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    • We Have Launched!!

      2 years ago


      Finally after ideas being passed around, whispers through the grapevine and constant talk...we have accomplished our goal!

      I present to you The Men Who Sit!

      We have finally made our Youtube channel, we will be playing some games having us some podcasts and just having a great time! we will be talking all things games, anime, sports, music, etc and telling some crazy stories we have had along the way!

      I hope you all check it out, i have been a fan of RT and all the brands of RT for so long! knowing that i wanted to something along the same lines as them. Hopefully one day being able to show them what i have done so i can eventually be one of them! My friends and I are very very ambitious and ready for this!

      Our Schedule is as follows (this will be soon to come)

      Monday 8pm Est - Smite Night

      Wednesday 8pm Est - Gameplay

      Friday 8pm Est - Audio Podcast

      we honestly cant wait to keep pushing out videos for right now i hope you can all enjoy the test audio podcasts we will be putting out.

      Thank you so Much please share, like and subscribe!

      - Dane, Kevin, Steve. THE MEN WHO SIT!

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    • 2 years ago


      2 years ago


      So I just watched the rwby themed free play and when they showed that exclusive clip, i legit balled my eyes out....30 seconds of the show and i was already crying oh god what am I in for tomorrow. I've been going back and forth trying to decide who im going to cosplay as for anime boston. I was stuck between cross playing Coco Adel or Weiss Schnee, my two favorite heroines! but Weiss definitely won from that 30 seconds i just watched. Weiss is gonna always be number one in my heart. I hope I get to see Roosterteeth at anime boston it would be awesome! here's to hopefully wishes!!!!!

      I just cant wait for RWBY tomorrow, its always gonna be in my top 5 animes of all time (fuck you if you say its not an anime, fuck technical shit). My brother Tyler and I have been obsessed with RWBY since the beginning, we like picked which characters resembled our friends and ourselves (im Weiss and hes freezerburn!) we watch every new episode together the day it comes out, we added team rwby and there weapons to our SuperFight decks. We love this show so much! thank all the creators, writers, voice actors, animators and of course my idol....Monty Oum.

      Enjoy Episode 12!!!!!

    • Advice on a video camera to buy....

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      So im in the market to buy my first video camera, i go to school for sound and motion picture im more than qualified to handle cameras and audio equipment, so im not a novice is all im saying. Ive got my eyes on the Panasonic AGAC90 and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a better camera or suggestions about this camera. i have a budget of 1500, im also in the market for a audio recorder/interface i have my eyes on the Zoom h5 and was wondering if anyone had suggestions about that as well Thank you!

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    • Friends and Wrestling!

      2 years ago


      So first off i really want to thank everyone who accepted my friend requests on here, i love this community so i wanted to reach out there! message me anytime if you just want to talk anything, or if you wanna play some games! we will have a good time.

      Now on to other news, so im a big WWE fan (yes i know its fake) but im in it for the excitement, the writing and the camera work also in some alternate universe if my achilis tendons didnt suck i would be a wrestler hands down! So last night a big shocker came to the wwe universe when Daniel Bryan retired at such a young age from wrestling. Let me tell you on RAW last night there was not a dry eye in the house. before bryan even came out, the people in the crowd where cheering his name and then his music hit and everyone just started crying. Daniel Bryan didnt even make it to the end of the ramp and he was tearing up. He had an amazing speech and before he started talking he just closed his eyes in the middle of the ring and took in the chants from the crowd he said "he will never forget that feeling" he told one of the best stories of how his father saw him wrestle for the last time in the same stadium and on one of the best nights of his life. He told the story about how they where having the championship ascension ceremony and it was a big deal they had all the big champions come out like bret heart, shawn michaels, cm punk and mick foley and no one cared all they chanted with DANIEL BRYAN. ill leave a link for you guys to watch it!

      He made me relate to wrestling again, because he was a average guys wrestler he was no stone cold or rock but he was one of the best wrestlers ever. He made it relatable again for the small guy to be the big guy! he was a god damn amazing submissionist he held every wwe title, he beat people like Cm Punk, Randy Orton, Batista, Triple H, John Cena and many more. he made it clear last night in his words that he was Grateful. We are grateful for you Daniel Bryan thank you so much for showing us that determination and passion will get you your dreams! ill be able to look at my kids when they love wrestling and they say that there guy is the best ever , im gonna sit them down and tell them a little story about....

      The YES! Movement......Daniel Bryan.

    • Your Fateful Friend (Monty Oum)

      2 years ago


      On Feb 1st 2015, my idol was taken from this world. Arguably one of the best creators on this planet. with a mind that brought to life imagery, that some people wish they could pull from there own minds and put into this world, Monty Oum did not try but he succeed and brought us RWBY. not only did he bring his own creations to life, he lifted others like Red Vs Blue to new heights. RoosterTeeth co-workers and friends/family had to deal with such a big loss, i can not understand the void that they must feel, but what i know is that Monty fuels them to move ahead and create, just as he has taught me. I never had an idol (other than my mom) i never looked at a creation and said man that guy/girl makes me feel like i could do the same. Monty filled my void...He helped me switch paths in college to become a storyteller. He helped me learn my love for all things camera oriented. He became my idol the day he passed me in PAX East 2014 i just could feel his essence that made me what that aura around myself on day. Monty, Id like to think that maybe if or paths crossed a little bit earlier in life, just maybe I could sit behind you at your desk and take your advice "and just watch!" id just like to think maybe we could of created something together. Ill move forward as you have instructed, ill create as you have instructed and i will give it my you have instructed.

      Your fateful friend, Dane

    • Lazer Team Danvers, MA

      2 years ago


      i get to see Lazer Team tonight! with my best buddy Ty hope i get to meet some RT fans there tonight! come say Hello to me i dont bite!

    • Disaster Strikes!

      2 years ago


      So first off Hey! i really never post on the site but i would really like start!

      So first off im Dane and im a huge RT fan (obvious) but i want to tell a story about how I tried to finally start my new Youtube channel. I guess i should start at the beginning.

      Back in 2010 i met a group of fellas that would eventually become my brothers for life, then some of us started college and me in particular started to watch roosterteeth (stick with me i swear it all connects lol) i go to school for sound and motion picture, i love to shoot film, edit film and do audio along with it all. then there is my partner kevin who unfortunatly moved to canada but hes a computer programmer and he knows all that tech stuff, then there is our nerdy, musically, anime friends Ty, Steve and Jeff. Wonder twin powers activate in form of The Men Who Sit. thats what we call our group lol. so any ways.....

      kevin and me sat down one night and just thought that we could finally do a youtube channel he was coming down for holiday and the guys where free and we thought out a schedule, plan, games all this cool shit it was so well thought out. we just thought we could finally take our funny stories play video games and just do it on youtube under the channel TMWS. Heres what happened.

      I took out over 20,000 dollars worth of gear from my school so professional it was awesome we would have a jump on other channels because we had good equipment. so i had this studd (after along battle and a call from my president of my school) i got the gear took it home and planned with the guys how we where going to do this. So our plan was to do 40 videos in a month. that didnt happen through. so the biggest thing we over looked was the fact that the PS4 only records 15 minutes of game play and we needed a longer run time, as well all the tech issues we ran iinto.

      we ran into so much lost footage, wrong buttons pushed, mic issues, device issues everything under the sun i just wished i had the AH technical issues music lol. other than that between only being able to get certain people, lossing time and just enjoying the time we had with kevin it was hard to get anything done. all in all we failed with flying colors lol.

      we learned alot, we know we need our own equipment and we need to become better at solo plays as well, with the how long distance thing. we need an actual schedule and we need hard work and dedication! so to our future fans! this is not the end but a beautiful beginning!

      Thanks, Dane and The men who sit!

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