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    • Shameless Self Promotion: Youtube!

      2 years ago


      Usually this is for posting screenshots of videos which my art or face has been in (So it seems anyway), but while I'm posting on every other social media site possible I might as well post here!

      So, I am Caleb and this is my youtube channel!!

      I mostly play old video games terribly, but due to recent purchases some newer, more Xbox-ier stuff is happening. I also review things that aren't related to gaming, usually things that smell pretty or not so pretty(Due to a huge obsession with Lush Cosmetics). I sometimes babble about life.

      It's kind of on a "The next upload is a surprise" basis due to work and thin walls. (And a possibility of a new/second job after tomorrow's interview? What? Wish me luck!!)

      And I'm still learning with regards to video editing, recording and such. It's one of those things that improves with practice though.

      Someone also suggested speedpaints, which is an idea ... But I've only recently started to accept my art? If that makes sense, y'know the whole self-criticism and being my own worst judge and that.

      Also cosplay making progress is an idea too, although I'm not going to any cons/expos until MCM London in October. But it's an idea, I want to cosplay something spectacular in the near future that is pink. (Hint: RvB)

      Also look at how cute my thumbnails are;

      Also excuse the pre-hormones current voice, I really hope one day that will change and I'd look back and think "Wow, that's how I used to sound" and "Wow, my content was so bad then, I'm so glad I didn't give up" (I say wow a lot, future-Caleb will also say wow a lot.)

      Sort of got a bit babbly there, sorry! (It's what I do)

    • I need to use this for more interesting things but ...

      2 years ago


      IT ME!!(jokes on them bc someone else bought me this shirt lmao)

      Look who was in a Funhaus video??

      Absolutely, me. I feel overwhelmed like holy frick that's me??

    • It me!!

      2 years ago


      goeff-ramsey:  Rooster Teeth used my selfie?? I put two on my tweet and they used my favourite <3 <3

      This is my favourite shirt and designed by one of my fave people!!

    • !!!!!

      3 years ago


      My art was used on AHWU!!? I woke up last night to a bunch of messages about it and I just???

      Thank you so much AH ;v; <3

    • ScrewAttack fanart - by ggCaleb!

      3 years ago


      Hello! Caleb here. I haven't really used this website since signing up, except to look at videos (Even though I watch on youtube so y'know)

      Just a little babble of why I am here;

      I've been an RT Fan (Mainly AH) for a while, and FH since October. I honestly knew nothing of ScrewAttack until the RT Stream. I'm glad I did because holy frick I actually really love ScrewAttack now?? --- Well since Bolen and Nick were at the PAX Panel -- Which has now turned to full attention.

      And usually when things get my full attention, they get my art skill too, whether they want it or not -- But the responses on Twitter have been encouraging and really nice!! ;v; (My Twitter is @Uzireloaded if you want it)

      So here's my art;



      More than 1 person

      Sam - Shaun - Craig ft. Pizza (I voted Craig for his #3)

      Evil Craig - Executioner Shaun (Could you imagine those guys teaming up?? Please?)


      This technically counts as Achivement Hunter fanart, but Craig is there? (This was on AHWU #304 <3) (I do plan on drawing more Gang Beasts art -- Mostly of the people who hid for most of a round and then came out ... And failed amazingly ... So Craig and Adam tbh)


      There's this improvement challenge on Tumblr, the first week is facial proportions, so I'm probably going to work through all of everyone's faces (Chad is next) (Then work with AH or FH) ... I guess it's good to draw things that aren't my stylized BS


      Thank you for taking the time to look!

      Also if anyone has any SA related suggestions or requests they'd like me to draw --- Please tell me <3!! (Somebody on Twitter asked for the flexing art of Shaun, and I granted it because I'm awesome)


      And of course there is going to be more fanart in the future shh.

    • Babbling about MCM London

      3 years ago


      This should've been posted like a month ago xux But I'm waiting for my video files to load to do some editing, and nobody is around to bother, so here goes;

      Oh my gosh, London MCM was literally the best time I've had in a long time??
      Like usually I got to MCM comic con to dress up and drink?? But this time I really wanted to meet Jack and Adam ;v;
      I mean I did dress up and drink a lot, but shh.

      I met them on the Saturday, after a whole day of security telling me to come back in half an hour. Like I get the crowd control is needed, bc when I first got there the queue was going around a different booth lmao.
      When I finally got to meet them I was really emotional and shakey and just??? this is a thing that's happening


      I'm never going to forget about this, two people I admire most ;v;
      The most wonderful handshake with Adam and he crowned me and called me "My liege"

      I had to calm myself by drinking

      Then someone messaged me at like 9pm, while I was pretty drunk, to go to this pub where there they were ;v;


      Somebody explained the whole David Cameron and pig thing /u\

      I had so many comments about this cosplay it was great ;v;

      Then I hung with this Ray cosplayer I met earlier on that day (Like before the panel "Hey these guys must be waiting for the RT panel, lets just chill with them)

      I was hungover and ill on the Saturday and bc of my cosplay having face paint not many of my friends noticed who I was??? So it was kind of ehhh xux;;; And other issues made me feel like shit, anxieties on the side and such

      I felt okay once I mixed alcohol with my drink and joined the RT meet up.

      Then the group decided to go and thank Jack & Adam for coming out ;v; It was really nice! So we got last minute selfies;



      I didn't have that second crown on until I saw Adam xux He found it on the floor and just placed it on my head?? Out of everyone there ;v;

      Things haven't been great for me over the past few years, but a few simple gestures from people I admire and just oh my GOSH??? ;v;

      This is what I think about when I need a morale boost ლ(´∀`ლ)



      My crown is a little more broken now than in the pictures (way to go me and travelling) But it's literally my favourite thing ;v; (Along with my pe/\ke shirt <3)

    • First post?

      3 years ago


      Hello! After a long time of being a fan of RT, I've finally decided to work out the website. Good luck me xux

      For now, here is an image of me wearing my new favourite shirt with sleeves badly rolled OTL


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