I've been a long time watcher of all the Let's play channels and to be honest, it's getting kind of stale. What would be really fun is to watch these gents/gals play multiplayer games with a handicap. Such as when one player dies they have to eat some hot sauce, play with one hand, play blindfolded, has to talk in third person, do 10 push ups whenever they get a kill.... etc. This sounds a hell of a lot like "Go!" but instead for a short challenge (that just involves getting kills with cars, get a high score etc..) its a constant face cam & game challenge. An idea of this would be Mario Party 8 but Jack can't use items (in game), Gavin has to play motion games backwards, Michael has to do 10 pushups/sit ups for every loss (in a mini game), and Ryan has to play with low batteries. Would be even better if they (let's play channels) took viewer suggestions and then spun a wheel to dish out punishments/handicaps.