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    • The g1 Care Package

      3 years ago


      Good morning, good evening, and good day fellow g1's.

      I'm writing to you today about a program that I have been thinking about setting up for quite some time now called the g1 Care Package. If you've ever used Reddit Gifts or done a Seret Santa exchange before then it's similar to that. For those who haven't, what it is is a gift exchange where different members from the community send each other stuff based on a predetermined theme for that given exchange. 

      How it works:

      Message me on the site letting me know you're interested and your address info along with any other important info (gift preferences, allergies, etc.) 

      Once enough participants have signed up I'll put all the names into a Random Pair generator and then message you your corresponding g1 and appropiate info. 

      Once you've been matched with your g1 try to get your Care Package shipped out ASAP, but the exchange period will typically be 4 weeks so as long as it is sent and recieved by then you'll be fine.

      Once you recieve your Care Package, take pictures and write a thank-you of the items recieved or do an un-boxing video and eMail it to me so I can write one dedicated blog post with all the thank-you's instead of posting individual blog posts. 

      As of right now I'm just wanting to gauge the amount of interest there would be in this, if it sounds like something you'd be interested in leave a comment below, message me on the site, or tweet at me @g1_Madden07

      If enough people show interest then I will post another blog detailing the first exchange. 

      This is an entirely community driven project so any feedback at all you may have is greatly appreciated. How often we do these exchanges will be entirely up to YOU. If we want to make this a monthly thing, or maybe just a bi-annual thing that works. 

      Thanks for taking the time to read all this, have a good one g1 Nation!

    • How to book the cheapest flight to SGC

      4 years ago


      Hey g1's, SGC 2015 is almost upon us and you'll need to start booking your flights soon. Here's a very well written article about how to find the best prices on flights. 


      Can't wait to see you all there! 

    • g1 Madden 07 vs. Microsoft Customer Support

      4 years ago


      In December of last year my Xbox started displaying 3 flashing red lights near the power on button. After some research I found out that this happens to about 30% of Xbox's. So, I called customer service and explained my issue. We did some diagnostic checks to make sure the Xbox did in fact have this error that renders the console useless and indeed it did. The customer service rep then asked for the serial number to see when it was purchased because they extended the warranty because of this error. He checked and low and behold I missed the warranty by about 24 hours. Then he asked if I would like them to fix it for 119.99. I declined with suppressed anger. I allowed this suppressed anger to build until it could hatch into an idea, and today it hatched....


      I sent Microsoft customer service this email:



      I recently called about the red ring of death my Xbox had been diagnosed with and was told my warranty went out roughly 24 hours before and it would cost 119.99 to fix it. Initially I was upset because I didn't think the Xbox would have the shelf life of a jar of mayonnaise, however, after much debate I attempted to fix it myself. Using the tools at hand and some information from your troubleshooting, I have decided to take you up on your offer to fix my console for the 120.00. Please send me an address to mail the pieces. I would have tried to reassemble it but my hammer broke when I was trying to get it open. Also, I was under the impression that a soldering iron was needed to put a unit back on the mother board...I didn't have a soldering iron but I tried to make my own with gasoline. The fire didn't seem to be working so I put it out with some snow. Any direction in this manner would be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance,

      Sean Maddin



      Then I received my confirmation....


      Email Support

      Thank you for submitting your issue to support.

      Your service request number for this issue is: 1125146355


      This email didn't quite give me the satisfaction I was looking for, although I did enjoy setting the Xbox on fire. So, I took this to the next level and emailed Robert Bach the President of the Devices Division and attached the pictures below.


      Dear Robert,


      I'm sorry to bother you. I have been a Microsoft customer for many years now and have always enjoyed the products relating to the Xbox. I recently had an issue with my console that I'm quite sure the company is very familiar with at this point. The red ring of death, that essentially render the Xbox useless. I promptly called customer service and spoke with a kind gentlemen regarding this problem. However, I missed the warranty date by about a day and the cost to fix this is around 120 dollars. I took a little over a month tossing this logic around in my head before I decided to attempt to fix this. I hear that what causes this error is a piece comes undone from the unit and the console believes it is overheating. I wanted to save you guys the trouble of fixing it because I know you're extremely busy. Well, you guys make the thing so darn hard to get into I had to use a hammer, and then I realized how fragile these things really are because that hammer destroyed it...I mean pieces everywhere. After that struggle I did get it open and realized I needed a soldering iron to put that piece on so the unit wouldn't think it's overheating. Bad news again Robbie because I didn't have one and I'm snowed in here in Cincinnati. So I improvised with some gasoline and matches. Once that got out of hand and didn't seem to be working at all I put it out with some snow, good thing that snow came in handy. I wanted to bring this to your attention and let you know that after my attempts with your product I would like to have one of your professionals repair it. I also work in the customer service field and sometimes I get reviews in from my customers. I'm still waiting to hear from your customer service agent, and any way you can expedite this process would be much appreciated. I have attached the following pictures documenting the repair process. 


      Thank you so much,

      Sean Maddin





      P.S. I can assure you the unit works the exact same as it did before the hammer adjustments.




      I felt slightly better after that. Now we play the waiting game to see what responses we get.....


      Time: 9:19pm 2/15/2010



      Hammer Fixing

      Soldering Attempt

      Putting out the fire

    • Halo composer Martin O'Donnell fired by Bungie

      5 years ago


      After composing some of the most memorable songs in gaming for Bungie games including most of the Halo series, Myth and Oni, Martin O'Donnell tweeted tonight that he has been terminated "without cause" by Bungie's board of directors. It's not entirely common for a game soundtrack to get the album release treatment, but that's just what happened for the Halo games and many gamers have been looking forward to O'Donnell's work on the upcoming game Destiny. There's still no word on why the separation happened, although if he's still interested in working on Halo, one would think it's time for 343 Interactive to make a phone call. A statement on confirms the move, although it claims "Today, as friends, we say goodbye." The timing and feeling reported by the two sides appear to be at odds, and while we wait for more details we'll remember better days with Marty's recent work on the Destiny trailer as well as theme songs for Halo 1, 2 and 3.

      This should be very interesting to see who succeeds him and if his work done on Destiny will still be used. Hopefully he finds a place somewhere else in the industry, someone with his talent should definitely put it to good use.

    • The ScrewAttack Network Reveal .GIFS are here!

      5 years ago


      After this morning's announcement I figured I'd be the first to make those .GIF's so here they are! 






      Congrats ScrewAttack crew on the big announcement!

    • This Kickstarter features dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, mutants and a super kung fu-cop named Kung Fury

      5 years ago


      So yesterday I got home from my family Christmas and opened up Steam to check the sales going on to see if I could make my wallet hate me even more. Fortunately this was not the case so I then proceeded to open up my browser and go to Facebook. Upon loading up I saw a few of my friends sharing this link to a Kickstarter project called Kung Fury. The summary on the page pretty accurately describes just what it is.

      "KUNG FURY is an over-the-top action comedy written and directed by David Sandberg. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazisvikingsnorse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure."

      Now if that doesn't sound quite like your cup of tea then that's fine. But what if I told you that the villian in this movie is Adolf Hitler himself, AKA the Kung Führer.


      He's got some füherious kung fu skills!

      If that doesn't make you shit your pants with excitement then I don't know what to tell you. Now the great thing about this project is that most of it has already been shot and now all that needs to be done is post production stuff. Mainly visual effects, and that's where the Kickstarter money will be going to. I for one have already pledged a few simoleons to this project and if you're a fan of these cheesy 80's action movies I encourage you to do so too. 

      With that being said, I'll leave you with the trailer and the link to the Kickstarter. Hope all you g1's had a merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/whatever you celebrate!



    • Green Day's Dookie turns 20 today

      5 years ago


      Those of us who grew up in the 90's know that when it came to awesome music there was no shortage of it in this decade (sorry 80's kids). We had everything. From Lagwagon to N.W.A, or hell maybe even 'N Sync if you were into that, we were spoiled when it came to great artists. If you had to pick one group or album to define the mid 90's though I guarantee that the first one that comes to mind is Green Day's Dookie. If it's not, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

      2Hd1OEz.jpgUnfortunately the album doesn't come with a real poop throwing monkey


      Put the nostalgia glasses on for this one. I remember the first time I ever listened to Green Day, it was 2004 and I had just burned a copy of American Idiot from my friend. The album instantly got me hooked and made me crave more, that's when I started doing some digging and found Dookie. It's goofy lyrics and relatability to the average teen is uncanny, but even now that I've grown older I still find the lyrics relatable and witty.  On top of all of this it also spawned five singles, Longview, Basket Case, Welcome To Paradise, When I Come Around, and She. Add all this up and you have a recipe not only for one of the greatest albums of all time, but for one of the greatest genres.



      Now admittedly I didn't listen to this album until I was an angsty teen back in good ol' 2008, but even 11 years later it still held up as a perfect album. Now 20 years since its release its still got all the charm and wit that it originally had and that's what makes it unique. Even if Billy Joe is batshit crazy now, back then he was at least less batshit crazy and knew how to make a damn good album.  Even if you don't like some of Green Day's later work you can't deny the influential impact this album had not only on the 90's, but the music industry as well.

      Hard to believe one of my favorite albums of all time is as old as I am.

      Happy 20th anniversary Dookie.

    • SWAT-ing in Call of Duty

      5 years ago


      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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