So I wasn't really expecting to have anything worth posting, but this idea just kind of appeared and I figured why not? so Merry Christmas whoever out in the internet reads this:

Twas the night before Christmas
when all through the house
all the creatures were scrambling
even the mouse

The stockings were hastily hung
by the chimney for flare
in hopes that Saint Nicholas
wouldn't want more fanfare

The children were nestled
all snug in their beds
while visions of RWBY Vol. 2
danced through their heads

And my girlfriend in her dress
and I in my cave
were nearly prepared
for a mid-winter rave

When from the neighbors lawn
there arose such a clatter
and I knew in a moment
they would see what was the matter

From across the way
we did here him cry
get off my lawn!
not the cherubs!!! WHY?!?

And so it was
Santa did arrive on our roof
then promptly fell
down the chimney
like a goof

And yet as we found him
sprawled out on our rug
the old man
still had a great big grin on his mug

He sprang up
filled to the brim with good cheer
and with a merry old laugh
said screw the cookies, I'll just have a beer!

With that done he stumbled to work
laid out the presents
filled the stockings with care
then to the horror of those who were there, to spread his good mood... Santa attempted to twerk

Finally, Santa clambered up the chimney
and promptly rode away
leaving us in wonder
and a happy holiday