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    • New DnD 5e Campaign. "Lagoora: Tunnels to Nowhere."

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      I'm setting up a new campaign using Roll20. for the game overview and dice rolls and Discord/skype for voice chat. (Since the Roll20 chat is shit.)

      We start on Lv 2 so new players can get into it without much preparation while more experienced players can enjoy having a little more abilities to use.

      Just comment here or PM me if you want to join and I'll invite you to the Roll20 game page and give you the info you need to create your character :)

      As a teaser, here are some info of the campaign to be!

      Game name: Lagoora: Tunnels to Nowhere.
      Genre: Fantasy/Horror
      Max players: 7
      World: Lagoora (This is an own made world I've been working on for the last 7 or so years)
      Available races: Human (No subraces), Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Tiefling, Goblin, Kobold, Half-Orc and Dragonborn.
      Available Classes: All
      Available Backgrounds: All

      There's tales of other worlds. Realms of fire, water, light, death and all other sorts of mysteries. The legends tells of portals in our home, the world we call Lagoora, that lead to these 'other worlds'. Strong beings of evil have through time manifested these portals for travel to our worlds to cause chaos, however, no one from our world have managed to do the same. Once in a while, portals appear out of nowhere and can be entered from our end. Many have tried traveling these portals, but no one have ever returned. Giving them the name; "the Tunnels to Nowhere"!

      You have heard stories of these mysterious Tunnels to nowhere and rumors tells of disturbance of the sort in an old abandoned tavern in the woods. After gathering your friends to venture into the deep forests, you find the tavern the locals spoke of. It seem like no one have been here for years. The doors seem old and worn, if they are locked, they can easily be broken down.
      There's sounds of thunder in the distance and darkness falls slowly around you. There is no time to investigate the tavern from the outside, you better enter it and see what adventures await for you inside.

      Date and time will be determined once we have enough players. I want it to be a time we all agree to.

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    • As time goes by.

      7 months ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist

      I've been spending the last 2 weeks going through Rooster Teeth and what it has to offer and I keep saying to myself; "WOW. This company has really grown since I first found'em!"

      I remember in 2004 when my younger brother showed me the cool Halo series he and a friend of his found while browsing the net a few months ago. I didn't own an Xbox so I'd only ever heard of Halo and tried it at friends places so wasn't at all familiar with it or that people made internet videos with it. He showed it to me on redvsblue.com of course and I was immediately hooked! I remember I kept watching it as new episodes went out and later caught on to RT shorts and Drunk Tank. I loved how fun RvB was and how open its creators were to its fans.

      Years passed and my personal life got bumpy, so I ended up having to take a break from internet series like RvB.

      I mentioned this shortly in an earlier post here that you can read down. It took me about 2 years without RT as I found Death Battle and top 10 on youtube, though I did not know Screw Attack belonged to RT. It was when I saw the Death Battle with Yang I figured it out. They mentioned short what RWBY was about and it looked awesome, so I googled it and stumbled unto roosterteeth.com. I already had an account from 2010, the site had just made some changes since I last logged in; mainly the tabs for their sister productions including Screw Attack. Man I felt like a fool, but alas RT was once again a part of my life. I ended up way more into RWBY than I ever was in RvB and even bought all volumes available in my region on Blu-ray.

      Which leads us to today. I found out RvB was on Netflix and had a lazy week, so I binged it to catch up on what I missed and have now seen all of the animated shorts and are actively paying attention to the podcasts, AH dnd campaigns, Camp Camp and more to come.

      From RvB in 2004 to this metrolopolis with RWBY, Camp Camp, Day 5, Lazer Team (Haven't seen that yet as it's not on here, guess they want to complete all screening before they upload it to a free-access site like RT), animated shorts, Enjoy the Show, On the Spot... the list goes on!

      I am an active first member, originally to see RWBY a day earlier, but now to just support. Because Rooster Teeth, you deserve it!

    • 10 years of RT

      7 months ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist

      As I turned 25 and re-watched all of RvB to be completely up to date, I figured I should take the math on how long I've been watching RT stuff.

      It says on my profile I've been here since 2010, but I've been here far longer than that. I just had another profile, unless I watched without a profile, before 2010 when I made the eltoroguaco alias.

      I started watching RvB around its 2nd season in 2004 and watched it all out the Recollection series, then I stopped until last week. That means I had 7 years of RvB in my life. However, stopping RvB did not mean I stopped RT at all. I stayed off this site a while after I stopped,  Butbutt I found ScrewAttack on Youtube around 2013 and watched those shows for 2 years before figuring out SA belongs to RT  caboose That is when I found RWBY that completely changed my life and resulted in me making now 10.5 RWBY OCs (only 4 completely submitted on DeviantART) and buying all volumes available on Blu-ray. Meaning I had 3 more years with RT in my life after the 2 year holdup before catching up on RvB.

      In conclusion, I've spent approximately 10 of my 25 years watching videos made by RoosterTeeth. LIFE WELL SPENT!

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    • I'm a sponsor now!

      1 year ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist

      Yep, you heard me. I finally committed to become a sponsor. Hope I'll get as much enjoyment on this as hyped.

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      Spam bot, I reject thee!

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      Who is this guy? Is he active in the community? He seems interesting but if he is not active then forget it.

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    Team RDJA (Red-Jay)

    Team RDJA (Red-Jay) completely updated and ready for battle! The team is my OC RWBY team from the kingdom of Atlas, north in Remnant. They have all graduated from Asius Academy for Huntsmen and Huntresses in Atlas 2 years before the current time of Volume 4 and are now active in their field. The team is built of the members Red Onyx, Diana Vermarine, Jasper Cornflower and Agate Lilla. The team is Lead by Red Onyx. Named after the Quartz Onyx that comes in the colours Red or Black, hence his colour combination of red and black. His weapon is an advance backpack that holds 4 varieties of weapons all with the same handle. A sword, a handgun, a staff and a rifle. He then get the advantage of all range types and he changes between 4 different combat stances based on his weapons. The down side? He have to attach the weapon to the backpack to rotate weapons, which will leave him open for attacks. Cause of this, he cannot change when aggravated and will have to step off the combat zone for some seconds. After the team graduated and completed a few missions in Atlas, Red was sent by the army on a solo mission that went horribly wrong. Leaving him traumatized and unfit for the army. He was left for rehabilitation for a year until he found his way back on his feet. Now he's back fighting for Atlas, but no longer feel the need to kiss their ass and have loosened his custom red army-styled outfit to show he is no longer a dedicated soldier in arms. Diana Vermarine is a peaceful creature and love spending her time with nature. She joined the team when studying in Alsius as part of the initiation test. Her name comes from the ancient Roman godess Diana, god of the hunt and the moon, while Vermarine is a quartz that got a greenish colour. Her weapon "Silver Moon" got a moon-shaped blade useful in close combat with her spinning combat style and two automatic guns on the top of the blades both using the same magazine. The weapon can be split in the middle to be more compact when not in use. After the incident of Red's solo mission, Diana refused to take any more missions and spent the year working on her garden and taking care of Red when he needed her. Jasper Cornflower enters the team. She's the teams attitude. Her mother was a talented fan dancer in Menagerie and taught her daughter all she knew. When deciding to become a huntress, Jasper used what she learned from her mother to make her gracious and unique fighting style. Even with her strong and idyllic personality, she's overly fragile and spend most of her time in combat avoiding hit. During her time in team RDJA, no one has seen her ever taking a hit from a grimm. Her weapon, Ocean Blossom, takes the disguise as a regular eastern fan but with a bladed tip. The Blossom's blade is insanely sharp and a single hit can be lethal. She has no alternatives for range however and will rely on a good use of semblance to reach far. Her semblance is commonly called "Copycat" and let her copy other peoples semblances by making eye-contact. She can only copy one semblance at a time and it's limited. Of course she has to know the persons semblance before doing this, else she have no use for it. When copying a semblance, her eye colour take the same as the person she copy, however if a semblance creates something in their aura colour, it turns blue as Jaspers own aura. Her mother moved from Menagerie in hope of seeing the world. When on a ship to Atlas, the ship was attacked by a big flying Grimm. Luckily, there was a huntsman on the ship that quickly took down the grimm and saved the passengers lives. He met Jaspers mother on that ship and took her with him to his home in Atlas and they later married. He's a loyal employee at the Schnee company and when his child turned out to be a Faunus, he was scared of how it would affect his position. Because of this, Jasper never saw the world outside her home until she was 12 and snuck out. Agate was raised by a regular family in Atlas and neither of her family members are huntsmen or huntresses. At a young age, she fell in love with the Schnee company by watching demonstrations and decided to become a huntress herself to protect and serve that family. However, her obsession for the Schnee never seemed to calm and as a result, she's spent her entire life taking secret pictures of them and stalking their every move in media. Even in school she could not leave it at rest. Especially when Winter Schnee herself attended the same school when she did. At a time in school, Winter caught her stalking and after a court jury, she's given a restriction order for the entire family in as much as 100ft. That do not stop her from taking pictures, but their quality is highly reduced and she's risking prison if caught. Because of her obsession for the Schnee, it is only natural she got a hatred for the white fang. When starting school, she blamed the entire Faunus race for the Fang's actions. After a year with her teammate Jasper Cornflower however, she learned that the faunus are not to blame and stopped her prejudice to some extend. She's still vary and don't easily befriend Faunus still today, but at least she can live among them in peace. After Red got sent to a mental institute and Diana temporarily retire, Agate and Jasper together continued serving the Atlasian empire to fight grimm as a dynamic duo. During this time, Agate specialized in the air force and got a valid licence to fly small to medium sized aircrafts. She even owns one herself that she's painted and dubbed the "Amethyst Bird". After Reds recovery, the team reunited and are using this aircraft to get around the world of Remnant to yet again fight Grimm as an elite quartet. Her weapon, The Violet Heart, is a one-bladed battleaxe suit for heavy and agile swings. It's also a shotgun for medium range and burst in case they are facing a horde of grimm too dangerous to approach. Her semblance is commonly called "Disks". It allows her to summon sharp purple disks or plates that she can manipulate in the air to stand put or fly at a high speed towards her enemy. They are always the same size, about 2ft in diameter, but after a lot of practice, she can summon multiple at a time to rain these small disks at her enemies or create stairs to climb heights or gaps.

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