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  • Spartan Catina Da Sá

    1 day ago

    Tock WDSY

    Shameless advertising: http://grobi-grafik.deviantart.com


    Just revealed today! Some artwork of my second Halo 5 multiplayer character. We have a face revealer here obviously. This is originally my Grand Theft Auto Online character, former military turned violent criminal and mass murderer, who was forced to serve the UNSC, or have the new self destruct feature they gave her activated.

  • Learning Japanese

    1 day ago

    Jogerturf FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Jedi in Training

    So about a year ago I started learning Japanese at my own pace using free resources and I was just wondering if anyone here knew of any sources that are cheap or free that can be used to learn it. Any help would be appreciated and if you have questions about what sites I used feel free to ask

  • burgers with my pop

    14 hours ago

    PUC I am me and who am I

    Walked over to my folks house earlier tonight.  Dad was making burgers.  

    He says"You want a burger(real name)Puc?"  

    Now they were broiled not grilled because we just got a 1/4 inch of snow after 3 days of 70F degree weather.  But that doesn't matter if your over 40 and your near to over 70yr old dad is making burgers you SAY YES!!!  Especially my pop  the man is a meat guru he could make a skunk meat steak taste like ambrosia!  When you visit your folks whether they live next door to you across town or in another state, country or whatever when your dad says hey you want .... blank that I am cooking.  Say yes say thanks and help out in the kitchen whilst he cooks. Because at my age I don't know how much longer I will have him around and any day he does something special with me is a gift.

  • Iden Versio: Patriot

    1 day ago



    The new battlefront shows promise of being a better game, since it's providing something that you don't find in the films; the humanization of troopers working for the empire - It makes the conflicts in star wars feel more morally grey, real, and human.

     Thus, I wanted to capture in in Iden's pride and heroism -  it's also provided great practice.

  • 4/25/17

    1 day ago


    Tonight was one of those nights at work where you wonder why you do it. I work at a radio station that is mostly run by computers and only needs me about 5 percent of the time to make sure things don't break. Tonight I sat in my chair in the studio and thought about what I was doing. Was it a waste of time? Was it the step to something better? I don't know. I just sat frusterated until my shift ended and I drove home to my apartment where both of my room mates were already asleep and I wondered what I was really doing. Maybe one day I'll figure it out.

  • i don't know a thing my dudes

    1 day ago

    tealsylph Drew

    I don't post here really at all but when I do it's RT related art in my images tab?? I'm not good at this

  • Hisako, who are you attacking?

    2 days ago


    Apparently an invisible wolf.

    Also, don't forget to check out my latest review of Log Horizon, season 2, episode 2.

    Also, also.  I have new images if you care for that sort of thing.

  • Discord...

    1 day ago


    In light of #letsplaylive we are announcing that we have a Discord chat! So we can chat and find each other at conventions and events. This is the link that will help you get there:

    Not only we can chat here but we can setup online gaming sessions too. If you have any questions ask @Izayer . He can help with what you need. See you guys there!

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