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  • Rooster Teeth First Double Gold Box - October 2017

    1 month ago


    Fuck Harvey Weinstein.

    If you're at all interested in subscribing to Rooster Teeth First, you can do so here:

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  • Rooster Teeth First Double Gold Box - August 2017

    4 months ago


    The box also came with a game code for Serial Cleaner for Steam.

    If you're at all interested in subscribing to Rooster Teeth first, you can do so here:

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    Instagram: >

  • Conversation at the bar,

    7 months ago


    I was sitting at the bar alone, sipping on some woodford on the rocks and simply enjoying my peace. A stranger pulled up to the stool next to me, a very chatty old man who smelled strong of cedar. 

    "I'll take the house draft" The old man says to the bar keep, bartender hands him the cool amber beverage and slams half before setting it down. With an audible belch he turns to me, "Howya doin? Watchin the game?"

    Not wanting to make conversation I nodded, "yeah, just watching the game" I hold the glass to my lips, not drinking but giving me an excuse to not speak.

    "Who's up, what stadium they playin at? Kc, and are those guys the tigers? Never heard of tigers in Detroit, be more appropriate if they were the Detroit Cougars or spotted Turtle. You know female spotted turtles can live to be 110, by the males can only live to about 60. Just like humans am I right?" he nudges me with his elbow and let's out a slight chuckle. I Ignore him and continue to blindly stare at the T.V. screen, "Not much of a talker are ya, Must have been a rough day at the hospital." He got my attention, how does he know I work at the hospital is he an old patient, am I being a dick?

    "Yeah, sure. Have we met before" I ask him

    "Naa, this is the first time we've met. I think." He then proceeded to chug the rest of his beer and order another. 

    "How do you know I work at a hospital?" I asked being direct, he now ignored me while drinking his newly ordered beer. 

    "All surgeons have that look on their face, it's a cold face of a nice butcher." he spoke following a loud belch. 

    "What do you mean by that? Are you trying to insult me?" it was hard not to sound upset, "I've worked very hard to get to where I am, don't equate me to some simple butcher!"

    "What's the difference between a surgeon, a butcher, and a killer?" The old man asked. I didn't feel like humoring him and turned my head to ignore him. 

    "Do ya not know or did I hit a soft spot?" he put his elbow on the counter leaning his body towards me, "Let's start with an easy one, a serial killer. A serial killer takes life for pleasure, the tools and methods may very from kill to kill but the end goal is the same, death. A butcher separates a carcass to be sold piece by piece for the most money. A surgeon slices at anomalies using, education and wit, to destroy an aliment." He leaned back and began sipping on his beer.

    Dumb founded I replied to him, "Was that supposed to be a joke? An insult? A threat?" 

    He set down his empty mug, "No no no no. It was just a prerequisite, am I a surgeon, butcher, or killer?" 

  • I never got my RtBox when i was double gold

    7 months ago

    KillerArcher Liam Simpson

    So i signed up for double gold in april so i could get the RTbox just for that month but it never showed up in my mail and i'm confused if maybe i checked the wrong button or never actually selected the send box button but i'm a lil upset about it. (Also i'm unsure if people actually see this someone let me know if you do)

  • #RTBOX March

    9 months ago


    What do people think of this? :D

  • RT First Box Number 2 ^_^

    1 year ago

    SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

    Pretty pleased to get my second RT First box. I always get mine a little later than everyone else, as often I'll hear abut the next box before, or as my one from last month arrives. The perils of international shipping via Frankfurt! hehehe...
    I had heard good things about this one, and I have found I like everything in it! Kudos to Jack and the box-peoples!


    Going to eat the popcorn tonight at my fiance's while we watch Luke Cage and the last episode of Crunch Time.

    Did anyone else do the internet fad that came around recently, about picking 3 fictional characters which best represented you? No? Well you're getting mine anyway. I had real trouble doing this actually, as I watch/read a lot of fictional things. I ended up with a shortlist of honorable mentions (Amy Pond, Daria and Yang). Hope you know who made the actual 3 ^_^

    Laughter and Sunshine!


  • First RoosterCrate

    1 year ago


    Basically, I liked the Crate but hated it. Some of the items I loved, a lot of it I gave to my sister. 34.99 was a steep price, I thought honestly it was worth about 20-25. The shirt was cool, the Lunch box I thought could have been made better.

  • New Game Clips Youtube Series

    2 years ago


    Hey guys! Haven't Posted anything on the site in a bit, but here is the playlist of a new series I'm doing with my game clips :)

  • Naturebox

    3 years ago


    So I finally got my free box from Naturebox and oh my god. I'm not someone who eats healthy ever but me and my step mom just shared the cranberry medley and sun crunch or whatever and were very impressed. Even she is interested now.

    Keep in mind we're a family of chip and burger eaters. Having healthy snacks we actually like is a phenomenon. I spent the quick snack telling her about the different options they have and how you can choose how often you can get them. She said that the snacks were really good and she loved the idea. We're lazy so having healthy snack delivered to us is a blessing, I assure you.

    I've gotten a free box for my mom, me and I'm sure my step mom and dad will soon be on the train.

    Big shout out to Rooster Teeth on finding something my whole family likes to eat that keeps us healthy. We are in your debt!

  • Internet box panel!

    3 years ago


    Was just announced on their twitter. I'm so hype. I'll be in line all day if I have to

  • RIP Internet Box

    3 years ago

    Rizmcd Willie Monster

    So, it happened. The Internet Box is shut. God only knows if it will ever be opened again, but regardless it was an AWESOME 120 episode streak. From Patricia to the Bees to Good Riddance, I loved every moment and will miss @Ray, @Michael, @Andy, @Mike, @Dylon, @Barbara, @Lindsay and @Kerry having quality banter. You guys have influenced my life a lot more than you would think!

    So thanks for the laughs, all 8 of you have been really cool and funny. I will continue to follow all of you on rt and twitter and wish you all every success.

    #Goodbye and thank you!

  • Internet Box Podcast

    3 years ago


    I'm going to get uncharacteristically serious for a moment, and attempt to write a sincere post. It will be more than me just putting a gif and two lines of text, calling it a journal. And I doubt it will get noticed by many people, but hopefully it will get more recognition than my previous journals. But I write this to show my appreciation for something that is very dear to me, and I figure is very dear to a lot of other fans as well.

    I've been late to everything Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter related, mainly because I'm only seventeen and I didn't become a fan until about three years ago. And because of it, it's no shocker I was a late adopter to the Internet Box Podcast. I don't necessarily remember how I found out about them, all I remember is I started listening around episode 40. And since then it's honestly become one of my favorite childhood memories. Which is strange to say for something that's only been around for a couple of years.

    But I think the reason why the podcast became such a significant part of my life is that when I found out, I wasn't having the best of times. It was Freshmen year in High School and I was dealing with a lot of personal issues and all the other crap you deal with at a young age. The podcast always made me laugh, even when I thought nothing else would. And as stupid as it's going to sound, I acted a lot more like myself after finding the podcast. Something about eight other people talking, laughing, and just genuinely being happy brought that out of me.

    And perhaps I am being too sentimental over this. And that's okay too, but I figured this would be the best time to write this. And so hopefully I can speak for the majority of the fans, or at least a few of the fans, thank you @Andy, @Michael, @Lindsay, @Ray, @Barbara, @Kerry, @Dylon, and @Mike. It's been one hell of a ride smiley0.gif

  • Internet Box Podcast Final

    3 years ago


    And now we wait for the final episode.

  • IB#109

    4 years ago


    It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.

  • Dragon Concept Art.....

    4 years ago


    I say art I mean something that looks like what a pre-school kid could do but what ya gonna do.
    So first of I drew out my dragon onto paper and scanned it into Photoshop to start to add color.
    I then added light definition so I could figure out what sides would be bright and what would be dark.
    I then started layering all of the colors using different opacitys till I got to what I wanted
    I then started to add a bit of texture using a custom made brush
    I then went an opened up another file and started to create a background for my dragon to sit in. I did this using a lot of custom brushes.
    I would love to know what people think about this and take into account I did this all via a MOUSE because I didn't have a graphics tablet at the time. To me this looks shitty so I would love feedback!

    Something extra I did was try to make a box art for it but to me I just looks shitty and tacky

  • Internet Box Redesign

    4 years ago


    I've been a fan of the Internet Box for a while and a fan of webdesign for even longer, and I have nothing against their site as it stands now but it gave me a good challenge to try and redesign it. I've been big into redesigning things for practice lately.

    In any case, I wanted to share with you all what I've been doing. Kind of a step by step thing.

    So I'm a big fan of locating everything centrally on one page. Making things easy to access and quick to find is a big plus. So I took note of the things that Internet Box does and tried to organize it in a way that still allowed users to access all their favorite parts.


    This mock-up split the two main points of the site on either side of the screen. To the left went the podcast and to the right went the social aspects, accessible by tabs. It had the main news feeds, the chat topics and a user tab in which users could upload intros and questions that the Internet Box uses for their podcasts. I put the box in the middle of the website because I had some silly ideas about the box spinning as the user moved his mouse across the page.


    I didn't end up liking the weird T shape it made with the background so I made the sides full height and added some extra touches to help differentiate and display the parts. Halfway through this I noticed I completely forgot the Twitter feed and the more I played with the layout the more I thought it looked disjointed and messy. So the new goal was to combine the columns into a big column, while still keeping the access everything mentality.

    This was my third redesign of my first concept and the one I ended up liking the most. It featured the most prominent part of the group in the very beginning with quick access to information and all the favorite user features beneath it. I ended up pushing the user uploading tools to behind a login page, but I believe that gives more incentive for the users to make an account and login at the top.

    From here I began working on a demo to play around with what I could do. I ended up changing the design a little bit more from here.

    The full design has a drop-down section under the podcast where you can find the members and the link-dump for that podcast. The twitter feed is live, and I made the chat topic boxes smaller as to fit more of the popular chats into it. The entire website is responsive, so a change in browser window will scale the logo and widths to match and will evenly display somewhat well on a mobile device (disclaimer: I haven't tested all mobile devices yet).

    That's that really. I could go farther but this is a demo page and I have other websites I've been ignoring in favor of this design because it just made me so happy to work on.

    If you want to go take a look at a live version of it, Click here

    Later days.

  • Western part 13 + Drawings

    5 years ago


    The Rooster Teeth Western Part. 13 is now uploaded to the Story-Forum Thread. (As always) I Hope you enjoy it. smiley0.gif

    Link to the Story:

    Some of my Drawings from the last 24 hours:

    The Internet Box Crew @Dylon @MisterSir @Michael @mike @Ray @Barbara @Lindsay





    Creepy lady drawn for ZeroTolerant

    And that's it for this journal. Congratulations, you've reached the bottom. Have a lightning: smiley13.gif

  • I got a Question.

    6 years ago


    Ok answer this:

  • Package change of the Recollection?

    6 years ago

    Jakey232 Roo Teeth

    This is what it looks like in the store
    And here's what my one looks like


    I'm not complaining but it would have been nice to have one case that held all the disc instead of cardboard surrounding 3 cases plus a disk in a plastic pocket.

  • My signed copy of RvB Recollection has..

    6 years ago

    Jakey232 Roo Teeth

    My signed copy of RvB Recollection has arrived but I need to pick it up from a friends house. Bad news is that I might not be able to get it till next week. My friend sent me a photo of it
    It's so cruel, I want it now

  • FRIDAY: The Song: The Movie: The Game

    6 years ago


    Is it bad that I find the chip tune version pretty damn catchy?

    Also, here is a snapshot of something RvB related I'm working on. It might take a while though, mainly because I'm lazy. This is just here to remind me really. BLEH


    It also sums up my life right now pretty well


    Love, Peace and Chicken Grease bra'hs!

  • Stage Theaters, Dog Walks, & Carnies...

    6 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    One of these days, when I have a few hours of free time and a few bottles of beer, I will tell the complete story of my week and a half stint running the carousel at my local mall. The tale is full of hope, fear, surprise, suspense, insanity, backstabbing, and cotton candy. I may forgo the journal and just write the screenplay for the movie immediately. Spielberg may want to buy it.

    But let's not dwell on the past in this journal but push forward to the future. A future filled with employment.

    Last week began with being let go from said Carousel job (and includes said story to be told later) which was not an auspicious beginning to the week. However this week began with a much more promising start because of three things:

    1. Luke arrived
    2. Interviews arrived
    3. Fun stuff arrived (Star Wars Burlesque thanks to Ashley, parties thanks to Kitty, movies thanks to Casey)

    1 and 3 need no extra explanation, but 2 needs elaboration. The short version of the long stories are that after several interviews and hard work I managed to snag not one but TWO job offers between Thursday night and Friday morning.

    Job #1 is a part time job at a stage theater in their box office. I start this Thursday with a meeting about their subscription series going on sale. This is an exciting job because it's in my field (the arts in general), I have stage theater box office experience, and one of the perks is free tickets to all sorts of awesome musicals and bands. If you watch my Twitter and saw me tweet about an amazing interview that included the question "If you could have one super power what would it be and why?" that was for this job. Us artsy people are fun.

    Job #2 is a full time job for a large dog walking and pet sitting company in Seattle. The pay is really good, the job is awesome (I walk happy dogs all day, who'da thunk?), and the owner is so swamped with work that I can pick up as many hours as I desire. It's not quite as glamorous or artsy as working in the Theater, but I get paid to play with puppies. And get exercise while doing it.

    So this week will be spent finalizing and coordinating schedules, waiting for background checks, and peeing in cups. But if all goes well by next week I'll have more work then I know what to do with! Yeah steady happy employment!!

    Thanks to everyone who sent me love and support the last few weeks. It was appreciated more then you could ever understand. smiley12.gif

  • Cattle

    7 years ago


    It was about 0345 and I was starving. I couldnt quite figure if I wanted jack up my ass, or the red lipstick bastard with 50 nuggets of fat for ten dollars. I opted for the round ball with a yellow caution cone on its head. As I pulled up to the place that satan had put all his tender loving hate and care into. I saw at once that the sudden beauty of a 4 in the morning binge was going to cost me, My dignity.
    All at once I found that the line was from here to the second pyramid in egypt and even then it was still not finished. A few drunken idiots were stuck at the speaker box of doom gawking like deer stuck in the inevitable doom of a cars frontal assault. Behind were the faces that told countless stories. The first in the pages of cattled books was the early business man. His gray on white business suite spackled with bits of his facial hair. The man was shaving in the car, oblivious to the three stoners ordering all the 2 for 99 cent tacos this little stand alone island had to offer. As he finished his early morning regimen of facial pampering, he then finally became aware of the time he had wasted by simply being the one who was stuck behind the three stooges. This angered the business man and he was showing his impatience by bobbing his head forward and in mock "here you go" fashion attempted to mentally push the three kings of sloth forward into the night.

    All the while the three in the car infront of the line that was now growing like a line waiting to get into hell; should hell become organized and have a single file row in order to figure out which pitt you fell into, was growing. Both in impatience and in the amount cows lining up for a slaughter.
    The business man began to now look up to plead with god to help in moving the idiots infront. Yet there was no reply and he then began to try harder with the mental attacks.
    The car right behind was taken by two young girls, one was chewing gum with her mouth open as if trying to mock the cattle she had become. Her sandy curled blonde hair was thickly coated with ozone killing hairspray and her makeup was running. Her passenger was not far off, minus the chewing gum, but her hair was dyed in different colors, all made to look like a bad acid trip and strung out to dry. I couldnt help but think that they were the errand girls to two men who waited patiently at home drinking and havign fun while the two lioness' were out on the hunt for a fresh kill. Both girls looked at one another and then the driver with the curly hair spoke. I couldnt make out what she was saying but it looked to be along the lines of.
    "I cant believe she wore that outfit tonight." To which the passenger Jem responded.
    "I know, it was so F'ed up!" Agreeing but with a roll of her eyes I knew she was lying.
    The next car in the train of mayhem sat a short... No, he wasnt short, he was just sitting low in his car. I can only describe him from the back of his head because he was infront of me. But his head was of a peculiar shape that it did look like it could have been well rounded. The gods on mount olympus trying to fathom the perfect sphere that had been produced would have been a discussion that lasted the lifespan of man. Yet here before my tired eyes I saw what god had created. A smoothed bald head of shape and shine that it glimmered like a freshly polished bowling ball. Held by a bowlers grip was the neck that rested this beast of a head. Imagine the amount of strain and neck muscle the man must have to carry ad lift that 15 pound bowling ball and not snap his neck should he try to jump up and down. I wondered if he waxed it, then if he did wax it, was it a triple coat?

    Alas, the three wise men of the stoners ball crept forward into the night. The impatient business man sped quickly and stopped his beast of a suburban car next to the black box of orders and spat his request for a breakfast bowl and two hash browns well done and a large soda, any will do. He was in a hurry after all.

    I snapped out of my trance on the perfect circle of head and moved my car in step with the train. The girls from down the street crept on and ordered their share of a lions meal. Followed by the cue ball and lastly, me.
    I ordered my small meal of whatever I felt was needed to fill my empty stomach. Which always ends up being too much and leaving me a dollar short and food left over that spoiled as soon as they bagged it.
    I took the bag of decayed matter and flesh and parked my car. I saw the lioness' looking through their bags from the hunt. All was there. The stoners had parked and were in the process of gorging on everything in sight. Then the cue ball drove past.

    It was amazing, all of us grazing on the fields after being called to the feeding pen. All of us just eating after being herded and all of us enjoying or soon to be enjoying our fattening quantities of food.

    Then I belched and the thought was gone.