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    • Oh music, how I missed you so.

      4 years ago


      After some messing around on my keyboard, I've finally recorded a new jazz composition. Granted, it's not perfect or anything, and all the parts were recorded on the keyboard itself, but I'm quite happy at how it all came out.
      Up to this point, I've just been recording covers of Nintendo music (mostly mario kart tracks), but I'm hopefully going to start composing more songs of my own.

      Boy, is it good to be back. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

    • Organizing things sucks.

      4 years ago


      For the past few months, I've been trying to start a Frisbee league at my school. We would play Ultimate, Frisbee Golf, and other variants like Frisketball (frisbee basketball), Frisbee Baseball, Frisbee soccer, etc.

      It's just really annoying, you know? Having to organize and plan everything is just really annoying, hard work. And on top of all my schoolwork, I don't know if my plan will ever come into fruition.

      I gotta stay positive though. Hopefully it'll all work out.


    • 4 years ago

    • Our Role Play is in Intermission; Join Now!

      4 years ago


      If you're into role-playing, and you like action-based stories, then this thread is for you!
      Wrecking Worse: A Modern Drug War is a story similar to the show Breaking Bad, in the sense of characters wrapped up in the drug trade and industry. Right now, things are going crazy, and the sky's the limit.

      You can be a good guy; cop, police chief, etc.

      bad guy; drug lord, hitman, body guard, etc.

      and even a neutral force; assassin, lawyer, etc.

      Right now, the story is paused. We're discussing plot points, new characters, and just chatting.
      If you're interested, please stop by!


      4 years ago


      Okay, So I watched the Nintendo Direct for the next Super Smash Bros. game...
      and my god.
      The announcements were awesome!
      And god, that last trailer was SO.

    • Binging on RvB: Ready for Season 12!

      4 years ago


      It took me a few days and sleepless nights, but I gladly watched all 11 seasons of RvB, and am now caught up and ready for season 12!!!

      The dialogue has been so great in each season; I especially love Church's monologue at the end of Season 5. He pretty much describes all 7 main characters, and talks about the true meaning of hate.
      Very interesting stuff. I'm a sucker for monologues in shows and film, so naturally my favorite line from the show would be Church's monologue.

      In terms of favorite seasons, I loved seasons 8, 9, and 10. The comedy was great, and the action was incredibly animated and choreographed. You can definitely see just how much work the entire crew put into each season. And the quality just keeps getting better and better.

      I'm looking forward to the new season, and can gladly say that I watch Red Vs Blue.

      Now to catch up on RT Shorts.
      As in, every season of RT shorts.

    • Binging on RvB: An Update, and a slight rant.

      4 years ago


      So since I started catching up on Rvb, I've had multiple laughs, and have found a love for the characters.

      Currently, I'm on Season 6, and have just finished episode 12.

      And maybe I just have a terrible attention span. Or maybe I'm a jaded, cynical, sarcastic fucking asshole. But I'm not really feeling this season so far.
      (If you haven't watched this season, by the way, I'm not gonna post spoilers. Though I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on this site that isn't caught up.)
      I mean, I just don't like how the show went from 5 seasons of hysterical comedy, one liners, arguments, and just great, great comedic writing...

      To dramatic, dark, authoritative writing. I hate Washington. I just can't stand him for being so unoriginal. And that's the point, I know. You're SUPPOSED to hate this guy. But having him yell at everybody all the time without any personality just makes watching each episode harder and harder.
      Thankfully, some characters made a return, and we were brought back to the bickering and joking that I really missed.

      Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love drama. I love smart, dark writing. But when the previous five seasons of a comedy/action show are followed by dramatic, darker tone with a main character devoid of any personality whatsoever, it just doesn't seem to flow as well.

      However, I absolutely love the cinematography and action sequences so far. Great stuff.

      Alright, now to finish this season, and the rest of the remaining seasons.

    • Why aren't you playing gifQuest?!

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: Check out @MrWithay's journals, participate, and have fun!!!

      My good friend @MrWithay has been doing a very fun and interesting series for the past few weeks now, which involves various .GIFs of a golem doing whatever we (the 'player') tell him to do. Whichever comment is voted highest is turned into an animated .GIF, and we continue on in the story.

      I absolutely LOVE this idea, and have been following the story for some time now. I even named one of the characters (hopefully two!).

      Check out his profile and read some of the journals he's made. The animation is awesome, and the atmosphere is just plain fun. Make sure to add him or watch him to keep updated.

      Have fun, and tell him 'Biglet' sent you :D

    • I need to catch up with RvB. As in, 11 seasons of RvB.

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: I'm Achievement Hunter Biased.

      I'll admit. I first discovered Roosterteeth through Rage Quit. (Technically it was through playing Grifball in Halo 4, though I didn't know about RT then.) I watched the Impossible Game level 2 episode (SWISS FUCKIN' CHEESE), and was instantly hooked. I started watching the let's plays, AHWU, Things to Do, and achievement guides. (as well as all their other content.)
      Since then, I've watched RWBY, The Strangerhood, multiple Shorts and RT Life's, etc.

      Yet, I've watched like one episode of RvB.

      Now season 12 has a trailer. I ask you, amazing men and women of the community; how long do you think it'll take to catch up? I've pushed RvB long enough. I think I'm ready now.

    • Happy 11th birthday, Roosterteeth!

      4 years ago


      I can't believe it's been 11 years since this phenomenon came into fruition. What started as a bunch of silly videos turned into one of the best websites on the internet, as well as THE BEST online community.
      Roosterteeth has touched all of our hearts in such different ways. The comedy, the laughter, the tears, the excitement... I love watching and listening to the RT/AH crew, just having fun and loving what they do. It's truly inspiring, and I wish to bring that same enthusiasm to my own career in the future.
      So to the entire Roosterteeth staff and crew, and to all the community members, new and old;
      Thank you.
      And here's to 11 more fun-filled years!

      Happy Birthday Roosterteeth, you're one of the best things ever.

      Of all time.

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