It’s time for another video game review, with this one being a blast from the past, but not really. It is the AVGN Adventures video game! For those of you who don’t know, the Angry Video Game Nerd has been shitting on bad games for years now, and now he has an official game (with a new one coming out), but is it good?




It’s a very basic setup, the nerd is playing a shitty game, and then all of a sudden, he gets grabbed by the balls (literally), and gets sucked into the shitty game, where he must travel through eight levels before reaching the final level and hopefully getting the hell out of there. A very basic premise to setup the game, very quick and to the point.




AVGN Adventures looks like it popped out of an NES, minus the colors it couldn’t produce at the time. It’s wonderfully 8-bit throughout the entire game, from  Future Fuckballs’ puke green futuristic setting, to Assholevanias’ grim and spooky direction, each level has its own unique theme, and it sets every level apart well.




If it looks like an NES game, then it has to sound like an NES game. Have no fear, this game’s soundtrack is not made of shitty bleeps and bloops, the music is pretty good. Each level in addition to having its own theme graphically, they have their own musical theme. Where it does separate itself from other games is that it’s not lacking in the music department in the menus, they are just as good as the themes in the game, and that goes for the bosses as well. Overall, the music is pretty top notch, and well deserving of its praise.




AVGN Adventures is an old school 2D platformer, and because it’s built like an old school game, it’s pretty damn hard, but more on that later. Since I play it on the Wii U, you use the D-pad to move the nerd, the B-button to attack, and the Y-button to shoot your NES Zapper. Use the X button to unleash an item or your screen wiping item, and if you’re using the Wii-U gamepad, you can press select to put the game on the gamepad. The gamepad also shows which characters you have, how many lives you have, and how many beers you have left until you die. Beers are your life, nerd heads are 1-Ups, and you can find a super powerful Super Scope which destroys everything in one quick shot.




This game is hard! Even on the lowest difficulty, AVGN Adventures is balls hard. You’ll start with easy, normal, and old school, beat old school to unlock Hard as Balls, beat that to unlock Fucking Impossible, and if you somehow manage to beat that, there’s the final difficulty, Y.O.L.O., which is basically telling you to be a Goddamn platforming God. The game itself, while very hard, is not impossible at first. My problem with AVGN Adventures is more with any difficulty beyond Old School. Hard as Balls is pushing the bullshit, but the last two are pure NES bullshit hard, that’s not a good thing! Making a game very challenging is fine, but asking us to basically play the game to the point where you have to be pretty much a platforming God is where I say NO. DO NOT GIVE ME A CHALLENGE THAT IS WAY BEYOND PEOPLES’ SKILLS! I hate it when a game gives you a challenge that can only be accomplished by playing it a thousand times, or be the programmer or the game itself! Keep in mind, this doesn’t change the core game much, it’s still tough but fair.




As hard as AVGN Adventures may be, the levels are short enough to warrant several playthroughs, every level has a fast pace except for Boo! Haunted House, which brings the pace to a halt, having you carefully time your jumps to make it to the next checkpoint. It really feels out of place in an otherwise good challenging game.



AVGN Adventures is not for the faint of heart. It’s a game made for the fans who grew up with NES hard games and those who grew up watching the nerd. Minus the whole difficulty situation, AVGN Adventures is a blast to play, if you’re up to it. This is a must buy for any fan of old school gaming, anyone else will probably look at it and play for a bit and then put it down about a week later.



Next time we prepare to steel thy shovel with Shovel Knight and the Plague of Shadows DLC!