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      4 years ago


      As a musician, I find that the best music is made whenever one "messes" around and jams out. Like any great art, the secret to success is experimentation, and I've been experimenting quite frequently with my Yamaha keyboard.

      So far, I've recorded two different Mario Kart songs, A tune from Zelda, and three or four different original compositions. Unlike my previous keyboard, I'm able to record up to five different tracks per song, allowing me to really be creative with my compositions.

      Listening to music is great. But making music? That's on a whole different level of awesome.

    • Never doing my homework last minute ever again.

      4 years ago


      ...actually, I'll probably end up doing last minute homework again. Very soon, in fact.

      But god, I procrastinate so much. I had two whole hours of free time to get my shit done. I wasted it by watching youtube videos and checking reddit.

      And I know that I have to get my work done; I keep telling myself over and over again that I have to hand my stuff in on time, and that I have to put as much effort as I can into my work or I have the potential of failing my classes for this month.

      But what ends up happening? I cram homework for both of my classes into one hour.
      Now I have a 65 on my Critical listening test, two incomplete journal entries, one journal entry that I didn't even do, and a bullshitted revision of my english essay.

      Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you succeed in life. Just follow my lead, and employers will be calling for you left and right.

      Seriously, I fucking hate myself.

    • Watch my friend stream Child of light!

      4 years ago


      My good friend @ShelbyG is currently streaming Child of Light. Check out her stream here, and do follow her and chat! :D

    • Getting fit for RTX! (except I'm not going to RTX)

      4 years ago


      So I've been going to the gym for the past few months now. I've lost like 20 pounds since starting in October. However, I'm still a bit chubby and I'd like to change that very soon.

      After watching a vlog by @Arryn regarding Fit4RTX, I've felt some more motivation to keep on working.

      So I'm gonna work even harder than before to get fit for RTX!

      (If only I could go to RTX smiley2.gif )

    • JP's Dream Journal Ep. 2

      4 years ago


      tl;dr I dream about video games. And bagels. And Christmas masks.

      Last night's dream was a pretty interesting one. I had some trouble remembering the beginning, but I think I got enough down to make it seem interesting.

      Anyways, I was hanging out with my friend at my house back in Jersey. Mom was cooking something for dinner. I talked with my friend (don't remember who it was, by the way) at the kitchen table, before mom put the food in front of us: White rice with soy sauce. I took a few bites, before deciding to go to the bathroom and wash my hands. I walked up the stairs, as I listened to an abridged version of "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who. After that, I came back to the table. I then noticed a bunch of bagels scattered on the kitchen counter. Huh.

      So after dinner, I walked back up to the bathroom to wash my hands again. I was surprised to find my mom and my friend both huddled over a toilet. Nothing bad, they were just talking. Huh. I stood there with them, when I began to hear them talking about the AH Let's Play Youtube channel shutting down, as the crew was apparently going to use a different Youtube Channel. I then heard Michael Jones' voice: "87 videos, and now we're gonna start from scratch?!"

      I began to visualize what looked like a 3D Super Mario game. There was commentary by an unknown voice, and Gus Sorola's face seemed to replace Mario's. I also remember black dots being drawn in the background as Super Gus-io hopped off of platforms and down flagpoles.

      I transitioned into a big house with a bunch of what appeared to be college students. I found myself playing a card game with one of my friends. We both were standing, since apparently the cards came to life. This didn't seem to be a real card game; there was this one aspect to the game that seemed odd. During a person's turn, both players could trade one card with each other. After my friend performed a trade move, I played a summoning card and won the match.

      I walked towards the tv, where someone was playing Super Gus-io, except the entire game had wool/yarn textures, similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn.. I said out loud "have you guys noticed so many games have wool elements? like Kirby, Super Mario..." This led to a discussion about what games everyone was playing. I asked about Stick of Truth, while someone said they were playing Ro Sham Bo. I then asked one of my friends what shooting games he was playing.

      Before he answered, some kid in front of the tv put a controller on the couch and motioned towards me. I heard someone in the background say "Let's Play Streetfighter!" before I noticed that the game was actually Call of Duty.

      I then transitioned INTO the game. Me and an entire group were in the center of a shopping mall (shopping malls again?!). I had a knife and a ballistic knife. I walked towards the escalator, when an enemy popped up in front of me. I stabbed him, then quickly took cover behind a giant potted plant.

      A whole swarm began to flood in, so I started picking off the henchmen with my ballistic knife. I killed almost all of the enemies, except one guy (who was dressed in regular clothing, instead of the black outfits everyone else wore). A spotlight shone onto this last enemy, and an alarm began to ring. All the lights in the mall came on, and a whole crowd of us (college students dressed in regular, casual attire) began to ride the escalators upstairs.

      I was quite excited with my performance during the firefight, loudly proclaiming "Dude, Ballistic Knife OP-" before I was cut off by a girl. She was talking to one of her friends: "The best part about growing in levels is grow missions." (I assume she was referring to the previous match as a grow match; a relatively easy game to gain experience and levels quickly.)

      At the top of the escalator, I met one of my friends from high school. He introduced me to one of his other friends. While we were introducing each other, a middle-aged woman and two 20-something year old girls greeted us. I don't remember what we talked about, but I seemed to be quite attracted to the two girls.

      I then ended up in what looked like a Kohls. I was with an attractive girl who I danced the salsa with. (Yes, in the store. haha) We then started to try on Christmas masks, hats, and attire, as one of my friends watched us from the other clothes rack.

      And then I woke up.

      This dream was much more vivid than the last, and I can remember so many specific details. It was a pretty cool dream too (aside from the random conversation in the bathroom...)

      I'm hoping that the more I jot down my dreams, the more likely I'll be able to finally lucid dream.

      Here's hoping!!

    • JP's Dream Journal Ep. 1

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: apparently my high school is actually a shopping mall. And I met Ashley Jenkins!


      I was in a classroom with a bunch of students. It seemed like an English class.
      We were assigned to do a certain task, but I decided to start reading.
      The other students then took turns reading from a book.
      When the teacher got back (it was actually my high school Band teacher), he was furious. He started preaching about loyalty, as he began reading off names from loyalty tags (people's names and the amount of 'loyalty' points they had.)
      Names like Obama and Gears of War popped up, all having 0 points.

      After class was dismissed, I went to the front where Ashley Jenkins sat. I asked for her advice, telling her that I was behind the whole "protest.' She said that the band parents were upset, and that Fournier (my band teacher's name) would be furious at me. I then thought about one of the marching band staff being upset. :c "Thanks, Ash!" I say, before departing.

      I walked out, and the rest of the school turned out to be a shopping mall. After turning the corner, I noticed my friend Mario in a shop. I said hello, then rushed off, telling him that I had class.

      Turning another corner, I found myself backstage at some orchestra rehearsal.
      I went to my "saxophone' which had a wide, rectangular body. I looked for a reed in my case (which turned out to be just an empty leather cover wrapped around itself), but could not find any. I went to a reed drawer as some guy stood in front of it. I picked up a box, and brought back to my saxophone a strikingly long reed.

      Before putting it on, some guy with the same instrument as me gives me the correct reed; a butterfly looking thing, with a straight piece of wood coming up the middle, and two soft, almost cotton-like pieces at the ends, with ridges lining the inside.

      I begin putting it together, but I start messing it up, as the soft ends begin to droop down. Another man comes up behind me with some purple square piece with plastic on top. He blows into this square piece, going up the reed. When he leaves, the reed is reset. (I guess that the purple piece was an anti-bacterial thing.) I try to set the reed up again, but mess up. The man helping me begins to accost me, saying something along the lines of "mistakes are one thing, but you're turning them into an ongoing activity'

      After that, I find myself flying over a golf course of some sort. One or two others are flying next to me. I notice that we all have some sort of rocket propulsion on our backs. We're hang gliding, it would appear. I begin to speed up, and I think I wake up after that.

      Huh, this is like the second or third time a person from Roosterteeth appeared in my dream (the first being JJ and Michael.)

      I'll try to write more dream journals as time goes on.

    • I think I have a sincere hatred for my health.

      4 years ago


      I just ordered a large pizza, 15 wings, and a 2 liter bottle of coke from a local restaurant.

      Why do I do such horrible things to my body?
      And at 1 in the morning, no less?!

      I mean, I've been doing pretty well; lost like 20 pounds since I first moved down to Florida in October.
      Started working out, eating "enough," and yet I still shove garbage down my throat.

      So not only am I incredibly indecisive (I resort to flipping coins when I can't make a decision), but I also have terribly low will power! And don't even get me started on my tendencies to rage, curse, and slam my fists onto desks, or my sarcastic, almost jaded cynicism...

      Potential employers, if you're reading this; I'm the perfect guy for the job.

    • Help my friend get to RTX!

      4 years ago


      @Munnkie, the winner of the Velvet Scarlatina Battle Gear contest, is trying to raise money on her Indiegogo campaign to get to RTX this year. I believe that a person with this much talent, dedication, and strive more than deserves to see her work come to life on screen.

      Please check out her page here and donate! If you can't afford it, I encourage you to share this link with your friends and everyone you know.

      Every bit counts. Let's show the world just how awesome we are as a community!

    • 3D Animated Minecraft Adventures!!!

      4 years ago


      I just stumbled upon some awesome AH minecraft animations by YT user Will Robson.
      Check them out, his work is AWESOME.

    • Let's trend #AH100 on twitter!

      4 years ago


      Crazedmonkey123 on the rt subreddit had the cool idea of trending a twitter handle for episode 100 of minecraft today.
      Let's try! Be sure to use #AH100 in your tweets today, and spread the word!

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