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Harry Potter, Horrible Movies and He-Man | Try Hard Podcast Number 64

Try Hard Podcast: Harry Potter, Horrible Movies and He-Man | Try Hard Podcast Number 64

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  • samurisam97 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    2 months ago

    volcano bay is cool in concept, because they have this wait time system where you tap your nock off magic band and it essentially waits in line for you and you go back when it tells you to and hop on the ride, but for most of the rides the wait time is around 60-200 minutes. The shitty thing is that there is nothing to do while you are not waiting in line. You cannot wait in more than one line at a time, and you have nothing to do while you wait besides eat, float one of two lazy rivers, or the wave pool, which sounds like a lot, but it gets real old real quick. I would've much gathered just wait in line. We also had an issue when we went where we all taped out bands at the same time to "wait" for a ride, yet every time we did our wait times would slowly grow out of sync, such that my band would go from 30 more min to 20 more min while my girlfriend's stayed at 30 or we would all be at 25 min and mine would jump up to a 40 min wait. All in all good concept poor execution, especially because everyone is waiting in line the same way, so the wave pool and lazy rivers are packed, and forget about eating any time close to noon.

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