Hello guys, I'm so glad to be back again for another blog. I'm just going to skip the introductions and get right to it, this constant back and forth on this movie is getting on my nerves, and I don't want this festering in my head like Super Paper Mario Vs. Sticker Star was. So what I'm going to do is talk about the most common complaints about Frozen and see if they are justified or this is another internet bitchfest.  I am not, I repeat, I WILL NOT be discussing every single nitpick because if I did I would be writing a bible on Frozen, so instead I will be looking at the most common issues people have and I pray to God this doesn't end up like my Super Paper Mario Vs. Sticker Star blog. 




1. The King and Queen of Arendelle

Let’s start with the parents shall we? For those who haven’t seen Frozen yet, when Elsa strikes Anna in the head with her ice powers, the parents take them to the trolls and then proceed to isolate Elsa and Anna. Let’s get this out of the way right now, isolating Elsa and Anna wasn’t the best decision they could have come up with, and neither was tell her to conceal her powers (Yes I saw that video of how Frozen should have ended, but that only gets rid of the big problem). Also, the parents didn’t teach Elsa to fear her powers; I’ll get to that later. Think about it from a different view, if people found out about Elsa’s powers when she was younger the King and Queen would have to deal with citizens trying to treat her like a witch and kill her, other nations finding out and going to war with Arendelle, people trying to use Elsa as a weapon, and more bullshit. People kill each other for worse shit, how do you think people would react to Elsa’s powers? So while the King and Queen made some mistakes, they aren’t the terrible parents everyone else is trying to turn them into.




2. The "Villain"

Another complaint I have been hearing constantly is about the villain of the movie in which Hans who acts like a good guy up until the third act leaves Anna for dead. A lot of people who saw this hated this and saw this coming; I on the other hand was completely shocked when this plot twist came up. I like to remind people that I had little to no hype for Frozen before I saw it, in fact the most I spoiled for myself was the scene where Elsa reveals her powers. After watching Frozen a few more times (In my head on repeat), the movie ultimately has three villains and each villain represents a different type of villain. 


First up is the Duke of Weselton, who represents the classic Disney villain. The Duke of Weselton is the typical Disney villain that belongs to old Disney, with his two cronies at his side the Duke wants to exploit Arendelle for its riches. I don’t know what else to say about him because he’s the Disney villain of old, acting silly, screaming monster, having his minions do his bidding. 


The second villain we have is Hans, who after much thought (Once again, in my head), represents the more modern Disney villain, and is one of the most realistic and cunning villains alongside Gaston and Frollo. Looking back I should have seen it coming, thirteenth prince of course it’s ominous, but I don’t watch a lot of movies okay? Back to Hans, when the events occur, Hans is seen helping out at Arendelle and doing whatever he can while the eternal winter is happening, but is he doing it to get on the people’s good side so they support him or does he really care about the people of Arendelle? We know he wants to become king for various reasons, and while we know getting Elsa out of the way is a part of his plan, it’s how he tries to do it that makes him very modern. Most notably, getting the foreign ambassadors on his side, playing with Anna’s heart then stomping on it, and convincing Elsa she killed her sister truly makes Hans a monster, no pun intended. Getting everyone else to do his dirty work and then picking up the pieces is what makes Hans a modern Disney villain.


Finally, the true “Villain” of the movie is the one that’s been there the whole time, yet is invisible to the naked eye; Fear. Its presence is felt throughout the movie through Elsa, and is the main driving force that splits the sisters apart. Fear consumes Elsa and causes her to strike Anna not once but twice, thus causing Elsa’s further downward spiral into loneliness and depression. As soon as Anna freezes to death, fear finally loses its grip on Elsa and no longer becomes a negative force of nature for the sisters. So what’s barely seen throughout the movie is the most intimidating force in the entire movie.




3. Character Development

Though I won’t be long on this complaint, I have to agree that there’s not much character development. Although when you think about it, the only ones who have any real character development are Elsa and Anna. No one else has any real character development; if they did the focus would get off of Elsa and Anna, who are the main focus of the story. Kristoff is just the mountain man who lives with trolls, Olaf and Sven are the snowman and reindeer, and the bad guys are bad guys. It is weird that there’s not much character development and yet if Frozen had a lot of it the core story of Elsa and Anna would be lost within all of the other characters’ side stories. It’s a big double edged sword, either focus on the two sisters or focus on all of the characters and risk leaving the main story behind.




4. Musical Numbers

Another big complaint I hear constantly is the musical quality of Frozen. Ok, it’s fine if you don’t like the music, in fact I think the song Fixer Upper is just filler. The complaint I hear and agree with is that there are too many songs in the beginning. It seems that within the first forty five minutes, all but two songs have been sung already and it does feel rushed because of it. Also Frozen is going back to the Broadway style of musicals that haven’t been seen since Beauty and the Beast, so while everyone else was put off by it, I enjoyed that Disney brought it back. 




5. Elsa and Anna

Now onto quite possibly the biggest issue out of this entire fiasco, Elsa and Anna. These two are the driving force of the entire movie, so let’s start with the younger sister Anna. 


Let’s face it, Anna is the one who sets the plot in motion and she’s the one who ends it. I’ll start with the fact that Anna goes and gets engaged to Hans as soon as she sees him, a lot of people stop there and criticize the film without looking at the rest of the movie. Seriously, one minute after Hans and Anna get engaged, Elsa tells Anna she can’t marry someone she just met, would it kill some of you people to watch the rest of the movie before you assume the worst? A lot of people hate Anna for being clumsy, naive, and hotheaded. That’s a double edged sword if I ever saw one because on one hand she’s hotheaded and naive, but I never got to a point where I found her to be unlikable. And you know who else can be naive and hotheaded, actual people who act like this. On the other hand, by disliking her for not acting like the classic princess, people are basically saying that she should act like the old school princess, that’s why she has that type of personality in the first place! The last few Disney princesses like Merida, Tiana, and Rapunzel have unique personalities that separate them from Snow White or Cinderella, by saying that you hate Anna for having a character, you’re basically saying that she should act like Princess Peach. Either let Anna have a personality and stop whining, or make her a typical princess and set female characters back a bit. Even when Elsa strikes Anna with ice twice, Anna doesn’t turn her back on Elsa, she even tries to stop Hans from killing Elsa, always thinking of others. My last point on Anna is on jumping into marriage so quickly. She was isolated from her sister for thirteen years, and her parents are dead, so she’s desperate for any kind of attention, no matter who it’s from. 


Alright let’s move on to the older sister Elsa. So people have a big problem of when Elsa has a problem she runs or hides from it. That’s understandable, although no one ever taught her how to face your problems, in fact it’s not until Anna freezes to death that she finally learns to face her fears head on. Speaking of fear, that is Elsa’s main adversary in the movie and her main roadblock to getting back with Anna. Elsa allows her fear to take control of her life, so much so that she didn’t even attend her parents’ funeral. Elsa also seems to suffer from Haphephobia, the fear of being touched. Notice throughout the movie how Elsa barely touches anybody or lets people touch her, it’s her fear of harming others that makes her go into the mountains and create an ice palace. Speaking of which, I wanted to talk about Elsa’s breakout song Let It Go. And for God’s sake, it ain’t about Elsa coming out of the closet, its nowhere in the movie, cut that shit out! Elsa is finally free to use her powers and have as much fun as she wants, but she’s still running away from her problems. And when Anna tells Elsa that Arendelle is trapped in an eternal winter, she thinks she was foolish to run away from her problems. It takes her younger sister dying for her to realize hiding and running may not be the best idea. This in no way makes Elsa a weak character however; her pain and anguish make her more human and more relatable to the audience. Since Elsa and Anna are the driving force of the movie, not only do they have to be likeable, but also relatable as well, so I don’t understand these complaints of Anna being a bitch or Elsa not being all that interesting or other types of bullshit.




So those are the complaints I find to be legitimate, I know there are some more like the trolls which I agree that they are filler and could make a good Smurfs movie, but I want to know what you guys think. I only ask that you guys DON'T write a novel on how you hate so and so, unless you've done your research. And again, I want actual complaints and not stupid things like how the movie is bland because its nothing but ice and snow, the fuck kind of bullshit is that?!