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    • My visit to RTX London

      7 months ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist

      I'm late, but figured I could document my awesome journey to RTX: London!

      Since the first RTX was made in a small hotel lobby in Austin, TX. I've wanted to attend one. Alas, it was too far away and would cost a fortune for a 'poor' Norwegian bloke. That is, until it was announced last winter that the next new location for RTX would be London, England! I thought on it for a while, I'd never been to England and couldn't find anyone to travel with. Could I afford it? Would I dare to go alone? By the time the 1st member tickets became available, I made my up my mind and grabbed a weekend pass. After summer, I managed to snipe an autograph session with Lindsey Jones and Barbara Dunkelman as well as a commemorate badge. The plane ticket was ordered and a 12 person room in Via Limehouse Hostel was booked. The trip was about to commence!

      Flash forward to October 12. 2017! The day I am to travel to London. Excited and a little scared, I got up around 12pm after a night with about 2 hours sleep. 2nd night in a row with that short of a rest. Boy we're off to a good start. As I got up and into the shower, I remembered my RWBY knockoff art I made during summer. I wonder if Lindsey and Barbara would find that funny. The plane leaves at 8:30pm so I have the entire day on me. Let's head off to school and print a couple of these art pieces so I can give it to them.


      I arrived at the airport 5 hours before departure. Since I'm travelling with Ryanair and are not sure if my bags follow the minimum criteria, I estimated at least 3 hours of time. Turns out I was restless and ended up with a couple more. Did not bring my switch in fear of it being stolen, so my phone is my only entertainment while staying.

      After a dreadful 5 hours wait and 1 and a half flight, I arrived in London. Could not make any public transport that would arrive at the hostel in time, so took a cab. Costed me £94 so that's fun. The Taxi driver opened a door for me on the left backseat of the car and got in on the right. It's about now I remember that England drives on the left lanes. That's a detail I forgot and it's now the only thing I can think of during the entire trip. The driver was extremely cockney and talked about olympics and terrible London traffics. Not much more to say about him, but he got me safely to the hostel in time.

      13th of October 2017. The night was rough. I slept for about 2hours again. Third night in a row! Now caused by a tremendously drunk woman right outside my window yelling at the hostel employees about her lost phone. Luckily, this is where the bad streak ends.

      I met up with a Swedish bloke that created the Loners at RTX London facebook group for lonely travellers. He introduced me to two girls staying at the same hostel, and it turned out one of them was at the same room as me. Finally some luck! This means I have someone to help me guard my stuff. Not that I brought with me lots of stuff...

      We commenced with a trip in London. Starting at the Excel. The girls taught me how the transit system works and we met up with tons of other cool Loners at the excel to pick up our tickets. We had some fun with the guardians too while waiting.

      After picking up the tickets, the two girls, a Danish bloke, two Germans and I went out to Westminister so we could experience the city now under heavy construction.

      Got to see 10% of Big ben, Westminister Abbey and the Palace from a distance. We stayed in St. James park with some geese and played million dollars but (Without the cards, because we can improvise).


      Later that evening, after returning to the Excel to stay at the bar called "The Fox" (Surprisingly, no one did an Ylvis joke on me during the time we spent in that place...) I had to leave my new gang to meet an old friend of mine near London Bridge. Didn't see the bridge, but almost got over by Gavin. He ran out of a car that had just parked in front of me and passed me by in a hurry. It was about then I realised that the amazing Rooster Teeth guys I've been a fan of since 2004 were in the same city as me and I started to feel something I for so long had said I don't do... Starstruck.

      Me and my old friend went at her favourite burger join, cannot remember the name of the place but it had a skeleton in a cage on the outside. It was a really good burger and we got one for free because she's a returning costumer. Didn't take any pictures, and I regret that.

      14th of October, Day 1 of RTXL! This night I finally slept normal!
      The day is finally here! My first RTX! Since the signing was scheduled at 9am, I could not go to the store before meeting up with Lindsey and Barb. I gave the germans 40 quid so they could buy a platypus for me if they sold it then I went for the signing.

      At first, Lindsey pointed at my catears. They are black hairpin ears with tiny bells on them I wore for the lack of a cosplay. It counts! There's a thing called "Faunus" in RWBY. Guess you haven't heard of it.

      Anyway, I handed them the plastic thingie inside the blu-ray cover for RWBY vol.2 to sign. They didn't comment on that, but I continued on giving them the art. Which response was exactly as I hoped! Lindsey just busted out laughing and Barb was more confused than anything, but I could clearly see her smiling.


      When standing there, the dankest thing happened. Geoff, from the other signing booth, walked over and slammed a bottle of antibac on the table, took a look at the picture and walked off. I have no idea why, but Barbara chased him. Lucky for me, the Guardian with my phone managed to get a photo of it. I wish I asked why though... I hate being in the dark.


      Then we took the photo we were supposed to. Because of my day of the day thing. A snapchat story thing I do where I make faces every day. As well as me trolling every unwanted picture that is made of me. I wanted them to make grimaces. They were a little confused at first, but they agreed on taking it. Which spawned my now profile picture!


      Don't know about you... but I find this far more amusing than a simple smile.

      I met up with the Germans after the signing, but it turned out the did not sell the platypus at RTX. Only big bummer of the trip, but I can deal with it with a sad Muack and move on.

      We went to my first panel of the day and met up with the girls I share hostel with. The panel was "Always Open" and I honestly think it was the most funny panel of the con! Thank you Chris Demarais for making my trip bloody brilliant!


      After that, I went to the store and bought 3 shirts, 1 set of RWBY Coasters (Which I forgot to include in my picture), the Lazer Team blu-ray and the RT Double Gold box. The Gus shirt is now my favourite shirt!


      At last, we went to the RWBY panel. Got there one and a half hour before the show and ended up being among the 12 last people to enter! We almost didn't make it and I'm so happy we did. RWBY was the only panel I really wanted to see and I even got to ask a question. My question was stupidly boring and easy to answer, but I needed to know if they are going to make more art contests like the one with Velvet some years back. The short answer from Kerry was yes. So I'm looking forward to that. 

      We ended up at the Fox after day one and then early to bed. Gotta get up again for day two!

      15th of October, day TWO of RTXL!

      I got up early and was the first of my group to enter the excel! I wanted to see the RT Animations panel and learned from day 1 that queues cap quick. I was number 4 in line! So got amazing seats! The panel was also tremendously fun as they loosely confirmed a RWBY rpg game by the Blaze Blue creators and showed the funniest RTAA yet!


      The day continued with me just walking about with the same group once I caught up with them.... or rather they caught up with me. We went to see the RT Podcast on the main stage, but was a little late so didn't get a seat. We saw a lot from the side line though and got to see Chris kick arse in Nintendo games before the podcast.


      I heard he's going to the olympics in a few years. Good to see he's already practising for the World Olympics in Piggyback boxing.

      Lastly we went to see the voice acting panel. 2nd panel I saw with Miles Luna. I was so sad when I heard he wasn't on the guest list. Then he showed up anyway and crashed all the panels. Gotta hand it to you Miles, you truly are a legend.

      RTX London is now officially over... We left some stuff at one of the German's hostel room and ended our stay at the Fox. They left after a while to go to a different bar. I stayed to play some switch with another group before going to bed.

      16th. of October 2017.

      I'm sad and going home. Said goodbye to my hostel friends as we separated on the transit stations and headed off the Stansted airport. Once again, I was early. 4 hours this time. But my stay was not too lonely as the male German met up with me to my surprise and kept me company before he had to go to his gate. Only an hour before mine. Thanks for that mate, made the farewell to London a little less miserable.

      I've been home for soon 2 weeks already and I'm just getting over the post-con blues. However, I left with tons of pictures, RT merch and amazing memories I will never forget! Thank you Rooster Teeth for holding an event this close to me! I will be seeing you again for next years RTX London!

      PS. Since I do not know any of my travelling group's usernames on this site, I avoided mentioning any of their real names. If you read this, feel free to befriend me on here :)

    • New DnD 5e Campaign. "Lagoora: Tunnels to Nowhere."

      in Forums > New DnD 5e Campaign. "Lagoora: Tunnels to Nowhere." | Follow this topic

      eltoroguaco Dope artist


      I'm setting up a new campaign using Roll20. for the game overview and dice rolls and Discord/skype for voice chat. (Since the Roll20 chat is shit.)

      We start on Lv 2 so new players can get into it without much preparation while more experienced players can enjoy having a little more abilities to use.

      Just comment here or PM me if you want to join and I'll invite you to the Roll20 game page and give you the info you need to create your character :)

      As a teaser, here are some info of the campaign to be!

      Game name: Lagoora: Tunnels to Nowhere.
      Genre: Fantasy/Horror
      Max players: 7
      World: Lagoora (This is an own made world I've been working on for the last 7 or so years)
      Available races: Human (No subraces), Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Tiefling, Goblin, Kobold, Half-Orc and Dragonborn.
      Available Classes: All
      Available Backgrounds: All

      There's tales of other worlds. Realms of fire, water, light, death and all other sorts of mysteries. The legends tells of portals in our home, the world we call Lagoora, that lead to these 'other worlds'. Strong beings of evil have through time manifested these portals for travel to our worlds to cause chaos, however, no one from our world have managed to do the same. Once in a while, portals appear out of nowhere and can be entered from our end. Many have tried traveling these portals, but no one have ever returned. Giving them the name; "the Tunnels to Nowhere"!

      You have heard stories of these mysterious Tunnels to nowhere and rumors tells of disturbance of the sort in an old abandoned tavern in the woods. After gathering your friends to venture into the deep forests, you find the tavern the locals spoke of. It seem like no one have been here for years. The doors seem old and worn, if they are locked, they can easily be broken down.
      There's sounds of thunder in the distance and darkness falls slowly around you. There is no time to investigate the tavern from the outside, you better enter it and see what adventures await for you inside.

      Date and time will be determined once we have enough players. I want it to be a time we all agree to.

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    • As time goes by.

      1 year ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist

      I've been spending the last 2 weeks going through Rooster Teeth and what it has to offer and I keep saying to myself; "WOW. This company has really grown since I first found'em!"

      I remember in 2004 when my younger brother showed me the cool Halo series he and a friend of his found while browsing the net a few months ago. I didn't own an Xbox so I'd only ever heard of Halo and tried it at friends places so wasn't at all familiar with it or that people made internet videos with it. He showed it to me on redvsblue.com of course and I was immediately hooked! I remember I kept watching it as new episodes went out and later caught on to RT shorts and Drunk Tank. I loved how fun RvB was and how open its creators were to its fans.

      Years passed and my personal life got bumpy, so I ended up having to take a break from internet series like RvB.

      I mentioned this shortly in an earlier post here that you can read down. It took me about 2 years without RT as I found Death Battle and top 10 on youtube, though I did not know Screw Attack belonged to RT. It was when I saw the Death Battle with Yang I figured it out. They mentioned short what RWBY was about and it looked awesome, so I googled it and stumbled unto roosterteeth.com. I already had an account from 2010, the site had just made some changes since I last logged in; mainly the tabs for their sister productions including Screw Attack. Man I felt like a fool, but alas RT was once again a part of my life. I ended up way more into RWBY than I ever was in RvB and even bought all volumes available in my region on Blu-ray.

      Which leads us to today. I found out RvB was on Netflix and had a lazy week, so I binged it to catch up on what I missed and have now seen all of the animated shorts and are actively paying attention to the podcasts, AH dnd campaigns, Camp Camp and more to come.

      From RvB in 2004 to this metrolopolis with RWBY, Camp Camp, Day 5, Lazer Team (Haven't seen that yet as it's not on here, guess they want to complete all screening before they upload it to a free-access site like RT), animated shorts, Enjoy the Show, On the Spot... the list goes on!

      I am an active first member, originally to see RWBY a day earlier, but now to just support. Because Rooster Teeth, you deserve it!

    • 10 years of RT

      1 year ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist

      As I turned 25 and re-watched all of RvB to be completely up to date, I figured I should take the math on how long I've been watching RT stuff.

      It says on my profile I've been here since 2010, but I've been here far longer than that. I just had another profile, unless I watched without a profile, before 2010 when I made the eltoroguaco alias.

      I started watching RvB around its 2nd season in 2004 and watched it all out the Recollection series, then I stopped until last week. That means I had 7 years of RvB in my life. However, stopping RvB did not mean I stopped RT at all. I stayed off this site a while after I stopped,  Butbutt I found ScrewAttack on Youtube around 2013 and watched those shows for 2 years before figuring out SA belongs to RT  caboose That is when I found RWBY that completely changed my life and resulted in me making now 10.5 RWBY OCs (only 4 completely submitted on DeviantART) and buying all volumes available on Blu-ray. Meaning I had 3 more years with RT in my life after the 2 year holdup before catching up on RvB.

      In conclusion, I've spent approximately 10 of my 25 years watching videos made by RoosterTeeth. LIFE WELL SPENT!

    • 2 years ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist
    • 2 years ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist
    • I'm a sponsor now!

      2 years ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist

      Yep, you heard me. I finally committed to become a sponsor. Hope I'll get as much enjoyment on this as hyped.

    • 2 years ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist
    • 2 years ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist
    • 6 years ago

      eltoroguaco Dope artist
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