It's been three months since I began the Entertainment Business Masters Degree program at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Compared to the Bachelors program, my classmates are legitimately driven, intelligent, and overall cool people to work with. Granted, the entire campus is full of a bunch of passionate, nerdy students (like myself), though it's still quite refreshing to not be the only person participating in class and asking/answering questions.

Last month I actually did a project on Rooster Teeth. Our class was called "Executive Leadership," in which we learned about various leaders within the entertainment industry. I decided to present my leader as Burnie Burns, who I believe is a leader in Online Community Management, as well as Online Video and Content Production.

I got 100 on it. :D

My current class this month is called "Project and Team Management," a course which primarily focuses on developing effective strategies for putting together a project, and how to translate those strategies and ideas to your fellow team members. I just finished an assignment involving plotting my ideas for a project into a timeline, and planning out general times and dates. Right now, my current idea is to produce a stage production based off of Ian Doescher's incredible book William Shakespeare's Star Wars.

For those unfamiliar, this book is a retelling of the original Star Wars Film (A New Hope), written in Shakespearean language (Iambic Pentameter, "Thou Hast," the whole nine yards.)

I'm extremely exc