This week streams - 

Tuesday - NO STREAMS. We're going to take off and celebrate July 4th with our families. (and also do last minute RTX Preparations.

Wednesday we're streaming with YT streamers 5tat at 11AM CT & Noah J @ 4 PM CT. Should be really fun!

Friday there will only be an AM stream - no PM one. Because we'll be in Austin for RTX!!


This week RTX is finally upon us. If you didn't know, we will be handling the majority of nighttime programming at the JW MARRIOTT. Which is just a block or so away from the ACC. It's up to you all to help out and spread the word at RTX that these events are going on! Bring your friends because these aren't just regular panels. These are shows - and you're interaction is going to be key to making them awesome shows!

Speaking of RTX - here' a quick rundown of where Craig and I will be during the entire weekend. You can of course find this on the RTX app as well under our names.

Friday, July 7th - 730 PM @ JW Marriott- Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Friday, July 7th 930 PM @ JW Marriott- Game Attack v ScrewAttack v Kinda Funny v Mega64 

Saturday, July 8th 330 PM @ ACC Booth 3- Game Attack Signing

Saturday, July 8th 830 PM @ JW Marriott- Mario Party Saturday

Sunday, July 9th 5 PM CT @ ACC- Game Attack Panel

Craig and I will probably be in the arcade at the ACC when we're not hosting panels. We're going to try to spend as much time with you all as humanly possible, so come hang out there whenever you like!

Hey! We shop at the same store!!

Let's coordinate our clothes and set RTX ablaze in purple flames throughout the weekend (no pressure, just fun)

Friday- GA Hat Day wear yo GA hat!

Saturday- HOW CAN YOU BREATHE Shirt day- (Shirt debuts @ RTX Merch booth, go grab it!)

Sunday- Bleed Purple Day - wear your Purple GA Shirt!


Make sure and wear your team colors to the Mario Party Saturday Panel!

That's it! If you've got any more specific questions you can comment on this. Thanks!