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    • Sick, clumsy, lazy... I fucking suck.

      4 years ago



      TL;DR: I rant about my overall inclination to suck and be the worst human being in the planet. Fucking Kill me.

      No seriously, Please fucking kill me.

      I hate everything and everyone right now.

      I feel sick, I feel like shit, I've been really clumsy, and I have an uncaring attitude towards school, my family, and pretty much anything that doesn't revolve around me checking reddit and RT and twitter and shit.

      And I seriously don't know what it is.

      Now I'm not going to go into detail as to what I'm sick with. All I'm gonna say is it's making it really hard for me to sit down.

      I just.. I dunno, I feel down. Not depressed or anything. Just really down today. It's mostly due to me being sick, but also because I'm just an absolute piece of shit. A motherfucking piece of dog shit.

      I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen, and decided to vacuum. After I emptied the filter, I decided to vacuum the rug as well. As I go to turn on the vac, I press the "open filter" button by accident, causing the entire machine to fall to the floor and split open, spreading dust and dirt all over.


      Well, it was directed to the vacuum. But I guess it was aimed at myself.

      Okay, I'm sorry you guys are having to read through all of this. I just don't feel well, and I can't post this kind of shit on any of my social networking platforms. Gotta be professional, you know?

      That's why you should ask me for advice when it comes to professionalism. Because you can tell by how I write that I'm so professional and courteous of others.

      So to wrap things up: I suck. I exaggerate things. I curse a lot. I'm lazy, clumsy, impatient, and extremely cynical. I'm too sarcastic. I'm obnoxious. I'm a piece of shit, and would gladly shoot myself with a grenade launcher if I had access to one.

      I hope you all have a great day. I smiley12.gif you all.
      And I'll try and be more proactive in the future.

      Just right now, I'm really not feeling like "me," and I have no where else to type this shit except to you lovely fuckers.

      Stay awesome.


      4 years ago


      If you haven't heard already, Burnie started an IndieGoGo to help fund their upcoming Feature-length film, Lazer Team.

      Back dat shit.

      Back it duh FUCK up.

      Clickity clack!

      Seriously, some of the perks they're offering are incredible.

    • How I Want To Die

      4 years ago


      TL;DR: Calm down, I'm not depressed or suicidal. But I talk about Quentin Tarantino, Mexican Standoffs, and Pop Culture Nerds.

      So I know I haven't posted a journal in a while. The main reason is because I'm out saving cats from trees and curing cancer and shaking hands with the President.


      Anyway, I thought I'd tell you guys how I'd like to die.

      And while that may be a weird topic to talk about, I'd like to clarify that I'm not suicidal or anything. I just thought about it one day, you know? "I want to go out in a blaze of glory... but how?" And I've figured it out.

      Before I go on, I'd like to point out that I'm a big Quentin Tarantino fan. And what that entails is a love of Pop Culture, good music, non-linear storytelling, and most of all...

      Mexican. Standoffs.

      I FUCKING love Mexican Standoffs. Whether it be the climactic standoff at the end of Reservoir Dogs (my favorite movie), or the diner standoff at the end of Pulp Fiction; I just love hearing characters talk and reason with each other at gunpoint. The intensity just rises to a point where pulling the trigger is the only way to find solace. And that in itself is a terrifying thought! Still though, there's no denying that a Mexican Standoff is dramatic, and I welcome it in any film.

      That being said, here's the moment of truth. Here's how I'd like to die:

      I want to die in a Mexican Standoff with two or more Pop Culture Nerds.

      I can just picture how the entire scene goes down:

      Me: Nah man, Mace Windu can wipe the floor with Luke any day of the week.

      [My friends Jake and Alice immediately rise from the table and point their guns at me. I point mine at Jake, while my other friends Jess and Aaron stand up and point their guns at Alice and I. Jake takes out a second gun and points it at Aaron, who has another gun pointed back at him.]

      Jake: You take that back right now. Luke Skywalker is the true Jedi Master.

      Me: Yeah, but Sam Jackson though! He doesn't give a FUCK.

      Jake: DIE.

      Me: BRING IT

      [switch to black. multiple gun shots are heard. then silence. roll credits.]

      How about you? Have you ever thought about the grandest, most honorable way to die? Or perhaps you want to die while flying a giant eagle holding an American flag and an AK-47 whilst solving a Rubik's Cube with your mind and reciting Five Billion digits of Pi?

    • Happy RT Community Day!!!!!

      4 years ago


      Month four of RT Community Day, and it's better than ever!

      I hope you all enjoy your day, and let's keep on being the best community ever...of all time!

    • 4 years ago

    • Lava Wall server for Minecraft!

      4 years ago


      Hello ladies and gents, I'd like to interest you all in a cool new MC server. Yulhjk98 on the Roosterteeth subreddit posted a thread here talking about a server he made which features a fully functional 3v3 Lava Wall game.

      Server I.P:

      Like the AH Let's Play, this interesting game involves the burning of a wool tower, as both teams are separated by a giant wall of lava. (If you haven't seen that video, click here to check it out.)

      I highly recommend checking it out, and hopefully we can organize a game!

    • Cursing is fun!

      4 years ago


      Tl;dr: I curse. A LOT.

      As a Jersey native, I have been surrounded by family and friends with dirty, dirty pottymouths. And in a sense, I find some sort of art within cursing. You see, a lot of my friends will insert the word "fucking" into sporadic, almost meaningless sentences. I'm a writer, so I am constantly thinking about how my compositions flow. And speaking is no different!

      I was playing beer pong at my friend's house yesterday. We were all pretty chill, talking and having a good time. As I missed my third cup in a row, I shouted as loud as I could, "motherfucking cocksucker bitch-ass titty!" After a brief pause, everyone started laughing. So was I. I mean, of course I wasn't angry! I guess it's all just for that dramatic effect. Maybe it's a way to express my stress? Or perhaps a way to attract attention to myself. Either way, I choose to go off on cursing tirades rather than insert random curses in my sentences. You lose the overall effect of the curses when you spread your curses around.

      Here in Florida, I've met many new friends and classmates, all of whom seem to know me as "that guy that curses a lot and rages a lot, and is also extremely sarcastic all the time." And I'm quite proud to have that title. If you're representing Jersey, you gotta do it right! Haha

      So yeah. I curse a lot. Probably way too much for anyone's own good. But I love it.

      And I was planning on listing the various "cursing combos" that I use (I even have a journal dedicated to listing my favorite curses), but I was afraid I might offend some people. I guess that can wait for another time.

      What do you guys think about cursing? Should we be conservative with how we use curse words, or is it not really that big of a deal? And how much do you curse on a regular basis? I'd love to know!

    • How to contain the MARIO KART 8 HYPE

      4 years ago


      With more and more footage being released for MK8, hype is just building for the big release.

      For the past hour or so, I've been listening to the music from the game, and my god.




      The new tracks sound fun and melodically interesting, while the remixed songs sound new and refreshing. I'm beyond excited for this game!!!

    • College: Good teachers and Bad teachers

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: Good teachers= better education

      Last year, I had a great philosophy class. It was my senior year of high school, and my teacher was knowledgable of so many different subjects.

      Dr. Tufaro (as is his name and title) warned us about a bunch of different things in college. One of the main things that I remember is that in college, there are good professors and bad professors.

      And I didn't think that it was much of a big deal then; I'm a pretty flexible student. I can learn something by myself if the teacher doesn't do a good job of portraying the information.

      Here at Full Sail University, I've had like two bad teachers out of the 13 that I've had. I'm really loving my school, and the teachers here are really cool.

      The two bad teachers that I've had were either completely unenthusiastic or just too quiet to care about.

      And I've noticed that my attitude in the class has been completely affected by how "good" my teacher is. I guess it makes sense though; the better the teacher, the better the class, right?

      Hey, it's common sense. I know. But I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm grateful for all the teachers that really care about the students and the subjects that they teach.

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