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    • Team Thugs is Best Team.

      4 years ago


      Not so much of a journal, but more of an overall heads up.
      Alright, that's all for today.
      Proceed with your internets.

    • Late Night Fast Food? Yeah, Why Not.

      4 years ago


      I decided to walk to Taco Bell at 2:45 AM because I flipped a coin. So naturally, it had to be done.
      Taco Bell closes at 4.
      I get there with plenty of time to spare, before realizing that the dining room is locked.
      The DRIVE THRU is open till 4. How did that not occur to me beforehand?!

      So I decided to go to McDonalds instead, just so my 30 minute walk wasn't for nothing.

      I really don't understand what made me want fast food this late, but oh well.
      I guess this is how you spend Spring Break the right way.


      4 years ago


      How does something like this happen?!

      So I'm closing the lights in the living room about to go to "bed." After switching off one of the lights, I begin walking towards the other lamp, before I notice a particular sound. You know, the "something's-about-to-fall-off-of-a-table-or-some-shit-and-there's-literally-nothing-you-can-do-to-stop-it; Oh-and-by-the way,-go-fuck-yourself" noise.

      My lamp tilts off the table, and slams onto my carpet, shattering the exterior design.




      I literally hate myself so much.

      If any of you have like a loaded firearm or something along those lines, I encourage you to point it at my head and pull the trigger. Multiple times.

      Just fucking unload the entire clip into my brain.

    • Happy Easter, 4/20, and all that jazz!

      4 years ago


      So for those celebrating, I wish you all a very Happy Easter. Enjoy your time with family and friends.
      And for those celebrating 4/20... well, you know...

      As for me, I'm gonna sit at home and be a loner, because all my friends flew back home for spring break.

    • Plans for Spring Break

      4 years ago


      Here's a list of things I possibly will (and won't do) for this week's break:

      Fly back to Jersey to get drunk with my friends. ("Mom, I'm in FLORIDA. Why would I fly back to Jersey for Spring break?")
      Drive to Georgia to party with my friends. (Hopefully this will actually happen. Just not this break.)
      Drive down to the beaches to party with my friends (maybe)
      Be an introvert and lock myself in my bedroom for a week. (Highly probable)
      Be productive and complete all assignments early. (Have you seen my college tips journal?)

    • College Pro Tips with JP!

      4 years ago


      This is the first of (hopefully) many tips and tricks on how to be successful in your college career.

      1. WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE! Probably the biggest tip in the world; always wait till the last hour or so to do your homework or assignments. I call this "Crunch Time." You'll become motivated, you'll bullshit your answers much more efficiently, and you'll only have an hour to worry about the work, rather than worrying about it all day.

      2. Beer and Liquor Won't Make You Sicker! If you don't drink, then this tip doesn't apply to you. But if you do, make sure to get COMPLETELY wasted before doing your work. This way, your logic receptors within the brain won't function as well, so you'll be able to make sense out of everything. This comes in handy when having to write about human functions, like psychology and anatomy.

      3. Take breaks! LOTS of breaks! You're in college now! No curfews, no rules (unless you were a part of the popular crowd in high school, in which case you experienced this before I did) So who should have to decide when you take a break from work or not? It's your work, it's your rules! Nap for 5 hours, party with friends! Don't worry, your paper will be there when you're done hooking up with that guy or girl down the hall. Take your time!

      4. The internet is your best friend! I find that browsing through forums, chat rooms, and adult websites helps to soothe my mind when writing five page essays about the Liberal Agenda's presence within the Middle East via Conservative Backlash Propaganda. Scrolling through hundreds of websites during Crunch Time can help to give you different outlooks on the topic (or topics!) you're writing about.

      5. Always generalize! Your professors understand that you have better things to do than to extrapolate upon the American Revolution's effect on modern internet trends. Like get high! And binge on Netflix shows! So they're on your side when it comes to citing your sources and being specific about your opinions. They WANT you to generalize! You just put people (especially teachers) to sleep when you go into detail about the subject. Just copy and paste information from the internet! And NEVER write any more than you have to (if the assignment calls for 200-500 words, your MAXIMUM words written should be 200.)

      That's the end of this week's tips. Here's some helpful links that will make your life a lot easier! Great for filling in paragraphs when you're too lazy to write. This website is great for finding reliable information. Just copy and paste! (and if you ever HAVE to cite your sources, be sure to cite Wikipedia as a source.)

    • Video Games and Hype Galore!

      in Forums > Video Games and Hype Galore! | Follow this topic


      Hey guys, JP here.
      So I know that many of you guys are huge gamers. Some, more than others. So I wanna know...
      What game(s) do you just really love? Maybe some game(s) you just terribly hate?
      And are there any upcoming releases that you're ABSOLUTELY hyped about?

      27 replies

    • Rain, Updates, and Community! (not the show)

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: It rains in Florida, my "birthday" was a week ago, and RT/AH Merch!


      So I'd like to talk about a couple of things in this journal.

      Number the first: FUCKING RAIN.

      Now since I live in Florida, you can imagine how bipolar the weather can be. Some days, it's absolutely beautiful. Some days, it's way too hot. And SOME days, it rains for hours on end.

      Today is one of those "Rains for hours on end" kind of days.

      And I was SO looking forward to getting lunch at Jersey Mike's. Fuck.

      Number the second: I'M ONE YEAR OLD!

      Well... Not me, necessarily; rather, my RT/AH profile turned one on april fool's day! (And I never posted about it, because I'm inattentive and hate myself profusely. smiley0.gif ) So I guess it's kind of relevant, since my profile and Roosterteeth share the same birthday. :D

      Number the third: RT COMMUNITY DAY PART 3!!!!

      Every 15th of the month, Roosterteeth celebrates #RTCommunityDay, a day for RT/AH fans to show off their awesome merch and art and things and yeah. So if you haven't yet, GET TO POSTIN'! smiley6.gif

    • 4 years ago

    • Metaphors, Bugs, and Shit.

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: bugs suck.

      I live in Florida, so naturally I'm faced with many bugs, especially in my apartment.
      My roommate and I have killed at least 3 big bugs. They don't look like cockroaches, so I really don't know what they are.

      But there's one that I haven't killed yet, and it's still alive and well.
      And it's hiding somewhere in my bathroom.

      Now I like to look at this as sort of a justified manner; maybe the bug represents all of my personal problems, and how instead of killing them off and ending them forever, I should just let it go and face the truth.

      Or it could be that I'm just a massive baby.

      Either way, this thing's like under my sink or something. Sometimes, I see it hanging out on my bathmat, and then it just crawls back under the sink.

      I could always burn the sink while it's still inside, but my roommate probably won't think that's a good idea.

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