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      I wish I had the time and energy to flesh this out more and not just project my yelling and crying onto a page, so I'll start with this.

      I am disgusted.

      I don't know what you thought you were doing with all this Bumbleby crap, but when I first heard Bmblb, I actually wanted to cry. This fandom has been so vile, and this company so unsupportive towards LGBTQ+ fans, and fandom in general is so hostile towards wlw ships. The amount of animosity towards Bumbleby that's not present for Blacksun shippers is astounding, as well as the double standards. This isn't a thread about the ships, this is about my identity. It's not about Bumbleby and what ship is or isn't going to become canon, it's about Rooster Teeth taking advantage of its large LGBTQ+ fanbase, creating a relationship between two women that's very rare in the media, being ambiguous about it, letting its LGBT fans be shot down mercilessly by blatant homophobia within this community, getting our hopes up with the soundtrack (I mean, "wasn't something myself or the crew knew about", really Arryn?), please, just listen to the impact that that song, the sheer possibility of seeing yourself where you never do, had on your fans. I'm thoroughly appalled. And then you reveal that the song doesn't mean anything somehow. Just like Boop? And Dream Come True? I can't even contain how outraged I am, for myself and for the fans who thought they finally had something good going for them.

      I'm revoking my First membership after this. Whether or not I'll even bother tuning in for volume 5 is up in the air. But I refuse to pay you for this complete disrespect, I'm not spending money when there's an 80% chance I'm being strung on with something so impactful.

      This fandom is revolting, this company sickens me, and the fact that you've been relying on and continue to prey on marginalized people's desperation, and use our desperate hope for profit is downright insulting.

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    • Uhhhhh... hi. I'm doing a comic thing...

      4 years ago


      I'm Madison and have no idea what I'm doing (it's like joining Tumblr all over again!)
      Seriously, for the 6 months I've been in love with RT/AH I haven't been bothered to really mess around on the site (Shit, now I'm talking like Gavin)

      Anyway, real talk. I love to draw, I love to write, and I ADORE RoosterTeeth. So I decided to combine the three! I'm making a webcomic starring our favorite employees! I know many people have done this, but I have been planning out the story A LOT and hope to separate myself a bit from the rest of the fandom.
      So, the story of course involves Ryan, the Mad King, His Madness, the corrupt insane evil douchebag that rules Achievementia, whatever you want to call him. 10 years after he stole the throne from King Burnie, the 5 heroes of prophecy stand up to take him down. A village boy who lost his parents, an archer whose best friend mysteriously disappeared, a young sorcerer searching for his master, a carpenter who never had a home, and an old, retired knight wanting one last adventure. Together with a band of gypsies, a prophet who doesn't do jack shit, a foreign King, Queen, and two princes, they will bring peace to the kingdom once again.
      OMNOM OUT.

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