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    • Ten Little Roosters thoughts

      3 years ago


      So we are a few episodes into TLR now, and I think we can start makeing good assumptions on who will die and when. So let's look at the riddle, in context to what has happened and what we can guess will come next.

      Ten little roosters all gathered to die,
      One choked on his rage, and then there were nine.

      If we had time to analyze the riddle beforehand, this should have been obvious. Michael, being the host of Rage Quit.

      Nine little roosters all running from fate,
      One tripped over themselves, and then there were eight.

      Again, should have been obvious, but maybe too much so. Gavin cloned himself, and therefore he died by his own stupidity. The hard part was how he died. Slo Mo death should have been easy, but my personal thinking had me choose the creeper costume, because it was his Minecraft avatar.

      Eight little roosters, two more in heaven,
      One was martyred, and then there were seven.

      Not as obvious, but based on SixRomeo's clue-in, we could have guessed it. Chris was basing his character on The Lord of the Rings. Anyone who has seen the movies would know Boromir martyred himself at the end of the first movie.

      Seven little roosters, one liked to draw dicks,
      Life imitated art, and then there were six.

      Again, hard to have guessed unless you solely base your hunch on the show. Earlier, Burnie explains to Ryan that he got shot by a tank in RvB. Just as he was killed by a scorpion in the show, life imitated art, and he died by a real scorpion.

      Here is where speculation kicks in,

      Six little roosters, some often stream live,
      One died to scale, and then there were five.

      Previously, Lindsay complained that she wished she had a cat. One of the oldest jokes in RvB is that scene where Grif and Simmons complain that the Warthog looks more like a big cat... Like a Puma. This will be my guess for next episode.

      Five little roosters, one trapped in the floor.
      One ran out of air, and then there were four.

      The obvious choice would be Ryan, but again, it's too obvious. Now looking at the show, who has gotten stuck in every episode? Adam! Also, he has spent the entire time trying to hide, and where better than in a secret underground chamber?

      Four little roosters still trying to flee,
      One got what they wanted, and then there were three.

      Miles wants to fight off the killer, and to do so, he reverted to his desire to be like Ruby Rose... Except he is missing her weapon of choice... The weapon, I would assume the killer will happily give him.

      Three little rooster left
      One died of a Pun

      It's obvious, but by this point, who is who should be becoming clear. Barbra will die, but by a means I am not entirely sure of.

      The killer is killed

      With only two people remaining, I think Gus will be killed, but again, not entirely sure how, though.

      Then, there was one.

      So, that leaves one rooster... The one everyone would naturally assume is the killer, and the one nobody would guess would survive. That's right, Ryan is the survivor.

      Hope you enjoyed reading this, cheers!

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