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    • Ridiculousness!

      1 year ago


      So I have this video on YouTube from when I worked at a marketing sales company. It's about 2 minutes long and, personal bias aside, pretty funny. I have been contacted twice by producers involved with the show to let them use the clip! This is pretty cool! The only problem is, I have to get permission from other people in the video that I just can't do because I am no longer in contact with them! Woe is me! I just want give the video to the world and maybe have Geoff, Gavin and Millie watch it. Oh well maybe next time.

    • Sponsorship and other drugs

      1 year ago


      So I became a sponsor today after being an official community member for about 13 minutes. What an eventful day.

      To be clear I've been consuming Roosterteeth content for over a decade now but have only just decided to be actively involved as opposed to my passive existence of yesteryear. So hooray for personal growth.

      I'd like to say more but my 'account info' panel on the side is reminding me that I don't have any friends so I think I'm going to go and drink my sorrows away.


    • Whaaaaaat...

      1 year ago


      So Griffon fucking Ramsey responded to one of my snapchats that I naively tagged her in. Whaaaaaat a crazy thing to happen.

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    Gaming enthusiast and hopeful author with a penchant for world building and cartography. I like long walks on the beach and a stormy night in by the fire.

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