Fox just shuffled around dates on most of their superhero properties. The good news is that means you get to see Deadpool 2 about two weeks earlier than you were supposed to! The flick moved to a May 18th, 2018 from its original date of June 1st, which puts the Merc With A Mouth out a solid week before Solo. 


It's a curious move. Yes, it's better to give Deadpool a week to breathe instead of releasing it in the wake of a new Star Wars movie, but the crazy thing about the first Deadpool was how long the legs were on it. It kept raking in money for weeks thanks mostly to it being released in a tentpole-free February environment. 

Moving it to summer in the first place was a head-scratcher for me, but it does show the faith in the property.

No matter what, it's better for Deadpool to be slightly ahead of the pack, so good move, Fox! 

Also of note, they pushed back Josh Boone's New Mutants 10 whole months, from moving it from April of this year to February 2019 (essentially giving it Gambit's old window). New Mutants takes a more horror-movie approach to the X-universe and it bums me out I have to wait over a year for it now, but hey... if the movie's good the movie's good. That's what matters. But I am a very impatient person and I want it NOW!