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    • Desk Of DeathBattle suggestions

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      Got a suggestion for Desk of? Well let me me know here.

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    • We're here!

      3 years ago


      Looks like the migration is over. Now i have to figure out how to make my profile look spiffy.

    • Gaikai, the new internet blockbuster!

      5 years ago


      Thanks to some concept art on Gaikai’s website we may have a glimpse at what Playstation Now’s rental costs might be.

        Farcry 3 is listed at $5.99 and Uncharted 3 is listed at $4.99. Now obviously we don’t know if these rentals will be for  1 day or 1 month, or any other pertinent information so we can only speculate that it will be pre minute and that all the games will come with double the DRM.

    • The PSP is Dead!

      5 years ago


      Sony's first attempt at a handheld system launched almost 10 years ago! And it appears that its long life has come to an end seeing how Sony has announced it will cease production of the device.

      Although it had relatively weak sales in the states the PSP was quite the success for Sony, having much better sales in its Japanese homeland. With a dense library of wonderful and equally horrible games alike it is easy to look back on this ambitious handheld with fond memories. Fun fact: the original model of PSPs had a CD ejector made by MI6's own Q. 

    • Gaming with Gold Lands on Xbox One

      5 years ago


      Good news for all you Xbox one owners with gold out there. Microsoft has just put out its first two games for gold on the Xbox One. The two titles being bestowed upon the masses are Halo: Spartan Assault and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Max is a game about saving your brother with a magic marker and Spartan Assault is a game about endurance and patience where you try and have fun while it throws microtransaction prompts at your face.

      Maybe I'm just old and crotchety, but giving away a game that is filled to the brim with microtransactions doesn't really feel like it warrants paying for a special subscription.

      Personally I think games for gold is a great idea but when the first set of next gen titles includes a first party game with an abundance of micro transactions it seems a bit like fools gold.

    • EA Press Conference Recap

      5 years ago


      EA’s press conference opened with a look inside the development of Star Wars Battlefront, showing off not only the passion of the dev team, but the extreme extent that they are going to in order to make it as badass as possible.  After our Star Wars boner had calmed down a bit, Bioware showed up to show off some beautiful footage of Dragon Age: Inquisition accompanied by some live music and gameplay footage.  The cherry on the giant dragon-shaped cake was a hero overlook, breaking down some of the most interesting cast members of the Inquisition. Lucky for us though that wasn’t the end of Bioware.  Mass Effect was teased and they confirmed they are working on a new IP, but sadly were hush-hush about it.

      Shortly after the Bioware crucible, the conference took a lighter turn introducing The Sims 4.  They went out of their way to show just how strange the Sims adventures and lifestyles can be by having Chuck, the Sim in the spot light of this demonstration, die of laughter. No joke - the hot-head-book-nerd-athletic-jock they chose to focus on died of laughter…. I guess that’s the Sims for ya.

      After Chuck's untimely demise they showed a clip of a clip from one of best know untimely dead people to have ever lived, Bruce Lee. This sadly did not lead into any new bad ass enter the dragon game though it was just a intro to UFC 15 which started off our first set of back to back boring combos leading into NHL 15 where things have gotten so stale they have to focus on how the crowed is now fully fleshed out. Oh and all the players and pucks have individual physics which seems like something that should be a given.

      Just as I was drifting off to sleep due to boredom a real game stepped back into the spot light when Criterion games showed off an untitled project that looks like an adrenaline junkies dream, consisting of driving and jumping out of pretty much every vehicle imaginable.  There was even a bit of game play that showed the player jumping out of a helicopter onto a ATV and then watching the helicopter explode on impact with the ground. Oh, and they had wing suits too.

      Right after that adrenaline rush comes the start of our next back-to-back boring combo starting with PGA 15. It’s golf, one of the only games where the rules haven’t changed in hundreds of years, except for now thanks to marshal law because apparently you can play golf in a fucking war zone. Madden 15 is our second game of the combo, relentlessly slapping us in the face with boring information and showing off their new defense system that uses targeting cones to tackle people. Honestly if I was drunk I could have mistaken it for the 3rd person MOBA Smite.

      Speaking of MOBAs, EA busted out its own MOBA called Dawn Gate. The dev team behind the game expressed how community driven the reimagining of the MOBA style is. Not much else was said about actual gameplay, though they did reassure us that it isn’t “just” a clone of other MOBAs .

      EA then followed up with one of it’s more unique titles, Mirrors Edge, once again we were given a dev diary-esque look into the game. Sadly little information was given, and instead we were fed a large helping of vision rather than fact.  If they can deliver on those visions I’m sure it will be a very interesting title, certainly more interesting than EA’s next game FIFA 15

      More soccer eh……. BORING

      Last but not least EA rolled a hype train through the conference with Battlefield: Hardline by showing off an impressive and extremely scripted 32-player match of their cops and robbers mode. At one point a dude dropped off a zip line onto the back of a motorcycle which was as badass as it was undeniably stupid. Speaking of being as awesome as you are dumb, EA announced the Hardline beta was live now! About 10 mins after he said that EAs servers were down and we were unable to even try and get onto Origin to enter the beta. And that is EA in a nutshell.

    • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze E3: 2013

      6 years ago


      Yes penguin archers and walrus Vikings are confirmed for the newest Donkey Kong title on the Wii U, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

      Apparently in this new DK installment DK Island has been attacked by frigid Vikings along side that info it looked like a pretty standard DK game packed full of 2.5D fast paced platforming but with some new fancy HD touches.

      Keep your eyes open for this first party knock out this November. And let us know what you think below.

    • The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD: E3 2013

      6 years ago


      While we got no information on a new Zelda title today we did get some more info and a trailer for Wind Waker.

      Although it is pretty much a straight port boosted to 1080p they did announce there will be some new additions to the gameplay, one of these being a new way to interact with the series most loathed character, Tingle.

      You will now be able to use your Wii you game pad rather then a link cable and a GB A (big surprise) and you can also send messages in bottles for what ever reason Nintendo's message was "Grandma's smile is a healing!" yeah just sit and think on that one for a bit.

      Link does look pretty sharp cutting through 1080p grass in all his HD glory but is this enough to hold you over till a new Zelda comes out?

    • Angry Video Game Nerd DVD Volume 7 and Board James DVD

      6 years ago


      Come Check out our new Cinemassacre DVDs!

      The AVGN Volume 7 DVD and Board James Volume 1 DVD are now available for sale on! 

      $23.98 Angry Video Game Nerd DVD Volume 7  - The seventh season of the Angry Video Game Nerd! This 3 disc DVD set contains AVGN episodes from Ghosts & Goblins to the Tiger Handhelds! Volume 7 is packed full of bonus features such as outtakes, behind the scenes, commentaries by James and Mike even an SNES VS Genesis debate!

      $17.98 Board James DVD - The First compilation of the Board James! This 2 disc DVD set contains 19 of your favorite episodes like Hero Quest, Weapons and Warriors, and CROSSFIRE!!! This special compilation DVD is packed full of bonus features like outtakes, and commentaries by James and Mike!

      If you'd like to pick up both, make sure you check out our Double Pack to save yourself some cash!

      Available now! at



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