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  • Don't wake baby Jones. (Concept)

    2 days ago


    So in case you didn't see my original post explaining what I'm doing I'll give a quick explanation. Basically I gave Burnie Burns some fan art in the form of a board game. I had such fun making it I decided to do one for all the awesome Rooster Teeth people from my favourite shows. I'm keeping a Journal of the progression of these games and the final result/giving of. This is the concept to the game I'm making for Michael and Lindsay. The backstory is they are unable to find a babysitter and must bring their child into the office. Players will each pick a character from a list of the Achievement hunter crew (Geoff, Jack, Michael etc.) to play as. Players will play a card each round adding things to a 'video'. Each card will have a +views count on it. So some players will play cards of Achievement hunter crew, some will play cards of humorous things from videos (like farting sun, shitting hand, smegging compass,) stuff from the AH animated adventures. So at the end of the round you tally the total amount of views from all the cards played this round. If the total exceeds the maximum set limit of views then the video is deemed to rowdy, you wake up baby Jones and her crying ruins the video. (I don't want to seem rude, baby ruined the video or whatever but it is a  critical game mechanic.) So each round a player plays a card from their hand, each card has a +views amount, if the total at the end of the round exceeds the maximum then the round is discarded. If the round did not exceed the maximum then each player who's character was in the 'video' (cards of people: Geoff, Jack, Michael and such that were played this round) all get the views. That rounds cards are then discarded, ready for a fresh new round. When all the cards are discarded the game is over and whoever has the most views wins. Players don't discuss what cards they are playing so there won't be any plotting, unless they're lying I guess. Also there is a Finite amount of players cards so if their character cards are in too many failed 'videos' they won't get many points. Players will have 5 cards in their hands, when that number drops they draw a new one from the deck, that way players will have a small selection to choose from each round, as long as their are cards to draw. Obviously towards the end of the game there won't be cards to draw, like in scrabble with tiles. Players cards can be used in multiple times in a 'video', so like if two players each played a Lindsay card during the same round the person playing Lindsay would get points (granted it doesn't exceed the view maximum). However they would NOT get double points for that round, consider them in the 'video' twice as much as other people. There will be drunk player cards worth twice as many views. I'm also putting in limited 'Technical difficulty' cards that are a bit of a wild card, players can use at the end of the round as a fuck you to wipe out the round but there will also be limited 'counter cards'. These will be 'fuck it, it was too good to re-shoot' cards. However they will also have +views to them which could cause the round to exceed the maximum view anyway. Well that's my game for the moment, I'm currently balancing and testing it. When I'm satisfied I'll have it printed and upload a photo and that will be the first of my fan art to give them at RTX. 

  • Day 23: A Rooster Recommends

    16 hours ago


    With the game awards come and gone for 2017 it has been an eventful year for gaming. Some of the games released have amazing soundtracks to go with them that just enhances the overall experience. Taking those soundtracks from the games and listening to them on their own is an amazing experience in and of itself. Although my choice for best soundtrack Cuphead didn't win the music itself is a joy to listen to. With its uptempo beat that makes you want to keep moving, like a good side scroller should, just listening to the music makes you want to keep playing the game. The 1930's art style that the game has is benefited from the music from that time to just immerse you into the experience. If you haven't played Cuphead then you definitely should, not just for the great game-play but for the wonderful music as well. As Always Keep on Listening.

  • I Have A Secret

    9 hours ago

    TinaBobina Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    I'll tell you my secret because I know you'll keep it.

    I am not as cynical as people think I am. Well I am but I still believe in things. Things like magic and dreams and hope. Mostly I believe in hope. I watch a movie like "Man of Steel" and I think, "Yes, that's what we need for all of humanity to come together and realize that we all need each other." We need someone like Superman to help us find the better angels of our nature. 

    I love Batman and all his darkness and pain because he is all of us, he is me. He is human. But I want to be more. I want to be better than human. Better than we've been so far. 

    You won't tell anyone my secret will you? I knew I could trust you. 

  • Day 1438: Binge Caught Up

    11 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    Today was a day for catching up on things I was massively behind on. The thing I binge watched today was RWBY. I'd only seen episode 1 and 2, and I realised that I was way behind. 

    I am enjoying this season, it was great to watch it in one go, and I'm liking the direction it's going. 

    It's cold here, but I know it's colder in many other places. 

    It should be a good week ahead! I'm looking forward to it! 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites!


    Peace -x-

  • Derped in.

    2 days ago


    I am present! barely, but I am! Meh. I'm an Rper, das about it.

  • Semester One Done

    1 day ago


    My fall semester of college is almost over! I have switched my major to animation and can't wait to get started. Should have my AA by spring of 2019. I have recently redownloaded unreal for Fortnite and am addicted! If anyone wants to play my user is MrsPretzel. I still play Overwatch a fuckton though and have made a few videos on my channel and will be making more with debating to add Fortnite videos to the mix. I have practiced with Maya and have brushed up on AutoCAD even though I've been using it the past four years. Love AutoCAD but I decided I've learned everything I need to know about it and am moving on to animation and maybe game development. Super excited to start 2018! 

  • Sleepy

    1 day ago

    sunsingers FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Warlocks are better.

    I'm so glad holiday break is coming up, I only have one week left for this semester and then I'll be done until next year! 

  • yes hi it's been a while

    22 hours ago


    just letting you know that i would still die for cinder fall


  • rTX 2018

    2 days ago


    @LennartdeVries posted this, for all of you interested:

    Hey my fellow Dutchies, thought I would post here to create some new activity since the group has been quite over a year( I joined recently) I'd love to ignite some new energy here and do some stuff if people are interested. So here's a question;

    Anyone, like me, have the intention to go to RTX Austin next year? I'm thinking of doing a month long roadtrip through the US and ending it with RTX Austin :)

    Pleased to meet y'all and talk to you later! Feel free to add me as a friend here if you want to talk about anything RT or otherwise fun stuff :)

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