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    • Attention Artists: Help out Brookberry with her X Ray and Vav Game!

      3 years ago


      RT user @BrookBerry is planning on making an X Ray and Vav Platformer game, and is in need of sprites for both X Ray and Vav.

      Check out her journal here if you're interested.

      I always love when the community comes together to make awesome stuff, and I believe this is a great example of that.

    • More Smash Bros. Hype!

      3 years ago


      For those who haven't heard, announcements for the new Super Smash Bros. game have been happening left and right!

      Yesterday, it was revealed that Shulk, from the Xenoblade Chronicles game, shall be joining the cast of the next Smash game. Along with this, Meta Knight shall be making a return. I'm so excited for this game, you guys have no idea.

    • Melee Madness: My journey into competitive Smash Bros. (part 5)

      3 years ago


      TL;DR: Went to my first official Smash Fest; Got shit on, but had fun!

      Smash the Record is a Super Smash Bros. event that's taking place in Florida, where Smasher Gahtzu aimed to break the Guinness World Record of "Longest Video Games Marathon Playing a Fighting Game." Along with this, there's multiple tournaments in various Smash games. I went with my friend on Saturday to play some Melee and see some famous Smashers.

      Spoiler: I got wrecked.

      But I wasn't mad at all! In fact, I was having a great time. I learned a bunch of new things about my characters (Falco and Captain Falcon), while also seeing just how much work I need to put in to get "decent" at the game. In fact, I bought a Mayflash GC adapter and downloaded a Melee emulator so I can play Melee on my computer. Right now, I'm in class. During break, I'm playing Melee, haha.

      So I guess I should start talking about my progress. I'm currently practicing waveshining as Falco. While I can get the timing down, I don't have the consistency yet. And the space animals (Fox and Falco) require consistent, technically-demanding play in order to be played efficiently. This is one of my worst problems right now. Even wavedashing, which is a pretty basic advanced technique (that actually sounds like an oxymoron; basic advanced?), I seem to not wavedash consistently enough. As such, I know that I need to devote a lot more time to focusing my practice to nailing each technique and being consistent in all of my inputs.

      I've also combined the advice of different people when asked about how to get better at Melee. My friend Ian, the professional Melee player I raged at in my previous journal (who I actually saw at Smash the Record), told me to set specific patterns when practicing my tech. Famous Smasher PPMD (AKA: Dr. PeePee) said in his Reddit AMA to "Set long-term and short-term goals." Another person on the SmashBros SubReddit said to "set a schedule when practicing." I've put most of these ideas together to develop my practice.

      What I've done is made a list. It includes: techniques I want/need to learn, techniques that still require practicing, and specific goals to achieve within my practicing (both short-term and long-tern.) This way, I can organize my efforts more, allowing me to focus on just one or two things to master and work on each time I practice.

      So that's where I'm at. I'm nowhere near the skill level that I want to be at. But that's why we practice, right?

    • Melee Madness: My journey into competitive Smash Bros. (part 4)

      3 years ago


      TL;DR: I rage and rant. Again.

      (offensive language incoming)

      So we invited a local Smasher to come play at my friend's apartment. His name's Ian, and he's been playing Melee for like seven years.

      He competes. He goes to tournaments.

      Now I know this guys was good. I played him at another person's house, and he kicked my ass.

      Though last night, for some reason, I went off the fucking deep end.

      He comes over, and I ask him for some help on pillaring. He gives me a few pointers, and I start practicing.

      Then we started playing each other.

      Each match, he completely wrecks me. However, from time to time, Ian tells me what I'm doing wrong, why I keep losing, etc. etc.

      Now for those who don't know, I rage. I rage in video games A LOT. I throw controllers, I slam my fists on desks and tables. I curse. Scream. Rant.

      It was like the tenth or so game I played against him. I've lost every single game. In fact, I only took off two stocks the entire time. I'm trying to practice playing Falco against him, and I keep on losing. By now, I'm getting a really frustrated. My heartbeat feels way too fast, my arms are cramping up. I get this terrible sensation in my stomach. "Shit. Hold it together," I say in my head.

      Back at the character selection screen, Ian switches to Mewtwo.

      Mewtwo. Fucking Mewtwo. Are you serious? You're gonna beat me now with one of the worst characters in the game?!

      Now I feel pretty fucking pissed. "I hate you. I fucking hate you so goddamn much. You're piece of fucking shit. Please die in a fiery well. Fucking kill yourself."

      This time, that wasn't in my head. I said that out loud, sinking lower and lower into myself.

      Yoshi's Story. Ready? GO!

      I try dealing damage, though he starts continuously grabbing me. I then fall off the stage. I side B, and just flat out die.

      At this point, I throw my controller on the ground. My face is in my hands. I'm breathing heavily, shaking my head. Ian's practicing tech skill next to me. My friend Jimmy tells me to calm down.


      At that point, Ian paused, pressed reset, and unplugged his controller.

      I just sat in my chair in silence. My entire body was shaking, my head felt like it was on fire. Stomach pains were worse, my left arm felt dead. Heartbeat racing, I just sat and stared at the character select screen. I was breathing heavily and loudly, my hands folded and planted against my lips, as if I were in deep thought. In truth, I was. I was thinking about how fucking shitty I am at this game.

      And I know, Ian's been playing on a competitive level for like seven years. Yet, that didn't click in my head. All I was focused on was the fact that I wasn't winning. How I got my ass handed to me. I've been practicing for around a month or so, and I was expecting to be decent by now.

      Before Ian left, I shook his hand and apologized profusely for my outburst. He was fine, and said that he's said far worse things at tournaments.

      If I've learned anything from last night's adventure, it's that I'm just not that good right now. And I have to accept that. I have to accept the fact that I've been practicing for merely a month, and that there's no way I can be as good as I want to be right now. I need to practice much more.

      And also, I should probably not rage so much.

      But hey; I'm from Jersey. That's just how I am, I guess.

    • Melee Madness: My journey into competitive Smash Bros. (part 3)

      3 years ago


      TL;DR: Falco and Sheik are fun!

      So I did some more practicing yesterday. While I still have to work on my tech skill, I decided to practice with other characters as well. I picked up Falco and Sheik, and I have to say that I'm really liking the way that Falco plays.

      I remember watching a video a week or so ago, where I guy was talking about pillaring an multi-shining. I was more interested in pillaring. For those who don't know, pillaring is a SHFFL'd dair into a jump-cancelled Shine. I tried it with Falco, and I have to say that it's so satisfying. I racked up 100% damage in a few seconds, just by repeatedly pillaring.

      As for Sheik, I tried to practice a bunch of combos in training mode (my friend has a cheat code implemented in the game that allows us to use the c-stick in single player mode). I found that her u-tilt, dair, and bair are really freaking useful. Connecting combos with these moves seemed quite easy, though the problem that I seem to have is keeping opponents in hitstun. Welp, there's another thing to add to my list of things to work on.

      Also, while not Melee, but still Smash related, me and my friends played the original Super Smash Bros. on the hacked Wii. The controls were weird, as I was jumping with the c-stick, taunt was left trigger, and we couldn't perform side specials or side airs. However, I played as my main in Melee, Captain Falcon (I'm starting to have seconds thoughts on him though, but I'll get to that later).

      Dude, Falcon is so sick in Smash 64.

      I kept comboing dairs into uairs, getting people stuck in my fast jab animation. There was also a really hype moment that happened when were playing at Pokemon center. As I was about to fall off the stage, I falcon punched my friend on the way down and killed him. It was so amazing, I actually paused the game and cheered. We were laughing like crazy.

      While the game is slower paced (and we couldn't turn off items), it's still quite fun. And you know what, I'm starting to realize how important of a component to being successful in the game that is. I remember playing Brawl that every time I played with friends, I was always having fun. As I started to practice playing competitively, I began to drift away from the fun aspect, and more into the serious tone. This is probably due to me consistently losing against my friend in Melee, though I'm continuing to practice and better myself.

      Speaking of having fun, my friend and I decided to play this stupid game in Melee. Basically, we both played as Captain Falcon, and the goal was to perform the Sacred Combo. For those who don't know, the Sacred Combo is a fair (the knee) comboed into a Falcon Punch while off stage. (here's a link to it. It's pretty fucking hype.)

      In other Smash news, I'm still super fucking hyped for Smash 4. Like, insanely excited.





      Alright, I have class tomorrow, so I should probably get some sleep. Night everybody!

    • The Daily Binge: Sunny, Orange is the New Black, The Killing, etc.

      3 years ago


      After months of binging on and off, I'm finally caught up with Sunny! Season nine was great, and I'm so excited for season ten. American Horror Story comes back in a few months too, and I'm psyched for that.

      I've been watching a bunch of shows with my roommate. We watched a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black, the first episode of The Killing... I need more shows to watch! I want to get into Weeds, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, and a bunch more. Gah, there's just too many to pick from.

    • Melee Madness: My journey into competitive Smash Bros. (part 2)

      3 years ago


      TL;DR: Starting to learn Marth, because my friend's Fox is TOUGH.

      I think I've understood something about Captain Falcon. specifically those people who as him. Captain Falcon is a fast, mobile character. He's energetic, hyped-up, ready to go. However, he's also hard to control. Erratic. Rabid. And that's how you have to approach the character when you want to learn how toy play him. You have to be unpredictable, a show-off. It takes a lot of hard work to contain and control the Cap, and I'm still in the process of keeping him at bay.

      My friend Jimmy plays as Fox. His mobility, spacing, and aerial game is hard to beat, especially against Captain Falcon. It's mainly because Falcon's recovery is just terrible. After losing a bunch of times to Jimmy, I decided that I should think about learning another character. Not because I was giving up on The Cap, but rather because learning more than one character gives the game more depth, and also because it helps to learn about the mechanics of your main characters.

      I started watching a two-and-a-half hour tutorial video on how famous Smasher Ken plays his main, Marth. I learned about Marth's aerial game, his approaches, what works and doesn't work. I decided to pick up Marth, not only as a way to counter Jimmy's Fox, but also because it seemed fun to play a swordsman for once.

      Holy shit. Marth is a floaty motherfucker.

      I realized this the minute I tried SHFFLing with Marth. Compared to Falcon, Marth's short hops are noticeably longer to land. Even when he does a full hop, Marth drops down like a flower compared to the anvil that is Captain Falcon. Though Marth's range and spacing is freaking awesome. I've also learned how to pivot (well, badly), and it's actually quite effective with Marth's 'delayed' dash dance. One thing that's great about Marth is his amazing chaingrab. I did an awesome chain of throws in a match against Fox, and it was so, SO satisfying.

      All the top tier characters in Melee have their tricks and tropes. Even one of my favorite characters, Yoshi, has his own methods and strats. (Sure, he may not be top tier. But watch a video of AmSa playing him and you tell me that Yoshi still isn't a fucking badass.)

      Something I need to work on, not just on Marth, but on Captain Falcon and in general, is I need to be more patient in the game. I've found that I get punished so much because I get in the faces of my opponents when I don't need to. I also really need to work on my neutral game. Ken said it best in his tutorial video: "New players rely so much on Advanced Techniques, when their movement isn't good at all." So now, I need to focus on movement. Spacing, zoning, dealing damage safely and avoiding as much damage as I can. No more flashy stuff. That comes later.

      Next on the list: I have to work on my punish game, as well as other techniques that are nowhere near mastered (like SHFFLing with Marth, as well improve my dash dancing, aerial game, and edge--guarding mechanics.)

    • Melee Madness: My journey into competitive Smash Bros. (part 1)

      3 years ago


      TL;DR: I love Smash Bros., and I'm training to become "decent" at Melee.

      As some of you might know, I'm a huge fan of the Super Smash Bros. series. (Smash 4 HYPE) I played a little bit of Melee as a kid, and watched some friends play the 64 version as well, but I didn't really start playing Smash until Brawl. Friends would come over whenever I had a party, and we'd just play nonstop. My main character was Snake, as I loved his overall power and projectiles, and the C4 and d-smash attacks were so fun to use.

      Anyway, I didn't really get competitive with Smash until quite recently, after watching live streams of competitive Melee players, like Mang0, Mew2King, HungryBox, AmSa, KoreanDJ, etc. I was fascinated by the speed and technical skill of all these players, and wished to reach that level of play one of these days.

      Browsing through the comments of a youtube video, I saw someone talk about "The Smash Brothers," which was apparently a documentary series that focused on the competitive nature of SSBM (Super Smash Bros. Melee), and the main players within the competitive scene. After watching this series, I was hooked. "That's it; I need to train." (By the way; if you're interested, here's a link to the remastered series. Even if you're not so much into the whole Smash Bros. scene, it's still an entertaining and informative documentary.)

      Shortly after, I subscribed to the Smash Bros. subreddit, made an account for Smashboards, and started looking up videos of competitive play. So far, my favorite Smashers are Mang0, AmSa, Hax, and Isai. I've seen countless footage of all these players, and the technical skill they all possess is beyond anything I could ever comprehend.

      But I'm getting there! I've bought myself a new Gamecube controller to practice with down here in Florida. My friend Jimmy has a modded Wii with Melee, Brawl, Project M (a Brawl Mod), and other games. After grinding through the game to unlock all the characters and levels, we buckled down and started developing our tech skill.

      I decided that my main would be Captain Falcon, though I also play as Yoshi for shits and giggles. So far, I've learned how to: Wavedash, waveland, dash dance, L-cancel, SHFFL, crouch cancel, ledge stall, DI, SDI, edge guard, tech, and chain throw. Sure, none of these are mastered. I'm barely decent at most of these techniques, to say the least. And I've only scratched the surface. In fact, I have a WHOLE lot of training to go. However, none of these advanced techniques mean anything if I can't implement them in my play. I have to first be adept in the core aspects of the game before venturing into the crazy, super-technical world of competitive Smash. But I'm willing to give it a shot.

      So I hope that some of you join me in my journey into the Mad, Mad World of Melee.

    • Looking to collaborate?

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      Want to collaborate on a song or video? Comment here!

      18 replies

    • Help out the amazing LoZelda!

      3 years ago


      For those who don't know, community member @LoZelda (Jenn) is having a 24 hour Legend of Zelda live stream to help raise money for her cancer treatments. Even if you don't have any money to donate towards the cause, please encourage your friends and anyone you know to check out the stream here and share it with others.

      I love when the community comes together like this, and I'm excited to see where we all end up in the future.

      I wish Jenn the absolute best of luck in the future, and hope that all goes well with everything. I also hope that her entire family is alright during this time. We're here for you Jenn! We love ya :D

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