Variety is reporting that we may finally have some movement on a standalone Black Widow movie. Before you get too excited the news isn't so much that this movie has a greenlight (it doesn't) but the MCU brass likes the idea enough to hire a screenwriter to take a shot at bringing us Natasha Romanoff's very own movie. 


The screenwriter they've hired is a woman by the name of Jac Schaeffer, a relative newcomer who had a Blacklist script titled The Shower (about an alien invasion during a baby shower) that grabbed a lot of attention. 

Kevin Feige met with several people according to Variety before tapping Schaeffer, but the most interesting part of the story to me is that he consulted with Scarlett Johansson before making any creative decision on who would be writing the screenplay.

That's interesting because Johansson is one of the key players whose contract ran out after filming the Avengers 3 and 4 yet, if this story is accurate, she's still being consulted about the direction of her character. To me that says that Johansson has re-upped for more MCU films or, at the very least, Marvel expects her to. 

That doesn't mean she escapes Thanos' attack, though. Keep in mind a standalone Black Widow film could be an origin story or chronicle some adventure at any point in her career. I'm hoping for a true blue spy espionage flick, much like Winter Soldier was a real deal Cold War thriller. One of the ways to keep the MCU fresh is to explore different genres and Black Widow in a gritty, bloody and bruising spy flick would be pretty awesome.

What do you guys think?