As I turned 25 and re-watched all of RvB to be completely up to date, I figured I should take the math on how long I've been watching RT stuff.

It says on my profile I've been here since 2010, but I've been here far longer than that. I just had another profile, unless I watched without a profile, before 2010 when I made the eltoroguaco alias.

I started watching RvB around its 2nd season in 2004 and watched it all out the Recollection series, then I stopped until last week. That means I had 7 years of RvB in my life. However, stopping RvB did not mean I stopped RT at all. I stayed off this site a while after I stopped,  Butbutt I found ScrewAttack on Youtube around 2013 and watched those shows for 2 years before figuring out SA belongs to RT  caboose That is when I found RWBY that completely changed my life and resulted in me making now 10.5 RWBY OCs (only 4 completely submitted on DeviantART) and buying all volumes available on Blu-ray. Meaning I had 3 more years with RT in my life after the 2 year holdup before catching up on RvB.

In conclusion, I've spent approximately 10 of my 25 years watching videos made by RoosterTeeth. LIFE WELL SPENT!