Got a few videos this week, and I'm not exactly in all of them, but they are connected.

First up, on my channel, we wrapped up Golf with Friends in the most insane way we could think of. Random shapes, low gravity, and bouncy floors. We all slowly lost our sanity.

Then I did a collaboration with my friends @KyleDoesGTA and @aclarkislost of the Lone Few. Kyle challenged me and Austin who have never played Hitman to see who could be the better hit man. We both did really poorly, and it's hilarious. So check out the video on my channel, then check out Austin's run on The Lone Few's channel:

Now, this next video, I'm not in, but i wanted people to go watch it. This is the first of a short video series game show that @ghostsol created for the Let's Play Community that unfortunately didn't get off the ground. Wish there could be more episodes.


I haven't been in anything co-commentary-wise, but i show up playing the games in the background of a few. You should go watch everything on there, anyways, just as a general rule. :P