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  • No RTX for me

    6 hours ago


    I was planning for it, but then I realized that the Saturday of RTX is my anniversary and I do not want to be two states away all alone on that weekend. 

    I will be planning on going to PAX South this go around, though. I hope to see you lovlies there. In the meantime, have a blast at RTX for me, k?

  • {~}

    1 day ago

    Nathan The Dark

    Seven months later and I'm a plumber now. Huzzah!

  • Help finding a 5/5 series

    1 day ago


    So this is both a request and a suggestion for others. I am writing this because of I want to see things that I truly love, that I consider 5/5 and it's not often. The only 5/5 things I see recently are basically parts of 5/5 series that I love that are on-going (DC Comic's DCEU and DC Rebirth). Outside of that I haven't found a new 5/5 series since like 5 years ago with Magicka. I have found only 6 franchises ever that I would give a 5/5 to:

    1: Sailor Moon

    2: Cardcaptor Sakura

    3: Saint Seiya

    4: DC Comics

    5: The Divine Comedy

    6: Magicka

    A 5/5 series to me doesn't mean "flawless". A work that doesn't have anything that actively angers me isn't any sign of quality, a basic boring 2/5 story can do that. A work that doesn't have major flaws just means it's a competently written story which is like a 3/5. A story that lacks minor flaws, that is just a really smooth experience the whole way through might be like a 4/5. A story that is a 5/5 still has "flaws" generally because flaws aren't the point. 

    I want to explain the differences between 1 point differences in my system to better help gauge my thinking

    Difference between 1/5 and 2/5: Does this make me feel bad watching?

    Difference between 2/5 and 3/5: Would I want to continue watching this?

    Difference between 3/5 and 4/5: Would I want to watch a reaction to this or listen to someone's in-depth thoughts about it?

    Difference between 4/5 and 5/5: Am I a different person after viewing this?

    Because that really is the hallmark of a 5/5 series to me. I feel like a different person afterwards, it's something that I know I will think about it often afterwards. Something that has changed irrevocably the way I view the world.

    I am notoriously difficult to recommend stuff for, and maybe it's just cause I have too high expectations of things. I would probably agree I expect too much from most things. But I don't understand how people can view a bunch of entertainment and not want to see the things they will love most. I don't understand why they don't seek them out. I am constantly trying to find new 5/5 experiences for myself. I watch lots of reviewers and critics in the hopes of finding one. And while I have high expectations of things, I do thing on the other hand I am not very selective on mode of expression. This was the same in school. I hated school but their wasn't a nightmare subject for me. Even in Math for instance, where I wasn't very good, I still loved learning about the subject. Despite getting a terrible grade for my mandatory Math class in College, I was good friends with the professor and would often go by his room and enjoyed listening to him talk about what he was passionate in.

    There is no subject matter, no medium, no genre that I would turn my nose up at. I have preferences like all people but I really do think I'm pretty good at giving unlikely things a shot. I do this because I want to find them but looking for them individually is no where near as efficient which is partially what I am doing with this blog.

    I am a Classist Artistically and I want to transcend myself, I want to experience the fullness of life, the human condition, and the universe through art. I want to feel....a sense of something greater, a spiritual satisfaction if you will. And because of that I am driven to find the sensations that can actually accomplish this. And this is where the suggestion part comes in, you probably have at least few series you give your top score to, that you really think are something special, and because of that you probably have some idea of what I'm talking about. Really try and find the things you love, don't just sit back and let them eventually come to you. You know?

    But whatever that's just my opinion.

  • DEATH ANALYSIS: The Tragic Heroine With The Power to Kill a God!

    3 hours ago



    1. Name: Noel Vermillion
    2. Birth Name: Mu-12
    3. Age:  5 Years Old (Chronology), Unknown (Physically) 
    4. Height: (Noel) - 157 cm (5'1.8"), (Mu-12) - 157 cm (5'2")
    5. Weight: (Noel) - 48 kg (105.8 lbs), (Mu-12) - 48 kg (106 lbs)
    6. Blood Type: A
    7. B/W/H: 73 cm (29) / 59 cm (23) / 93 cm (36)
    8. Former First Lieutenant of the NOL
    9. Founder of Pretty Detective Team: Remix Heart
    10. Eye of the Azure
    11. Also known as The Origin and Saya
    12. Professional Gunslinger
    13. Early Graduate by 6 months from the Military Academy
    14. Likes Really Cute Things Like Pandas
    15. Has A Fear of Bugs Especially Ones With Lots of Legs
    16. Future Occupation: A nun at Celica A Mercury's Church with Lambda-11


    Born as Dimensional Boundary Contact Medium No. 12 in the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido in The Ikaruga Federation on December 25th 2194 by Sector Seven, Mu-12 was being tested by the scientists in order to access the power of the Azure deep within the Boundary as they couldn't survive on the other side of it and that's why Mu and the Murakumo Units were created because they can only survive in the Boundary.

    But with all scientific discoveries it has backfired horribly as the Takamagahara System, a group of AIs created by man to manage the world, launched a powerful beam that came from the Nox Nyctores, Gigant: Takemikazuchi which destroyed the lab and everyone in it because it was revealed that the experiment was an attempt to create a monster known as The Black Beast and they were planning on using Mu to create the monster to win against the Novus Orbis Librarium during the Ikaruga Civil War. Now normally in some timelines, this act would kill Mu but in the other ones including the one in which the BlazBlue series is set in, Mu survived inside her cocoon in which The Origin basically the Girl who first made contact with the Master Unit, Amaterasu had used the blast cause by Takemikazuchi as a catalyst since she was waiting for an opportunity to recreate herself in Mu but unfortunately, Mu doesn't remember anything that's happened before she was finished being created or The Origin's involvement with her creation. So with no memory of who and what she is, Mu was then later discovered by Edgar and Claire Vermillion who then processed to adopted and renamed her, “Noel Vermillion" to raise as their own child. (Gee she's like Superman and Goku except they're aliens from dying planets and not artificial humans.)

    A few years later after her adoption into the Vermillion household, Noel's parents were being shun out by the NOL, it was then that she joined the Military Academy to help out her parents and keep them within the NOL. (Yeah just sign up for a school being run by the same people who's planning on banishing your family in the first place.) When she arrived at the Military Academy, Noel became best friends with her classmates, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi and Carl Clover and after graduating 6 months before her fellow classmates, Noel was listed in the NOL as a lieutenant to Major Jin Kisaragi but he didn't like Noel that much or he'd treated her like dirt because she reminded him of his own sister, Saya.

    Not soon after on New Year's Eve in the year 2199, Jin went to go after the “Grim Reaper" (Otherwise known as Ragna The Bloodedge) in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagatsuchi (Wow what a way to leave your job on New Year's Eve just to chase a criminal in another city.) With her heart heavy with worry, Noel was assigned by the NOL to return Jin back to his post.


    Noel's weapons of choice are twin handguns called the Nox Nyctores, Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk (Translated as Demon Guns: Bolverk) and they've appeared to her when she was attacked by a monster in the forest that she always played in when she was a child. Bolverk is even powerful enough to shoot through a solid wall plus Noel can even transform Bolverk into Thor which is a missile launcher with a shark's face on the missile and even into Fenrir which is a powerful mini gun. (Damn a chick holding a mini gun and a missile launcher. Now that's freaking awesome!)


    Noel is classified as a speed character in the BlazBlue series as she can get around very quickly on the battlefield as she shoots her bullets from Bolverk. (Also she can see into a person's memories just by touching them.) As the “Eye of The Azure", Noel can also see the distant and recent memories of a person just by having someone touch her or if she touches someone else just like she did with Tsubaki, Carl, Hazama and Lambda-11 in BlazBlue Continuum Shift (Wait which version of that game since there's been three versions of the same game put together?) It was all of them. (Ok thanks since Continuum Shift had two more remakes after the original game was released.) 

    Also Noel can create an artificial landscape called The Realm which can take the form of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi and Noel's managed to do it while she was sleeping plus Noel being a replica of Saya, has shown that she has inherited some of Saya's memories from her childhood, although the memories appear to be far more prominent in her than any of the 11 Murakumo Units known thus far but as it turns out that after regaining her memories after refusing with Mu-12 during the events of BlazBlue Central Fiction, it was revealed that Noel actually has half of Saya's soul while the other half was inside of Hades Izanami because Noel is also known as the girl who first contacted The Master Unit, Amaterasu aka The Origin herself and because of this, Noel gained the ability to fuse with the other pieces of The Origin's Soul and essentially become reborn as Saya herself once all of the fragments are within Noel which included Mu-12, Hades Izanami and The Girl inside of the Master Unit well except for Lambda-11 and Nu-13 because both of them became their own identities and Noel couldn't fuse with either of them. In other words, it's kinda like in Red vs. Blue and how the AI fragment, Sigma wanted to gather his fellow AI fragments to become a perfect AI but in order to do that, Sigma brainwashed and manipulated Agent Maine which turned him into the cold murdering psychopath known as The Meta and he went to hunt down his fellow Freelancers and stealing their AIs and Armor Enhancements but in Noel's case, it was just recovering her memories.


    Bolverk can use a raw energy source called Seithr (which was the remains of the Black Beast) which Noel can use very powerful attacks like her Distortion Drives, Zero-Gun: Fenrir and Bullet Storm ⇒ Zero-Gun: Thor as well as her Astral Heat, Valkyrie Veil.

    Fighting Style

    Noel's fighting style is a very unique martial art called the Gun Fu which focuses on close-quarters gunplay which is very popular in Hong Kong action films and western films are influenced by this fighting style. Just look at Dante from Devil May Cry since he uses this fighting style as well.

    Move Set

    Noel's a master gunslinger and she is fairly fast plus she has good range when she fights her opponents in the BlazBlue series like her unique Drive, The Chain Revolver aka "The Extremely Spamable Attack In The History of Fighting Games!" which she's capable of pulling extremely high-damaging combos plus her Overdrive, The Chain Quasar can increase the speed of her attacks like her famous Optic Barrel which can shoot though a solid wall. Her Revolver Blast shoots four bullets as she twirls in midair. The Silencer can shoot a downed opponent and can be repeated and the Spring Raid allows her to kick her opponent into the air. She can even cross over her opponents with Assault Though, the Muzzle Filler allows her to flip forward and catch a standing opponent with her legs and she can use a large energy blast from Bolverk with the Bloom Trigger. Plus Bolverk can also turn into a shotgun when she uses her Chamber Shot and it's the closest attack Noel has to Ragna's Hell's Fang plus it's really good for knocking back an opponent. 

    But if Noel wants to kick it up a notch then she can use her Zero-Gun: Sleipnir, an Exceed Accel that after she uses when she's in her Overdrive state which she uses her Zero-Gun: Thor on her opponent before transforming Bolverk into a huge Railgun that she can fire to chase down her foe being rocketed by the recently fired Thor or she can combo it with her Chamber Shot and Zero-Gun: Fenrir along with the moves that I mentioned before to deal massive damage to her foe but only if she's in her Active Flow. Now here's a video that showcases Noel's moveset from Chrono Phantasma.


    Now you all think that I've told you everything that Noel has on the battlefield right? Nope! After Hazama aka Yuki Terumi told her that she wasn't human to begin with as he called her a puppet and a doll, Noel's emotions ran berserk and broke Bolverk since he revealed to her that they were limiters just suppressing her emotions thus allowing Terumi to smelt Noel into the Cauldron or in other words, Terumi pretty much mind-raped Noel as she transformed into her True Form, Mu-12 aka The Sword of the Godslayer, Kusanagi with the simple goal for Terumi to destroy the Master Unit, Amaterasu (which is pretty much the Goddess of the Sun and Universe in Japanese legend.) and end the world.

    This form is deadly on the battlefield and if you're the unlucky fool to face Noel in her true form then you can kiss your life goodbye as she can kill a god single-handedly (Damn I don't think that a young and sweet innocent girl would be able to kill powerful deities and immortals like the Elder Gods from Mortal Kombat) and with the help of Rachel Alucard, she can now control and transform into Mu-12 at her own will during the events of BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma as she wanted to save her best friend Tsubaki from Izanami. (Well you got to do what you got to do to save your friends even resorting to facing your true self in order to accomplish that goal.) Also Mu's armor is made up of a special metal called the Hihirokane which is lighter than gold but harder than diamonds and yet she can move and jump in it despite Mu showing off a lot of her skin when she enters her Battle Mode. Also fun fact this legendary alloy of Japanese folklore was once wielded by Jubei's brother, Tomonori who used it when he fought against Terumi in the manga, BlazBlue Phase Shift 1 and it was used to create the armors during the smeltings for Mu-12 and her successor unit, Nu-13 and the golden crest on Hakumen's chest. Mu also wields the Nox Nyctores, Lux Sanctus: Murakumo (translated as God Bright: Gathering Clouds) which can allow her to summon 8 telepathic swords which she can defend against attacks or just send them out to chase after her foes and is the most common weapon of the Murakumo Units.

    As Noel transforms into her true form, Mu's got some unique abilities that she couldn't normally do when she was originally Noel like her Drive, Steins Gunner which Mu can summon small orbs that she can place anywhere on the battlefield to plan out her strategy. Her Overdrive, Steins Geiser can make the lasers that fire out of her gunners become stronger. In addition Mu's attacks can be deadly if you're not too careful. She can launch a laser at her opponents with Totsuka Blade and if she has her gunners out on the field she use this laser to bounce off them and hits her opponents. Mu can even use a speedy projectile with Arrows of Heaven. Her Origins allows Mu form a powerful barrier and can even knock her opponents back. Not to mention my favorite move that Mu can do is none other than Sword of Decimation which she can use her blades to summon a giant sword from underneath her opponent's feet. Mu can use Ikutachi Blade which she does a forward diagonal leap and slashes behind her foe with her eight blades and can even kick them into the air vertically skyward and she can even make her gunners self-destruct with Divine Wrath of the Heavens. But that's not the only thing that Mu-12 can do because her Distortion Drives are very powerful like her Blessed Mirror which can draw power from the Totsuka Blade and it can be amplified depending on how many Steins have been placed. Her Wisdom of the Divines can bind her opponent as she gets above then to launch 8 swords to strike down at her foe at once but if Mu wants to get serious, then her Exceed Accel, Pillar of Light, which after entering her Overdrive allows her to slash at her foe before having her blades circling around them before being blasted by a pillar of light right underneath their feet.

    But Mu's ultimate attack is her Astral Heat, Sword of the Godslayer which she can trap her opponent in a barrier as she flies up and transforms her eight blades into eight giant swords as they strike down into the ground and makes a huge explosion that engulfs the opponent or she can transform into a giant sword herself and slash at her opponent. Now just like i did with Noel's move set I'm going to put a video that shows Mu-12's moveset.


    As the Eye of the Azure, Noel has some flaws to her character as she has the smallest breast size out of the starting female cast of the BlazBlue series and she's not that fond of it as in a few scenes in Calamity Trigger as she's been called a young man or a boy by Bang Shishigami and Lacking Lady by previous Death Battle champion, Taokaka. (Well that's just mean just saying that to a girl.)

    Also if Bolverk is taken away from her, Noel will be completely and utterly helpless when striped of her weapons. Plus she's not that good of a cook as seen in her Gag Ending in Continuum Shift as she pretty much kills everyone who tastes her cooking well except Hazama and Mai Natsume in the magna, BlazBlue Remix Heart (Well the first time because Mai's tongue is super sensitive that allowed her to eat Noel's cooking but she couldn't eat normal food.)

    Noel's also the definition of the "shrinking violet" archetype as she is also shy, clumsy and gets worked up over the smallest things like her very small breasts for example and at one time during her time at the Military Academy, Noel accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed as she got Tsubaki, Makoto, Mai and Kajun all lost at the eighth level of the Academy due to her inability to read a map but not soon after, the watermelon seed that Noel swallowed grew out of her belly button after inhaling a large amount of Seithr as the sprout attacked the group and it went looking for the Evolution Grimoire while using Noel as it's host which is strangely weird now that I think about it but it actually happened during Chapter 3 of BlazBlue: Remix Heart. She also apologizes for every thing that she does even if it's not necessary and also Noel has a major bad case of identity crisis as she was told by Terumi that she's a doll before smelting her in the Cauldron to become Mu-12. Plus she does have that habit of being the Damsel in Distress as she gets kidnapped or ambushed by someone a few times, once was when she battled Hazama, who told her that she wasn't human as her emotions went berserk which broke Bolverk, which gave him the opportunity to smelt her into the Cauldron to become Mu in Continuum Shift while in Chrono Phantasma, she was ambushed by Relius Clover and Nu-13 in which she was forcefully synchronized with Nu, an act which transforms Nu into a second Successor of the Azure, albeit in status only and then in Central Fiction, she was kidnapped once again by Terumi, who just reclaimed the Susano'o Unit because it was actually Terumi's original body as the god, Susano'o in Japanese legend as he choked Noel into unconsciousness and then processed to absorb her into himself and in doing so renders Terumi completely immune to Phenomenon Intervention, rendering him almost completely invincible.

    But you could ask yourself "Could anything kill Noel?" actually yes but only by special means because she's immortal after getting the power of the Eye and because normal weapons could just go right though her as in Central Fiction, Hibiki and Hakumen tried to cut her down but it didn't work even though Hibiki kept trying to do it even after Kokonoe told him that he could not be able to do it which I kinda question Hibiki's sanity. There's only two things that can fully kill her. The first thing that can kill Noel would have to be....The Sealed Weapon: Izayoi and it's ability to use the Immortal Breaker which of course can kill any being outside of Logic so you could say that the Sword is like a Kryptonite weapon that Lex Luthor can use in his Warsuit when he battles Superman but the second thing is destroying her vessel with Kushinada's Lynchpin, which is a large nail that is able to shut the entrance to the Boundary.


    Well even with all of her tragic moments in the BlazBlue series, Noel has accomplished a lot of impressive feats on her own.

    1. Having the highest of synchronization rates with Armagus ever recorded at her entrance exam to the Military Academy.

    2. She fought against Nu-13 to a standstill

    3. She saved Ragna from being killed by Nu at the climax of Calamity Trigger thus shattering the endless time loops.

    4. She saved Tsubaki with the help of Makoto and Jin.

    5. She even fought against the Nox Nyctores Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi with the help of both Ragna and Jin in the climax of Chrono Phantasma.

    6. She managed to fight off both Hakumen and Jin when she was Mu-12 in the climax of Continuum Shift.

    7. She also managed to survive a fight against Ragna when he was turned into a Black Beast-like state by Hades Izanami only escaping with minor wounds when she transformed into Mu-12.

    8. Also managed to not die when she was swallowed by the Black Beast when she was in her Mu-12 state and Jin fought against Berserk Ragna between Chrono Phantasma and Central Fiction.

    9. Killed Hades Izanami as Mu-12 during the events of Central Fiction.

    10. Absorbed the Souls of Mu-12, Hades Izanami and The Origin to be fully reborn as Saya.

    But if that's not crazy enough for you, she's even helped saved the multiverse with previous Death Battle combatants Mai Shiranui and Ivy Valentine in the Japanese only RPG for the PSP, Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos and all the experiences that Noel has gone though with her life even after accepting Mu-12 as herself, she has developed a new level of self-confidence and determination to protect her friends.

    Potential Opponents

    Aigis (Persona 3 and Persona 4 Arena)

    Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles)

    Well I hope you enjoy my first Death Battle blog and I hope I can make another one in the future.

  • Final Fantasy XIV

    21 hours ago


    I never want to leave the Stormblood areas.

  • What planet are you from?

    1 day ago


    Wow it has literally been 3 years since I've used this site! Holy shit I have a lot to catch up on...

    I've recently reintroduced myself to the community. Big shout out to the boys at AH, been through a lot of hard shit recently and found comfort in the familiar sound of those dickheads insulting each other. SO thank you. I am very interested in meeting new people and want to explore new friendships. If anyone is interested, hit me up! :) x

  • Signings!!

    1 day ago


    Got my RTX tickets and signed up for the Josh 0/Kyle and for Cole/Yssa and I'm sooooo excited! Can't wait for my first ever RTX!!

  • Make way to start the revolution

    2 days ago


    Images that are related to this post have been posted.

    Last night I just finished watching Generator Rex. If you don't what the show was, it was about microscopic machines called nanites that had the power to turn living things into monsters called EVOS and a teenager named Rex who could fighter them using machines that he could build from his limbs as well as cure EVOS. It was a great cartoon on CARTOONNETWORK. So here are my pros and cons on the show.


    The theme song. Oh my god that intro.

    The overall design of the characters and vehicles

    The Humor, the show made me laugh so hard so many times

    Rex's personality

    The ping pong episode

    BoBo, just plain BoBo. Everything that monkey did was gold

    The Brilliant evil mastermind that is Van Kleiss

    The 2 episodes where Rex has to face giant killer Bunnies

    The crossover with Ben 10 Ultimate Alien they did

    The shows maturity.there were times where I thought that this show might not be for kids

    I mean seriously, there was basically racism in here

    The CONS:
    The way they showed Van Kleiss through majority of season 3. They depictied him as a crazed rambling man up until the last two episodes where we find out he was faking it the whole time. (Though in the shows defense, if a normal person experienced what he went through, they would most definitely lose it.) 

    The way they showed some of the grunts

    The generic EVOS

    Do I recommend Generator Rex? Yes, without a doubt. It's a great show with lots of action and hilarity. 


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