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  • Jordan

    4 hours ago


    love the show rwby it’s inspired me to get into animation and story telling.

  • My hoping future

    2 days ago


    I love RoosterTeeth very much. I always dream of working with them on videos, animation, motion capture, music and voice acting. I’m just someone who has a lot on his plate and I need help finding a solution. I want to be able to get my foot in the door and let RT know I’m 100% interested. The date is March 16, 2018 as I am on my spring break weekend vacation. I passed by RoosterTeeth studios in hopes of seeking an opportunity to talk. But then realize no one is probably there or there was no way of talking to someone. I would humbly appreciate the day that someone from RT messages me with an opportunity to join the crew. I love the podcasts, I love the original series, and I love the community. Heck, I have a working idea for a new series that I could bring to the table. 

    I just hope that my future involves RoosterTeeth

    - John 

  • Chibi Season 3 Update

    5 days ago


    Hello Chibi Fans! Paula Decanini here, the Director for RWBY Chibi Season 3.  We’ve all been having a great time adventuring and joking around Beacon Academy with the gang, enjoying all the shenanigans and tomfoolery, hoping it could just go on and on and on...

    Wait!  Am I saying it won’t!?  Don’t be silly! Of course there’s more RWBY Chibi coming!  We’ll be going on a break after this weekend's episode (that's Saturday March 17 for FIRST members, and Saturday March 24 for public) for a few months.  But we'll be back in June with all your favorite Chibi characters, along with a few new friends!  Once again ready for more monkeyshines, high-jinks, and so many other words that stand for fun!  

    So keep your Saturday morning cartoon cereal at the ready, and we’ll be back this summer!

  • Sketch Dump / Houseki No Kuni / new things coming to storenvy.

    5 days ago

    lambency Insomniac

    Haven't done one in a while. I'm more active on twitter and instagram with art but here ya go. I recently got in to Land of Lustrous/Houseki No Kuni and it's absolutely beautiful. So far my fav is Diamond.  


    I still have more of my Ruby Rose emblems for sale on my storenvy, too. 


    New! Sombra Candy Enamel Pin from the Overwatch Halloween event. It glows in the dark.


    Pastry RWBY Designs that are postcard prints available soon. tumblr_p259yaS77R1qcpbpwo1_1280.pngtumblr_p259yaS77R1qcpbpwo3_1280.pngtumblr_p259yaS77R1qcpbpwo2_1280.pngtumblr_p259yaS77R1qcpbpwo4_1280.png

    New Chibi Vol 4-5 faux little phone charms. I have them as buttons. tumblr_p2vsbikNhE1qcpbpwo1_1280.png


    Color tests but a more solid look at an alternate outfits for Velvet Scarlatina from RWBY.

    I’m happy a lot of characters got costume changes but I would have loved to see other characters with wardrobe updates!

    So here’s my disgusting attempt with Velvet. I love draping sleeves, thigh highs and boots yes I do.


    I also got my RTX Ticket for my birthday so I hope to see everyone there!

    Feel free to follow me on twitter [at]CorrinForte or instagram lambentworld.

  • Team RWBY alt costumes

    5 days ago

    FKim That dude

    Just finished the set of Team RWBY alternate costume!!!





    Next is Team JNPR!!!

  • Pumpkin Pete Hoodie!

    6 days ago


    Is Jaune's hoody really so popular? I've been waiting since October to grab one in 2X. Do I have to send 50 boxtops to Miles to get one?

  • Lifestyle Integration

    1 week ago


    Ever since August 2007 (before I started High School with Grade 10), I've developed my own lifestyle choice which also doubled as a fan collective (with content such as Transformers, Halo, MARVEL, Yu-Gi-Oh! & many other things) at the same time & through my interest in Red Vs. Blue (due to it being based on Halo) since late-2016, I've been wanting to blend in more of my Rooster Teeth interest (like with RWBY) through not only some of the staff members that I favour but also through some of the other Rooster Teeth shows that I enjoy watching such as Always Open, RT Podcast & On The Spot and just like how I was able to grow more of my fan collective/lifestyle with other things I've found enjoyable (like Jackass, Viva La Bam & Queen Of The Damned) during my post-grad year, 2011 I intend to grow more of my Rooster Teeth interest (beyond Red Vs. Blue & RWBY) & blend it into it, even after over a decade & 8 years after graduating High School, proving that I can still expand it more even though I'm not in my mid-to-late teenage years anymore & stil into my mid-to-late 20's as of 2018 while I'm still continuing to adjust my everyday life in a way that I see fit for not only myself but also for the friends I end up making in the future.

  • RWBY OCs (pt 4)

    1 week ago


    Part 4 of team LAPS and my personal favorite.

    Name: Azure Nadeshiko

    Team: LAPS

    Emblem: A wolf’s head with a line down the middle, the left being happy and the right being broken and scarred. Behind it, a broken heart with stitches on it.

    Siblings: Azure has two sisters and two brothers. Her older sister Zana, her younger sister Rayna, and her younger brothers, twins, Sam and Max. Like Azure, Sam and Max are wolf faunus.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Birthday: December 25

    Height: 5’3”

    Weight: 123 lbs

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

    Significant Other:

    Appearance: Azure has long bubble-gum pink hair with azure blue highlights that she keeps in a low, thin ponytail. Her bangs cover most of the left side of her face. This is because she dislikes that her eyes are mismatched in color, the right being blue and the left being pink. She chooses to cover the ‘unnatural’ color. She also has a set of wolf ears on her head, letting the world know she is of faunus heritage, her k-9’s sharper than a normal person’s as well; like fangs.

    Casual Clothes: She prefers to wear a dull purple long-sleeved shirt or sweater with a beowolf on it, a pair of light blue skinny jeans ripped at the knees, and a pair of black converse. She also wears a dark brown glove over her left hand.

    Combat Clothes: A dull purple tank top tied at the bottom, exposing her stomach slightly; a deep crimson colored overcoat reaching just passed her butt, the sleeves rolled up at the ends a bit; a short, dark brown skirt with a lighter brown belt and chains, the end of the skirt having magenta colored fur; a dark brown fabric glove over her left hand; knee-high white socks; and a pair of black combat boots, its straps a deep crimson like her coat.

    Bio: Up until she was 7, Azure lived a happy life. Her brothers had been about to celebrate their first birthday. She had gone out with her mother to look at cakes in the bakery nearby when all hell broke loose. A violent group that had broken off from the White Fang attacked the bakery she was in, every human in sight getting slaughtered, including Azure’s mother. She had rushed to jump in front of her mother as her attacker swung his blade for the final blow. All Azure could remember in that moment was intense pain; part of her left arm had been cut off. From the middle of her forearm and below, there was no longer anything there. She had watched her attackers leave upon realizing they had injured a faunus. However, Azure’s mother had bled out, she herself almost dying twice in the hospital. After getting home, she discovered that her father had decided to start drinking, calling her weak and pathetic for not being able to save her mother. He blamed her for it, proceeding to beat Azure and her sisters daily. Azure had ended up in the hospital more than once because of this. At the age of 10, Azure attempted suicide, feeling she was no longer needed, almost dying 3 more times after Zana rushed her to the hospital. This was when they finally decided to inform authorities that their father had been abusing them. All 5 siblings were quickly moved to a foster home until Zana had been old enough to work so that they could live on their own. Being inspired by her older sister, Azure decided she wanted to stop moping around do something with her life. She chose to become a huntress, going to Sanctum Academy before enrolling in one of the best schools there was. That was Beacon Academy.

    Personality: While she is upbeat and happy, most of the time it’s to cover up that she’s still struggling with her depression.

    Weapon: Twin wakizashi swords that can transform into a double-ended chain scythe, which can then turn into twin pistols, the chain from the scythes splitting to wrap around her arms.

    Semblance: There are two halves of her semblance that she like to call ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ Her ‘good’ half allows her to bring her drawings to life, much like team CFVY’s Velvet Scarlatina’s photography, except that she is able to reuse her drawings. Her ‘bad’ half allows her to bring her opponents’ fears to life, which in turn allows her to make them feel as if they are paralyzed by this fear, as well as pain if that happens to be a part of the fear. Onlookers will only see an appearance change; her hair turning a dark green with orange highlights, her left eye turning dark green and the right turning orange. Unfortunately, however, Azure is unable to control this half of her semblance and rarely uses it. When she does lose control, it’s much like a split personality.

  • RWBY OCs (pt 3)

    1 week ago


    Part 3 of team LAPS

    Name: Peach Valen

    Team: LAPS

    Emblem: A gear with a wrench and a screwdriver crossed over it.

    Siblings: Ares is her younger brother by two years, not knowing this until they meet at Beacon and question why their hair and eyes are eerily similar to one another.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Birthday: August 15

    Height: 5’8”

    Weight: 139 lbs.

    Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

    Love Interest:

    Appearance: Long, spiky orange hair tied up into a ponytail, her bangs hanging loosely in her face. Her eyes almost match her hair color with an orange color of their own.

    Casual Clothes: She wears a loose, light maroon-colored, off-the-shoulder crop top; her combat steampunk goggles on the top of her head; a pair of black short shorts; thigh high white socks and a pair of knee high grey converse.

    Combat Clothes: Wears a pair of steampunk goggles on her head, brown, leather straps hanging down on the sides with yellow buckles at the ends. A muted steel grey leather tube-top covers her chest with a pair of buckles in the front holding it in place. On her arms, she wears dull brown, elbow-length gloves, fingerless on all but the thumb, and steel bracers for armor. She wears a pair of rust-red shorts and a pair of black under armor shorts for extra coverage. Chained in place at her hips is steel hip armor, and clipping it in place is a sapphire gem buckle. For her shoes, she wears white knee-high boots with a two-inch heel. The laces and soles of the boots are midnight black. There are stripes of muted steel grey where the laces go through their holes. Under these boots she wears muted steel grey thigh-high socks, the same color as her top, including silver buckles to hold them up, matching the outfit’s entirety.

    Bio: Unlike her teammates, Peach had a happy life growing up. She was born and raised in Vacuo, living in the part of town with all the popular clubs and bars. This meant she grew up around the constant flow of music and proceeded to teach herself how to dance. Her parents helped out at the local mechanic’s shop, so she knows much of the fundamentals of many mechanical devices after reading many manuals her parents would bring home for her. On the weekends, she usually liked to go out to the clubs simply to dance, never drinking the free drinks she would get. She quickly became a regular, the bartenders and bouncers knowing her by her name, face, and dancing style. They look out for her like she’s family. During the week, Peach helps her parents work on mechanical devices of all shapes and sizes. She chose to enroll in combat school so that she could preserve what she has back home and make sure that her friends and family remain safe, choosing to go to Beacon Academy when she had to make her choice.

    Personality: Happy, bouncy, and very outgoing. Tends to be the center of attention, usually at the clubs she likes to frequent.

    Weapon: A pair of chain whips that remain hidden inside of rings that she wears on her middle fingers.

    Semblance: She calls it Momentum. She has to keep her body moving or it’ll have negative effects on her, this causes her to be a restless sleeper, yet she stays asleep.

  • RWBY OCs (pt 2)

    1 week ago


    Part 2 of team LAPS (I'm a fan of Steven Universe as well). This one is my husband's OC.

    Name: Ares Acilia

    Team: LAPS

    Emblem: A pocket watch with the numbers swirling into the center of the device, the hands of the clock being a sword and a dagger.

    Siblings: Peach is his older sister by two years, but he doesn’t know this until they question why their hair and eyes are of eerily similar colors after they meet for the first time at Beacon.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Birthday: July 25

    Height: 6’0”

    Weight: 173 lbs

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Love Interest:

    Appearance: Ares has short, tangerine-colored hair that is buzz cut on the either side, much like a military cut. In the center he leaves it longer, making it look like an ungelled mohawk. His eye color is orange and has a tail indicating that he is a lion faunus.

    Casual Clothes: He wears a black muscle tank top, a pair of dark brown, army-esque camo cargo pants and a pair of army boots, occasionally switching to just hiking boots.

    Combat Clothes: He wears a pair of aviators, a deep red bandana around his neck, and a deep red vest with chest pockets over a long-sleeved orange shirt. The sleeves on his shirt have light-brown/taupe colored stripes and are rolled up to mid-forearm. He also wears a pair of black fingerless combat gloves. For his pants, he wears dark brown cargo pants, the only pockets being regular ones and a one on each thigh. He has a pouch strapped to his black belt with a golden-colored buckle. He wears a pair of black and grey steel-toed combat boots.

    Bio: Born in a small town within the city of Vale, his family was known by all for his father’s mastery in forging, and therefore well-accepted by the community. Before becoming a forger, his father had been a huntsman, quitting after a traumatic accident on one of his missions in which he ended up leaving one of his comrades behind. However, behind the scenes of what seemed to be happy, his family life was littered with all sorts of emotional, and sometimes physical, abuse. When his family wasn’t making him miserable, they were out partying with the locals. At school, Ares was extremely popular for his skill and precision in both battle and forgery. Along with these abilities, he had been graced with roguishly good looks. This would lead him to seek outside validation to feel warranted and accepted. When he was eleven, his father found out that the comrade he had left behind was still alive and seeked vengeance for being left to die. Attacking Ares’ family in the middle of the night, he ended up killing his parents and younger brother. For some reason, the man decided he would leave Ares alive. After that, Ares strove for combat, mastering all styles of fighting in order to give himself an edge on the competition for Beacon Academy.

    Personality: Energetic, charismatic, and commanding on the outside, yet fearful, doubtful, and with erratic emotions on the inside. He always feels as if he’s insignificant or not enough and will quite literally go down fighting. He is loyal to a fault. 


    Weapon: dual trench knives with a compartment in the hilt that lets off a smoke screen that she hides in his boots. Also has an M60 machine gun that can transform into dual-bladed staff.

    Semblance: Time Warp; he is able to warp the time around his body so that it is easier and faster to learn the things that he has, which is why why he was able to master so many fighting styles at the young age of 17. On top of himself, Ares can warp the time of a small space surrounding himself, which benefits his team, making it seem like they’re much stronger than they actually are. It also works when he’s meeting new people, making a conversation last for hours when it’s only been a few minutes.

  • RWBY OCs (pt 1)

    1 week ago


    Just feeling like sharing my RWBY OCs tonight. I have 3 that are on a team with my husband's OC. I'll split it into 4 parts and I'll be copy/pasting from the Google Docs I have.

    Name: Lavi Solnik

    Team: LAPS

    Emblem: The sign for silent (sign language)

    Siblings: Lavi has two younger brothers, Jameson and Matthew. Much like Lavi, they are fox faunus, Jameson with ears and Matthew with a tail.

    Gender: Male (transitioned from female)

    Age: 17

    Birthday: October 7

    Height: 5’1”

    Weight: 107 lbs

    Sexual Orientation: Trans

    Love Interest:

    Appearance: Has short lavender hair, his bangs covering part of the right side of his face. Has turquoise eyes and has fox ears, showing that he is a faunus.

    Casual Clothes: He wears his combat bandanna, a black tank top with his blue plaid combat flannel over it, the buttons undone and the sleeves rolled down, tan cargo shorts, and a pair of black high-top converse.

    Combat Clothes: He wears a tan western-style hat with holes so that his fox ears can stick out comfortably; a pair of steampunk-esque goggles resting on the brim of the hat; a grey bandanna with navy blue and sky blue stripes on the outer edges around his neck; a dull, dark brown tank top under a plaid, navy blue flannel tucked into his pants, save for the front left, and the sleeves rolled up to the middle of his forearms; and a dull, forest green unbuttoned vest, stopping a few inches before his pant line starts, the bottom edge of it with a stripe a lighter version of the vest’s original color. For his pants he wears a pair of taupe-colored capris, held up by a brown belt with yellow buckle. He wears a second belt as well, colored dark grey, only held by the leftmost belt loop on his pants, having a golden-colored buckle and a few thin straps on it for decoration. The pants themselves have a couple of decorative navy blue patches on the outer sides, just above the knee on the left and a little lower of the right. He also wears a pair of fingerless leather gloves. For his shoes he wears black, steampunk-esque, shin-high, steel-toed boots. The tops appear to be folded over, the black front and back of the folds longer, skinnier on the sides as they lead into one another. Buckles are on each side of these skinner parts. The top and bottom edges have a grey stripe. Below the folds, a navy blue metal clasp holds the boots in place, a decorative lavender x over top of it. Just past this metal clasp is a black strap with a buckle.

    Bio: Born in Vacuo, family life wasn’t so bad. His parents were loving and he and his brothers got along pretty well, but he tended to keep to himself. Unfortunately, his parents had a bad run-in with some low-life thugs when he was about nine. The guy in charge of the small gang was a total prick, kidnapping the family of five. He claimed to his parents that he’d begin killing Lavi and his siblings one by one if they didn’t abide by his proposition. However, the man in charge had different plans even when his parents had agreed to this proposition. He used his semblance to sever Lavi’s vocal chords, without slitting his throat, then beat his brothers unconscious before having his parents killed right before his eyes. After it was done, the man simply took Lavi and his brothers and dumped them on the streets before skipping town. He and his siblings were able to make it back home, only to find that their aunt was there looking for them. After his brothers explained what had happened, their aunt took them to the hospital to get them checked out. While Lavi’s brothers were able to make a full recovery, he was told he would never speak again. This hurt him a lot to hear, not only would he not be able to voice his opinions anymore, but nobody would ever hear his voice again. He fell into a depression. His aunt did her best to be accommodating to Lavi’s new situation by buying sign language books for both Lavi and his family to learn so it would be easier to communicate. Most of the time Lavi would choose to shrink away from his family, enjoying the solitude and comfort of his own thoughts. Eventually, he found passion in drawing, and somewhat in inventing. He would spend some nights drawing up pictures and schematics for devices the he felt would make his mute life much easier. He would eventually create these devices, as well as a weapon, when he decided to go to combat school so that he could help those in need. His school of choice would be Beacon Academy.

    Personality: Friendly and loyal, but usually tends to be antisocial. However, despite being mute, he does his absolute best to communicate with both his team and closest friends, which is rather difficult with his teammate Ares. Tries to be kind and does his best to be optimistic even though he was bullied when he was little; a don’t judge a book by it’s cover kind of attitude. Is occasionally a hopeless romantic but doesn’t let that distract him from his goals that he’s confident in achieving.

    Weapon: Over the hand Gauntlets with a thick wrist. Each wrist has 3 compartments for different types of dust, which are sent through tubes leading out of the compartments. These tubes hold darts that absorb the dust so that they have different effects when they are used. 


    Semblance: Hypnotism: he is able to use both whistling and telepathic singing in order to render his opponents practically useless. Using the whistling, he can manipulate his opponent to do as he pleases, however, if he were to stop, he has five seconds before it wears off. The telepathic singing allows him to either make his opponent fall asleep or just stand there like they’re lost in thought. He can keep this up as long as he is able to concentrate on his song. This wears off immediately after he stops, but if he made his opponent fall asleep, they will stay that way.

  • RWBY Chibi Shot Breakdown - Teenage Faunus Ninja Catgirl

    1 week ago

    Triple_Bee RWBY Chibi Post Artist

    Hey there RT Community!  Welcome back to another Chibi Shot Breakdown!  This week I'm taking a quick look at the opening shot for Season 3 Episode 6: Teenage Faunus Ninja Catgirl.  A name just barely tongue-twistery enough that some of us started referring to it as "The NinjaCat One" until we'd had enough morning coffee.  The proposed acronym shorthand of TFNC never quite rolled off the tongue the way it does for sewer turtles.

    Anyway, Chibi Script Maestro Tom Alvarado's script for this sketch sets the scene as such:


    Blake kneels meditating in the middle of the room.  She's surrounded by lit candles.


    Since he'll be animating this sequence, Chibi Lead Animator Ian Kedward starts by loading the set and roughly placing a camera before blocking in the sequence with quick drawn sketches of the action. This way he and the Director can quickly revise and refine the rough timing and positioning. There's a fair amount of action in this sequence as a whole, but since Blake is meditating this opening shot is fairly static.  Thus they decide to add a moving camera to give it some flair.



    Next Ian animates the shot with characters and props placed.  He sets up the camera to have a slow downward motion, so we'll need to render the backdrop for the full frame range, unlike in the Breakdown from Episode 5 where we could make a single still frame work for the whole shot length.


    Chibi Director Paula Decanini requested the scene have a bit of an old-school samurai/martial arts movie feeling to it, with blue light shining through the window and a dramatic underlighting from the candles surrounding Blake. A pretty great starting point that gives me an opportunity to go look at some similar scenes in other films for style reference in narrowing down the look and not at all because I want an excuse to watch old action movies for official business...

    The Beacon Dorm Rooms don't really have a dedicated night lighting setup for situations where the room lights are also off.  In those rare cases we generally add custom lighting dependent on the needs of the script.  I had done a vaguely similar setup in Season 2: Episode 6 - Super Besties but that wasn't quite as dramatic as called for here and the action took place in a different part of the room. Still it gave me some pointers on where to set lights this time around and what settings to apply to them for ideal render times.

    First step is the exterior light which provides the main source in this shot, with Paula's requested blue moonlight shining through and making a striking reflection on the floor!  We normally don't get to see the floorboards from this camera angle so the uncommon light reflection makes them look neat as things progress!  I also tweak the Subsurface Scattering on the candles at this point to give them a more prominent waxy appearance with the backlight; in short SSS simulates light striking an object, entering it, scattering within and exiting at a different point as opposed to simply bouncing off of it. This helps give the object a softer appearance in things like skin and wax.  The addition of Subsurface influence has been a huge boon to the cute look of the show in my personal opinion.

    If you look close you can also see Blake's shadow is in the shot already too!  Normally I would handle this as a separate layer to be added in during Compositing, but in this instance the shot is fairly brief, she's reflecting in the floor, and is behind AND in front of candles that are in the set layer which are also casting shadows.  Thus is makes a little sense to keep it simple and just bake her shadows in for the sake of Compositing ease. That means of course if I have to make adjustments to her shadow I'll need to re-render the whole thing, so it's a shortcut best done sparingly and with purpose.

    Now that we're out of lighting and into Compositing we can work in some early drama!  Here I've adjusted the lighting renders to be a little darker, especially around the far edges of the frame, and added a Depth of Field blur to push the background out of focus a bit as it gets further from the camera.  This will help Blake stand out when she's added to the shot.  

    Speaking of which...


    Seems like time for our stealthy Faunus to step out of the shadows.  Blake has much of the same lighting as the set, in addition to a rim light on the back of her head that helps her hair and bow stand out from the darker window frame.  Things are still pretty dark and muddled right now, but our next few steps should fix that!


    Step one is some dramatic light fog streaming from the direction of our moonlight.  The frame of the window is going to add some neat streak patterns as it blocks the fog beams and all of it together creates a nice frame around Blake to contrast her dark core against it's brighter shape.  The shape of the fog is cheated a little here to be less wide and more angled than it should be so that it reads better to camera and seems to align with the candle circle and highlight that as well.



    Now it's time to light our candles. This is what led me to leave Blake so dark until now without much in the way of light fills.  Now the dramatic underlights will have a stronger influence on her.  I've previously placed a small light near the wick of each candle object and tailored their settings so they each provide a tiny bit of the whole candle ring contribution.  To help sell their natural flame flickering, I separate the candle lights into three groups that will let me independently shift their brightness at the Comp stage, though they are perfectly steady in the original light renders.

    I also take this opportunity to tint the fire color a richer orange/red, having intentionally left them somewhat neutral up until now.  In general it's helpful to add richer colors to your lights in Compositing, since it can be tricky to shift deeply saturated lights when they are already influencing local colors.

    All of this also really helps the floor stand out again, since the candles are so close and at a perfect angle to really resonate against the dark floorboards.  Almost everybody thought I'd artificially upped the reflection levels of the floor, but this is their normal state!  Saved me the trouble. :)


    Finally it's time for the flames themselves. Using a Compositing tool developed for RWBY I'm able to quickly place flames on the tip of each candle thanks to some exported camera data and invisible locators on each wick. This way I don't need to manually create and track each flame, it's mostly handled for me and I can just fine-tune the placement, size and look.

    Lastly I add some subtle glows to our scene and candles and a vignette to the whole image to really push the eye to Blake!


    I had a lot of fun with this sequence, personally handling the first half and then splitting comp duties with the talented Alan Matthewman for the second half of Blake's smoke bomb stalker adventure. His creepy ceiling-cat Blake comp still cracks me up and also caused many a cry of terror around the office!

    For the Pun Record, I really wanted Blake's unnamed Taxi App to be "RWBR" but there were a few too many hurdles in the way to make that Easter Egg happen!

  • *First Post* Online with Rooster Teeth

    1 week ago


    I need to get a few things straight here.

    The following characters, who shall remain nameless...

    1. a red-haired girl with a red hood and a scythe that is also, in her own words, "a customizable, high impact sniper rifle,"

    2. a white-haired girl with a corporate identity and a sword that allows her to channel her 'glyphs,'

    3. a black-haired feline Faunus with a gun that doubles as a grappling hook among other things, and...

    4. a yellow-haired girl with the arm cannons, and a short "heated" temper should you provoke her...

    ...have for all intents and purposes led me here.

    That aside, this is my first time here. Don't get me wrong, I started getting into RWBY when I first saw the RWBY Chibi series on YouTube about a month or so ago. Then, I went into the RWBY proper a few days later. That series spawned a bit of a hard like for me. I initially came onto this website to watch the RWBY program(me)s straight from the source, even if the FIRST editions don't convert to free until later, but then again...well...just have to wait for the YouTube release.

    Anyway, RWBY aside, an extended bit about me:

    1. I have been diagnosed with autism from an early age,

    2. Although many people would like to dispute it, yes, I do live in Las Vegas, where I was born and raised,

    3. I am completely nuts (and bolts, and circuit boards, and microchips) when it comes to high-tech equipment and anything that relates,

    4. Although I do play some console games, I tend mostly to use PC stuff,

    5. I'm on Twitter. Anything that can be easily put down into 140 characters goes there. I'm @AutisticTechie.

    With that, I hope I can make some new friends here.

  • RWBY

    1 week ago


    uhhhhhh I just finished watching Vol 3 and I am in

    P I E C E S

  • RWBY Chibi Shot Breakdown - Girl's Night Out

    2 weeks ago

    Triple_Bee RWBY Chibi Post Artist

    Hey there everybody!  For volume 3 of RWBY Chibi I had the opportunity to step into the dual role of Lighting AND Compositing, which in past volumes have generally been separated between our two Animation Post teams. Thankfully I've had the talents of Eric Tello and Alan Matthewman to work along with in our streamlined Chibi Post team, letting the three of us help make the show look better than ever along with the rest of the Chibi crew!

    With a fuller hand in bringing shots to the finish line, I thought it might be fun to detail the Post process in some of my favorite shots!  They'll be auto-resized on this journal, but you should be able to expand the images with a right click, open image in new tab.

    For the punchline of Episode 5: Girl's Night Out our Chibi Director Paula Decanini asked (half jokingly, I think) if I could get the girl's fiery handiwork to be a little reminiscent of the opening moments from The Crow.  Obviously our color palette is more cartoonishly vibrant, but it did help me get a sense of where to start on the look and flame effects.

    To walk it back a bit, we start with our script, this one written by the fantastic Tom Alvarado describing the shot as:

    The girls stand outside a nightclub as the building BURNS.
    They look at the flames with accomplishment.

    Next the animator (in this case, Chibi Lead Animator Ian Kedward) works up a drawn animatic timed to the character dialogue for the entire sequence including our shot in question.



    After going over the rough details of timing, staging, and action with the director, Ian will block out the shot and then animate it in full. In this particular instance there isn't a great deal of character animation going on since the comedy beat focus is on the burning building itself.  As such Ian going to be more concerned about camera framing and character placement:

    With that approved the shots finally move on over to Post for Lighting and Rendering. In many of the outdoor environments we have already set up simple, reusable lights in advance to get a good quick starting point approximating the sun/moon and some ambient light from the atmosphere. Vale has some of that in place for night from previous episodes, but it needs customization and thoughtful use for our shot specifics.

    Keeping in mind this shot AND the following (one which is at a reverse angle) I position the moonlight on the girl's backs and give it a cold, cyan/blue tint. That way there will be some light shaping on all the buildings that will also provide a color fill for the fire lights to come. In addition the contrasting blue light on the girls here will help them stand out later and establishes a logical reason to add a nice sharp rim light in the next shot, which will help them against the background there too!

    I test all of this together during lighting setup, but now that we're ready to render we'll produce the environment separately from the characters. In many instances this saves render computation time, since the backdrop won't move but the characters will. Generally speaking characters will render much quicker than the larger, more complex background, so saving time here is always a good step!


    Next up I'll add a bit of red/orange fill to the soon to be crispy buildings and the far city backdrop. This helps to pop the intended center of focus from the rest of the frame. In this case I'm doing this in both Post phases since I can set up rough light direction in Lighting and better fine tune the colors in Compositing.  The two steps intertwine with one another, and it's not uncommon to need to go back to lighting to make some subtle, needed tweaks now and again.

    It's also high time to add the girls back in now that we're Comping! As you can see they're present, but not very prominent at all with just the moon on their backs. We're well past ready to start heating this town up!

    I have a series of lights at key areas I'd like to be prominently emanating fire, mostly the front of the building and around the top.  The lights all blend with one another but I've actually got them in three separate layers so that they can flicker interdependently to keep things looking random and chaotic. We're still just rendering single frames for these backdrop elements, but in Compositing I'll be able to make those single frames simulate full motion along with the fire effects.

    The girls also finally get their fire rim light which really helps them stand out much better without being TOO attention hogging from the building itself!  Now that the street is picking up an orange tinted light bounce, their moonlit backs are also contrasting nicely as planned.

    Fire time! I started with the rim of the building to get our shape and fire look established.  Originally I was just going to have it on the balcony and a bit on the roof but Paula wanted me to go BIG so things spread from there to get some real property damage going!  The fire itself is mostly a particle effect I've created within After Effects using a few different techniques to get a cartoon flame moving at an appropriate speed. I also have a few hints of actual flame footage mixed in both for comedic effect and to help sell the look a little further.


    Backdraft!  Here's the part I was really preparing for; getting the interior ablaze!  Using masks for the windows and balcony I work in similar effects to the exterior which will go hand-in-hand with my flickering lights to really get things in sync. Next I add some thick, black smoke behind the blaze, and a subtle smoggy haze on the streets in front of the main building. I also enhance the girl's shadow for a little more contrast and to have it flicker unevenly to simulate the larger fire light source.  Lastly we have some subtle cinders floating around the building that will be much more prominent in the shot to follow!

    I hope you enjoyed this brief look at the lighting and rendering process for Girl's Night Out!  I'll try to do a few more of these as time goes on, since Chibi provides lots of fun new lighting challenges from time to time.

  • "Rise from your grave!" Cough, hack, Cough...

    3 weeks ago


    Bleh, cob web. Wow a year since last post. This may become my longest tirade of written so far. Not sure why but felt compelled to post something on here recently. Well that's a lie, it's to post new art I found on the internet related Volume 5 of RWBY and what's cool in the world of video games. So first thing first is concerning my last post aka RWBY Volume 4 review. In short, no major deaths occurred so...yay! The forth volume also solidified the tone shift for RWBY from Magical School of Gun Kata and wizardry to heroes battling some ancient evil grudge match with an immortal wizard and crew. 

    Now for Volume 5, talk about awesome. That is attributed in my mind to the final episodes especially episodes 8 through 10. Being so worried for the Belladonna family and on the edge of your seat hoping Blake doesn't join the dead parents club and then to watch how all three of them come out on top was great. (Doesn't hurt that the Belladonna scenes are the most fun to watch. I mean Kali Belladonna, voiced by Tara Platt, takes down Manbat/Batman aka Nick Landis of TFS fame out with a serving tray. A SERVING TRAY! A SERVING TRAY, DEFEATS BATMAN! Kali is thus declared best Mom in RWBY by the internet.) The ending of Volume 5 was filled with a few twists which thankfully didn't result in major character deaths. The only gripes I have with the Volume maybe the fact neither Raven or Adam's sword fighting style mimicked Virgil's from the Devil May Cry series fame and Adam himself. To be clear on Adam, the killing of Sierra Khan, voiced by Monica Rial, seemed excessive a sloppily executed compared to some artist renditions of her taking a few enemies down before being stabbed by Adam. That problem subsided with the Belladonna family reviving the "True White Fang" at the end of episode 10. In other words the "Red Fang" will dissolve once Adam is dead. While on that matter, I was hoping he was going to get riddled with bullets or something instead of running away. Oh well, maybe next volume he takes the title of Big Bad to be taken down before it ends if no one assumes Cinder's mantle or if Cinder survived (If you didn't see her shatter, it's likely not over for her yet.)

    With the heavy lifting out of the way, video games. So enjoying Dragon Ball FighterZ a great deal and checked out Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Strikers Open Beta recently. The Naruto game was fun for the one game I managed to play due to server infrastructure not being able to handle the volume ( I wonder if they can mitigate that much like this site does now with Amazon Web Services (AWS).) of players. It got me to load up Ninja Storm 4 to try the Road to Boruto DLC that was on sale recently. It reminded me why enjoyed Naruto as a show as well as why I dropped off from it later on. What I mean is, I guess, the show went on a similar path as Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z and so on. Dragon Ball started out as a Martial Arts shonen manga/show to show about world destroying threats and obtaining powerful forms to match or just wait for Goku to show up. That transition felt fairly natural since it's scope was some alternate future/present with sci-fi technology and aliens. With Naruto to Shippuden it was more jarring and in some parts sloppy or predictably boring. At Naruto's start, the moves were not much different from what you would see in Dragon Ball or Street Fighter. By the end of Naruto and through Shippuden it became Dragon Ball Z levels of crazy. Not to mention the hundreds of episodes dedicated to the proverbial "Where's the Football" of Sasuke Uchiha for a good portion of the series (at least more than I cared for). When seeing one of these world ending moves in the show and in the games, I couldn't shake the thoughts of "Are these guys suppose to be super sayians or ninjas? How much Chakra do they have? Shouldn't that character be near dead from using that move?". The last straw was when the action was so frequently broken up by backstory of the villains, something unrelated or about the move that is meant to end the villain but the villain will shrug off 5 episodes later when the action resumes. That said, the beta was a fun time and I look forward to it's release. This is also a long lead into what I came across recently on the internet, a cross between Naruto and famous painting of Judith Beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio. There are many famous renditions of the Beheading but I know Caravaggio's version the most. I will describe it since I most likely can't post it due to site policy on violent content (Tim aka RT dev that posted a reply 2 years back about my statement on old comments disappearing; if this is in your lane and you stumble onto my account again, let me know because the similarity to the painting is uncanny.). The image is of Sakura beheading Sasuke while Ino is holding the cloth said head would be held within. The art is more in line with what I thought would transpire in Naruto in terms of neither Sakura or Ino would marry Sasuke due to the tribulations they were put through instead of what became Boruto. I do like what little I've seen of Boruto however and again look froward to exploring it in the Shinobi strikers game.

    As far as pre-orders go, I've nabbed Devil May Cry 1,2 & 3 HD collection and Far Cry 5. The first two Devil games I haven't played and the thought of playing a Far Cry style game set in Montana with a custom character against a cult which seems to be a mixture of Waco and NeoNazi's with a dog named Boomer sounds like fun. Well that's all for now. See you around.

  • Nora is the Queen of the Castle and dichotomy

    3 weeks ago


    Recently I have found that writing is really good for me on a mental health level, and I like feeling mentally I feel like this platform is the correct one to share this kind of stuff on. Last night this idea came to me, and so I am now writing this very journal. Anyway, let's get to it.

    From the very first appearance of Nora Valkyrie at the start of Episode 4 of Volume 1 of RWBY, I immediately loved Nora and had found my absolute favourite character in the show. Reasons are as follows:
    1 - Clearly Nora is a morning person

    2 - Nora is super happy and upbeat

    3 - Nora has that social awkwardness that I feel we can all identify with

    4 - Nora has an attitude of "have fun, be mature only when necessary"

    As Volume 2 goes on, we see a little glimpse of what the backstory of Nora and Ren would be, and we get a real big hint in the start of Volume 3 when Nora has a moment of pure anxiety about losing the fight they were going to have. Then in Volume 4 we see Nora and Ren's backstory (as well as their relationship progress). We have seen how Nora was scared and alone, but she didn't let that keep her down, she went from being scared to being the most high energy character in all of RWBY (and that is saying something). I truly identify with this, because I had a not great childhood, and less than stellar teenage years, and a certainly room for improvement adulthood thus far, but through it all, I have always tried to remain happy, high energy, do whatever I feel is fun and right in spite of people calling me immature. It has always been something that I have pondered in how different people react to negative situations, see, I reacted to the things that went on in my childhood in an absolutely opposite way, people hurt me physically, mentally and emotionally, I don't ever want to hurt anyone, in fact, I fear accidently hurting people in one way or another. I spent a uncounted number of days sad, now I try to live every second happier than the last. I grew up in a very broken family, I want nothing more to have a healthy family. I grew up with alcoholism affecting people close to me, yet I don't drink. Then you look at my late older sister, she chose to go down the path of alcohol, drugs, the same and worse types of people in relationships. And that hurts on a deep level, it hurts in an indescribable way. 

    I suppose in a closing, I was always drawn to Nora because she was everything I wanted to be in life (minus the killing and leg breaking) and that fondness was only strengthened as we learnt more about Nora's backstory.

  • Fan Art Friday #102: Cinder by Hessenerd

    3 weeks ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Haley, AKA @Hessenerd, for this illustration of Cinder.


    Haley lives in Germany, where she works in graphic design and marketing. This piece was created using Photoshop CC and a Huion display tablet. It took about six hours to complete, and you can see its progression in the image below.



    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • Planet City Comicon

    3 weeks ago


    Met some pretty cool peeps at the con this weekend, Idk if you guys know 'em or not* . . .


    *heavy sarcasm implied

  • My RWBY Original Character

    3 weeks ago

    Joe Eighty7/RT Radio

    On one of my many sleepless nights (those who follow me on Twitter will be well aware of them) in November, I decided to have a go at creating a RWBY original character. 

    The first thing I wanted to come up with was a name. So, keeping with RWBY lore, I looked at colours, flowers and plants to try and come up with something. I stumbled across "Miscanthus" a type of flowering grass. It means Silvergrass. Different varieties have different hues but it gave me a good basis in green, cream, red and black. Incidentally, Miscanthus is sometimes referred to as Maidens Hair which just made it fit a bit more. Having that as a starting point I needed a first name and I plumbed for "Reed" both because it's relation to grass plants and because it means red it work with the colours the plant gave me.


    With a name sorted I wanted to nail down the basic colour palette. And this is what I came up with.


    The plant colours really helped with this. I absolutely wanted the red after choosing his first name and I chose a claret because of a) it's closeness to the original plant but also I want a deep rich colour to counter the next choice - sage. I chose Sage because I wanted a 'silvery-green' but wanted to lean more towards green than sliver and defiantly not a cream. Ebony make sense for me, some of the plant variants go to a dark almost black towards the roots and in my head having something like that would work well with costuming.

    This lead me to an emblem and being the wannabe creative I am I opened up Photoshop and messed around to come up with this:


    I think it's fairly obvious where inspiration came from.

    Next, I wanted to come up with a semblance. This was probably the trickiest part for me because it's pretty open to where you can go with it. I wanted something cool and powerful but not OP and not something that would do damage to another person. So, I went looking for inspiration and I found it almost immediately and without really looking. I clicked back to my browser, which still had pictures of Miscanthus up and saw it being whipped around in the wind, so that's how I came up with the "Wind Walker" semblance. And here it is: 

    able to freely move with the wind. Useful for disengaging from a fight or if fighting someone who can harness the wind. However, it is limited meaning that using it to travel long distances would be impractical.

    Now that I had this in place I wanted to do fighting style and weapon. I wanted something sort of hidden. Not overtly a weapon but powerful and versatile. So I set about finding something fit that and I stumbled my way towards cane-swords. Now, anyone who played Assassin's Creed Syndicate will be very aware of cane-swords and even if you're not the concept is very simple - it's a blade hidden in a walking cane. This is a cane-sword

    So I decided that the cane-sword would be my basic weapon shape, easy enough, but before I went into more detail with the weapon I wanted to work out how he'd use it so I could then modify off of that starting point. I went back to Assassin's Creed with this, not for style of fighting but temperament. I guess that's the right word. Anyway, when I fight in the open in AC I go by the defend, defend, defend, defend, counter school of thought. Patiently waiting for that moment to strike. I thought this would fit well and as the old adage goes 'fools rush in'.

    I knew, therefore, that I'd wanted Reed to be able to defend and hold off attacks. Now a cane can do that but it's very close range and I wanted to give Reed something to push his attackers out a little more so I made the cane telescopic so it could extended into a full staff. You're probably thinking "why doesn't he defend with the blade" and it's a good question. I wanted the blade to be his attack. Defend, defend, defend, blade flies out counter attack. To that end I wanted to add dust abilities to the blade so a slash of it could release a dust effect. And of course no RWBY weapon can exists with a gun so there's one in the grip.

    Oh and a weapon name? I went with 'Winds of Fortune'

    At this point, I knew I didn't want to nail down which Kingdom Reed came from. I wanted that to be a bit up in the air because I knew later down the road I'd want to commission an artist to bring him to life and thought it would give more freedom to the artist if they didn't have to stick to the Oriental influences of Mistral, the European ones of Vale or the high tech military of Atlas. I did though have some ideas on a look.

    I wanted something that could translate into armour without trying too hard so I went with biker jeans.


    I knew I wanted a long coat of some kind basically because I knew how cool it would look whilst using his semblance and with his fighting style.


    And. Because it's me that lion mane of hair - thank you Jason Momoa  joy


    This is, in essence, what I gave to @Gaelfox in January when I commissioned her to bring Reed to life. She did an amazing job and here he is:


    Based on what I gave her, I couldn't have asked for more and the direction she's taken Reed in has made me finally decide on which Kingdom he comes from - it's Vacuo.

    I'm so happy with how this turned out and I'm glad I chose Reed to be the next piece I commissioned from a community artist. Now I can dream of some crazy cosplayer deciding to pop up at RTX London as Reed Miscanthus  stuck_out_tongue

  • Death Battle Prediction: Jaune Arc vs Squall Leonhart

    1 month ago


    Some people have authority thrust on them.

    Some people have to live with their homes coming under siege.

    And some people have their girlfriend chosen to harbor ancient powers.

    These two have all three in common.

    Jaune Arc leader of team JNPR

    Squall Leonhart commander of Balamb Garden.

    Here I will compare their equipment, tactics and strength to see who would win a Death Battle.


    Jaune Arc


    "An Arc never goes back on his word."

      Jaune Arc is the only son of eight children in the Arc family. While a stable family they never really put to much faith in him due to his clumsy nature. Despite this he was inspired by the tales of his family to be better. Determined to change how everyone perceived him he falsified information, stole the family heirlooms and enlisted in Beacon Academy. Headmaster Ozpin saw through the information but upon seeing the lad's earnest behavior allowed him to stay. After completing the initiation trials Jaune was selected to be team leader of JNPR a team made of himself, Sanctum Academy ace Pyrrha Nikos, Kuroyuri survivors Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. Together they face threats both monster and man in their journey.

    Squall Leonhart



     Squall Leonhart was originally an orphan living in the Sorceress Edea's Orphanage. Whoever is his parents are is unconfirmed but rumor suggests that the current Esthar president Laguna Loire and his wife Raine Loire are his father and mother. While Laguna was in Esthar working to overthrow Sorceress Adel, Raine died in childbirth, thus both he and his adoptive sister Ellone where sent to the Orphanage. Squall grew close to Ellone but her unique power made her a target so Edea's personal Seed entourage was tasked to keep her hidden, even from herself. Shocked by her loss Squall became defensive and shut in, letting no one come close and determined to do things with his own strength. These qualities made him a useful soldier and he was enlisted in Balamb Academy to become a Seed. From there he was embroiled in a conflict with the Sorceress Ultimecia in a battle that spanned the globe and surpassed time itself.




    Jaune Arc

    Utilizing his aura Jaune can increase his natural strength to perform superhuman achievements. In fact seemingly because of his lack of formal training and choice of weapon Jaune has focused primarily on increasing his ability to hit harder. He has deflected the massive armored pincers of an ancient, massive Deathstalker, blows from Ursa grimm and even stopped the Nucklevee's charge cold. Rather comedically he was able to cushion the fall of Weiss Schnee after she fell from the Nevermore hundreds of meters up. Should be noted that despite all his weapons and armor looking to weigh about 50 pounds he rarely takes his stuff off, even appearing to sleep in it.

    Squall Leonhart

     Seed's utilize the power of Guardian Forces of GF's to accomplish their tasks. Because of this Squall's raw strength is actually somewhat lacking compared to ordinary soldiers. In fact when taken by surprise by a soldier and forced into hand to hand combat Squall was barely able to win. Either way he is fully capable of landing a five meter jump without issue. One time he seemingly jumped a dozen meters to save his friend Zell Dincht in the Galbadia prison.


    Jaune Arc

      Jaune's aura shields him from harm and heals his minor wounds. It's kept him safe in battles with rock monsters, opposing teams and was able to keep him alive when he mistakenly entered the lair of the Deathstalker. His defensive power increases when he uses his Semblance. Jaune's Semblance allows him to supercharge aura temporarily by using some of his own. As he has quite a bit of it he can afford to give some of it up from time to time.

    Squall Leonhart

    Squall's defensive strengths have kept him alive in his travels. He has survived electrical torture, impalement from the Sorceress Edea, getting blown up in a training match with his rival Seifer and getting rammed by the Galbadia spider tank while escaping Dollet. He was even run over by a flying Galbadian soldier and still continued the fight. While journeying to the remote continent of Esthar Squall was able to make the entire trip while carrying Rinoa.


    Jaune Arc

    Despite having the most static fighting style of his teams and likely the world Jaune's speed has allowed him to keep up. He's avoided flying rocks, sniper shots in the battle with ABRN and nearly every hint that Pyrrha Nikos was attracted to him. By the time he got to Mistral his sword swings are fast enough to create shock waves through the air. His speed has improved to the point that he has not ever been a liability because of his late start on training which is pretty impressive considering the superhuman speeds possessed by his teammates.

    Squall Leonhart

    A decent level of physical education is probably standard for Seed students as Squall has demonstrated impressive physical abilities. He's jumped between trains, kept from being dropped when a bridge fell out from under him and even made it all the way from the top of Dollet Tower to the beach in less then 30 minutes all while being chased by a spider tank every step of the way. He even managed to make his way out of the battlegrounds in the Battle of the Gardens.


    Jaune Arc

     Jaune's personal weapon is the Crocea Mors, a family heirloom used by his great-great-grandfather. While a simple sword and collapsible shield/sheath, this weapon has proved his worth holding up to massive strikes and cutting down armored Ursa. After the Battle of Beacon Jaune had it reforged, increasing their size and allowing him to combine the two into a stronger sword when he wants offensive power alone.

     He also carries armor pretty much at all times. After the Battle of Beacon he had a larger more covering suit commissioned. Both suits however do nothing to protect his face.

    Squall Leonhart

     Squall is one of the few individuals who have chosen to wield a Gunblade. These weapons use an explosion triggered by the user to drastically increase the damage caused by the swing. Squall's mastery allows him to use the recoil to set up follow up swings. Should be noted it is not actually capable of firing real bullets. His original model was the Revolver, but later was able to upgrade to the Lionheart model. This upgrade came with increased power and the ability to use the powerful LionHeart attack in times of 'desperation.


    Jaune Arc

    - Stronger, faster and more durable in feats.

    - Gunblade isn't something he hasn't seen before

    - Can self heal

    - Has armor

    - Probably better dancer


    - Overall weaker in feats

    - Is unarmored

    - Has magical attacks

    - Powerful Desparation attacks

    - Actually saved superpowered Girlfriend and can get farther then first base with her


    All told this is a fight between a guy who actually has superhuman feats to his name and a decently fit fellow. Squall is outclassed in all 3 categories of stats, and his Gunblade style is unlikely to catch Jaune off guard, if anything he would be unimpressed. Squall's Limit Breaks while powerful are still avoidable and with the light show telegraphing the attack he is unlikely to land any on someone already shown to be faster then him.

    This battles winner is Jaune Arc.

  • KC Comic Con

    1 month ago


    Got to meet, Michael, Lindsay, Kara, Arryn, and Barbara today, too fucking nervous to say much though. Wish I could have told them how much I enjoy everything they do, oh well there is next year lol

  • Swimmer's Ear and RWBY weapons

    1 month ago


    Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain with ever allergen in North America. It's not too bad if you eat local honey and practice good housekeeping. However, my immune system just couldn't keep up with the flora and fauna after a nasty virus. 

    Ear infections suck. Being stuck on a three week waiting list for a specialist sucks. I can't drive, and I'm walking into furniture around the house. Music hurts, turning my head quickly hurts.

    Thank goodness for an active imagination and Tinkercad. You don't have to turn your head to click and drag colored blocks around a screen. So with nothing better to do I designed a hunter weapon.

    ...introducing... an track draw crossbow that opens into a short spear? I think the Sudafed is messing with my better judgement. A crossbows only advance over a gun is that it's quieter and you could load the bolts with a large dust payload. However, the Grimm don't hunt by just hearing.

    Let's not even get into the issues of jabbing a highly sensitive crossbow into a Ursa mask. Just enjoy the pretty shapes in my images folder. It's colored like a mallard duck.

  • Fan Art Friday #101: Raven by HolyFudginCrack

    1 month ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Edyta, AKA @HolyFudginCrack, for this digital painting of Raven.


    Edyta is a college sophomore studying marketing in Greenville, South Carolina. Raven is one of her favorite RWBY characters. Although Raven is a mother, many people wouldn’t describe her as “maternal.” Edyta likes to think she cared about her family in the past, and wanted to see if she could draw Raven in a way that most don't imagine her.

    This piece was created digitally using Paint Tool SAI and took about 14 hours.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • Austin is wild.

    1 month ago


    A few days ago I found an offical Yang plushie at Goodwill here in Austin? One of the oddest but best things I've found.

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