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  • Lemon Drop Trailer out!

    9 months ago

    leethalarrow FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Nerdy Actor

    The movie that I'm one of the leads in, and worked on for most of last year, has its first trailer out! 

    Lemon Drop is going to be submitted to film festivals shortly. Hopefully it will be able to be viewed by everyone soon! 

    Here's the website for the movie.

  • Team Yume Podcast: "The Goofy Race"

    1 year ago


    Welcome to the show you happy people! Please come in, dance, mingle, meet Christopher Walken, and brace yourself for nerdy hi-jinks. This episode discusses: Jack Kinney's Goofy cartoons, a brief overlook at the animation industry during Hollywood's Golden Age, "Rock Dog" and mainstream Chinese filmmaking, why Roman Reigns strangely works as a top wrestling character and Goocy's finally revealed backstory!
    the MP3 file here:

  • Ghost in the Shell fiasco...

    2 years ago


    In a world where Hollywood can only make bank on white actors and actresses, even for roles that some say should go to actors/actresses of a different ethnicity, couldn't it be possible that if you had the ability to put your fleshy brain into a sophisticated fully realized android body, that you would pick a white one?
    Don't get me wrong here. I'm not trying to say that "white washing" is okay; or that there are no actors and actresses of different skin pigmentation and cultural heritage who lack the ability to play any role that any Hollywood writer can think up; or in anyway trying to reconcile or make concessions for any of the casting in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie (or films of the past who have done the aforementioned "white washing").
    I'm simply saying that if you were a high tech, cyber cop android-living and working in the cyber punk dystopian future of our own world-you would eventually have to go in to places of business and question individuals in the real world (when you weren't digitally sleuthing for answers). What skin tone do you think would get you farther in the door? Not a fuzzy warm answer to follow that question. However I'm told and people claim witness to this reality in which we live.

    Which is much the reality we buy into when we watch shows like Ghost in the Shell. It's not high fantasy or far flung Sci-fi; It's near future sci-fi based in the futurist science of today. Only days, to a week, before the flurry of internet backlash did articles float around the web of a near realistic robot fashioned ironically enough, by an Asian individual, to look like Scarlett Johansson. Now, responses of this ranged all over the reaction spectrum, but I don't recall as much fervor towards this robots creation as being the white washing of robot kind.

    All in all, this will most likely end up with all the other anime adapted films before it. Whether it was ScarJo or an actual Asian decent actress, only fans of anime will attempt to see the GitS live action Hollywood picture, because any mass market has already seen a similar themed film (Blade Runner); Anime fans have already seen all there is of GitS; if said fans go to this it will just be to criticize-regardless of the main lead- and finally Hollywood doesn't know how to market anime inspired properties and the common viewer will get overloaded by all the internet buzz and stay away.

    *Post note*-I would have seen this movie regardless of the female lead choice. If only because cinema has reached a point where we can have crazy anime action in "live action" media. I would never, however, would have expected this film to do well commercially only because the source material is of near Kojima proportions when it comes to dialogue, plot and setting.

  • It's been a while

    2 years ago

    pwest678 Pat Weston

    Hey RT friends. I exist still I've just been doing a shit load since moving to LA. I joined up with The Second CIty and now write short form sketch and do improv and all sorts of crazy stuff. Once I get a resume all figured out I was actually thinking about applying to RT as a writer. If anyone had any advice for me to increase my chances of getting hired I would seriously appreciate the help!

  • Who are you?

    2 years ago

    Balgosa AE Wizard

    I thought I'd finally make a lengthy post and tell you all about who I am.

    My names Brian Arndt, or Balgosa or the recently titled Ninja Brian.

    Back in 2004'ish I was really big into Star Wars Galaxies. I decided to make a music video using Fraps and windows movie maker for my guild mates to show off how dumb the dancing class looked on male dancers. So I made a video called "Helios Men" (which YouTube eventually removed due to copyright on the song).

    I went on to create a bunch more due to the first being quite popular in my guild. The biggest one being Fett's Vette. I got Mc Chris' permission to use his song and make the video and it kinda blew up.

    Skip ahead 4 years. I applied for a video editor position at BioWare. Being a big fanboy of BioWare and knowing they were developing a Star Wars MMO, I had to be a part of it. I got the call and flew out for an interview. When I walked in to the meeting they knew who I was. Turns out both of the guys in charged worked for Sony back when I made the Galaxies videos and were fans. I walked out that day with my first video game job.

    Soon after I built a Stormtrooper and joined the 501st, but I'll make a seperate post about that someday.

    I was at BioWare for 4 years and worked up to Senior Video Editor. I made soo many videos its hard to count. After the game shipped I learned what the game industry is really like as they laid us all off.

    I went on to move to California and work for Red 5 Studios. They were making a game called Firefall although I spent most of my time learning compositing from another coworker who was a 10 year ILM vet. We made some glorious music videos like Gaming Aint no Game and GTA: a Love Ballad featuring eRock.

    After Red 5 I decided to try my hand at compositing full time and took a job working for a company called Encore in Hollywood. There i got to work on shows like Castle, Orange is the New Black, NCIS, Black Sails and a bunch more. (My IMDB page kinda exploded)

    When the wife got pregnant we decided not to raise a kid in Hollywood and I took a job in Maryland working for Bethesda on Elder Scrolls Online. There I helped making trailers and set up and ran their twitch presence.

    Bethesda asked me to move to Austin to help out their other studio Battlecry and I jumped at the opportunity, little did I know, a month later they would lay me off.

    I then ended up working contract for Moontower on Lazer Team. It was a grueling 2 months.

    I did some other contract work here and there and then saw Rooster Teeth was hiring for compositors for RWBY.

    And here I am today. 10 years in Gaming and now working for RT. Its a strange world we live in but I enjoy it!

    If your interested, here's some links:

    My YouTube

    My Vimeo

    My Twitter

    My Website (if you want to see what else I've worked on)

  • Zombie Walk

    3 years ago


    I walked through Hollywood with zombies. It was awesome. I got some video. I also got a lot of photos.

    I even wore a zombie killing shirt for the occasion.

    Next week, I will run with clowns and matadors.

  • NoCal

    7 years ago


    Decided on a whim to just come down and hang in Northern California this weekend. My friend Sam, his friend Zane, and I went to a Deadmau5 concert in Sacramento. We then stayed up till three doing... I actually have no idea what we did that took till three I just remember not being sleepy. Next day we went to a hilarious play done by his school (Bentley Highschool) called Shakespeare in Hollywood, this story told about a movie being made about Mid-summer nights dream but with a twist that the real Oberon and Puck were teleported into our dimension and hilarity insues. Now I am in Oakland International ariport, which is probably the smallest International airport ever, waiting to board my plane that leaves at 5:55 (lucky number 5 hopefully.) Tonight I will once again continue my two awesome marathons of RvB and the Drunk Tank podcast. Until then, Ian signing out!

  • LA Noire

    7 years ago


    Finally beaten LA Noire....21 LONG story cases...And now I need to go for that Hollywoodland trophy...Thank you Jack and Geoff for making those video guides, or I'd be doing this all year.


    7 years ago


    So last year my brother and his friends got together and decided to make a shot for shot remake of footloose because The Hollywood remake machine was going to take another solid movie, put it through the ringer, and make a buck from a younger generation. they decided “Let’s beat them to the punch. Let’s do this remake our way." They did a phenomenal job there was 54 scenes recreated by 58 directors and each one directed each scene with their own style and their own personal take on the movie. This is a awesome project and I'm soooo proud of my brother and his friends!! Watch and support it !!!

  • Keep your eye open

    7 years ago


    There is a film coming out this next year called 7E. I just got word that It'll be playing at SXSW in March, and then be released elsewhere after.

    Then tell everyone that Sam's wedding photo was the most incredible thing you've ever seen in a movie. Oh yeah, and the movie was good blah blah blah.

    249 Productions is an up and coming movie company. Keep an eye on them. They're sure to do good work.

  • 25 Hill

    8 years ago


    By now, you all know that I went to be an extra in the movie (to be released next year) 25 Hill. I was up at 4:30 and arrived on set at about 7:45-ish... I think. (I had to stop and meet up with my friend first).

    Here's a little photo fun.

    Getting there...
    This is where we parked - the home of the good year blimp.

    Entering the set

    Corbin Bernsen (director/star/etc..) addressing the crowd - with special instructions.

    Filming begins

    Started raining profusely...

    Corbin giving direction... and filming the crowd reaction - before we got to see anything

    A little closer to the action - I would have been closer, but I didn't want to get "ejected" from the set.

    For Jeff...
    (I was just under it - yeah, I know - it's backwards... I couldn't get on the track to take the front... it's the thought that counts, right?)

    Sound guy...

    Track and Dolly...

    Corbin, hottie (sort of - girl operating camera), RED (camera), me less than ten feet away from Hollywood magic.

    All in all, Corbin's actually a really cool guy. You can tell him that I said so.

    OH! Also, I got a LOT of sun - even though it rained most of the day. I look like a raccoon. (lots of sunlight - and sunglasses = shadows around eyes.. D'oh!)

  • hollywood hits my town

    8 years ago


    so going school today we saw a camp being set up with trailers and thought there must be a wedding or somthing, then coming back there were spot lights and trailers everywhere and catering. then we saw it
    we froze with excitement and i found out that kate hudson(chick from spiderman) and i think will farrell will be in it too! they even closed off the roads and changed the name of a near by fancy resturaunt too.
    i think the is called [blank] borrowed? i will post another journal when i find out!
    thanks for reading and spread it on!
    UPDATE: its collin farrel and the name of the movie is "something borrowed" sadly its going to be chick flick :-(

  • join the undead army

    9 years ago


    we want you yes you we need you to join the undead army to help support hollywood undead

  • Hata's

    9 years ago


    Wanna go against me i blow yall out of HALO ADSISTANCE by Hata's

  • Journal

    9 years ago


    ..original title is original.
    I know not many people read this stuff but meh I'm bored at the moment and my fingers hurt. I'll explain.

    OK so things have been going pretty well; for example, I recently got asked to play guitar in a band. We have a show in two weeks, and our set-list so far consists of the following:
    Ex's and Oh's by Atreyu
    Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold

    I'm really excited but at the same time nervous because....well I'm not a crowd person...I'm quiet and sit at the back of the class watching how stupid and immature 95% of high school kids--or people in general--are.

    Oh and before I go, I should tell you about this group I recently got into thanks to Keily. They're called Hollywood Undead. They're different from what I normally listen to because they incorporate some rap into it. I like the words and the dark sound though. My favorite song so far is "Undead".
    The video for it is bad haha Keily doesn't like me watching it.

    Hope everyone's been doing good.
    Peace out.

  • Theme Song

    10 years ago


    I found this song on Madden, then I heard it again today, now I just watched the video. This is my personal theme song right now...

    Hollywood Undead - Undead

    NSFW Video