More shenanigans caught on video. Sorry I haven't been uploading videos regularly on my channel, been really busy with work and playing Tales of Berseria.

First up, got a huge group together to play Gmod, Trouble in Terrorist Town. I originally had 6 video angles of these games, but my computer slowed to a crawl trying to edit it, so I had to only use 4 angles. There's more videos from this session coming, so sorry about having so many people talking at once, haha. I'm definitely going to be having more Gmod videos coming soon.


A Few videos here. First is an awesome Why You Should Play made by @DBenitez87 and featuring our group from the let's plays.

Next, @KyleDoesGTA put us through ANOTHER Game of Death map, this time much longer and more sadistic. You may remember the first playthrough of Game of Death was uploaded on my channel after community video came out.

See you guys next week!