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  • art improvement

    2 days ago

    haleyfall #Team Cinder


    2013 / 2019. So glad I stuck with RWBY. Getting obsessed with something and drawing it over and over again is definitely the best way to improve :>

  • How Powerful #2: Ruby Rose

    1 week ago



    NOTE: Before I start, this blog is going to contain A LOT OF SPOILERS on RWBY, so go catch up to the episodes if you haven't seen them. K? K. You have been warned.

    Long ago, the World of Remnant was created by the brotherly Gods of Light & Darkness with the ideals of creation, destruction, choice, & knowledge. They created an era where humanity can use magic in their disposal.


    And then some selfish chick tried to play the gods & have humanity go against them, all to revive her heroic husband. Look, I would love to have someone very close to me, who died, be revived, but that was a BIG mistake she made. Of course being a bad idea, the gods made her immortal, killed every living being on Remnant, & destroyed most of the moon as they left. Remember this lesson; Never play god!


    But the God of Light was a nice guy and gave humanity a second chance along with having Faunus involved, but they have to survive from the dark creatures of destruction called Grimm. Some of them became hunters & huntress & created every weapon to be guns to fight off the Grimm. And one of them will protect her friends & the people from these creatures, no matter what. This huntress is Ruby Rose. No not that one! But, I did find that funny. This one. In "How Powerful", I will analyze a character to show their best feats of strength, speed, durability, skill, etc. as long as if they are canon & I will be explaining it like DEATH BATTLE! would. So don't expect every feat or p&a(powers & arsenal) to be explained. I'm Steven & I'm going to show you how powerful Ruby Rose is!V2_06_00027.png

    Ruby Rose:

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'2'' | 1.57 meters

    Birthday: October 31

    Younger sister to Yang Xiao Long

    Leader of RWBY & RNJR

    Trained by Qrow Branwen

    Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

    After the loss of her mother & being trained by her awesome uncle, Qrow, Ruby was inspired by some Fairy Tales to become a huntress like Qrow & her older sister, Yang. That's the same blond "hottie" that fought that female brawler from Final Fantasy! Good times... Good times... Anyway, to fight off the Grimm, Ruby has the perfect weapon called Crescent Rose. Which is also a gun. Obviously.

    Crescent Rose:

    Class: High Caliber Sniper Scythe

    Has massive recoil to boost her acceleration

    Can use the scythe blade & back blades for more slicing power


    -Scythe   -Gun


    -Fire        -Ice

    -Electric  -Gravity

    "It's also a gun."

    A combination of a scythe & a sniper rifle, Ruby can use it for both close range & long range. She can use the recoil to increase her acceleration in battle. And she use different kinds of Dust for ammunition. Dust is a form of energy that can be used for anything from a power source for technology to using it for destruction. There are 4 types of Dust & can be combined with others to make stronger types of it. Ruby can use fire, ice, & electric & can use gravity dust to propel her in faster acceleration speeds. She can achieve Dust with Aura, which is just like Ki & Chakra that you see in almost every Anime.

    Powers & Abilities:


    -Superhuman Strength & Durability

    -Block attacks & heal minor wounds

    -Extrasensory Perception



     *Move at massive speeds

     *Limited flight capabilities

     *Can turn into rose petals & split apart

    With experience & skill, Aura can manifest one's soul to give them incredible abilities like super strength & durability. It can also block deadly attacks, heal minor wounds, & grant users extrasensory perception or a sixth sense. Where it can sense their surroundings to see if you're being followed or being attacked. And Aura can give people a superpower called Semblance. Ruby's semblance is super speed. She can move at massive speeds, give her limited flight capabilities, & for some reason, can turn herself into rose petals & split herself apart. First off, that's more than just speed. And second off, how do I get this Aura, I want a superpower. What would mine be? To turn into any fictional character to gain their abilities.

    But her most powerful ability she has is what we've been staring at the whole time. Her silver eyes.


    How did she get this power? Well, she is born from an ancient lineage of warriors that were gifted by the God of Light, like her mother, Summer Rose.

    Silver Eyes:

    A gift from the God of Light

    Fueled by strong desires

    Got them from her mother, Summer Rose


    Blindness Inducement


    Only effective to Grimm & Maidens

    So, Ruby is kind of like a god now when you think about it. The Silver Eyes are fueled by Ruby's strong desires to protect her friends & family. She can use them to blind, vaporize, or turn Grimm into stone. Eh kind of. Like she did with the dragonleviathan. Does this effect humans? Yes & no. Cinder AKA: Evil Cinderella was effected by her Silver Eyes, which gave her a bad eye & lost her arm & was replaced with a Grimm arm. But, she did gained the powers of the Fall Maiden during that time & Salem said it was a crippling weakness for Maidens. During her journey to become a huntress, Ruby has done some incredible feats. She's fast enough to kill a pack of Beowolves before her bullet shells landed. And she created a vacuum in a food fight, which cracked a stone wall. She used her speed to lift this Grimm gorilla.


    Crushed a stone statue by landing on it & was strong enough to drag this massive bird while running up a cliff.


    This is going to be interesting.


    This Nevermore resembles of the largest flying animal in the world; the Andean Condor, which has the length of 4.3 ft & weighs 33 lbs. Assuming the Nevermore was a size of a T-Rex, which has the length of 40 ft & using the Square Cubed Law, the Nevermore weighs about 13 tons. And then, she sliced through its head like it was nothing. Awesome!


    Dragged a 13 ton Nevermore

    Took a hit from Nora w/ watermelon hammer

    Created a vacuum with her speed

    Crushed a stone statue from landing

    Took a hit from Mercury

    Petrified a Grimm wyvern & leviathan

    Killed a pack of Beowolves before the bullet shells landed

    But not only is Ruby obviously fast & extremely strong, she's also very tough. She took a kick from Mercurywho blocked an attack that made geysers erupt & a hit from Nora's watermelon hammerwhich broke a pillar when Weiss was hit by it & this is the same girl who launched Yang up 10,000 ft in the air & broke through a building. Man, she's impressive! But, don't overestimate this godlike girl, Ruby still has some growing up to do. She sometimes runs into battle without even thinking & has problems with opponents with superior hand to hand combat. And while the Silver Eyes are powerful, she still has some learning to use them & she can be left vulnerable for anyone to get close enough to hit her. But even with that, Ruby reunited with her team & are on a mission to kill Salem. Yeah, she's going to bleed "red like roses".

    Match-up Idea(s):

    Okay, you know who's going to face Ruby, it's Maka & Soul from Soul Eater. Everyone wants it. You want it! I want it! Even DEATH BATTLE! & Monty Oum wants it to happen! This is the most asked request yet & the 2 things holding it back from happening is Ruby's development & Maka & Soul having no good 3D models! Maybe it should be hand-drawn.


    Next Time on How Powerful(March 20):


    Make sure to comment any question you have for this. Thank you.

  • My RWBY weapon

    1 week ago

    HashtagCalusBod HashtagCalusBod

    I have been recently thinking about what my weapon would be if I were in the RWBY universe. I have decided I'd have tonfas that have retractable blades on the end. Of course, the other end would have guns. You can attach the 2 together and it ends up being an energy bow.

  • I need help finding a RoosterTeeth employee/staff

    1 week ago


    Today, I met someone who works at RoosterTeeth and works on RWBY! I work at L&L Hawaiian BBQ in Utah. They even gave me a RvB shirt because they were out of RWBY shirts (and if you're reading, I forgot to tell you I already have a RWBY shirt but thanks ^u^). But I have forgotten their name(s) and they were wearing an RTX 2018 shirt. I have the worst memory, I'm so sorry! Please contact me, if you ever happen to read this!

  • Rewatchablility years later

    2 weeks ago

    HashtagCalusBod HashtagCalusBod

    I'm wondering if anyone still watches old videos and still gets giddy? I rewatch RWBY Red and Yellow trailers and still get that feeling I get when the show was teased. It's such a good sequence. I still watch and love the show, but damn do I miss Monty. 

  • Smaller Souls | A RWBY Audio Drama

    3 weeks ago

    On a restless night in Mistral, Ruby does her best to come to terms with the source of her lingering grief. Fortunately, she finds that she doesn't have to do it alone.

    "Smaller Souls" is a mini RWBY audio drama, written and directed by yours truly.

    Watch it here | Listen to it here

  • RWBY - Ruby Rose Cosplay

    3 weeks ago

    kmmilneh ka_meha_me_ha

    Way back in October 2013, I threw together everything except a scythe. Time to upload that first attempt!

  • How to

    1 month ago


    How to get into my pants--I mean wallet: put Ozpin merch in the RT Store. ;) 

  • Not going anywhere

    1 month ago


    Seeing so many people saying they'll boycott RT and that they'll stop supporting them makes me want to support RT even more. Not because of a certain choice they had to make -- I'm actually more neutral on it to be honest -- but because they saved me from getting to a bad place with Red vs Blue and I met my best friend through RWBY. They're a hardworking company that deserves all the support it does get. I particularly like to support RT through the RT Store if and when I can and often check it for anything new that I'd like. That being said, RT....ya gurl's a real big fan of Oz and I can't help but notice the lack of him anywhere, particularly in the RT Store. Just saying, you'd make a LOT of people happy if he gets acknowledged. I mean c'mon, SALEM has something in the Store. Now that's just an injustice!  XD

    Despite all that's happening, my sister and I will always be here to support you. In the words of Church, "we're not going anywhere". Love you lots! 

  • Just heard about Vic Mignogna

    1 month ago


    I only just a few minutes ago heard about RT decision to fire Vic Mignogna. I am incredibly disappointed by this. As soon as "allegations" of misdeeds arise they cut him lose. Where is the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise? I'f they had a problem with his behavior before, why didn't they keep him from attending RTX? The truth is they liked Vic, and he liked them. He was a friend, and as soon as the internet hate mob turned on him they cut him loose and fed him to the wolves. A grave disservice has been done, I consider myself a friend of Roosterteeth. Sure they haven't needed anything from me and probably never will. But if it comes to a charity they want to support, I'm there. If they have a project that needs some crowd funding, I'm there. I know that none of them really know who I am, but I've seen how they've helped people in the community before. But with this whole situation, I think that now maybe they aren't going to help anyone anymore, maybe they don't care about us anymore. Honestly considering just cutting RT out of my life if this is how they treat friends. I know that just one person in this big of a crowd doesn't matter. At the minimum however, principles do, and RT's principles I find questionable at this point.

    Doubtful anyone is going to read this, I guess i just needed to get it off my chest.

  • Sadness

    1 month ago


    The moment of unfortunate news when all the sounds in my head die at once.

  • RWBY Volume 6 spoilers on YouTube

    1 month ago


    Very annoyed that some people have uploaded spoilers for RWBY to Youtube. I haven't watched volume 6 yet and I was hoping to watch it all the way thorough once it was readily available for those without First membership but having a good number of spoiler clips of the last fight and even the outcome thrown into my recommended feed on YouTube has really ruined it for me.

  • RWBY Volume 6 Final

    1 month ago


    Hi Everyone. I don't speak english but i will trie.

    RWBY Volume 6 has just to end, and there is very things i would like talk about it.

    I love this Volume so much! It was better than volume 5. The fighs were amazing, my favorite fights were Neo vs. Cinder and Blake vs. Adam.

    The story at the beginning of this volume was amazing too, one of my favorite episodes was the episode 3 - Lost Fabule where Jinn told us EVERYTHING, that episode answer all the misterys about RWBY.

    But despite of having been an amazing volume the final was... good, a little better than volume 5 final but my favorite volume final was volume 3 final.

    Ok. I'will wait for the next volume anxiety. 

  • RWBY's Dragon God Designs Hidden Way Back in Volume 1, Episode 1

    1 month ago


    I noticed something very interesting in Volume 6, Episode 3! (Very minor spoilers) The dragon designs for the gods of Light and Darkness are hidden in the map of Remnant, which can be seen in the very first episode of RWBY. Check out the image on my profile, it shouldn't be too hard to find, there's only the one :)