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    • Ash vs. Evil Dead

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      Starz had recently started broadcasting this series as a sequel to Evil Dead 2 (not Army sadly since Rami and co. don't own the rights to that series).

      Do we have any deadites in the RT community? I know that Matt Hullum is since he bought Army of Darkness like 5 times

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    • Hey I'm on top of the RT Sub-Reddit!

      2 years ago



      I made this ages ago after I re-listened to some old Patch podcasts. On their 7th episode they had Burnie, Ray, and I think Michael on to discuss achievements. Afterall they are the Achievement Hunters. Anyways they made a list of rules that achievements should follow and here it is.

      Quite a simple piece of photoshop but I like it. Sometimes the image is too small which is the only downside making the text hard to read at times but if I made the text any bigger it wouldn't fit.

      Anyways I posted it yesterday evening and this morning my karma rating shot up along with comments and a top spot on RT's sub reddit.

    • Woo Promotion and Interview with Cristina Vee

      2 years ago


      At the start of the year I wrote a journal about how I finally landed one of my dream jobs at It was an internship initially and it took a while to get going due to University and processing. But today I was promoted from intern to full contributor!
      It's more of a formality but it's nice to have full staff recognition on the site.


      I also got to interview voice actress Cristina Vee recently about her new game Veecaloid Pop. I was super nervous and found the prep the hardest to do e.g. finding right questions to ask without being too obtrusive and doing enough research without being insulting.
      She is one my favourite VO artists and it comes at a great time as I finished Magica Madoka recently, and she was wonderful in that.

    • So... this happened

      2 years ago



      I have no idea why a musician that was on the Voice and is a verified twitter person would want to follow me on twitter. All I tweet about is anime, videogames, anime, videogames about anime, writing about anime and videogames and sometimes work.
      But if he likes that then I can dig it.

    • Makster Thoughts: Avengers Age of Ultron+ New 3DS

      2 years ago


      With summer fast approaching and my free time becoming ever more limited, I decided to entertain myself as much as possible before the inevitable world of work consumes my life, soul, and first born child. Using the last of my Amazon Prime Student subscription I got a new NEW 3DS along with Super Smash Bros. and went to see the new Avengers film yesterday with some friends.
      Here are some surface opinions of both.

      NO SPOILERS ARE IN THIS JOURNAL i.e. nothing to do with the plot

      Avengers: Age of Ultron

      I liked it. I think the general consensus is to say that the preference is with the first film and I have to agree. The crew do a great job adding in charismatic quips for each character making them all super likeable as if they needed to make the leading men more attractive, but sometimes it did not match the scene tonally. They did the same thing in the previous film but it was much more apparent in this one, probably because there was a lot more jokes.
      I really liked how the Avengers worked together in this film. The film heavily emphasised how they had become a cohesive unit compared to previously where they were just thrown together. Its pretty sad that Joss Whedon had to quit twitter because of the backlash of this film. I personally think its an overreaction from the fans but I'm not part of the demographic that would be offended.
      Assemble your friends, summon some popcorn, and have a great time with Avengers because the next one will be bigger and badder.

      New 3DS

      So this is my first new handheld since the iPhone 4. I had a DS lite but extremely late in the consoles lifespan and only picked up a few games for that system. Not much could tide me over from playing my PS3 even if it was convenient to carry around. The New 3DS is a nice device to have. Its got lots of different activities to do revolving around the camera and 3D technology that will tide you over until you get a game. I especially like the Street Pass feature. Finally something to compete for pocket space next to my iPhone. I've become addicted to getting street passes with other people that I always take my 3DS with me whenever I leave the house. It's an added benefit that it comes with a pedometer too.
      But a console is nothing without a game so...

      Super Bash Sisters Super Smash Bros. 3DS

      I love the Smash Bros. series. I must have put in over a hundred hours into Melee and worn by my fair share of gamecube controllers from the amount I played with my friends during my college years. I got suckered into the amiibo craze after looking Lucina but ended up getting Robin and Ike too. The amount of characters is overwhelming but appreciated. Lots of time can be spent learning the moves and strengths of each one. I've already found some new characters I like despite maining Lucina/Marth.
      A big problem I have is the amount of Counter type moves in this game. Previously only the Fire Emblem swordsmen Marth/ Roy (Melee)/ Ike (Brawl) had this down+ B special but now its been replicated to Little Mac, Palutena, Greninja, Lucina, Shulk, and Mii Sword Fighters.
      I'm thankful that the 3DS version also has online play. Even if it is laggy I'm glad its an option because even if the classic modes are harder than ever, the level 9 computers are still a laughing joke

    • Dream Job GET! My New Start at Japanator

      2 years ago



      I started blogging for a medium sized site three years ago in the hopes of writing for Destructoid. Before then I had no prior writing experience outside mandatory education and had just started University to do a non-english/ arts degree. Back then there were a lot of new starts and now as I enter the final stretch of my degree, I have accomplished one of my life goals; writing for a professional website.

      Japanator is a sister site to Destructoid focussing on Japanese culture, anime, manga, and eastern video games. Over the years I've become more distant from the video games industry but more interested in anime, so this struck a perfect balance for where I am in life.
      This is a journal basically saying; achieving your dreams is possible. But it requires commitment above all else. Just keep working at it even if you don't think it will lead any where. Even if you're bad at it keep doing what you want to do. Because when that flash in the pan opportunity comes, you will be ready with a portfolio that will blow them away.

      "Luck is being prepared when the situation arises"

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      thanks for the add Makster!

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      welcome to rooster teeth!
      Have fun!

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