Why hello, I didn’t see you there breaking and entering into my home! …Well since you’re here, and since I just finished watching all 200 episodes and the three movies, this is a good time to look at one of the most iconic Anime shows of all time, Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is a Shojo manga created by Naoko Takeuchi which ran from 1991-1997. The series follows Usagi/Serena Tsukino, a normal teenage girl who one day discovers she is meant to become Sailor Moon by a talking cat named Luna. From there, Usagi/Serena goes on many adventures trying to protect the earth using the Silver Crystal to the best of her abilities. This was the series that revitalized the Magical Girl genre, and its influence throughout the years shows in future Magical Girl shows. This is my favorite anime of all time, right next to DBZ, mainly due to the comedy and story, but I’m going to get more into more in depth as we go through all five seasons and the three movies, so without further ado, let’s start by diving into season one.



                                        Sailor Moon


Of course we have to start with the first season of Sailor Moon, titled Sailor Moon. We have our main heroine of the entire series, Usagi/Serena Tsukino, she’s a whiny, ditzy, clumsy, crybaby who doesn’t like to study but loves to eat, read comics, and play video games. One day she meets Luna, a talking cat, who gives her a magical brooch which allows her to transform into Sailor Moon. As her adventures start she ends up meeting the other Sailor Scouts along the way, Sailor Mercury/Amy/Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mars/Raye/Rei Hino, Sailor Jupiter/Makato/Lita Kino, and Sailor Venus/Minako/Mina Aino, as well as the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen/Mask/Darien Shields/Mamoru Chiba. Together, they must join forces to fight Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse, who wants the Silver Crystal to rule the world. Out of all of the seasons, the first is my third favorite, mainly due to the comedy and story. Serena was a crybaby who ran at first, but as the series progressed, she did get stronger and learned to fight. And yes, I watched the Dic dub of Sailor Moon, now sometimes the VA was pretty bad, but there were times were it was good, specifically when there was tension or a death. I should mention that Serena’s VA was switched during the season from Tracy Moore (Voice of Princess Peach) to Terri Hawkes, who voices her until the end of season 2 and who I think is the definitive voice of Sailor Moon herself and brought out the best in Sailor Moon.


Another reason why I love the first season is because the other scouts have their own character and arc, Amy is the brains yet she has problems with being social, Rei’s a hothead who often butts head with Serena, Lita kicks ass and can cook, but can’t get over her old crush/boyfriend, and Mina wants to be an idol and was Sailor V before she met the scouts with her partner Artemis. I’d talk about Tuxedo Mask, but he doesn’t really do anything until his past in the Silver Millennium comes up. Secondary characters get some love too, well in Molly’s case not love more like fucked over, she got fucked over bad early on. Molly falls in love with Nephrite, he deceives her, then when he starts to fall for her and change his ways, he gets killed off, which destroys Molly, and this is the first season! As for the bad guys, they’re pretty generic as a whole, plot, laugh, get beat up, go back and plot again. It’s not until the last five to ten episodes where things start getting serious when we get into the Silver Millennium, and the Sailor Scouts die in the last episodes. Overall, I think the first season is a very solid start to the series. Oh and some of the English music kicks lots of ass.



                                        SAILOR MOON R


Now we are getting to what is my personal favorite season of the entire series. What season one started, season two made it better, better action, comedy, drama, and romance. With character intros out of the way, now we get into two story arcs. The first one is about Alan and Ann who come from to Earth to provide energy for the Doom Tree. This is also where the villains are much more likeable, they’re not just villains, Ann falls for Darien and Allen falls for Serena while getting into hijinks. And everyone loses their memory but eventually gets them back. The second and main arc is the Negaverse, Rini, and Crystal Tokyo in the 30th Century. Now I know Rini can be a little annoying, but never to the point of being hated. As for the villains, we have the four sisters who go from enemies to allies and are quite fun to watch, Rubeus, who is YAWN… and the Black Moon family, who was banished from Earth and wants revenge by going into the past. 


This is no more obvious than Prince Diamond’s obsession with Serena, he doesn’t just want Serena, he wants to destroy Darien by taking what he loves most. Saphir wants to look out for his big brother, and Emerald has the hots for Diamond but wants Serena out of the way, she gets points off for that annoying laugh. Wiseman is the only typical bad guy, though he does end up killing all of his allies in the end. This season also debuts Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meioh, who is one the best scouts thanks to her mysterious presence. As I said, I love how things got more intense and funny, like when Serena and Darien find out about Rini’s origins. But even though I love this season, there’s one episode I want to rant on, The Cosmetic Caper.


FUCK THIS EPISODE! More specifically, Fuck Darien throughout the next ten episodes.  Okay, so Darien gets a warning in his dreams telling him to stay away from Serena, and instead of doing the logical thing and talking to Serena about it, which by the way is what she does when she gets the same dream, he dumps her and treats her like shit. WHAT. THE. FUCK?! That’s just stupid! And even when she tells him, he still avoids her! But it also gives Terri Hawkes a great performance as Serena just breaks down. Yeah, other than that, this is my favorite season out of the series. 



                                        SAILOR MOON S


As the third season starts, not only has the animation and art gotten better, but voice actors have changed for some of the main characters, mainly Serena now being voiced by Linda Ballantyne, who is… okay she’s not that good. She kind of makes Serena sound like she just inhaled a bunch of smoke. Anyway, this season debuts Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh, Neptune/Michiru Kiaoh, and Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe. Of course in the English version, Uranus and Neptune are cousins… BULLSHIT! Everyone who’s watched these two knows that’s a load of crap. These two were clearly lovers, and it shows, Haruka is the tomboy, while Michiru is the quiet one. To this day, I have rarely seen a homosexual couple treated with such respect on T.V., let alone a cartoon.


Saturn is the main plot point of season three, as she is the Messiah of Silence that is predicted to bring the end of the world. So Neptune and Uranus try to find her and prevent it from happening, while the bad guys try to bring an entity known as Pharaoh 90 into existence. Again the bad guys are more than that, some are just screwing around, while the main bad, Prof. Soichi Tomoe made a deal to save Hotaru. Sailor Moon shows why she is the leader by the end of season three and why she will be the future queen of the world. A good, strong, tense season throughout, season three doesn’t do much different, but what it does it does very well.



                                    Sailor Moon Super S


This is without a doubt the most filler, and weirdest season of Sailor Moon. It really does feel like this season came out of nowhere until the very end. Super S deals with Rini and Pegasus/Helios and the Dead Moon Circus, and boy is it just weird. This is my least favorite season of the series, because watching the whole season I was with it, then I started losing interest, and when we get to Queen Nehelenia, she is just like Beryl. Yeah, not much else to say about Super S except it is the black sheep of the series.



                                         Sailor Stars


And here it is, the final season of Sailor Moon, and easily the most intense of them all. There are two arcs too this season, the first being Queen Nehelenia out for revenge on Sailor Moon, so she takes everything from her and tries to break her by torturing Serena by controlling Darien and wiping Rini out of existence. It does feel really tense when Rini dies, but Serena manages to help Nehelenia by destroying the mirror.

The second arc is the Starlights and Sailor Galaxia, who really makes this season. The Starlights come to Earth to find their princess and to stop Galaxia. As Darien goes to America to college, Sailor Star Fighter/Seiya starts to fall for Serena, which makes things worse for her, as her loneliness starts to wear on her. The drama hits hard here, but it’s when we get to the final five episodes that the intensity goes to 11. Scouts die, betrayal, loss, destruction, chaos, and hope occur, as Sailor Moon attempts to stop Galaxia once and for all. This is my second favorite season for obvious reasons, it’s tense, sad, and the ending is just perfect.



                                    Promise of the Rose


Now it’s time for the three movies, and the first is about Darien and an odd friendship with an alien named Fiore. Of course, he thinks Serena is in the way, so he attempts to get rid of her, only to nearly kill Darien in the process, then taking him away, prompting the scouts to go after him and save Darien. The scouts get captured, Fiore tries to kill Sailor Moon, Darien stops him in time. But now the rock they are on heads to Earth, but Sailor Moon uses the Silver Crystal to stop it. Not much to say about this one besides the relationship between Darien and Fiore, giving us more backstory on Darien.



                                          Hearts In Ice


Luna is sick and is almost run over, but gets saved by Kakeru Ozora, who believes in the Princess Kaguya story. Luna falls for him, but ends up crushed because she’s a cat and he has a girlfriend, Himeko Nayotake, an astronaut getting ready to go to space. Not only is their relationship in trouble, but Princess Snow Kaguya wants to put the Earth in an eternal winter for keeping her from doing so long ago. After the scouts defeat her, Sailor Moon turns Luna into Princess Kaguya and revitalizes her and Kakeru’s life with him reconnecting with Himeko, and Luna reconnecting with Artemis. I personally like this more than Promise of the Rose, Luna’s personal life and pain really hit full force here. It’s a nice different view of Luna that we don’t often see or ever see.



                                       Black Dream Hole


Children are disappearing and no one knows why. One night Rini gets caught in a trance and the scouts follow her, only to discover that Queen Badiane has planned to take enough children to create a black dream hole and engulf the Earth in it. The scouts find the Marzipan Castle thanks to Perle, and attempt to stop Badiane, but she uses Rini’s energy to power the dream hole, and then go inside it. Sailor Moon goes in and gets transported to Darien’s room, only to realize it’s a dream, and fights Badiane. With the scouts’ powers, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon destroy Badiane and the black dream hole. This one is in the middle for me, as with the other two movies, the animation and art are at its best. Everything else about Black Dream Hole is good, not great.



What else can I say about Sailor Moon, it got me into anime in general, and I can go back and watch just about any episode out there. Now I hear some say that the popularity has gone down, but I don’t think so, we just got another Sailor Moon anime, this time based on the manga. It may not be getting a new movie or game like DBZ, but the fans are still there, and if you talk to someone about the most influential and best anime, chances are that the sailor scouts will be talked about. It’s not the action that made me love Sailor Moon, or the comedy, or drama, it’s the fact that I got to grow up with these characters and kept them close. It’s also why I can’t look at them “that” way, even with their legendary super short sailor skirts.

What do you think? Do you love them, hate them, or just don’t give a crap, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. And remember: She is the one named Sailor Moon!