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  • An Emotional Board Game

    2 days ago


    Never did I think that someday I would be watching an anime about a board game, but then again, I have already watched anime about card games so maybe it wasn't all that much more of a stretch. Still, it was even more surprising to me that such an anime would get to me so much. I am of course speaking of 3-gatsu no Lion, an anime that follows the life of a young shōgi player as he struggles with making a game his career choice, the relationships he makes, and the emotional toll of losing his entire family. If you couldn't guess, this anime gets a bit dark at points.

    That young player's name is Rei Kiriyama by the way, a five dan in high school who lives alone after he moved out of his adoptive father's home. Rei is a very complex character, often times analyzing situations in his head, and mostly keeping to himself emotionally. He does have a relationship with a family of three sisters though, who look after him like part of their own after the eldest sister, Akari, found a dejected and sick Rei on the street. The other two sisters are Hinata, the middle child, and Momo, the youngest of the bunch.

    Like Rei, the sisters too lost family with the death of their mother. However unlike Rei, the three bonded and had relatives who helped to look after them. Akari began working for her aunt as a Hostess, and helping her grandfather run his confectionary shop. She's quite the woman, but her focus is on keeping her family fed so she has no romantic relationships. However Hinata seems to have a thing for Rei, although it's difficult to tell if it's just a sisterly kind of love or more of a romantic type; personally I feel it leans to the latter more with the stuff she says. Yeah, it's not just Rei who is complex I guess.

    Now when you heard me mention that he lives on his own, you might have groaned and said "ugh, not this trope again!" But before you leave, hear me out. After Rei's parents and little sister died in a car accident, he was taken in by a close friend of his father named Masachika who recognized his skill at shōgi. However Rei was too good, and put both of the man's children to shame. The daughter, Kyōko, reacting the most violently. As Rei puts it she is beautiful and hot tempered, having hit Rei on more then one occasion after losing to him in a shōgi match. It's also alluded to that she may have sexually abused him too, there's no confirmation on this yet, but even the sisters don't like Kyōko with Akari realizing it's a bad situation. Needless to say all this tension got to Rei, and seeing how his presence was tearing the family apart he moved out. Rei actually pays for his apartment by himself with his shōgi winnings, only taking out a small portion to feed himself while the rest he has the adoptive father collect and save up until he is out of high school.

    Kyōko isn't entirely evil though, and Rei cares for her as a sister and is worried about her. See, after he moved out Kyōko got involved with a man by the name of Masamune. This man is married, though his wife has been hospitalized for quite some time, and he, at least according to Rei, takes advantage of Kyōko. Masamune is also a powerful shōgi player, and it's Rei's goal to defeat him in an official match to prove he is the better player. Not sure if this will get Kyōko to leave Masamune, but from what I can tell Masamune doesn't like Kyōko as a person. He probably just uses her for her body or something, but for now the only leg up Rei gets on Masamune is when Kai defeats Masamune in a very big match to determine who goes on to compete for the world class title.

    Before you think Rei does extremely well however, as if he were some kind of prodigy, think again. He's a good player, really good, with a play style that is often compared to that of the current world shōgi champion, but he still loses. In fact he loses enough to worry about losing a rank, something he can't afford to do. Not out of some kind of need to be the best, but because he wouldn't be able to afford his apartment if he did. Rei's not alone in this struggle though, as he realizes that many of the players he squares off against are fighting to keep their ranks for similar reasons. Yeah, there's another emotional checkmark for ya, are you getting why I said this anime gets dark at times yet?

    After we get through character introduction, smaller plot lines, and some background information, we finally reach the main story. Sadly it's just as this story begins that the anime comes to an end, as Rei begins to attend a shōgi club and accompany the club leader, a man by the name of Kai, to a couple matches against the current world champion. It's here we start to see those similarities between Rei and the world champion, as Rei is even able to successfully find a way to beat the champion, a way that Kai doesn't find, and a way that the champion was disappointed no one saw. But Rei did! I'm sitting there thinking, oh man, is he going to see the example of what Rei did? Then this eventually leads the two of them to have an unofficial match, where the champion defeats Rei but says he played beautifully and wants to play against him again. I was excited! Unfortunately, this never happens. Rei just returns home and goes back to school, but this time attending a shōgi club and opening his heart a little more.

    Genres: Sports, Drama, Comedy

    Animation: Ok, so, above all the animation in this anime was astounding! Oh my god, it was so good. As I like to describe it, it was atmospheric as fuck. The backgrounds and these environmental scenes they cut to are beautiful, and the designs on the people are very interesting. At first I was put off by the mouths, but came to enjoy the way they look. Shaft are the ones behind the animation, same studio responsible for animating Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei, the Monogatari series, and Nisekoi. They do good work, but I'm glad they moved away from "shafting" the animation like they loved to do in the Monogatari series.

    Voice Acting: Stellar acting, perfectly paired voices to characters, and combine with the dramatic visuals it all just hits home. Kengo Kawanishi, who voices Rei, is almost unknown in lead roles. His resume is mostly background and filler characters, and I love it when a new voice does so well in such a large role. Though the anime itself saw a good mix of long time professionals and new voices, so the whole experience was refreshing to the ears.

    Favorite Character: To be honest, it has to be Rei. This is a guy who has been dealt a pretty tough hand by life, but he still manages to scrape by. He works hard and you want to root for him, but at the same time you are forced to see him lose time and time again. I feel like had the anime continued, it probably would have been a turning point in his life, one that would see him grow more as a person and become not only a top shōgi player but also a really likable guy.


    3-gatsu no Lion gets a 9.0 out of 10


  • Setting a schedule

    2 days ago

    KistyNocturn Gaming Cat Girl

    I am setting up a streaming schedule and hope this time to keep it. Seems my Days off from work are Sundays and Wednesday with late evening work nights mixed in. So, I have decided when I have time to stream more, I have fun playing my older games and that works for me. 

    Wednesdays I will play some Hard Mode Tomb Raider, Sundays I will probably go with a silly game, both streams will be in the afternoon to evening hours, times will vary so watch my twitter.

    In other news things have been going really well, I am in a stable place after a few weeks of me work, sleep, eat and repeat. I have gotten a small handle on my depression and I am writing again so that makes life better. Now it's late I am going to sleep now. 

  • Three... close to four months?

    1 day ago


    Holy crap... I have been neglecting a lot of things lately.

    Though to be fair, a full time job and trying to socialize like a normie outside of my internet comfort zone, while balancing budgets to get a wedding off the ground before 2018 isn't.... easy.

    Okay, beating around the bush aside, I've found myself really too tired to do much on top of the aforementioned day to day stuff. There's a lot of things that have been set aside to accommodate oncoming changes. I really need to get back into the swing of things.

    I've not even bothered to really edit or publish anything seriously on my channel, let alone do much to contribute anything to the Team DBAH channel like I wanted to going into 2017. Good news is I've locked in my full time job... that took forever, but at least steady income isn't much of a concern now, hahaha. Now I just need school to go that well, though the counselors are pretty adamant about getting my transcript from the waste of time school I dumped two years of my life YEARS AGO. Honestly the only benefit I'd see in that is a philosophy course not being required, but we'll see. Uphill battle, COMMENCE!

    Anyway, I just wanted to throw this up to get myself started back onto the path I wanted to tread more seriously. The social shackle part from my post a while back is also not a big deal anymore, even if I'm sort of seen as a person as lovable as a loan shark. Part of what it means to keep myself accountable to the goals I've set, you know? Hopefully everything else goes well.

    So what has everyone else been doing lately?

  • On the right track....

    2 days ago


    ... Alright so let's recap real quick the big things going on in my life;

    - Started fighting in Amatuer Muay Thai bouts. Found a new passion. 

                      - Training took a backseat to the next point

    - Started working at my Martial Academy as Manager

                      - Had to quit said job because Boss was putting all the workload of being a

                      business owner without any of the pay or rewards.

    - Going back to school for TV and Broadcasting

                      - Have to move away from my wife and child potentially. 

    - I'm going to get hired by RoosterTeeth no matter what. 

                      - No negative just a promise.

    Now for the just good news. I am going to RTX this year so yay plus I'll be checking out TWRP, Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb live in Toronto this summer. 

    Don't want these journals to just be doom and gloom. Bright side of life. What is up with you folks?

  • YouTube Channel

    1 day ago


    Hey all, Draco here.

    Once I get my "educated" rump out of this place we call "college," I am planning on getting a YouTube channel set up for the summer after I gather all of the necessary equipment. I will post another journal about when it is up and running, but feel free to chat about it with me. Maybe it will help my thoughts to become clear?


    It will only be on games released for the Xbox One (sorry guys, college made me poor). I'll be planning a couple of different segments to start though, and nothing too complex to edit. I will have to get used to all of the software and things of that nature. Feel free to leave some suggestions for games to play or segments to do!

    That's all for now, catch you later!

  • Update For The Week Of 4/23/17

    2 days ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian

    RTNY Anniversary Party

    Our party was last Saturday thank you to everyone that attended the turnout was amazing, we'll definitely be doing something like this again. We've also setup a Facebook album for the party, please share your photo from the event there. 

    Lets Play Live Newark 4/24

    One last reminder Lets Play Live Newark is tomorrow night. The RTNJ group (the New Jersey community group) are having a pre show meetup, for more info check out their event page http://roosterteeth.com/event/rtnj-meet-up and tickets are still available https://roosterteethlive.com/letsplaylive and use code LETSPLAY for $20 off.

    Game Nights


    Rainbow Six Siege 4/25 Xbox One 8pm

    On Tuesday night we'll be playing some Rainbow Six Siege, add Evil Angel2020 or GRatFinn on XBL and let us know if you'd like to join.


    Heroes of the Storm 4/27 PC 8pm

    On Thursday we'll be playing Heroes of the Storm on PC. Heroes is a free to play game so we encourage anyone with a PC capable on running the game to download it and join us. Add "EvilAngel20#1930" on BattleNet and lets us know if you'd like to join.

    Star Wars BattleFront 5/2 Xbox One 8pm

    Next week in honor of May The 4th we'll be playing Star Wars Battlefront on Tuesday May 2nd.


    RTX is fast approaching and our Fit4RTX challenge is still going on, if your interested in joining check out the forum thread for more details and to let everyone know what progress you are making.

    Twitch Channel & Youtube Channel 

    Gamertag/Usernames Thread 

    Game Night Suggestion Thread

    Meetup/Event Suggestion Thread 


  • Fact of The Day:

    4 hours ago

    IronBridge Flibbity Jibbit

    Saint Drogo of Sebourg, also known as Dreux, Drugo, Druon and Druron, is the Catholic Church's patron saint of those whom others find repulsive, unattractive people, cattle, deaf people and coffee house owners.

    So much for the whole thing of baristas being attractive...

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Drogo


  • Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke Journal

    1 day ago


    Hey guys, Lion here. So I've been doing some thinking, and I think I'm going to clear my Sun game. I just didn't feel like playing it as much while I was doing the Nuzlocke, so I want to focus on playing the game normally so I can get the full experience more easily.

    With that said, I've decided to do a new Nuzlocke that'll hopefully be easier: a nuzlocke of Ruby version!

    Since we're not dealing with new Pokemon anymore, I'm going to go vanilla Nuzlocke rules here: one Poke per route, and if it faints it's dead. However, I will allow Dupes clause.

    With all that said, let's get to it!


    Day 1 - 4/23/17

    [I'd say spoilers ahead, but the game's 14.5 years old]

    So after sitting through the professor monologue, I pick out my character: Lionel.

    With this done, I leap into the world of Pokemon...by falling out of the back of a moving truck.

    At the door to my new house in Littleroot Town is my mother, who sends me to my room as the mover Pokemon finish their work. I steal the potion from the PC and set the clock before Mom comes in to inform me that the move is complete. I then head downstairs, where she informs me that my father, Norman, is on the news. We miss him, but Mom informs me that a family friend, Professor Birch, lives next door, and sends me off to introduce myself.

    After barging in uninvited, I meet Dr. Birch(I headcanon Mrs. Birch as a astronomer cuz wynaut)before being sent up to meet the one and only May(May x protag is second best May ship, IMO)

    Being a bit too calm about a strange boy emerging into her room unannounced, May says hello before running off to help Birch with his research. With the introductions over with, I head out. As I walk home, I hear shouting coming from Route 1. I head there to find none other than Birch being chased by a Poochyena. I let him get mauled as I mull over my choices.

    Since I don't use Grass Pokemon as often as I should, and since Grovyle is a total badass, I pick Treecko and Pound the Poochyena to death. 

    Grateful to me for saving his life, Birch decides to give me Treecko. Since I just had FE: Fates on the brain, Treecko's green, and he's kind of a ninja, I decide to name him Kaze. After resting at my house, I head off to Route 103 to find May. Along the way, I get a free Potion from the proprietor of Oldale Town's Poke Mart and Pound a couple Zigzagoons to death, allowing Kaze to level up to Level 6 and learn Absorb.

    Upon running into May, she challenges me to a battle. After a couple Pounds, her Torchic falls, allowing Kaze to level up to Level 7. She heads back to the lab and I follow suit, stopping at the Mart to stock up on Potions and status heals. 

    Back at the lab, Birch gives me a Pokedex and May gives me some Poke Balls. As I head out to Route 1, Mom stops me and gives me the oh-so-glorious Running Shoes!

    Now set to go be the very best like no one ever was, I run into Route 1 ready to make new friends!

    My first encounter is a Zigzagoon...which Kaze fainted. Damn it, Kaze. You had one job.

    Anyway, me and Kaze faint a Wurmple and heal at Oldale before heading into Route 103. On the first blade of grass, we find a Poochyena, which Kaze thankfully doesn't faint and which I catch successfully. I decide to name her Lassie. 

    I heal again and then head to Route 102 briefly to run around in the grass, finding none other than...a Ralts. OMG.

    Handling her as gingerly as possible, I manage to catch her and name her Fubuki, after the psychic hero Miss Blizzard from One Punch Man.

    Healing once more, I head into Route 102 and grind off of the Pokemon and some of the trainers by switching out Fubuki for Kaze until Fubuki grows to Level 6 and learns Confusion, with Kaze growing to Level 9. After that, Kaze and Fubuki defeat the last few trainers, Kaze grows to Level 10, and I snatch some berries nearby before heading into Petalburg City. 

    After healing, I meet Norman in his gym and he ropes me into getting a Ralts for Wally. Once that's done, I stock up on as many supplies as I can with my winnings before heading into Route 104. With Fubuki's help, I manage to catch a Zigzagoon, whom I name Rocket. After healing one final time, I decide to take a break for today.

    Current team: 4.

    -Kaze the Treecko: Male, Lv. 10; met at Route 101(day 1, Lv. 5). Nature: Jolly. Ability: Overgrow. Moves: Pound, Leer, Absorb. Item: None

    -Lassie the Poochyena: Female, Lv. 3; met at Route 103(day 1, Lv. 3). Nature: Timid. Ability: Run Away. Moves: Tackle. Item: None.

    -Fubuki the Ralts: Female, Lv. 6; met at Route 102(day 1, Lv. 4). Nature: Calm. Ability: Trace. Moves: Growl, Confusion. Item: None.

    -Rocket the Zigzagoon: Male, Lv. 5; met at Route 104(day 1, Lv. 5). Nature: Lonely. Ability: Pickup. Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip. Item: None

    Box: 0.

    Dead: 0.


    Day 2 - 4/24/17

    After trashing all of the trainers on Route 104(especially Rich Boy Winston) and healing, Fubuki grew to Lv. 7 and I decided to plunge into the Petalburg Woods. I managed to catch a Wurmple, whom I decided to name Dexter. I then headed out of the forest for a heal before heading back in, equipping as many guys as I could with Oran Berries and grinding off the wild Pokemon and trainers for a while, breaking to heal and stock up when needed. The results were as follows:

    -Rocket: Grew to Lv. 9 and learned Headbutt.

    -Kaze: Grew to Lv.  and learned Quick Attack.

    -Dexter: Grew to Lv. 7 and evolved into Cascoon, learning Harden. 

    After this, I headed over to a fork in the path, whereupon I ran into an employee of Devon Corporation being pursued by a grunt in an organization known as Team Magma. His Poochyena gave us some trouble, but Kaze eventually offed him. As thanks, the employee gave me a Great Ball and bade me farewell. I continued on through the woods, switch grinding Lassie where I could and leveling up Lassie to Lv. 4 and Dexter to Lv. 8. 

    Now out of the woods(literally), I got a TM for Bullet Seed from some weird kid and finished off all remaining trainers before heading into Rustboro, allowing Fubuki to grow to Lv. 8...before a Lotad killed her with a crit Astonish. Fucking shit.

    Rocket promptly one shot the rest of that Lass bitch's team and grew to Lv. 10. Also, she says afterwards, "I shouldn't have battled." The irony is not fucking lost.

    Anyway, Kaze and Rocket wreck the other trainers, getting Kaze a boost to Lv. 12. I go to Rustboro, put Fubuki in the morgue, and decide to call it quits for today so I have time to process the salt.

    Current team: 4.

    -Kaze the Treecko: Male, Lv. 12; met at Route 101(day 1, Lv. 5). Nature: Jolly. Ability: Overgrow. Moves: Pound, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack. Item: Oran Berry

    -Lassie the Poochyena: Female, Lv. 4; met at Route 103(day 1, Lv. 3). Nature: Timid. Ability: Run Away. Moves: Tackle. Item: Oran Berry.

    -Dexter the Cascoon: Male, Lv. 8; met at Petalburg Woods(day 2, Lv. 5). Nature: Adamant. Ability: Shed Skin. Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden. 

    -Rocket the Zigzagoon: Male, Lv. 10; met at Route 104(day 1, Lv. 5). Nature: Lonely. Ability: Pickup. Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Headbutt. Item: None

    Box: 0.

    Dead: 1.

    -Fubuki the Ralts: Female, Lv. 8; met at Route 102(day 1, Lv. 4). Nature: Calm. Ability: Trace. Moves: Growl, Confusion. Item: Oran Berry.

  • GO! Leaderboard

    1 day ago


    Here are the current scores for all Achievement Hunters that have participated:


    Jack -- 28 / 3
    Ray -- 19 / 3
    Michael -- 23 / 1
    Ryan -- 19 / 0
    Gavin -- 12 / 0
    Jeremy -- 4 / 0
    Lindsay -- 1 / 0
    Kerry -- 0 / 0
    Andy -- 0 / 0

    Matt -- 0 / 0

    If you do the math you'll find that there are a total of 106 points represented here however, there are only 104 episodes of GO! thus far. This is due to two episodes where Geoff gave out two stickers, one sticker to one person and another to well, another person in both episodes. Oh, what a hoot.

    If you odd individuals are interested in these "rare" episodes you will have to dig for them yourselves since sadly I failed to write them down.

  • ah yes

    15 hours ago

    Pelessaria Psychedelic Venom

    when the anxiety™ hits you just right

    (i also have a funeral i must attend tomorrow, so maybe that's why i feel so off..)

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