil Angel2020 and GRat Finn on XBL and let us know if you;d like to join. If anyone interested in playing on another platform(PC,PS4) let us know and we can help direct people towards you.

    Smite 5/25 8pm Xbox

    On Thursday we'll be playing so Smite. Smite is a Free to Play MOBA available on Xbox, PS and PC, though we'll be playing on XBox. Since the game is free to play we encourage everyone to download it and join in on the fun. Even if you've never played before join us and learn the game with us. Add GRat Finn or Evil Angel2020 on XBL and let us if you;d like to join.

    If you can't play, remember to checkout our streams on Twitch Channel & Youtube Channel where you can partake in a different way.

    Also check out our:

    Gamertag/Usernames Thread 

    Game Night Suggestion Thread

    Meetup/Event Suggestion Thread 


  • Day 1 of nonsense.....

    1 day ago


    So I accidentally deleted an entire days worth of mental nonsense......... sooooooooo sorry guys and gals. But I do remember the very last thing I wrote.

    Other than being a bi-product of your body, farts help push out shit.

    That's all I have. See y'all in the future. 

    Oh and before I leave. If anyone who lives in Maryland, join our group here on the site, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. All you need todo is wait for it. You'll know what I mean.

  • GotD Win

    11 hours ago

    Ooaul Keeper of the .Gifs

    It's nothing particularly special but I managed to get a little itty bitty baby gig for a short film. :D


    Now here's to hoping it doesn't fall through before shooting. It's only a one day gig so fingers crossed. 

  • Grateful

    2 days ago

    Archaic_Spirit The Rookie

    A little over a year ago, I made a decision. One that I would both dread and enjoy. Dread because a lot of the freedom I had would soon be diminished, but joyful because of the chances of learning I will receive and the benefits from it. With this decision came and introduction to a whole new world, and a lot of new friends. If I could go back and change it, I would only make the decision earlier in life. Im excited for what lies ahead. Even with all the craziness happening in the world. 

  • #fit4RTX 2017 Week 20 addendum: Starting stats!

    4 hours ago

    Tropes I Am What I Am

    So yeah, my starting stats are:

    173.5 lbs, 15.3% bodyfat

    My goal is to get to 10.3% bodyfat or below by RTX, so off I go!

  • The Green Mile

    9 hours ago

    Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

    Last night I watched the Green Mile.  I had forgotten how truly beautiful and well done that film was.  It was also rather apropos after a conversation I witnessed/participated in on Reddit yesterday.  There was a thread talking about how Sandra day O'connor retired from the Supreme Court in order to take care of her husband as he progressed through Alzheimer's.  In the thread there were hateful, obnoxious trolls saying how glad they were that she had to go through that and how such a terrible person deserved that amount of pain and suffering.

    I was flabbergasted.  I do not understand how one can come to the point where they disagree with a person to the point of wishing great pain on them in this manner.  I didn't agree with Obama on much, however I really, truly, hope that he lives a healthy life, his family is well, and he dies a satisfied old man surrounded by people who love him.  I really don't like Trump, but I would never wish any harm on him, and I also hope that he lives a satisfied life.  I find it incredibly sad that so many people out there are married to their perspective so completely that they dehumanize anyone who doesn't fit their mold.

    That takes me back to The Green Mile.  If you ever want to know how you should behave from an empathy perspective to people who don't deserve it, this movie is a master class.  John Coffey aside, there is no doubt that each of the other death row inmates deserve to be there.  While we don't know what they did, each of them (except Wild Bill) express remorse in one way or the other.  They knew they had done the crime. These were guilty, convicted men destined to die for crimes that they absolutely committed (except...again, John Coffey.)

    The way that Paul and the rest of the guards (except for that asshat Percy) treat these condemned men is how we should all strive to treat people.  There is an argument that these men, in whatever act was so gruesome, waive their right to dignity and justice.  The guards of the Green mile reject this.  They do their duty, but they provide quiet and empathetic dignity to the inmates. They go out of their way to make things easier on them, and they listen and give respect. Their response to violence is judicious, and they even afford Wild Bill the highest possible level of respect he allows them to.   

    This goes deep into their personal ethos.  Several times Brutus says "What happens on the Mile stays on the Mile." There is little to no oversight.  Paul and his crew could easily get away with acting like Percy. These are condemned men and there's no reason they should be afforded any sort of concession. So while "what happens on the Mile stays on the Mile" is the rule, it is used to comfort...not to curse. It's not rules that keep them from torturing these inmates...it is their own morality.

    How do we apply this to our lives?  

    First- How YOU treat others is NOT dependent on what they "deserve." How you approach people you disagree with or even hate does not say anything about them...rather, it says everything about you.  

    Second- Empathy is greater than justice.  This is not to say that consequences should be damned, but rather understanding a person and putting yourself in their shoes is a powerful tool...much more powerful than balancing any social scale. You may have a conversation with a person you don't agree with...try to walk a mile in their shoes.  Try to see their perspective.  This doesn't mean that you have to ACCEPT their premise or agree that they are right, but it allows you to understand their perspective.  Calling a person a racist is a super easy way to 'fight for justice' but it does little to help truly understand the situation.

    Third- Keep peace in mind.  There are situations that no amount of talking will resolve.  What purpose does it serve for two people to continue an unhealthy conversation that leads to no where?  Escalating and creating tension does absolutely nothing positive, and it is a worthless technique to try to convince or convict someone.  React only to the point where peace is threatened.  If peace is threatened...go somewhere else.  It's not worth it.  There is no reason to provoke anger; it is a selfish and heartless person who takes pleasure in pushing a person to the brink.

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