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  • First Post!

    1 day ago

    aspiringanika AspiringAnika

    Hey everyone! I'm kinda new to the RT website and wanted to make a post about something I do.

    I Paint!

    Yes! You heard me right! I have been recently making some RWBY artwork and wanted to share it all with you! 

    You can find the Paintings here if you would like

    These are so much fun to paint and I hope to make more of the characters soon. So, stay tuned!

  • Bacrylic's Share / Squaretale Game Update

    1 day ago


    A quick screen grab of what I was working on today. 


    Question for the community. Is anyone a King Arthur buff? I wanted to know if there were any iconic features that were present in the story of King Arthur, like in the forest.

  • Back and watching footie

    2 days ago

    Nash_3wc FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Im BACK! It's been a while since I have been a roosterteeth sponsor. Things got hectic with a new etc. But finally got back to sponsoring and looking forward to catching up with all the new exclusive content! 

    looking forward to supporting Gavins footie team tomorrow! Who's with me?

  • AH Fanart

    23 hours ago

    GworbsGavichal Gavichal of Gworb


    I'm making AH fanart to send to AHWU. I still have to color it, but I'm pretty proud of it. It took me two hours so far so if I fuck it up, I'm sending it anyways.

  • Thank you Rooster Teeth

    2 days ago


    So I just bought a first membership 2 days ago, It's currently 4 am where I am right now and I've slept 6 hours since then. I love all this extra access and day 5 alone is worth it. If anybody is having any doubts about getting a membership. don't, because when you do there are days worth of content for you to enjoy. and it also makes me feel like i'm participating in the community. On the off chance that somebody who works for RT sees this I just want to say thank you so much for making such great things and just being a positive influence in general. I've been watching for 7 years now and you've just made a huge impact on my life. If i'm really lucky then I hope to work for you someday, but I'm not gonna beg. I just want to say thank you for being so great and giving me something to work towards.

  • Many things happened recently

    2 days ago


    So I found out Gundam Seed


     AND Seed Destiny 


    Are getting redubs. Which won't effect sub fans but I saw seed and destiny dubbed which is really funny in hindsight of what they were also cast to do at the time. I'm talking about Matt Hill as Kira and Sam Vincent as Athrun of the Original dub. Sad to hear they will not be returning but it'll be fine Dubs have come a long way in terms of performance then again they seem to be having a different problem

    On another note I found out that Burnie's Vlog thing he's been pushing is clearly not for me. Due to the fact I'm not a fan of some just talking into the camera to convey information for a whole video. Like I watch the Jackass Gumball Rally alot and while there is often talking into the camera  but the cutaways are frequent enough to keep me interested visually with whats going on. Or I can only handle short burst of camera talking. Do any of you guys watch those? I'm curious because I want to know. Another good example to compare this situation is I'll watch THIS but not THIS.


    Still watching Gundam ZZ I can say at episode 28 you do get back tonally to Zetas. So if you have plans or wondered about watching ZZ well theres option 2. Skip half the series to get to what you were used to. I still need to find a place that shows Char's Counterattack, F91, andMobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Stargazer. So if anyone knows places link me. I'm in a weird place in ZZ because I think anything that happens on Earth is hard character development or just filler and I don't know its not a deal breaker though. They're in Africa going East so--Oh also very tasteful with other nationalities. Normal ass African people and normal ass Middle eastern people and this is like 1986. I guess the bigger animation companies have traveled over seas and know or have experience or-- I don't know. I like it though so... then whats the deal with a few other animes where its super offensive sometimes? 

  • New But Old

    2 days ago


    It's been quite a while since I've signed on and followed RT's progress as a company, and boy am I impressed. I was originally a sponsor back in the early days when RvB was taking off and Achievement Hunter was just getting started and was absolutely enamored with the forward thinking ideals of how an internet-based entertainment company could be done. I was pretty young at the time, so more often than not I probably seemed like an annoyance to other users and frankly I kind of annoy myself looking back. Thus, I have chosen to not revive my old account and instead reinvent myself online. Since getting back in to the RT culture I hope to become an active member of the community and make some new online friends!

  • 2 months late

    1 day ago


    Yo so yea I went to E3 in Los Angeles this year it was great so many new game and interactive booths so much fun but sadly no halo 6 but Call of duty looked really really promising and it felt to me to be like Black op 2 cause in my opinion that was the last good good call of duty and aperantly they are bringing back manditory game chat for GM serch and destroy ..................that right there for me is enough to buy that game lol besides the fact that it feels awesome!

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