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from San Pedro, CA

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    Hey, I'm a longtime lurker and fan of Cock Bite (er...Rooster Teeth).

    I work at boring office desk job, and am trapped in an aging body with the mind of a teenager. Recreationally I enjoy traveling, film-making, photography, and making websites. But really, I'm into just about anything (no really, try me, I'm down for whatever).

    My main website is, and my personal website is You can find me on Twitter @1andOnlyX

    I also have created a weekly YouTube series called "Journey of 1", where I travel around Southern California and visit different events and places. The website is, but can also be found on YouTube.

    I'd love to get to know any other Rooster Teeth fans on here, so please send me a message or contact me elsewhere, I'd love to talk to ya!

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