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    • Millie Bobby Brown To Play Sherlock's Little Sister In Enola Holmes!

      1 week ago



      Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has set her next big adventure. She's wrapped her work on the Godzilla sequel and will move on to starring in and producing (!!!) a series of films about Sherlock Holmes' sister, Enola. 

      Based on Nancy Springer's Young Adult series following the sleuthing adventures of Sherlock and Mycroft's much younger sister, this would seem a perfect vehicle for Ms. Brown. For one she'd finally get to use her natural accent and secondly she has proven to be able to handle the intensity and intelligence a role like this would require.

      It also blows my mind a little bit that she's actively producing already. The film will be funded by Legendary Pictures (who just made the Godzilla film she starred in), but it was set up by Brown's own PCMA Productions banner. Very smart business move by anybody, let alone someone so young. I think she's got a long career ahead of her.

    • Gambit and Kitty Pryde Films Still Moving Forward At Fox

      1 week ago


      The whole Fox/Disney merger thing still has a lot of question marks around it, but it appears that Fox is still going forward with some of its superhero development. There are two big X-Men related projects in particular that are gaining momentum: Gambit and Kitty Pryde films.

      Kitty Pryde is the most surprising as it was only revealed recently via Collider and their sources that a film based on the X-team's favorite phasing little sister is in the works, with Deadpool's Tim Miller leading the charge and in place to direct.


      Back when I was reading the X-Men books more regularly Kitty Pryde was always the little sister of the group. Wolverine and Colossus were always very protective of her even though she could phase her body through walls and away from harm. Doing a little research her relationship with Colossus actually started as a statutory rape-y romance, but all that had worked its way out by the time I was reading X-Men and Excalibur.

      She has a cool dragon-looking alien sidekick named Lockheed, which could look pretty rad on the big screen, especially in the hands of Tim Miller who has proven to have a talent at bringing odd Marvel characters to the big screen.

      Now, Kitty Pryde has a long way to go... it's still early on in the development, which could mean Marvel/Disney will nix it before it gets much farther. What's not so early on in development is the long-in-the-works Gambit film, which already has Channing Tatum on board to star and Gore Verbinski in the director's chair.


      Gambit has a February 2019 release date, so it has to begin shooting soon if it's going to actually happen and the latest scuttlebutt has it shooting soon in New Oreleans (naturally). There's a site that has been tracking the development of this film in particular called Omega Underground and they say the start date on principal photography is March 19th. 

      I'm actually pretty psyched for this one. I love Gore Verbinski's eye (he did the original Pirates of the Caribbean films, The Ring and most recently the macabre A Cure For Wellness) and Gambit is a fun character that hasn't really been realized in any respectable way on screen.

      So, what does this say about the state of Fox? Well, it seems to be that the modus operandi is continue forward as if nothing big was happening. I wouldn't be surprised if the MCU overlords pull the plug on Kitty Pryde because that has a long way to go before any filming would start. Nobody's cast yet, it's a relatively cheap cancel.

      Gambit on the other hand has big names both in front of and behind the camera and I can see the filming date hitting before the merger is complete. If this movie was going to fizzle out it would have happened way before now. 

      Anyway, that's what's new in the Marvel Superhero world. What do you guys think?

    • Black Panther Gets A New Trailer And It's Looking Goooooooood

      1 week ago


      We're just about a month away from getting to see Black Panther (it's out February 16th), so naturally it's time to get one more trailer. They call this one a TV spot, but it's a minute and a half long, so I'm gonna ignore that bullshit and call it a trailer because it is.

      This new trailer gives us a little more with Michael B. Jordan's villain character, Killmonger (which is a hell of a name for a comic book bad guy, isn't it?), and a few more glimpses at the colorful characters of Wakanda. 

      Check it out:

      Lookin' good! What do you guys think?

    • Chris Hemsworth's MCU Contract Might Be Done But He's Still Down To Play Thor

      2 weeks ago



      A lot of Marvel's key actors will run out their lengthy contracts by the time the two-parter Infinity War Avengers films wrap up, leading to much speculation that some of our favorite heroes might not make it out of this confrontation with Thanos alive.

      Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo would all have to re-up their contracts to appear in future MCU movies (post-Avengers 4) and some of them have been pretty vocal about being done with the superhero game. 

      In the past, Hemsworth was one of those voices eager to be done with his superhero mantle (and the decade-long contracts it comes with), but speaking to IGN recently he seems to be softening on that stance, thanks in large part to his experiences on both Thor: Ragnarok and the upcoming Avengers films. 

      He said that in the past he felt a bit restricted by the contracts, but now, after getting to reinvent the character a little bit in Ragnarok and even further in the Infinity War Avengers films he has a "renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm" to keep playing the God of Thunder.

      Hemsworth went even further, stating "if I had the opportunity to do it again, I think I'd love to. I also think there’s an appetite for it now, or there’s a far greater range of possibilities of where he can go now, what he can do, just because we’ve kind of broken the mold a bit."

      You can tell he was having a ball in Ragnarok and I feel like Marvel finally locked in the character at his best, finding that balance between goofy and serious that Thor demands.

      Plus Marvel and Disney have all the money in the world now and will certainly be backing the Brinks trucks up to many of their core talent to keep them involved in the next few phases. 

    • David Letterman Is Getting Back In The Talkshow Game

      2 weeks ago


      After many years of relaxation and substantial beard-growing the king of Late Night is returning to the talkshow game, this time with a limited chat show on Netflix called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction and his line-up is pretty epic. 

      Starting next Friday, January 12th, David Letterman will be interviewing the likes of George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Howard Stern, Jay-Z, Tina Fey and Barack Obama. 

      Letterman was my Late Show host. He was the one on as I was growing up, the one people quoted and discussed the next day. I'd hear the Top Ten list jokes regurgitated on the school grounds and from my parent's friends. I was a bit too young for Carson, so Letterman was my guy. 

      He had a great talent for chit-chatting and routinely broke the typical talk show formula and injecting his personality at every turn. Now that he's firmly doing his own thing at a place like Netflix I'm doubly excited to see what he gets out of his guests.

    • Captain Marvel Lands She's Gotta Have It's DeWanda Wise

      2 weeks ago


      Hello and Happy New Year, everybody. 2018 promises to be a banner year for diversity in blockbuster filmmaking with the release of projects like A Wrinkle In Time and Black Panther imminent and Disney's not slowing down on that front.

      According to Deadline DeWanda Wise has been cast in MCU's upcoming Captain Marvel in a mystery role that is thought to be a co-lead. She joins Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Ben Medelsohn and, of course, Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. 


      Wise's greatest claim to fame is her starring role in Netflix's series adaptation of Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It. 

      Nerds everywhere take the term "undisclosed role" super seriously, especially when it comes to comic book movie casting and already the internet is buzzing over who Wise could potentially be playing.

      The most interesting guess is that she's playing Monica Rambeau, a super-powered Marvel Character who herself once bore the mantle of Captain Marvel.


      Originally based on blaxploitation star Pam Grier, Rambeau was a New Orleans Harbor Patrol Officer who gained the ability to convert her body into energy thanks to a wacky comic book origin story similar to Fantastic Four and Hulk (step one: get bombarded with space energy rays, step two: get super powers).

      Her run as Captain Marvel was brief, but she's been a part of the Marvel Universe since 1982, taking different superhero names over the last 35+ years such as Photon, Spectrum, Pulsar and even Sun Goddess. 

      With Law thought to be playing Mar-Vell (the original Captain Marvel) I'd say it's a pretty damn solid guess that we'll be seeing Monica Rambeau in the upcoming Captain Marvel flick.

    • The Original Michael Myers Comes Home for Halloween 2018!

      1 month ago


      This is a bit nerdy, forgive me, but today's news (broken by my friends at Bloody-Disgusting) that Nick Castle is putting the mask back on for the David Gordon Green-directed Halloween sequel coming out next year really put a smile on my face. 


      Michael Myers is a silent character, so you may think what's the big deal about the dude behind the mask coming back? Well, so much of that initial performance is sold through body language. Not just the actual shape of The Shape, but little tics, like when Myers stabs that dude in the the wall and then tilts his head back and forth examining his handiwork. That gives this character some personality. 

      Nick Castle wasn't an actor, but a colleague of John Carpenter's. He's a writer (Escape from New York) and director who would go on to make The Last Starfighter and he's also a musician. He and Carpenter formed a band with Tommy Lee Wallace called The Coupe De Villes who most notably did the title song for Big Trouble in Little China.

      This new Halloween movie was written by Green and Danny McBride and will once again bring back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, an interesting choice in that it almost certainly means they're just flat out ignoring most, if not all, of the sequels. 

      They've said they're going back to the original in terms of tone and also story. This is a direct sequel, but it's still not clear at what point they're picking up the story. Certainly all the rune/cult bullshit is out the window as is Strode's death in that shitty one where Myers faces down with Busta Rhymes. 

      The big question is whether they're keeping Michael and Laurie brother and sister, a revelation from Halloween 2. I could see them going either way, honestly, and ultimately I'm just excited to see what Green, McBride and producer Jason Blum are doing with this legacy sequel, especially since Carpenter has been mentoring them and already committed to come back to score the new film. 

      Anyway, Nick Castle coming back as The Shape is another detail that ties this film directly back to the original and I think it's a fantastic move.

      Halloween (2018) is slated for release next Fourth of July... No, I'm fucking with you. Of course Halloween is coming out around Halloween. October 19th, 2018 to be specific. 

    • The Artemis Fowl Movie Is Finally Happening!

      1 month ago



      After years and years and years of development the Artemis Fowl series is finally closer to actually happening. Disney announced the first round of casting for the adaptation, which will be directed by Kenneth Branagh. 

      The title character will be played by a newcomer, a young Irish boy named Ferdia Shaw. He'll be joined by veteran actors like Judi Dench, playing Commander Root, the head of a fantasy police force, Josh Gad as Mulch Diggums (the most Josh Gad-character sounding name of all time), a light-fingered dwarf and Nonso Anozie (Daxos from Game of Thrones) as Butler, Artemis' bodyguard. 

      Also cast was young Lara McDonnell, playing Captain Holly Short, the elf hero.

      This all has a very Harry Potter feeling to it. A fantasy setting, young cast that will grow as the books are adapted and all led by some British acting royalty. 

      Disney has a release date of August 9, 2019 set for the movie with filming slated to begin in the UK early next year. 

    • Benicio del Toro is unleashed in the trailer for Sicario 2 (yes, that's a real movie)

      1 month ago


      Sicario 2 is a movie that is hard believe exists. I mean, the first one was pretty great, but it's not the kind of thing you expect to spin off into a franchise, right? 

      But they did. Sicario 2: Soldado is a real movie that is coming out and Benicio del Toro is at the forefront. I get a Charles Bronson Death Wish sequel vibe off of this trailer and that's not a bad thing. If you're going to make a superfluous sequel to a harsh drug cartel drama then you better embrace the exploitation and this trailer promises Benicio del Toro's assassin character being unleashed on all bad drug criminal peoples.

      Check it out: 

      Yep, I'm all in on this one. 

    • The Ocean's 8 Trailer Is Here!

      1 month ago


      The Ocean's movies don't get the credit they deserve. At the time they came out they were acknowledged as being fun if forgettable, but Steven Soderbergh really captured a laid back, charismatic series of heist movies that nodded to the audience and brought them along on the journey.

      There's a new Ocean's movie coming out that shifts focus from George Clooney's character to another Ocean, this one played by Sandra Bullock, who plans a heist of her own and assembles an all female crew that includes Cate Blanchett (yas!), Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Awkwafina and Anne Hathaway. 

      You can never tell a movie's quality from a trailer, but you can get hints as to what the tone's going to be and this one looks pretty solid, I think. The trailer already has a personality, playing with split screen and giving us a nice look at each of the key players. 

      Check it out:

      I'm excited to see how these actors bounce off each other in this new story, especially with Gary Ross at the helm. He's an underrated director (Pleasantville is soooooo good, you guys!) and if the heist is as smart as his casting this one could be pretty swell.

      What do you guys think?

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