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  • rTX 2018

    2 days ago


    @LennartdeVries posted this, for all of you interested:

    Hey my fellow Dutchies, thought I would post here to create some new activity since the group has been quite over a year( I joined recently) I'd love to ignite some new energy here and do some stuff if people are interested. So here's a question;

    Anyone, like me, have the intention to go to RTX Austin next year? I'm thinking of doing a month long roadtrip through the US and ending it with RTX Austin :)

    Pleased to meet y'all and talk to you later! Feel free to add me as a friend here if you want to talk about anything RT or otherwise fun stuff :)

  • yes hi it's been a while

    22 hours ago


    just letting you know that i would still die for cinder fall


  • RSWU 309: The One Where James Doesn't Mention The Last Jedi

    11 hours ago

    James Volume III



    We've got things for you this week! Good things! Starting Tuesday night at the NEW TIME of 7 PM CT(that is one hour earlier than the normal time!), Movie Night is going to kick off another movie series with Back to the Future!


    This Thursday starting at 6 PM CT, join @Pageman as we celebrate the fact that Rockstar continues to make content for Grand Theft Auto V even though the game is over 4 years old when we have a Game Night!


    Finally, next Sunday starting at 7 PM CT, Watch-A-Mania will be smashing its way back into our lives with WWE Clash of Champions!


    And that'll be all from us! If you need me, I'll be occupying a dedicated theater seat from Thursday onwards. May the Force be with you all!


  • Happy to be here!

    14 hours ago


    I am happy to be here. Rooster teeth is just my entertainment.

  • Houston Snow Day!

    2 days ago


    The only time I've seen snow in Houston was on Christmas eve. I thought to myself This will be a once in a lifetime experience to have it snow in Houston. Years later, I got to relive that experience...granted, it wasn't on Christmas eve, but who cares! It snowed again in Houston of all places! I got friends from Idaho texting me that we got snow before they did!

  • Michael and Lindsay fan art.

    2 days ago


    I've completed my first fan art to take to RTX Sydney 2019 for my favourite Rooster Teethians. The best thing is I've got ample time to balance and fix any mistakes with this. That was the thing that annoyed me most with Burnies. Now I haven't forgotten about a few more of my favourites, Ryan, Jack and Lil J. Ryan, I'm toying with a mad king game. Jacks, I've starting designing a few game mechanics for an extra life board game. Jeremy, a heists type game inspired by their GTAV heists series. Set in a made up achievement city board map, there will be a variety of heists and I'm involving Rimmy Tim, Garbo and Loopie. Right now I'm still working on my fan art board game for Geoff, although that is delayed while I make a computer game version of it for the community to play. It's just a dinky little RPG maker game but it's coming up rather well. I'll upload a link to play it when it's done. 

  • What the actual fuck?

    1 day ago

    Nyan-Chan Little cosplayer

    So, I wake up this morning only to find that it had started snowing at some point during the night. What the actual fuck?

    It hasn't snowed in my area in YEARS.... I don't even know if I have any clothes that'd be up to the job of keeping me warm in the snow any more. ._.

  • Holiday Card!

    16 hours ago


    I’m super excited because I’m on my way to the post office to send out my community member holiday card! I spent a lot of time on it; cutting paper, getting stickers, maticulously placing those stickers, and glitter. So much glitter. I hope my person really enjoys it! 

  • not so merry

    12 hours ago

    JadeTiger what?

    "It's what you make it!"

    "Where's your Christmas sprite?"

    "You're only sad because you wanna be."

    "You should be happy its Christmas!"

    If i completely vanish from here one day know it was for murdering my stupid as FUCK co-worker!!!

    SERIOUSLY? HOW fucking IGNORANT can one human be??! Wait, don't answer that, i know.

    I'll give you some advice! When someone it mad or sad at Christmas time, IT'S NOT A FUCKING CHOICE YOU BRAIN DEAD DIP SHIT!! 


    For FUCK sake!! It's a sad time for A LOT of people! We don't all have the JOY of celebrating it with friends and family! 

    As we get older, people we love ... aren't there any more... there not there to help get a tree and decorate it... pick out gifts... spend time with.. talk to.. hug...

    You get the decorations out and there is dad's Christmas sock... and you wanna hang it up, but looking at it makes you wanna cry.

    Its a hard time of the year. It hurts. It hurts to be alone, and i'm not happy. 

    I'm sitting here crying i can't help it 

    This was always dad's holiday, his favorite time. He would get so excited like watching a little kid, it was so cute.

    I remember he would lay in bed xmas morning and cough LOUDLY till i woke up, because i needed to be the first one up but he couldn't wait so he would cheat the system. 

    You just find him one with his name on it and he would rip it open without even bothering to see who it was from, and mom would get mad at him for it, lol.

    I always got one big gift evey year and it was hidden in the back and he would be like, "whats that behind the tree? hmm Holly it looks big, wonder who its for?"

    miss you dad, especially this time of year.

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