I was sitting at the bar alone, sipping on some woodford on the rocks and simply enjoying my peace. A stranger pulled up to the stool next to me, a very chatty old man who smelled strong of cedar. 

"I'll take the house draft" The old man says to the bar keep, bartender hands him the cool amber beverage and slams half before setting it down. With an audible belch he turns to me, "Howya doin? Watchin the game?"

Not wanting to make conversation I nodded, "yeah, just watching the game" I hold the glass to my lips, not drinking but giving me an excuse to not speak.

"Who's up, what stadium they playin at? Kc, and are those guys the tigers? Never heard of tigers in Detroit, be more appropriate if they were the Detroit Cougars or spotted Turtle. You know female spotted turtles can live to be 110, by the males can only live to about 60. Just like humans am I right?" he nudges me with his elbow and let's out a slight chuckle. I Ignore him and continue to blindly stare at the T.V. screen, "Not much of a talker are ya, Must have been a rough day at the hospital." He got my attention, how does he know I work at the hospital is he an old patient, am I being a dick?

"Yeah, sure. Have we met before" I ask him

"Naa, this is the first time we've met. I think." He then proceeded to chug the rest of his beer and order another. 

"How do you know I work at a hospital?" I asked being direct, he now ignored me while drinking his newly ordered beer. 

"All surgeons have that look on their face, it's a cold face of a nice butcher." he spoke following a loud belch. 

"What do you mean by that? Are you trying to insult me?" it was hard not to sound upset, "I've worked very hard to get to where I am, don't equate me to some simple butcher!"

"What's the difference between a surgeon, a butcher, and a killer?" The old man asked. I didn't feel like humoring him and turned my head to ignore him. 

"Do ya not know or did I hit a soft spot?" he put his elbow on the counter leaning his body towards me, "Let's start with an easy one, a serial killer. A serial killer takes life for pleasure, the tools and methods may very from kill to kill but the end goal is the same, death. A butcher separates a carcass to be sold piece by piece for the most money. A surgeon slices at anomalies using, education and wit, to destroy an aliment." He leaned back and began sipping on his beer.

Dumb founded I replied to him, "Was that supposed to be a joke? An insult? A threat?" 

He set down his empty mug, "No no no no. It was just a prerequisite, am I a surgeon, butcher, or killer?"