Hey folks!

     Every year our community gets together to build a blog featuring a our collected thoughts on the games that meant the most to us this past year. It's a spectacular project and a great excuse to write about games! Madhero is the organizer of this awesome project, and he's provided me with the details below: it's SUPER cool when we get together to do this, and hope that g1's and Rooster Teeth fans alike will join in the festivities! Here's the details: 

     Hey g1’s. Madhero here. Boy a lot has happened this year. I mean, not all of it good, in fact, a lot of it wasn’t good, but hey, at least we had some great video games to distract us from it all. 2016 was overall a great year for games, with some great highs (Overwatch, Doom) and some low lows (poor poor Mighty No. 9), but it definitely interesting, and as is g1 tradition, we’re planning on the Games That Defined 2016.

     Ok, so some explaining is probably needed for those that have no idea what I’m talking about. Since 2013, the g1s on Screwattack gather together and talk about a game they felt DEFINED the year it came out in. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s your standard GOTY award, it’s about the game that you felt defined your year, or had a personal impact. This could of course be because it’s awesome, but also because it disappointed you, or just left a personal connection with you. So you can talk about how Doom showed how a revival has to be done, or how No Man’s Sky and its fall thanks to hype culture, or how Mafia 3’s socially conscious storytelling clashes with its kinda mediocre gameplay. Those are just my opinions though, and I’m sure you guys have some great and interesting opinions as well

     So how exactly will things go down? Well, simply put, you have to call out your Game That Defined 2016 game in the comments of this blog. If the game has been taken, that’s it, they have that game, so you better be quick with picking said game. Afterwards, once the deadline (more on that later) has been reached and all people have picked their game, I’ll contact you via DM and we take care of it. Here are some other rules to take into account.

  • 2016 Releases only. If you’ve been playing catchup and really wanna talk about this awesome 2015 game you played, sorry, no can do.

  • Re-releases are allowed. While I’d personally prefer something original, I don’t mind if the game you wanna talk about is the Bioshock Collection or Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4. Do try and explain why that is your game that Defined 2016 thoroughly.

  • Text and Video are allowed. You’re allowed to bring your Game that Defined 2016 in whatever format you like. I do expect a certain quality to it, so do try your best with whatever you’re doing.

  • Try and be concise with your writing. Unlike Screwattack, Rooster Teeth’s site has a word limit on the journals/blogs, so the word count for your part depends on how many people will join this project. Do try and be considerate of that.

I think that about covers everything. If you have any more questions, I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments. The deadline for entry is DECEMBER 15TH, so you have until then to pick your game in the comments. Afterwards I’ll contact and will try to get this thing out. Its always been a pleasure doing this project every year, and I hope you guys join up. Until then!