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    • Star Fox Zero Review

      2 years ago


      Nearly 20 years ago, Star Fox 64 was released on the Nintendo 64 and was met with critical acclaim. Since then, it has remained the gold standard of the Star fox series. After the disappointments of Star Fox Adventures and Command, can Star Fox Zero revive the series, or is Star Fox down for the last time?



      Alright let’s not fool ourselves, the story is Star Fox 64’s plot all over again, Andross has declared war, and General Pepper requests Star Fox’s assistance led by Fox McCloud. With his fellow pilots Peppy Hare, Falco Lombadri, and Slippy Toad, they will travel the Lylat System to stop Andross’ army, face Star Wolf, and blow up many things before facing the evil doctor himself. Pretty much the story is basically cliff notes from 64, so there’s not much to say other than that the story simply sets up the rest of the game.



      In terms of graphics, for a Wii U game Star Fox Zero looks good enough, now it’s not something like Mario Kart 8 (MK8 looks like the Mona Lisa) the graphics are pretty good. The graphics are at its best when there’s a giant battle going on in the background, with the Cornerian army and Andross’ army going at it. The textures may leave several disappointed, but if you’re busy looking at the textures for too long, you’re probably going to crash into something. The game runs at 60 frames per second, though there will be times when it will drop to 40, when you boost or a big explosion happens, but it doesn’t break the pace of the game.



      As far as the sound goes, the game sounds like a Star Fox game. The cheesy Muppet style voice acting returns and many of the seasoned veteran voice actors reprise their roles. The music for Star Fox Zero is very good, but most of it you won’t remember outside the game, save for a few new entries, and of course the returning themes such as the main theme and the Star Wolf theme, which once again breaks expectations and manages to be better than the last version. The new Star Wolf theme seems to be a mix of 64 and Assault, with the choir in the background and the fast beat, taking the best elements of both and putting them together. If I had any problem with the sound it’s two things: 1. the voices only come out of the gamepad and 2. The music only comes out of the television. These aren’t game breakers, but its weird design.



      Now, this is where many are divided and will decide whether the game is worth it or utter shit. Like many Wii-U games, Star Fox Zero wants you to use the gamepad with motion controls and I will say right now, there is a learning curve to using the controls, but it is not broken or impossible, in fact Splatoon has very similar controls to that of Star Fox Zero, so if you mastered Splatoon’s controls you will have an advantage over most people. The control stick moves the Arwing, ZR shoots your lasers, R shoots bombs, the right stick lets you boost, break, and do barrel rolls, and combined with the left stick you can do somersaults and U-turns, though the X and B button does these last two no problem.

      There is a co-op mode where one person can use the gamepad to fly and the pro controller to shoot, but both can shoot. The motion controls can be turned off… for the most part, I will repeat that since most people who play don’t take the time to learn the controls on their own. THE MOTION CONTROLS CAN BE TURNED OFF… for the most part, and what I mean by that is when you change the controls, the motion controls only activate when you’re pressing the ZR button, otherwise the reticle stays with the Arwing. The only time I found myself having to look at the gamepad aim with the gamepad was when I needed to get specific enemies or in all-range mode, all of that makes up about 15 percent of the gameplay. This is something a lot of people fail to discuss, and is something more gamers should think about when playing Star Fox Zero in the future.

      Now as for the game itself, it’s setup like the SNES and N64 games that came before it, an arcade rail shooter that puts you on a path to the end of the stage in order to unlock other stages in the Lylat System. The map is also like the older games, though Star Fox Zero does have a little more meat on its bones. There are three types of vehicles; the Arwing is your main one which controls as you expect it to, the Landmaster which you go on ground though it feels the a little stiff at times, and the Gyrowing which… isn’t bad, but it’s the Blue Marine of this game, thankfully you only have to play for one and three quarters of a stage and that’s it. The Arwing and Landmaster can transform into the Walker and the Gravmaster giving both vehicles more variety and gives you different ways to complete a level. The vehicles in Star Fox Zero has the most variety in any Star Fox game, I love trying new ways to complete certain levels. The game can be beaten in a couple of hours in which you can unlock the other levels and choose to play Arcade Mode which lets you play the game in one go. Ultimately your enjoyment of Star Fox Zero will depend on a few things; if you can get through the learning curve of the controls, playing a game that only takes a couple of hours to beat instead of twenty, and your overall enjoyment of arcade-rail shooters in general.



      Star Fox Zero is not a hard game, though I can say it is the hardest Star Fox game. It won’t take long to beat the game, and most bosses are simple to figure out, though one stands out as being borderline bullshit and that’s the one on one fight with Wolf, motherfucker can hit like a tank if you’re not careful. That’s the only real challenge to Star Fox Zero, arcade mode makes you play with one life, but that’s not hard, the only difficulty is where you want to go and how long it will take you to complete it. So Star Fox Zero continues the tradition of a Star Fox game not being too difficult, but having one or two things that can make you frustrated at times.



      In terms or replayability, Star Fox Zero has plenty, and yet at the same time it doesn’t. The main game and arcade mode offer plenty of replayability, but other than that there’s the training mode and the sound test. You know what’s missing? A multiplayer mode and an online leaderboard! For a game like Star Fox Zero, having these two things should be a giant DUH! But for whatever reason Nintendo decided to not include these two features in the game, and the replayability suffers because of it.

      That’s why my final score for Star Fox Zero is:


      A Peppy Hare out of 10 (7 out of 10)

      Star Fox Zero is a grand return to the franchise, it knows what to keep the same and it knows what to change up, though some will say that it’s getting old and that it needs to start doing new stuff. Yes the controls are a gimmick, but as I have stated on Twitter plenty of times, Star Fox was created because a gimmick. Despite some dumb designs with the gamepad and the lack of a multiplayer mode and online leaderboard which is very disappointing, Star fox Zero is easily the best Star Fox game since Star Fox 64, and it’s the Star Fox game we have been wanting for the longest time. Yes the story’s ripped from 64, but it’s been so long since then most gamers who play Star Fox today might be more accustomed to Star Fox Adventures, Assault, or (God help you) Command. It’s not afraid to show us what a Star Fox game is all about, and it’s why Zero stands alongside its SNES and N64 counterparts.

    • Top 10 Mario RPGs

      2 years ago


      On March 9, 1996, Super Mario RPG was released in Japan for the Super Nintendo. The game went on to achieve great success, creating a new sub-genre for the Mario series. Now 20 years and nine games later, I want to see where these games stack up in my opinion. And because I want to get this out before Color Splash comes out.

      10. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time


      Let’s start with what is easily the worst Mario RPG, Partners in Time. Why is this the worst you ask, well let’s start with some key problems: the plot is boring, the Shroobs are not good villains, the time traveling is very confusing and complicated, the attacks are not very good and are a pain to use. Other complaints include the core gameplay with the baby Mario Bros., and that damn final boss which takes FOREVER to kill! Partners in Time is what Sticker Star is to everyone, but a 1000 times more tedious and boring.

      9. Super Paper Mario


      Okay, if you’ve taken a look at my previous blog in which I compared this game against Sticker Star, I said that I liked Sticker Star more. I still hold that opinion to this day. And don’t get me wrong, I still like Super, I was one of the first people to defend the game when it came out in 2007, but I can’t overlook the problems of Super. Now there are plenty of good things in this game, love the story, characters, dialogue, sounds like a Paper Mario game, looks like a Paper Mario game, the unexpected twists and turns. The big problem with this game is that the gameplay is SO DAMN BORING! Let me put it this way, Paper Mario is known for being a RPG, Super is a platformer that switches its perspective from 2D to 3D, this wouldn’t be a big problem, except Super Mario Galaxy came out IN THE SAME YEAR! There was no need to turn this into a platformer. The platforming is boring and frustrating; this is a guide game to me, which means you can’t beat it without a guide, due to getting lost so easily and the constant flipping. Everything else is fine, but the gameplay makes me want to watch someone play it rather than me playing it. The thing that bugs me the most is that Super Paper Mario hides a meh gameplay behind a great story, characters, and dialogue, it makes the mediocrity of the gameplay much more apparent.

      8. Paper Mario: Sticker Star


      Wait, let me get ready… Okay, bazookas, vibranium shield, holy cross, okay ready! Yes, despite the outcry against this game, I prefer this game over Super, barely. Let it be known that I will not be a Sticker Star apologist; this game has plenty of problems. For starters, Bowser doesn’t talk! WHY?! He’s one of the best parts of the Mario RPGs. Also the areas are back to the Mario areas, which for a Mario RPG is disappointing, and the side characters are just toads which are another disappointment. There are some things I did like, the music for example was pretty catchy, the bosses with some of the most memorable music. Of course the gameplay was the big thing, I found that while it was different, it was to the point of not being an RPG like Super, to quote ProJared, this is a bare bones RPG, but sill an RPG. So despite the near universal hatred, I quite enjoyed Sticker Star more than the previous two games… barely.

      7. Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story


      Now we can finally get to the good Mario RPG games. Starting with Bowser’s Inside Story, and here we get to play the iconic koopa king after God only knows how many times the Mario Bros. have kicked his ass. Make no mistake about it; even though you still play as Mario and Luigi, Bowser is the star of this game, without a doubt. Traveling through Bowser’s body is one of the more interesting things that happen in the game, while it affects what happens to Bowser on the outside, Fawful is as great as he was in Superstar Saga, and everything else is your typical Mario RPG. The only thing that I would say isn’t good is the giant battles, the touch screen controls are bad. Bowser’s Inside Story still has the best final boss theme of all the Mario and Luigi games.

      6. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team


      The third Mario and Luigi game on this list, Dream Team makes Bowser’s Inside Story look bad in comparison. Dream Team lands on this spot for the fact that it fixes what Bowser’s Inside Story got wrong, but it still has its own problems. For starters, the bros. attacks are better, but they’re the most complicated in the series. The giant battles are done much better in Dream Team minus a couple of stylus only controls. Traveling in the dream world is much more interesting than inside Bowser’s body, and the music is overall better. The side quests are also very manageable, without having a major detour or being a complete pain in the ass. However, the thing that is a big drawback is the tutorials, there’s so much and it goes on for too long! For a seasoned veteran who knows his way around a Mario and Luigi game, just why? For being the fourth game, there’s no need for so much tutorials.

      5. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars


      The original, the one that started it all and anyone who calls themselves a gamer has at least played this game once. The granddaddy of Mario RPG’s, Super Mario RPG showed us that Mario really can go into pretty much any genre and be a massive success… It’s also the hardest Mario RPG. This created the unique turn based combat that would become a staple of Mario RPG’s for years to come; being able to deal more damage by pushing the button at the right time and defending the same way gave RPG players a brand new way to play. Of course, this marks the first time Mario, Bowser, and Peach come together to fight an evil that threatens everyone. Let’s not forget characters like Geno, Mallow, Axem Rangers, and tons of other memorable characters. Combine that with some of most iconic music in the Super Nintendo library and you have a classic that’s earned the right to be called one of the greatest video games ever.

      4. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga


      When Superstar Saga was coming out, I didn’t know what to think of it. It was very different from the Paper Mario series which I was used to, and seeing Luigi tag with his brother made become more interested. It wouldn’t be until I got my hands on it that I realized how different it was from Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario. From the very beginning, Superstar Saga shows that it’s a unique Mario RPG with its own rules. A good thing to point out, the Mario and Luigi series is where Mario and Luigi are the most expressive, remember those Super Mario comics where Mario and Luigi showed so many different emotions? Well take that and put in in an official Nintendo game and you get some of the funniest things in the Mario and Luigi series. The best thing about Super star Saga is that it brought us to brand new territories and had fun with the new and interesting characters, though it gets points off for how it starts the second half of the final boss, one hp and if you die you have to start over? Come on. Besides that, the fact that Superstar Saga is still one of the best Mario RPGs is a testament to how well the game has aged.

      3. Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam


      Yes, the most recent Mario and Luigi game has become my favorite of the series. Paper Jam is easily the best Mario and Luigi game when it comes to the core mechanics of the game; it makes BIS and DT look like crap in comparison. The bros. and trio moves are all very fun and easy enough to use, Paper Jam takes out the giant battles in favor for papercraft bosses, which are just infinitely better than any giant battle. The sidequests are actually much more involved and short compared to Dream Team with collecting paper toads, the interactions between the characters and their paper counterparts are some of the best things in Paper Jam (Paper Bowser talks again!), the only bad thing I have to say is the locations are very bland for a Mario RPG, but that’s one minor issue in a game that gets everything else right.

      2. Paper Mario


      For many gamers like me, Paper Mario was the very first Mario RPG that we ever played. Paper Mario was very different in comparison to Super Mario RPG, the whole game was portrayed like a storybook, the characters are much more interactive, and you have more ways to attack and more than once. This is the game that proved that Bowser could be a legitimate villain, beating Mario and taking Peach’s Castle into the sky made Mario’s journey that much more challenging. For Paper Mario, the addition of partners was a huge step not only in assists during battle, but interaction and narrative since Mario is the silent protagonist. It wouldn’t be such an iconic game if it didn’t have great bosses and great music to go with it, and even though a lot of the locations in Paper Mario are typical Mario tropes, Paper Mario spices them up enough to make it feel different. In short, Paper Mario felt like a breath of fresh air for many gamers looking for a new experience.

      1. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


      Come on, was there any doubt that this would be number one? Of course not! Any time you hear someone discussing Mario RPGs, Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is usually the main topic, and for good reason since they’re great games. These two transcend past great Mario RPG games and have become among the greatest games ever made, in the end Thousand Year Door is the ultimate Mario RPG. Everything that Paper Mario did great, Thousand Year Door does even better, from the new uncharted territory of Rougeport, to the much more involved combat system, to the most minor of NPC with their own backstories. Putting Mario outside of the Mushroom Kingdom, making Bowser a hilarious element, and having to fight a brand new enemy set Thousand Year Door apart from Paper Mario. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door set the standard of what it takes to be a Mario RPG, creating a world and characters of its own and sticking to the formula that worked before, there’s a reason Thousand Year Door is such a beloved game to this day.

    • Death Battle Analysis: Superman Vs. Sailor Moon

      3 years ago


      Alright, so I decided to do a Death Battle analysis of an odd Death Battle that I’ve suggested since Goku got pummeled.... twice. The most iconic comic book character has taken on one of the two anime icons in the 90’s, so why not have him fight the other one? The pretty guardian in a sailor suit is ready to punish the man of steel. It’s night and day with these two; can the power of the sun take on the power of the moon? Also, this will be my ONLY Death Battle analysis, so don’t expect another one! And please don’t take this too seriously, I’m not an expert researcher like other people, I’m just finding the best sources I can.




      Everybody knows who Superman is, I shouldn’t have to explain who he is, and I won’t, so instead what I’m going to do is talk about the different versions of Superman, some versions people may recognize, and some versions people might not know. Let’s start with the New 52 and Post-Crisis versions. First, New 52 Superman is the latest version of Superman, his powers are Yellow Stellar Radiation Absorption, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Invulnerability, Flight, X-Ray Vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, Heat Vision, Super Breath, Freeze Breath, Super Flare, Superhuman Senses (includes vision, hearing and smell), Superhuman Intelligence, Eidetic Memory, Regenerative Healing Factor, Longevity, formidable brawling skills (as stated by Captain Comet). He’s faster than light, can survive in a black hole, and is very intelligent. However, his only weakness is Kryptonite, magic, lead, and a red star. That doesn’t take away the fact that New 52 Superman is ridiculously powerful in his own right.



      Post-Crisis Superman

      With the previous version of Superman, this version has much more experience than the New 52 Superman. Post-Crisis Superman super powers are Stellar radiation absorption, Super Strength, Super Speed, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Endurance, Flight, Superhuman Senses, Heat Vision, Super Breath, Ice Breath, X-ray Vision, Energy Absorption, Torquasm-Vo (resistance against mind manipulation), Invulnerability, limited atom manipulation, Intangibility, skilled with alien technology and has notable hand-to-hand combat skill, under a blue sun his powers are boosted and he gains the ability to imbue others with his powers. He’s faster than light, can survive a planet busting attack and deliver the same type of attack, infinite under a yellow or blue, very intelligent, and has good leadership skills. His only weakness is Kryptonite, magic, Chi, and a red star. Post-Crisis can smash and destroy the moon, can push, pull, and drag the earth, beaten Darkseid, and fixed a hole within the cosmos itself. Post-Crisis Superman’s experience makes him a very dangerous opponent.



      Pre-Crisis Superman

      Ok, this is where shit gets bonkers! If you recall, comics back in the day, they were insane giving superheroes super overpowered powers that broke every rule that was made for them. With that being said, Pre-Crisis Superman has  Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Invulnerability, Regeneration, Flight, Time Travel, Super Breath, Freeze Breath, can absorb solar energy, Heat Vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, X-Ray Vision, Telekinesis, Can invent new Super Powers, Super-Knitting, Super-Weaving, Super-Mathematics, Super-Ventrilloquism, Super-Landscaping, Super-Friction, Super Sneeze, Super-Makeup, Super-Kiss, Super-Hypnosis, Mind Control, Shape-Shifting, etc. | Reality Manipulation, Nigh-Omnipresence, Nigh-Omniscience. He can destroy a solar system with a sneeze, is faster than light, can survive the Big Bang, Nigh-Omnipresent, Nigh-Omniscient. His only weakness is Kryptonite, magic, red sunlight, and can’t see through lead. Yeah, Pre-Crisis Superman is stupid overpowered, one time he went outside the universe by going faster than infinity… WHAT?! I MEAN, HOW?! Good Lord, it’s pretty damn funny how Supes made logic his bitch in the Silver Age, Isaac Newton would have been crying in his grave.



      Superman Prime

      One more version of Superman, this version of Superman exists thousands of years in the future. This Superman spent thousands of years in the Earth’s sun, extending his powers to ridiculous levels, which include Vastly improved Kryptonian abilities such as Yellow Stellar Radiation Absorption, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Regenerative Healing Factor, Invulnerability, True Flight, X-Ray Vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, Heat Vision, Super Breath, Freeze Breath, Superhuman Senses (includes vision, hearing and smell), Superhuman Intelligence, Immortality, likely several more unknown skills (was stated to have learnt various skills from all over the universe for over 50,000 years). Superman Prime doesn’t have the weakness to Kryptonite, magic, and a red sun like most versions of Superman, though if Superman Prime doesn’t constantly get energy from the sun, he will become significantly weaker. Also notice, most versions of Superman has two definite weaknesses, kryptonite and magic. Kryptonite drains his power away, while magic can damage him, although he has deflected magical attacks before. Superman doesn’t fight many opponents with magic, with the exceptions of Shazam and Black Adam. Even so, Superman Prime is an example of why Superman is considered the most OP comic book character ever. There are so many more versions of the man of steel, but let’s not waste any time and get to his opponent…



      Sailor Moon

      Long ago, our solar system was in a peaceful era called the Silver Millennium, led by Queen Serenity and the Sailor Scouts/Senshi. Each planet had a Senshi as its guardian, with the exception of the Earth and the Moon, die to the Earth’s guardian being the prince of the Earth, and the Moon wielding the Silver Crystal so it didn’t need a Senshi. But that peace was destroyed by an evil creature named Metalia, and with her puppet Beryl, the Silver Millennium had come to a violent end, but not before Queen Serenity made one last effort to send her daughter and the rest of those from the Silver Millennium to the future. Thousands of years later, evil returned to take over the Earth, and the world needed a hero in the form of a brand new Sailor Scout/Senshi, the pretty guardian in a sailor suit, Sailor Moon. As the fated Senshi of the moon, Sailor Moon’s powers include Superhuman speed and durability, true flight, high-level magic, continuous beam barrage, purification powers, energy manipulation, transmutation, healing, transformation, immortality (types 1 and 4) and reincarnation, automatic defenses that protect her while putting her in a catatonic state to regenerate, sound manipulation, can teleport others to her location, soul manipulation and some resistance to soul attacks, can absorb enemies into the Silver Crystal, seal them, wipe the memories of others, and put enemies into a deep sleep lasting for over 1000 years via power-scaling, time manipulation, limited psychic powers: telepathy, telekinesis, and psychometry, some resistance to illusions and mind attacks, reality manpulation, has shown to be able to revive entire worlds and even a galaxy from ruin, revive citizens and bestow power upon the Senshi as Neo-Queen Serenity. Usagi, the name for her civilian form, wields the Silver Crystal, a gem with the power to create and/or destroy. It is the main object of the entire series, capable of wiping out an entire galaxy, and at one point, capable of universe ending power using Lambda power, to restore everything that was destroyed. Lambda power allows Sailor Moon to restore her body, mind, soul, and abstract concept, so if one of these things is still intact, Sailor Moon can regenerate herself completely. If Sailor Moon has any weakness, she’s a crybaby, a bit of a klutz, and can be lazy at times.



      So who ultimately wins this battle, between the Son of Krypton and the Senshi of the Moon? Well, let’s remember that Superman doesn’t fight many opponents who can wield pure magic, let alone be tied to a God or Goddess. Plus, depending on which version of Superman we should use (There’s plenty of versions to use), this fight can last a while or end quickly, but let’s stick to the current canon New 52 Superman. In a physical contest, Superman wins easily; he can pick up things that are considered impossible compared to Usagi, who is just an average human. In a test of speed, Superman once flew from Pluto’s orbit to earth in seconds, and flew from the edge of the universe to Earth in two months, which calculated comes up to around two hundred billion times faster than the speed of light. Sailor Moon once flew to Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and then to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in what looks to be a few moments, which calculated comes up to eight hundred and twenty billion times faster than the speed of light. As for durability, Superman can survive and go through a black hole even though the black hole was not a real black hole, and can be hurt by beings as powerful as he is. Sailor Moon can go to the center of the galaxy, Sagittairus Alpha Star and pretty much be in a black hole, tank attacks that have destroyed solar systems and can survive attacks strong enough to destroy an entire galaxy.

      At the end of the day, Superman is very overpowered because he is supposed to inspire us, to give us hope that one day, we as a people can become what Superman is. However, in something like a Death Battle, is very unfair to pit Superman against one like Goku, because it’s been said before, Goku can break any limit, but Superman has no limits. However, when dealing with someone like Sailor Moon, it’s a completely different game. Most versions of Superman are vulnerable to Kryptonite and magic, save for two like Superboy Prime and Cosmic Armor Superman. Superman doesn’t fight many opponents with magic let alone a descendant of a Goddess, not to mention, even if Superman destroyed her body, he has no way to destroy her soul and concept of existence, which means Sailor Moon can come back and give Supes a magic ball of death that wipes him out completely.



      Winner: Sailor Moon

      Now I wanna know what you guys think of this, do you agree or am I full of crap? Let me know in the comments below, and I will see you guys next time for another review or top 10.

    • Shovel Knight and Plague of Shadows Review

      3 years ago


      It’s a brand new year, and that means a brand new review for you guys! Shovel Knight has become an indie superstar since the game came out over a year ago. Shovel Knight has gained popularity to the point of being suggested for Super Smash Bros. But how does the original game and the DLC hold up today?



      Shovel Knight and Shield Knight are two adventurers who one day invade the Tower of Fate. But then Shield Knight meets with an unfortunate fate, leaving Shovel Knight in despair for a while. Suddenly, the Order of No Quarter appears out of nowhere, terrorizing the land, led by The Enchantress, and Shovel Knight must prepare to fight the Order to stop their horrible plans. Plague of Shadows sets Plague Knight having plans to control everything, by taking a key ingredient from each knight from the Order of No Quarter. Both stories are very basic, Shovel Knight’s is the simplistic reach the tower plot, Plague Knight’s is simply collecting key items to achieve power plot.



      Shovel Knight goes back to the NES era of video games, looking like it came from the era of the NES, though Shovel Knight is able to pull off colors that weren’t able to be used on the NES. Every level, and hub area, is very vibrant with its own color and atmosphere, giving each area its own theme to play with throughout the game. No one level really repeats over again, and every level uses the graphics to challenge the player in many different ways.



      Because Shovel Knight is imitating an NES game, the music is also 8-bit, again with differences that weren’t possible in the NES era. Every level has its own theme and boss theme, you can tell the amount of hard work Yacht Club Games put in Shovel Knight with how every song varies from prideful to broody. No matter what song, there’s bound to be plenty of songs that land in your playlist on whatever device you use to listen to music.



      Shovel Knight is an old school 2D Platformer, basically taking elements from Super Mario Bros. 3, Mega man, Castlevania, etc. You go left and right, using your shovel or magic to get to the end of the level to fight a certain knight. You not only have your primary weapon of shovel and magic, you also have relics to aid you on your quest. Each relic has a purpose, shoot fireballs, fly, become invisible, etc. You gain each relic when reaching a certain chest in each level, so be sure to explore secret areas in advance. The controls feel very nice and precise; it rarely feels like it’s the game’s fault that you died. Most of the relics are used in specific areas, with only a few of them actually being useful throughout the game. Plague Knight is pretty much the same, but he is hard mode, with added jumping ability and less movement.



      Shovel Knight has a very natural progression of difficulty, the beginning levels are simple enough to give you an idea for what’s ahead. Even with New Game Plus, the difficulty doesn’t change, minus the checkpoints and the enemies doing more damage. Plague Knight is the hard mode of Shovel Knight, his attacks are harder to land, and his mobility makes normal platforming much more complicated. Other than that, Plague Knight is just the same as Shovel Knight.



      Shovel Knight has tons of replayability, thanks to the relics, map, New Game Plus, and now the Plague of Shadows DLC. The relics give you different ways to explore though each level, the map works the way Mario 3 does where you can move to a level of your choosing, New Game Plus adds an extra challenge with harder enemies and more challenging feats, and Plague of Shadows is a brand new hard mode in its entirety.


      Shovel Knight has become a staple in indie gaming over the past year, and Plague of Shadows is a great example of DLC. It does a good job of representing the NES era without bringing too many tropes from that era, for the most part. And with more rumored upcoming DLC, Shovel Knight has cemented his place as a superstar in the video game industry. And with that out of the way, the next blog will be my one and only Death Battle analysis for a battle I suggested, not going to say what it is, but you might be surprised.

    • AVGN Adventures Review

      4 years ago


      It’s time for another video game review, with this one being a blast from the past, but not really. It is the AVGN Adventures video game! For those of you who don’t know, the Angry Video Game Nerd has been shitting on bad games for years now, and now he has an official game (with a new one coming out), but is it good?




      It’s a very basic setup, the nerd is playing a shitty game, and then all of a sudden, he gets grabbed by the balls (literally), and gets sucked into the shitty game, where he must travel through eight levels before reaching the final level and hopefully getting the hell out of there. A very basic premise to setup the game, very quick and to the point.




      AVGN Adventures looks like it popped out of an NES, minus the colors it couldn’t produce at the time. It’s wonderfully 8-bit throughout the entire game, from  Future Fuckballs’ puke green futuristic setting, to Assholevanias’ grim and spooky direction, each level has its own unique theme, and it sets every level apart well.




      If it looks like an NES game, then it has to sound like an NES game. Have no fear, this game’s soundtrack is not made of shitty bleeps and bloops, the music is pretty good. Each level in addition to having its own theme graphically, they have their own musical theme. Where it does separate itself from other games is that it’s not lacking in the music department in the menus, they are just as good as the themes in the game, and that goes for the bosses as well. Overall, the music is pretty top notch, and well deserving of its praise.




      AVGN Adventures is an old school 2D platformer, and because it’s built like an old school game, it’s pretty damn hard, but more on that later. Since I play it on the Wii U, you use the D-pad to move the nerd, the B-button to attack, and the Y-button to shoot your NES Zapper. Use the X button to unleash an item or your screen wiping item, and if you’re using the Wii-U gamepad, you can press select to put the game on the gamepad. The gamepad also shows which characters you have, how many lives you have, and how many beers you have left until you die. Beers are your life, nerd heads are 1-Ups, and you can find a super powerful Super Scope which destroys everything in one quick shot.




      This game is hard! Even on the lowest difficulty, AVGN Adventures is balls hard. You’ll start with easy, normal, and old school, beat old school to unlock Hard as Balls, beat that to unlock Fucking Impossible, and if you somehow manage to beat that, there’s the final difficulty, Y.O.L.O., which is basically telling you to be a Goddamn platforming God. The game itself, while very hard, is not impossible at first. My problem with AVGN Adventures is more with any difficulty beyond Old School. Hard as Balls is pushing the bullshit, but the last two are pure NES bullshit hard, that’s not a good thing! Making a game very challenging is fine, but asking us to basically play the game to the point where you have to be pretty much a platforming God is where I say NO. DO NOT GIVE ME A CHALLENGE THAT IS WAY BEYOND PEOPLES’ SKILLS! I hate it when a game gives you a challenge that can only be accomplished by playing it a thousand times, or be the programmer or the game itself! Keep in mind, this doesn’t change the core game much, it’s still tough but fair.




      As hard as AVGN Adventures may be, the levels are short enough to warrant several playthroughs, every level has a fast pace except for Boo! Haunted House, which brings the pace to a halt, having you carefully time your jumps to make it to the next checkpoint. It really feels out of place in an otherwise good challenging game.



      AVGN Adventures is not for the faint of heart. It’s a game made for the fans who grew up with NES hard games and those who grew up watching the nerd. Minus the whole difficulty situation, AVGN Adventures is a blast to play, if you’re up to it. This is a must buy for any fan of old school gaming, anyone else will probably look at it and play for a bit and then put it down about a week later.



      Next time we prepare to steel thy shovel with Shovel Knight and the Plague of Shadows DLC!


    • Top 10 80's Movies

      4 years ago


      A few months ago I asked myself a question that’s been nagging me for a while now: Why do I love 80’s movies so much? More than half of my favorite movies come from this decade. Something about movies from the 80’s just gets me so excited and fulfilled, like I have just been on the most incredible adventure… And that one word sums up everything about why I love movies from this decade: Adventure. When I watch an 80’s movie, it doesn’t feel like a movie, it feels like an experience with the characters on screen from beginning to end. With that out of the way, here’s my top ten 80’s movies, this was so hard to choose!


      10: Robocop

      Released: July 17, 1987

       Summary: When cop Alex Murphy is killed in the line of duty, he is transformed into a one man army created to clean the streets of Detroit, but must also stop the corruption from the very company that created him and maybe remember who he was.

      You know it’s a good list when Robocop barely cracks the top ten! I have to admit that Robocop was one those movies I saw as a kid, and got fucked up by the infamous death scene where Murphy gets turned into Swiss cheese. After that I didn’t see the movie for a long time until a year ago, and let me tell you… it’s still fucked up, but awesome! With Detroit looking apocalyptic, (Like it does today HAH) you know that you’re in for a wild ride. One of the best things about Robocop is that the bad guys have already won, and people and the police are doing what they can to just survive. There’s no takeover of OCP, because they already own everything, it’s just the story of one man-robot trying to fight corruption, and he’s somewhat successful. And let’s not forget about the blood, so much blood it is beautiful. Blood and explosions, so magnificent and gooey.


      9: Ghostbusters

      Released: June 8, 1984

      Summary: When supernatural beings start popping up in New York, four men team up using unconventional weapons to send the back to where they came.

      I surprised myself by putting this so low on this list; I didn’t think I would love the other movies that much. Back before Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon became the best Ghostbuster game ever, we had a movie that made us think twice about stepping foot in New York (Seriously, so much bad shit happens in New York, why would you live there?!). This movie gave birth to many iconic quotes and characters. Today, I can appreciate Bill Murray’s dry humor where I didn’t understand it as a child. Topped off with very funny moments from Bill Murray getting slimed to Gozer just destroying the gang, and of course the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Ghostbusters has become this classic that truly has aged like fine wine. On a side note, why isn’t Ernie Hudson on this poster?! Come on guys, give us a break!


      8: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

      Released: June 22, 1988

      Summary: When a detective has to save a famous cartoon rabbit from getting killed, he has to put aside his prejudice to save his client and find answers about his past.

      Before Space Jam, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was the first movie I know to try to combine real life action and animation at the same time. This was also the true beginning of the Disney Renaissance, but it would be The Little Mermaid that would kick it off.  This was a big breakthrough, it was as if the cartoon characters were there talking to you. For Bob Hoskins, this was a much better project than the soon to be colossal bob-omb, the Super Mario Bros movie. To this day, it still looks pretty good in how they were able to get live action and animation to work together. Because of the cartoon aspect, there are more hijinks than you would usually see which gave room for more types of jokes and set pieces. And let’s not forget having some iconic characters from WB and Disney cameo in some scenes. And do I need to mention Jessica Rabbit? She’s probably the reason you saw the movie in the first place.


      7: Rocky IV

      Released: November 27, 1985

      Summary: When Apollo Creed is killed in the ring, Rocky challenges Ivan Drago to a match at Russia in a Cold War showdown.

      Okay, with the Rocky movies, your favorite is based upon who your favorite villain is, and to me there are only two real villains: Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago (Fuck Tommy Gunn and wannabe Don King). Whichever one is your favorite villain, that Rocky movie is most likely your favorite Rocky movie. Anyway, Apollo gets killed, Rocky wants revenge, and two nations’ pride and respect are on the line. I don’t know what else to say about this, your favorite Rocky movie depends on your favorite villain and training montage. I love Clubber Lang’s cockiness, but Ivan Drago’s robot-like persona seals the deal for me. Hearts on Fire and War are the definitive moments for me personally. On a side note, can we just appreciate how great a character Adrian Balboa was (SPOILER: She’s dead when we get to Rocky 6). You have to really love how much she has stood by Rocky throughout the series, even going to Russia to be supportive for him, and risking freezing to death, she doesn’t get enough credit. Also, who’s ready to see Creed?


      6: Batman

      Released: June 23, 1989

      Summary: The Dark Knight pursues criminals to find the one who killed his parents and to stop the notorious Joker from destroying Gotham.

      When it comes to the definitive Batman movies, it comes down to Batman 89 and The Dark Knight no question. I enjoy Batman 89 for very different reasons than The Dark Knight; I don’t think many people will argue with me there. Again, what can I say here, Michael Keaton is a great Batman, he gets both Wayne and Bats in a way that’s not seen today, Jack Nicholson is a fantastic Joker, one who loves to laugh, but will kill you if you rub him the wrong way. Have to give credit to Danny Elfman for the soundtrack and the theme of Batman, with a few missteps. Why is Lando Harvey Dent and why is he here? Why does Joker have an identity and kills Batman’s parents? It makes no sense whatsoever. The Prince scene at the museum explains itself and Batman kills people. He straight up kills people in this and in Batman Returns. About time the pansy, that no kill thing makes any sense in the real world.


      5: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

      Released: May 24, 1989

      Summary: Using his father’s treasured map, Indiana Jones will go on his most dangerous journey yet: to discover the legendary holy grail while fighting off the Nazis.

      This one has become a more recent favorite of mine, by that I mean I have just started watching it in the last few years. Each Indiana Jones movie has its moments, yes even Crystal Skull (OPINION!), and whether or not you think that’s a good thing is up to you, but Last Crusade has the most fun in my opinion. Sean Connery is fantastic as Indy’s dad, giving that great father-son vibe to the Last Crusader. Everyone else does a great job at the supportive cast, from Elsa (Not the Disney queen) to the Nazis in general. Without a doubt the most intense moment is not when they pick which cup is the grail, it’s when Indy’s face to face with Mecha Hitl- sorry, just regular Hitler. How would you feel if you were face to face with the leader of the Nazis? And then Hitler takes the book and signs it, moving on. It’s like having the devil take a giant dump on the bible.


      4: The Little Mermaid

      Released: November 17, 1989

      Summary: Ariel dreams of going to the surface and experiencing new things, even though King Triton forbids it. With help from her friends, and a sassy sea witch, Ariel finds herself in a new world.

      Easily one of my favorite Disney movies ever, and if you want to know where it lands you can go to my list of favorite Disney movies and check it out there. This is the Disney movie that started the Disney Renaissance and the one to jumpstart the classic Disney movies in the 90’s. It is very beautiful to look at, still beautiful to this day; the characters are enjoyable to be around with a few exceptions, and it has some of the most iconic songs in any Disney movie with Part of Your World and Under the Sea. If I had any complaint, fuck Prince Eric. As I have stated before, he saw her when he was waking up, she’s the only redhead he’s seen in the whole movie, FIGURE IT OUT! Could have saved us thirty minutes by realizing she saved him but nooooo! And I love Ursula, the sassy witch, one of Disney’s best villains.


      3: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

      Released: May 21, 1980

      Summary: After the events of A New Hope, the empire has returned to make a striking blow against the rebels, and our hero will discover something that will change everything.

      Star Wars today is an institution; it has become its own thing with an ever expanding mythology canon or non-canon. The Empire Strikes Back is a huge step for the series, as it has some of the most iconic reveals in cinematic history, and a dark tone overall. The empire delivers a harsh blow to the rebels by having Han being put in carbonite, Darth Vader battling Luke and beating him and cutting his hand off, and reveal to Luke that he is his father. This has become one of the most iconic reveals in cinema history. Empire Strikes Back serves as a great way to even the odds after A New Hope, leaving Return of the Jedi to finish the saga until The Force Awakens.


      2: Back to the Future

      Released: July 3, 1985

      Summary: When Marty McFly goes back to 1955, he must find a way to get his parents together, get back to 1985, and save Doc Brown.

      Do you wanna know how much I love this movie? I just started watching it and the trilogy THIS YEAR. In the summer to be more precise, yeah I’ve only started to see the trilogy since June of this year and now it’s near the top of my all-time favorites list. Part 2 and 3 are just as good as well, especially part 3 since I hate westerns. And I have to say, if anyone wants to make a sci-fi comedy adventure, this is how you do it! I love how the movie doesn’t explain how Marty and Doc are friends you just accept it, and works so well. And Biff is such a douche it’s great when you see him fall hard, and of course the DeLorean time machine which has some of the best action in any 80’s movie. Overall, Back to the Future is a prime example of why 80’s movies are just so unique.


      Before I get to number one, here's a list of 80's movies I had to cut, this was so hard to do for me! 



      E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

      A Christmas Story



      Nghtmare on Elm Street (Pick one)


      The Goonies

      Back to School

      Ferris Bueller's Day Off


      Coming to America

      I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

      The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad

      Honey, I Shrunk the Kids




      1: History of the World Part I

      Released: June 12, 1981

      Summary: Journey through some of the most important events in history retold by Mel Brooks as you will never look as history the same way again!

      Come on, was there really any doubt this would be number one? And the thing is that this isn’t my favorite Mel Brooks movie! It’s more like third best next to Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. There’s so much to remember in this movie, why don’t I recap some of them? The part where the Romans are talking about flanking, streets crawling with Romans, Romans getting high, Moses getting robbed, the Inquisition, the cavemen, the French Revolution, etc. There’s tons more stuff that I have yet to talk about, but rather say them, I want you to go find a copy and watch it for yourself. History of the World Part I is pure comedy gold, it’s a true adventure, and without a doubt, my favorite 80’s movie.

    • Indie Review: Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse & Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition

      4 years ago


      Greeting everyone, how are you today? Wasting your lives in video games I assume? Good, the doomsday plan is working BWAHAHAHA… What, they can hear me, oh son of a bit-

      Anyway, today we look at two indie games that I recently bought on the Wii-U, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse and Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition, two Metroidvania titles that have gained popularity. Enough screwing around, let’s get to it!




      Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse picks up where Risky’s Revenge left off, after defeating the personification of her genie powers, Shantae now has to deal with being a full human, the Ammo Baron taking over Scuttle Town, and working with Risky Boots to stop the Pirate Master from being reborn. Guacamelee follows Juan, who loves El Presidente’s daughter, who is kidnapped by Carlos Calaca. Calaca kills Juan, but Juan receives a Luchador mask by Tostada which gives him the powers of a Luchador and he must stop Calaca from merging the world of the living and dead. Both stories are simple and to the point, Shantae and Guacamelee’s plots set up the main games very well. Shantae’s dialogue is pretty witty and funny, while Guacamelee has its moments as well.






      Both Shantae and Guacamelee look very beautiful in their own ways. Both games are set in a 2D artstyle, with Shantae going for sprite animations that are well designed, (Though nothing will probably ever beat Street Fighter 3rd Strike in terms of sprite animations) and Guacamelee keeping all of the characters and environments in a simple 2D like structure. Both games take advantage of their ascetic style and use it to their full potential, like how bright and colorful Sequin Land can be or how the world of Guacamelee feels so authentic. Overall, Shantae and Guacamelee excel at making their worlds come to life in their own way.






      For both Pirate’s Curse and Guacamelee, one of the most important aspects in these games is the soundtrack. Guacamelee really has one tone to their soundtrack, it’s a really good tone, but it seems like that’s all Guacamelee has, especially since the music seems to blend together. Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse easily has a better and more diverse soundtrack, it knows how to grab you attention when you first start the game. I can easily say that Shantae’s soundtrack is much better than Guacamelee’s. 





      Shantae and Guacamelee are both Metroidvania games respectively. What this means is that the name of the game is platforming, exploring, collecting, and beating enemies up. This is where Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse excels over Guacamelee overall, especially in terms of exploration. If you know how a Metroidvania game works the biggest issue is how you explore the world that you are in. Shantae’s world is a lot more compact, not too big, but big enough to be able to explore without getting tired, which makes the backtracking for things like cacklebats, heart squids, and gems much more manageable. You have your main weapon which is your hair, and throughout the game you can upgrade your hair to be more powerful and reach longer. Thanks to upgrades such as the pistol, cannon, and boots, backtracking is easier to do and is a more enjoyable experience. The controls are the perfect kind of precise, not too precise that’ll make you fly to the left or right, making backtracking even less of a hassle.

      Guacamelee’s world is a lot bigger, but I find it to be its biggest weakness, even though you can run fast. You notice the padding in Guacamelee when you heads toward the endgame, it starts to keep going on forever, plus also the controls are not as precise as Shantae as I find myself spending minutes fumbling over the different special moves. You learn special luchador moves to punch, kick, or pile drive enemies to death and explore the world, and it’s just not as fluid as Shantae’s equipment. Ultimately I believe that Pirate’s Curse is a better well designed and better controlled game in general.






      Both games are overall fairly easy, the true challenge is the length of both games due to the backtracking. Shantae has a good difficulty, minus the final dungeon having a significant difficulty spike. Guacamelee is similarly the same, except for the endgame, which seems to drag on to make way for padding. Also because its world is bigger, it makes traveling across Guacamelee’s world seem slower, even though your character can run pretty fast. Both games do a fair job of progressing through the game minus their final parts being either long or a bit too difficult. 





      A big part of these games is can you keep coming back to them depending on how many times you play them, how long it took, how much there is to collect, etc. Let me tell you the difference between completing Shantae and Guacamelle. I’ve completed Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse four times now, and I want to go back and play it again, I played Guacamelee once and by the end I wanted to go back to Shantae. I just think that Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is a much better designed game overall, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome. I still think that Guacamelee is a very good game, but its faults prevent it from being a great game like Shantae.


      Both Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse and Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition are among some of the best indie games on the Wii-U. If you love Metroidvania games, I would say to play Guacamelee, but complete Shantae fully, but that is ultimately up to you. Now, I plan to review another indie title that I have played, what I want you guys to do is to tell me which one you want me to review next and I will get started on that ASAP.



      Will it be ye grand adventures of Shovel Knight?





      The further tales of Scrooge McDuck in Ducktales Remastered?





      Or the balls as hard AVGN Adventures?


    • Sailor Moon 90’s Series Review

      4 years ago


      Why hello, I didn’t see you there breaking and entering into my home! …Well since you’re here, and since I just finished watching all 200 episodes and the three movies, this is a good time to look at one of the most iconic Anime shows of all time, Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is a Shojo manga created by Naoko Takeuchi which ran from 1991-1997. The series follows Usagi/Serena Tsukino, a normal teenage girl who one day discovers she is meant to become Sailor Moon by a talking cat named Luna. From there, Usagi/Serena goes on many adventures trying to protect the earth using the Silver Crystal to the best of her abilities. This was the series that revitalized the Magical Girl genre, and its influence throughout the years shows in future Magical Girl shows. This is my favorite anime of all time, right next to DBZ, mainly due to the comedy and story, but I’m going to get more into more in depth as we go through all five seasons and the three movies, so without further ado, let’s start by diving into season one.



                                              Sailor Moon


      Of course we have to start with the first season of Sailor Moon, titled Sailor Moon. We have our main heroine of the entire series, Usagi/Serena Tsukino, she’s a whiny, ditzy, clumsy, crybaby who doesn’t like to study but loves to eat, read comics, and play video games. One day she meets Luna, a talking cat, who gives her a magical brooch which allows her to transform into Sailor Moon. As her adventures start she ends up meeting the other Sailor Scouts along the way, Sailor Mercury/Amy/Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mars/Raye/Rei Hino, Sailor Jupiter/Makato/Lita Kino, and Sailor Venus/Minako/Mina Aino, as well as the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen/Mask/Darien Shields/Mamoru Chiba. Together, they must join forces to fight Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse, who wants the Silver Crystal to rule the world. Out of all of the seasons, the first is my third favorite, mainly due to the comedy and story. Serena was a crybaby who ran at first, but as the series progressed, she did get stronger and learned to fight. And yes, I watched the Dic dub of Sailor Moon, now sometimes the VA was pretty bad, but there were times were it was good, specifically when there was tension or a death. I should mention that Serena’s VA was switched during the season from Tracy Moore (Voice of Princess Peach) to Terri Hawkes, who voices her until the end of season 2 and who I think is the definitive voice of Sailor Moon herself and brought out the best in Sailor Moon.


      Another reason why I love the first season is because the other scouts have their own character and arc, Amy is the brains yet she has problems with being social, Rei’s a hothead who often butts head with Serena, Lita kicks ass and can cook, but can’t get over her old crush/boyfriend, and Mina wants to be an idol and was Sailor V before she met the scouts with her partner Artemis. I’d talk about Tuxedo Mask, but he doesn’t really do anything until his past in the Silver Millennium comes up. Secondary characters get some love too, well in Molly’s case not love more like fucked over, she got fucked over bad early on. Molly falls in love with Nephrite, he deceives her, then when he starts to fall for her and change his ways, he gets killed off, which destroys Molly, and this is the first season! As for the bad guys, they’re pretty generic as a whole, plot, laugh, get beat up, go back and plot again. It’s not until the last five to ten episodes where things start getting serious when we get into the Silver Millennium, and the Sailor Scouts die in the last episodes. Overall, I think the first season is a very solid start to the series. Oh and some of the English music kicks lots of ass.



                                              SAILOR MOON R


      Now we are getting to what is my personal favorite season of the entire series. What season one started, season two made it better, better action, comedy, drama, and romance. With character intros out of the way, now we get into two story arcs. The first one is about Alan and Ann who come from to Earth to provide energy for the Doom Tree. This is also where the villains are much more likeable, they’re not just villains, Ann falls for Darien and Allen falls for Serena while getting into hijinks. And everyone loses their memory but eventually gets them back. The second and main arc is the Negaverse, Rini, and Crystal Tokyo in the 30th Century. Now I know Rini can be a little annoying, but never to the point of being hated. As for the villains, we have the four sisters who go from enemies to allies and are quite fun to watch, Rubeus, who is YAWN… and the Black Moon family, who was banished from Earth and wants revenge by going into the past. 


      This is no more obvious than Prince Diamond’s obsession with Serena, he doesn’t just want Serena, he wants to destroy Darien by taking what he loves most. Saphir wants to look out for his big brother, and Emerald has the hots for Diamond but wants Serena out of the way, she gets points off for that annoying laugh. Wiseman is the only typical bad guy, though he does end up killing all of his allies in the end. This season also debuts Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meioh, who is one the best scouts thanks to her mysterious presence. As I said, I love how things got more intense and funny, like when Serena and Darien find out about Rini’s origins. But even though I love this season, there’s one episode I want to rant on, The Cosmetic Caper.


      FUCK THIS EPISODE! More specifically, Fuck Darien throughout the next ten episodes.  Okay, so Darien gets a warning in his dreams telling him to stay away from Serena, and instead of doing the logical thing and talking to Serena about it, which by the way is what she does when she gets the same dream, he dumps her and treats her like shit. WHAT. THE. FUCK?! That’s just stupid! And even when she tells him, he still avoids her! But it also gives Terri Hawkes a great performance as Serena just breaks down. Yeah, other than that, this is my favorite season out of the series. 



                                              SAILOR MOON S


      As the third season starts, not only has the animation and art gotten better, but voice actors have changed for some of the main characters, mainly Serena now being voiced by Linda Ballantyne, who is… okay she’s not that good. She kind of makes Serena sound like she just inhaled a bunch of smoke. Anyway, this season debuts Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh, Neptune/Michiru Kiaoh, and Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe. Of course in the English version, Uranus and Neptune are cousins… BULLSHIT! Everyone who’s watched these two knows that’s a load of crap. These two were clearly lovers, and it shows, Haruka is the tomboy, while Michiru is the quiet one. To this day, I have rarely seen a homosexual couple treated with such respect on T.V., let alone a cartoon.


      Saturn is the main plot point of season three, as she is the Messiah of Silence that is predicted to bring the end of the world. So Neptune and Uranus try to find her and prevent it from happening, while the bad guys try to bring an entity known as Pharaoh 90 into existence. Again the bad guys are more than that, some are just screwing around, while the main bad, Prof. Soichi Tomoe made a deal to save Hotaru. Sailor Moon shows why she is the leader by the end of season three and why she will be the future queen of the world. A good, strong, tense season throughout, season three doesn’t do much different, but what it does it does very well.



                                          Sailor Moon Super S


      This is without a doubt the most filler, and weirdest season of Sailor Moon. It really does feel like this season came out of nowhere until the very end. Super S deals with Rini and Pegasus/Helios and the Dead Moon Circus, and boy is it just weird. This is my least favorite season of the series, because watching the whole season I was with it, then I started losing interest, and when we get to Queen Nehelenia, she is just like Beryl. Yeah, not much else to say about Super S except it is the black sheep of the series.



                                               Sailor Stars


      And here it is, the final season of Sailor Moon, and easily the most intense of them all. There are two arcs too this season, the first being Queen Nehelenia out for revenge on Sailor Moon, so she takes everything from her and tries to break her by torturing Serena by controlling Darien and wiping Rini out of existence. It does feel really tense when Rini dies, but Serena manages to help Nehelenia by destroying the mirror.

      The second arc is the Starlights and Sailor Galaxia, who really makes this season. The Starlights come to Earth to find their princess and to stop Galaxia. As Darien goes to America to college, Sailor Star Fighter/Seiya starts to fall for Serena, which makes things worse for her, as her loneliness starts to wear on her. The drama hits hard here, but it’s when we get to the final five episodes that the intensity goes to 11. Scouts die, betrayal, loss, destruction, chaos, and hope occur, as Sailor Moon attempts to stop Galaxia once and for all. This is my second favorite season for obvious reasons, it’s tense, sad, and the ending is just perfect.



                                          Promise of the Rose


      Now it’s time for the three movies, and the first is about Darien and an odd friendship with an alien named Fiore. Of course, he thinks Serena is in the way, so he attempts to get rid of her, only to nearly kill Darien in the process, then taking him away, prompting the scouts to go after him and save Darien. The scouts get captured, Fiore tries to kill Sailor Moon, Darien stops him in time. But now the rock they are on heads to Earth, but Sailor Moon uses the Silver Crystal to stop it. Not much to say about this one besides the relationship between Darien and Fiore, giving us more backstory on Darien.



                                                Hearts In Ice


      Luna is sick and is almost run over, but gets saved by Kakeru Ozora, who believes in the Princess Kaguya story. Luna falls for him, but ends up crushed because she’s a cat and he has a girlfriend, Himeko Nayotake, an astronaut getting ready to go to space. Not only is their relationship in trouble, but Princess Snow Kaguya wants to put the Earth in an eternal winter for keeping her from doing so long ago. After the scouts defeat her, Sailor Moon turns Luna into Princess Kaguya and revitalizes her and Kakeru’s life with him reconnecting with Himeko, and Luna reconnecting with Artemis. I personally like this more than Promise of the Rose, Luna’s personal life and pain really hit full force here. It’s a nice different view of Luna that we don’t often see or ever see.



                                             Black Dream Hole


      Children are disappearing and no one knows why. One night Rini gets caught in a trance and the scouts follow her, only to discover that Queen Badiane has planned to take enough children to create a black dream hole and engulf the Earth in it. The scouts find the Marzipan Castle thanks to Perle, and attempt to stop Badiane, but she uses Rini’s energy to power the dream hole, and then go inside it. Sailor Moon goes in and gets transported to Darien’s room, only to realize it’s a dream, and fights Badiane. With the scouts’ powers, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon destroy Badiane and the black dream hole. This one is in the middle for me, as with the other two movies, the animation and art are at its best. Everything else about Black Dream Hole is good, not great.



      What else can I say about Sailor Moon, it got me into anime in general, and I can go back and watch just about any episode out there. Now I hear some say that the popularity has gone down, but I don’t think so, we just got another Sailor Moon anime, this time based on the manga. It may not be getting a new movie or game like DBZ, but the fans are still there, and if you talk to someone about the most influential and best anime, chances are that the sailor scouts will be talked about. It’s not the action that made me love Sailor Moon, or the comedy, or drama, it’s the fact that I got to grow up with these characters and kept them close. It’s also why I can’t look at them “that” way, even with their legendary super short sailor skirts.

      What do you think? Do you love them, hate them, or just don’t give a crap, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. And remember: She is the one named Sailor Moon!


    • Frozen Vs. The Complaints

      5 years ago


      Hello guys, I'm so glad to be back again for another blog. I'm just going to skip the introductions and get right to it, this constant back and forth on this movie is getting on my nerves, and I don't want this festering in my head like Super Paper Mario Vs. Sticker Star was. So what I'm going to do is talk about the most common complaints about Frozen and see if they are justified or this is another internet bitchfest.  I am not, I repeat, I WILL NOT be discussing every single nitpick because if I did I would be writing a bible on Frozen, so instead I will be looking at the most common issues people have and I pray to God this doesn't end up like my Super Paper Mario Vs. Sticker Star blog. 




      1. The King and Queen of Arendelle

      Let’s start with the parents shall we? For those who haven’t seen Frozen yet, when Elsa strikes Anna in the head with her ice powers, the parents take them to the trolls and then proceed to isolate Elsa and Anna. Let’s get this out of the way right now, isolating Elsa and Anna wasn’t the best decision they could have come up with, and neither was tell her to conceal her powers (Yes I saw that video of how Frozen should have ended, but that only gets rid of the big problem). Also, the parents didn’t teach Elsa to fear her powers; I’ll get to that later. Think about it from a different view, if people found out about Elsa’s powers when she was younger the King and Queen would have to deal with citizens trying to treat her like a witch and kill her, other nations finding out and going to war with Arendelle, people trying to use Elsa as a weapon, and more bullshit. People kill each other for worse shit, how do you think people would react to Elsa’s powers? So while the King and Queen made some mistakes, they aren’t the terrible parents everyone else is trying to turn them into.




      2. The "Villain"

      Another complaint I have been hearing constantly is about the villain of the movie in which Hans who acts like a good guy up until the third act leaves Anna for dead. A lot of people who saw this hated this and saw this coming; I on the other hand was completely shocked when this plot twist came up. I like to remind people that I had little to no hype for Frozen before I saw it, in fact the most I spoiled for myself was the scene where Elsa reveals her powers. After watching Frozen a few more times (In my head on repeat), the movie ultimately has three villains and each villain represents a different type of villain. 


      First up is the Duke of Weselton, who represents the classic Disney villain. The Duke of Weselton is the typical Disney villain that belongs to old Disney, with his two cronies at his side the Duke wants to exploit Arendelle for its riches. I don’t know what else to say about him because he’s the Disney villain of old, acting silly, screaming monster, having his minions do his bidding. 


      The second villain we have is Hans, who after much thought (Once again, in my head), represents the more modern Disney villain, and is one of the most realistic and cunning villains alongside Gaston and Frollo. Looking back I should have seen it coming, thirteenth prince of course it’s ominous, but I don’t watch a lot of movies okay? Back to Hans, when the events occur, Hans is seen helping out at Arendelle and doing whatever he can while the eternal winter is happening, but is he doing it to get on the people’s good side so they support him or does he really care about the people of Arendelle? We know he wants to become king for various reasons, and while we know getting Elsa out of the way is a part of his plan, it’s how he tries to do it that makes him very modern. Most notably, getting the foreign ambassadors on his side, playing with Anna’s heart then stomping on it, and convincing Elsa she killed her sister truly makes Hans a monster, no pun intended. Getting everyone else to do his dirty work and then picking up the pieces is what makes Hans a modern Disney villain.


      Finally, the true “Villain” of the movie is the one that’s been there the whole time, yet is invisible to the naked eye; Fear. Its presence is felt throughout the movie through Elsa, and is the main driving force that splits the sisters apart. Fear consumes Elsa and causes her to strike Anna not once but twice, thus causing Elsa’s further downward spiral into loneliness and depression. As soon as Anna freezes to death, fear finally loses its grip on Elsa and no longer becomes a negative force of nature for the sisters. So what’s barely seen throughout the movie is the most intimidating force in the entire movie.




      3. Character Development

      Though I won’t be long on this complaint, I have to agree that there’s not much character development. Although when you think about it, the only ones who have any real character development are Elsa and Anna. No one else has any real character development; if they did the focus would get off of Elsa and Anna, who are the main focus of the story. Kristoff is just the mountain man who lives with trolls, Olaf and Sven are the snowman and reindeer, and the bad guys are bad guys. It is weird that there’s not much character development and yet if Frozen had a lot of it the core story of Elsa and Anna would be lost within all of the other characters’ side stories. It’s a big double edged sword, either focus on the two sisters or focus on all of the characters and risk leaving the main story behind.




      4. Musical Numbers

      Another big complaint I hear constantly is the musical quality of Frozen. Ok, it’s fine if you don’t like the music, in fact I think the song Fixer Upper is just filler. The complaint I hear and agree with is that there are too many songs in the beginning. It seems that within the first forty five minutes, all but two songs have been sung already and it does feel rushed because of it. Also Frozen is going back to the Broadway style of musicals that haven’t been seen since Beauty and the Beast, so while everyone else was put off by it, I enjoyed that Disney brought it back. 




      5. Elsa and Anna

      Now onto quite possibly the biggest issue out of this entire fiasco, Elsa and Anna. These two are the driving force of the entire movie, so let’s start with the younger sister Anna. 


      Let’s face it, Anna is the one who sets the plot in motion and she’s the one who ends it. I’ll start with the fact that Anna goes and gets engaged to Hans as soon as she sees him, a lot of people stop there and criticize the film without looking at the rest of the movie. Seriously, one minute after Hans and Anna get engaged, Elsa tells Anna she can’t marry someone she just met, would it kill some of you people to watch the rest of the movie before you assume the worst? A lot of people hate Anna for being clumsy, naive, and hotheaded. That’s a double edged sword if I ever saw one because on one hand she’s hotheaded and naive, but I never got to a point where I found her to be unlikable. And you know who else can be naive and hotheaded, actual people who act like this. On the other hand, by disliking her for not acting like the classic princess, people are basically saying that she should act like the old school princess, that’s why she has that type of personality in the first place! The last few Disney princesses like Merida, Tiana, and Rapunzel have unique personalities that separate them from Snow White or Cinderella, by saying that you hate Anna for having a character, you’re basically saying that she should act like Princess Peach. Either let Anna have a personality and stop whining, or make her a typical princess and set female characters back a bit. Even when Elsa strikes Anna with ice twice, Anna doesn’t turn her back on Elsa, she even tries to stop Hans from killing Elsa, always thinking of others. My last point on Anna is on jumping into marriage so quickly. She was isolated from her sister for thirteen years, and her parents are dead, so she’s desperate for any kind of attention, no matter who it’s from. 


      Alright let’s move on to the older sister Elsa. So people have a big problem of when Elsa has a problem she runs or hides from it. That’s understandable, although no one ever taught her how to face your problems, in fact it’s not until Anna freezes to death that she finally learns to face her fears head on. Speaking of fear, that is Elsa’s main adversary in the movie and her main roadblock to getting back with Anna. Elsa allows her fear to take control of her life, so much so that she didn’t even attend her parents’ funeral. Elsa also seems to suffer from Haphephobia, the fear of being touched. Notice throughout the movie how Elsa barely touches anybody or lets people touch her, it’s her fear of harming others that makes her go into the mountains and create an ice palace. Speaking of which, I wanted to talk about Elsa’s breakout song Let It Go. And for God’s sake, it ain’t about Elsa coming out of the closet, its nowhere in the movie, cut that shit out! Elsa is finally free to use her powers and have as much fun as she wants, but she’s still running away from her problems. And when Anna tells Elsa that Arendelle is trapped in an eternal winter, she thinks she was foolish to run away from her problems. It takes her younger sister dying for her to realize hiding and running may not be the best idea. This in no way makes Elsa a weak character however; her pain and anguish make her more human and more relatable to the audience. Since Elsa and Anna are the driving force of the movie, not only do they have to be likeable, but also relatable as well, so I don’t understand these complaints of Anna being a bitch or Elsa not being all that interesting or other types of bullshit.




      So those are the complaints I find to be legitimate, I know there are some more like the trolls which I agree that they are filler and could make a good Smurfs movie, but I want to know what you guys think. I only ask that you guys DON'T write a novel on how you hate so and so, unless you've done your research. And again, I want actual complaints and not stupid things like how the movie is bland because its nothing but ice and snow, the fuck kind of bullshit is that?!

    • What's The Difference: Super Paper Mario Vs. Sticker Star

      5 years ago


      Hello and welcome the return of What’s The Difference, where I take two things and try to analyze them and see which is better or worse. The series has been on hiatus for a while now because of personal reasons, but now that everything’s back to normal I’m ready to bring it back, and we’re going to start with… Oh crap why…


      For those of you who don’t know, Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star are the more divisive Paper Mario games shall we say, in fact majority of the internet downright hates Sticker Star. This blog has been a long time coming, because I’m tired of the bitching, so I’m putting my opinion out there in five categories: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Difficulty, and Replayability. With that out of the way, please don’t kill me, it’s not like you can grab me through your computer screen anyway HAHAHA…





      For an early Wii title, Super Paper Mario still looks pretty good, of course it has the Paper Mario look that the series is known for. The environments range from bright and colorful to bleak and grim and the environments complement each chapter very well. A lot of things seem to just ‘pop’ in this game, sometimes literally, and while flipping to 3D doesn’t offer much variety, the 2D environments more than make up for it.

      Sticker Star is a very pretty game to look at on the 3DS, with or without the 3D turned on. Sticker Star easily utilizes the paper aspect more than any other game, everything from the clouds to the water are paper, it’s actually very neat seeing all of this in 3D (If 3D doesn’t kill your eyes). Ultimately I have to give this to Sticker Star, because it gets creative with what it can show you, taking the idea of the Mario world being nothing but paper and really showing us how it can be done.

      Winner: Sticker Star





      While both Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star’s soundtracks can’t compare to the original and Thousand Year Door, both have pretty good soundtracks overall. Super has a lot more somber music to go along with the tone of the game, which has a more dramatic feel. Sticker Star’s soundtrack has a more jazzy tone to it, it makes the game seem a lot more upbeat and alive compared to its Wii counterpart. The majority of the soundtrack is mostly jazzy, but there’s some rock in there as well. Overall, I can’t choose between the two because while the soundtracks are good, I’ll forget them both and just listen to the first two Paper Mario soundtracks.

      Winner: Draw





      Oh boy, this is where everyone is going to come for my guts, because I’m going to dissect both gameplay styles and hopefully you won’t get mad and punch your computer. Super Paper Mario’s gameplay is an action platformer that allows you to flip from 2D to 3D and has you traveling through eight chapters. This is where my fondness for Super Paper Mario goes way down. The RPG element that you know and love? Gone and replaced by a very easy platformer, easier than the New Super Mario Bros. games I might add! And don’t sit there and tell me about the item system, or that one part in chapter seven, because it doesn’t make up for the lack of RPG elements. First off, it didn’t make sense for Super to be a platformer, when Super Mario Galaxy was coming out in the same year! Secondly, it’s the easiest Mario RPG out of all of them, most of the gameplay consist of going left of right, pressing the two button to kill something, applying that to the boss, rinse and repeat. Third, the bosses are too easy, none of the bosses really put up a challenge against you, it’s just press two to win. And finally, the most frustrating part of the gameplay: Getting lost. It’s very easy to get lost in Super Paper Mario, this is what I consider a Guide game, which is using a guide throughout the entire game because you get so lost without it. This problem doesn’t rear its ugly head until halfway through the game, and that’s when not only does the game get longer, but harder to navigate. Because of all of these problems, I have only beaten the game once and have no plans to complete it for a while. For all of the things Super does right, it gets the most important thing wrong, and it gets it so wrong, all of the other things don’t matter. With all the positives it has, the one big negative outweighs everything else.

      Sticker Star’s gameplay can be summed up in two words: bare bones. There’s not much to Sticker Star when it comes to gameplay, but it knows what it wants to be. And for those who are going to complain that the coin system is useless, let me break it down: You fight an enemy, get coins, repeat it for a while, eventually you’ll have enough to supply yourself with some useful stickers, get perfect bonus which gets you even more coins to use for stickers, then use the more powerful stickers to beat up more powerful enemies and eventually bosses. And don’t give me that excuse of you can just pick up stickers on the ground because that only works for so long, and you can’t get some of the most powerful stickers that way! Yes the gameplay is very simple, but unlike Super, there’s at least an RPG element there at all. Both games have their flaws, but I have to give it to Sticker Star because all of its flaws are out in the open, Super’s flaws rear their ugly heads as the game progresses and its flaws are hiding behind a good story, but get past the story and the games’ problems come out in the open.

      Winner: Sticker Star





      In terms of difficulty, neither games are that hard, the most challenging things in both games are post game side quests. Super’s main game doesn’t have much difficulty, with the bosses being really easy, the hardest stuff comes from the side quest missions: Pit of 100 Trials, Sammer Kingdom challenge, etc. Other than some long side quests, Super Paper Mario doesn’t have much challenge in the grand scheme of things. It’s pretty much the same for Sticker Star, exepct for one important aspect: The bosses are quite challenging. Sticker Star gave me my first death in a Mario RPG in a long time, so that’s saying something. All of the bosses were tough, but it wasn’t until I fought Bowser that I had tasted defeat. Other than that, Sticker Star is the same as Super, some side quest to give you a challenge, but that’s it. With the only difference being that it has some tough boss fights, I have to give it to Sticker Star for putting up somewhat of a fight.

      Winner: Sticker Star





      When it comes to replayability there’s not much in either game because after the main story is done, you really can’t do much. Sure in Super you have the Pit and the Sammer Kingdom, but what else is there to do? Same goes for Sticker Star, after the story all that’s left is the museum and the sound test, which is pretty lame by the way. In my opinion, I’d rather watch someone play Super Paper Mario and play Sticker Star myself. I have no desire to go through having to stop in the middle of the game to make sure I’m not lost in Super, with Sticker Star, I enjoy my time coming back and playing it, but if you want to really play a Paper Mario game, you’re better off with the first two.

      Winner: Draw


      At the end of the day, I have to say that I think Sticker Star is better than Super Paper Mario. I applaud Sticker Star for trying its own thing, and while it has plenty of problems, none of them make me want to stop playing altogether. Super Paper Mario while a fine game, makes the mistake of trying to be different and ultimately comes off as tedious, boring, and frustrating. Yes it has the darkest story in the Paper Mario series, yes it has good characters and such, but for all it does right it falters when it comes to the most important part of a game, and it makes Super Paper Mario inferior to Sticker Star in my opinion. Only hardcore Paper Mario fans should try these two games, otherwise you’re better off playing the N64 Paper Mario or Thousand Year Door.

      If you haven’t try to find me and whip me, tell me why I’m wrong in the comments, I know you guys are waiting to tear me a new one so bring it on. I do ask that you not be assholes to one another, there’s no need to tear each other’s heads off.

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