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Episode 8: Shaking the Foundation

Red vs. Blue: Episode 8: Shaking the Foundation

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Comments (832)

  • slpmjb0921

    3 years ago

    "I'm going to eat a giant egg!" - Caboose

  • calebswhitti

    4 years ago

    I was hoping Lopez would be French Canadian or something X)

  • LostInOz

    4 years ago

    Hahaha illegal immigrants hahaha.

  • MatthewCoe

    4 years ago


  • TheOneFreeMan FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Epeeist

    4 years ago

    Ah, yes a cafeteria for dinosaurs

  • ILOVEDONUTS FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    4 years ago

    Simmons not getting to use the emergency kit is too great.

  • YmerejLemmuh

    5 years ago

    i just understood it, the new arrival mexican robot (Lopez) is taking all of simmons's not racist

  • dazarooney

    5 years ago

    Lopez is talking? What happened to not being able to talk when he was first built? Or am I just over thinking this?

  • Perraith

    5 years ago

    Sarge likes flipping switches ? Too much Donut time, not enough Griff to counter balance it.

    Oh, my dear Donut. Ever the master of indirectly trying to point out preferences for certain things in a future world of Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell:

    "Speaking of getting our units closer!" - Donut

    "Well I am following all of this as well as I follow everything else." - Caboose So you're lost?

  • speedburst82

    5 years ago

    get the disc set

  • Azariusnovva

    5 years ago

    So im having issues veiwing season 9. Abt half the episodes refuse to play for me. I have no problems everywhere else. Just season 9. If anyone has anything!! to offer, please message me w/ details. Whether its a fix or an alternate source to view. Thank you

  • C0N72

    5 years ago

    I think Church just explained the plot of Inception

  • CrackySr FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    5 years ago

    i bet it killed gus to have to panic about an earthquake

  • TheLastSiege

    5 years ago

    Church: Think of it as a diorama.
    Caboose: Ah yes, a cafeteria for dinosaurs
    Church: Caboose shut up
    Caboose: Typhoon...

  • ProgramTheta

    5 years ago

    I am going to eat a giany egg!

  • THI5GUY35

    5 years ago

    Caboose - EARTHQUAKE 
    Church- that was 10 sec's ago, man you really need to get your reflexes check
    Caboose- maybe I was early for the next one , now you will be ready for when the next one happens
    Church- oh shut up 
    Caboose- meteor

  • TheMoff97

    5 years ago

    I am following all of this as well I follow everything else.. Caboose

  • chazz242

    5 years ago

    who voices every1

  • reddevil9312

    5 years ago

    To people guessing Inception for RvB: One small problem: If Caboose was involved, EVERYONE would end up in limbo!

  • Metallica122

    5 years ago

    @RvB225 Joel Heyman does Cabooses voice. He is in a lot of videos here at Rooster Teeth. RT Shorts mostly.

  • masterryan7

    5 years ago

    Earthquake, Meteor, Typhoon... CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!

  • jzl4d

    5 years ago

    I feal like i am missing and or not seeing parts of the esp and stuff D: I dont get it!!!!! I see comments about shit i dident see

  • Tristanly

    5 years ago

    Roger is funny =D

  • shamusmon

    5 years ago

    I'm going to eat a giant egg

  • RvBfangirl29

    6 years ago

    Wait... How many levels in are they????

  • justkill

    6 years ago

    i liked this video because i like both the blues and reds and it shows their faces

  • djc11757

    6 years ago

    getting our units closer?? oh donut how we love ya :'D

  • robwilliams

    6 years ago

    Man donut and his weird girly nails... What would this show be without him?

  • fuckcallofmw

    6 years ago

    caboose said I WANT TO EAT GIANT EGG!!!! HAHA

  • thebigwinner

    6 years ago

    @mushu736 Watch the last episode and you'll find that out.

  • RvB225

    6 years ago

    Omg who does cabooses voice?! I wanna tlk 2 him lmao

  • andrew962

    6 years ago

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  • inet911

    6 years ago


  • Mk3

    6 years ago


  • TallShortZ

    6 years ago



    6 years ago

    its like inception but red vs blue

  • Liefmony2

    6 years ago

    it first i thought that girl for the season 9 preview was tex but now i now that tex comes in now.

  • McChang117

    6 years ago

    Watch seasons 6 through 8.

  • theloneredpencil

    6 years ago

    Loving Season 9 of RvB can't wait for more! :D

  • NuclearNinja

    6 years ago

    It just like it used to be, talking and doing aboslutely nothing, plus the others that do all of the shit, yes, I'm talking about falling rocks, and the other spartans.

  • SpartanXan

    6 years ago


  • Spaz97

    6 years ago

    Some1 inbox me about whats going on. i havent watched rvb in awhile and im confused as hell

  • Joshua14m

    6 years ago

    fucking advertising. CHEX MIX !!! >.<

  • mushu736

    6 years ago

    What about the real blood gulch guys, out in the real world?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • kinggalor

    6 years ago


  • el3ment16

    6 years ago

    lol TEREMOTO

  • AzureWit

    6 years ago

    Caboose was right - there WAS another earthquake, here on the east coast! If only we'd listened...

  • HeroOfWar

    6 years ago

    She is Back smiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gif

  • haloplayer59

    6 years ago

    guys don't you get it everything is wrong because it is reach and reach is before everything even happened

  • Mistaken_Zen

    6 years ago

    Emergency Broadcast stations can take an example from the cool, calm and collected Latin accent of Lopez.

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