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  • FU Day

    1 day ago

    Yustin The Shadow

    Well then if that isn't a surprise.

    Hello to anyone who happens to venture this way, feel free to say hello.

    Hope everyone is having a great day, which given its a Friday for most people, hopefully it isn't too difficult.

  • Hey. You!

    19 hours ago

    Fly Keeper of Blades

    Ask me a question! 

    Ask me any question!

    Use the question tab or the comments here.

  • Song of the Day - 17th August 17

    2 days ago

    Joe FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Eighty7/RT Radio

    We ran a poll on our Twitter yesterday. 'Bushes of Love' or 'Seagulls! Stop it now!'. Seagulls won. So here it is as our SOTD

  • Work, Travel and a bad headache

    22 hours ago

    The_Drinking_Gypsy Wanderer known as Joe

    Hello again the few months break was brought to you by me training people around the pacific how to use new items to control aircraft, also really looking forward to watching Day 5 now! (now that I'm home again and have my personal computer again. now to relive this headache that I've had for the last two days of coming back to Hawaii.


  • Theater Mode

    2 days ago


    I normally stay up pretty late, let's say 2-3am, but last night I was up until 6am watching Theater Mode...I think I made the right decision becoming a RT member XD (Okay, I'm sure my professors won't agree, but still...!)

  • AMA.....

    1 day ago

    Izayer Keeper of Stories

    I'm more open than a book at a Random House.

    Edit: I should clarify, ask me anything. 

  • Turku

    1 day ago

    zeitgeistzest - Estuans interius

    So as some of you may have noticed in the news, Finland is in the headlines for stabbings and a shooting in Turku. (The police shot the attacker in the leg before detaining the attacker.) For those who may have been concerned but don't know Finnish geography, Turku's about 300kms south-west from where I live. 

    Now, there's been a video spread around and a rumour with it that someone shouted "Allah Akhbaru" or whatever in that video. And therefore linking this all to the Barcelona attacks. 

    I've just watched the video and listened to it on full volume several times. To my native-Finnish-speaking ears, someone's shouting in Finnish "Varo", then "Varokaa", which both mean "Watch out, look out." And judging by Twitter, I am not the only lonely Finnish one hearing that.

    It's horrible what's happened in Turku, but I'm super angry at people spreading false information. So... please feel free to share the above bolded lines to let people know they shouldn't jump into stupid conclusions like that rumour. 

  • You busy Friday at 5PM for some RT Radio? Me neither!

    1 day ago

    Geislor Handshake Wizard

    You there, with the chiseled bod! Yes I'm looking at you!

    Swing on by the RT Radio group tomorrow at 5:00PM EST! I'll be hosting the tunes with another lovely RT member! 

    Would love to see you there, and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  • Solar Eclipse

    2 days ago

    gi_goku Keeper of Tacos

    Anyone else plan on watching it monday?

  • The Defenders

    4 hours ago

    mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

    I've finished watching it. Its good I really liked the back and forth between the main defenders. The secondary characters where kinda just there for their defenders to talk too most of them don't do very much. Which I liked cause it would have taken to much of the focus away from the Defenders in its short 8 episode season.

    I really liked the villains in this too and their goings on. One of them is a little weird in the fact that I have no clue what his/her motivations where for everything (Trying not to spoil things). But all and all an other good Marvel show from Netflix.

    I rank the Netflix shows like this now

    1. Daredevil S1

    2. Daredevil S2

    3.Jessica Jones


    5.Iron Fist

    6.Luke Cage


    Also same day as Defenders came out Netflix dropped a trailer for the Punisher. 

    And It looks radd as hell.

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