Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has set her next big adventure. She's wrapped her work on the Godzilla sequel and will move on to starring in and producing (!!!) a series of films about Sherlock Holmes' sister, Enola. 

Based on Nancy Springer's Young Adult series following the sleuthing adventures of Sherlock and Mycroft's much younger sister, this would seem a perfect vehicle for Ms. Brown. For one she'd finally get to use her natural accent and secondly she has proven to be able to handle the intensity and intelligence a role like this would require.

It also blows my mind a little bit that she's actively producing already. The film will be funded by Legendary Pictures (who just made the Godzilla film she starred in), but it was set up by Brown's own PCMA Productions banner. Very smart business move by anybody, let alone someone so young. I think she's got a long career ahead of her.