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    • If you like Earthbound and you know it, Help my friend out!

      4 years ago


      *Clap Clap*

      Anyway, I know there's many of you out there looking for some nostalgia and retro gaming content. Fear not, I have the solution.

      My friend @MrDDM, ( or Leo, is currently doing a Let's Play series on Earthbound, and he's going to do videos on Pokemon and Minecraft (the RT Sponsor server!) in the future.
      Do check it out, and please comment 'The Game' on his latest video on his YT channel.

      Thanks guys!

    • Things that happen in Florida that don't happen happen in Jersey

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: Florida and Jersey are pretty much two different countries.

      I've been going to Full Sail University for about 6 months now. I've met some great people, had a bunch of laughs, and binged on Netflix with my roommate.

      I've noticed a few things while staying here, compared to back home in Jersey (as in New Jersey, but we say Jersey because we're better than you. :P):

      1. The Drivers are great. I've witnessed so many bad drivers here, it's just uncanny. I've seen cars almost hit each other head on pulling out of parking lots. I've seen a driver swerve in and out of the right lane, scraping the curb. I've seen drivers going 20 on a 55. It's just... just bad. Maybe I'm just so used to the hectic, keep-on-moving lifestyle from back up north. It takes a lot of self-control for me to not yell and curse at the people in front of me, walking 2 inches an hour in the hallways on the way to class. Have I mentioned that I'm a cynical, sarcastic bastard?

      2. Publix is a place sent from heaven. Back home, I would go to Shop-Rite with my parents and stock up on groceries. I'm the kid in the family, so I'd push the cart (my dad says wagon for some reason). I'd pack the trunk of the car, etc. But the main difference between Shop-Rite and Publix (the grocery store around the corner from my apartment here in Florida) is how the workers treat their customers. I mean, they have people who BAG YOUR STUFF FOR YOU. I had to do all that shit myself back in Jersey. And they can even push your cart out to your car for you. AND PACK YOUR CAR TOO. I swear, I feel so spoiled around nice people. Which reminds me...

      3. People are actually nice. Ok, maybe I'm just biased. I've been a nice guy for most of my life. It's probably because I have a Filipino mom who has a heart of gold. And an Italian dad with the intensity of a bull. But I'm from North Jersey, where cursing every five seconds is completely natural. And I guess I picked that up when flying down to Florida. Everyone here is so calm. Smiles all around, no stress, no worries. And here I am, saying 'fuck' and 'shit' and '[insert adjective] as dicks.' Maybe it's because I watch AH all the time. Or perhaps it's because everyone I'm surrounded by is a saint. At least, when they're not getting high and stupidly drunk.

      These are only a few things. I'll most likely create a revised list with more Floridian nuances.


    • People are offensive.

      4 years ago


      All I'm seeing is Happy FU day, FU this, FU that.

      Guys, please.

      Watch your fucking language.

      (congrats @GontArk for being today's Featured User!)

    • Serial Killers are Cool.

      4 years ago


      I started watching Dexter with my roommate.
      We're on season 2 now, and I absolutely love this show.
      It's funny how I enjoy shows with raging psychopaths, but oh well. :)

    • I said Boom Boom Boom...

      4 years ago


      Now everybody say Way oh!

      Way oh!

      (I'm really bored, okay? haha.)

    • Spotting Roosterteeth/ Achievement Hunter Fans

      4 years ago


      So I go to Full Sail University, a college full of nerds (me included). I have three AH shirts, an AH sweatshirt an AH keychain, and two AH slapbands. I'm on a hunt for anyone who is also a fan of RT/AH.
      In my six months of class here, I have only seen one person wearing an RT shirt. Of course, I've met a good handful of people who are still fans, though I've just seen a single RT shirt on campus.

      A few days ago, I went to Universal Studios with my parents. I recorded two AHWU intros; one coming into the CityWalk, and one at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, at the Islands of Adventure.

      and in those three days that I was at the parks, I saw only one person wearing an Achievement Hunter shirt!

      Hopefully that'll change within the coming weeks.

    • Random Ramblings - Ep. 2: "Parents."

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: My parents are enthusiastic, but I'm not.

      One of my best friends told me I should cherish the moments with my mom and dad. And while I completely agree, I feel that I don't have that attitude. I love em' to death, don't get me wrong. It's just my mom always has to have the last word, and my dad tends to talk for hours.

      I get it. They love me. I'm in college now, so I don't see them as often as they'd want to. My mom is probably gonna cry when she leaves tomorrow. Again.

      Even when coming down to Florida for the first time, I wasn't emotional at all. Sure, it was a change of pace for me to sleep whenever I wanted to, to drink with my roommate and stay out till 2 in the morning. It was freedom I never experienced before. I loved it, and still do.

      My mom used to call me almost every day, saying how much she misses me, crying on the phone and whatnot. Dad wanted me to enjoy my time here, so he'd always talk for a few minutes and hang up.

      Yet, sometimes I feel really about it, you know? I feel bad that my parents are here now, taking me to Universal Studios for me, and yet I barely have the enthusiasm that they have right now.
      I don't want to sound ungrateful, because I truly am. I would spend all the time in the world with my parents. I guess I've just grown so used to living away from them that my attitude has shifted away from family, and closer towards friends and school.

      Life is weird.

    • Random Ramblings - Ep. 1: "I do things."

      4 years ago


      tl;dr: In which I talk about sarcasm, school, and my tendency to do things.

      I've noticed that I curse a lot. I tend to get very vocal about my dislike of different traits and people. You know, I used to be quite the calm, happy kid before college. I wonder what happened to the old JP. Always so nerdy and jolly, and chubby... (lol).

      But that's besides the point.

      I guess the main point of this journal is to underscore the extremities that exist in my mind. I mean, I'm interested in science, math, art, literature, and music, among other subjects and studies. So when I'm learning about something I like, of course I'll pay attention and participate.
      But if I don't like a subject? If I don't agree with a teacher's methods? God, I'm insufferable.

      If you didn't know, I'm a sarcastic asshole. Like, it's bad. I don't know if chronic sarcasm exists; if it does, I'm probably diagnosed with type Z-99 sarcasm. Almost every time I respond to someone, it's sarcasm. Deadpan sarcasm, ironic sarcasm, stupid obnoxious sarcasm, etc. I hate talking seriously. I don't know why, I just love seeing my friends' faces when I say something completely absurd and they think I'm serious.
      So imagine an asshole like myself, in a class that is neither interesting nor interactive.
      GG, man. G Fuckin' G.

      I've also noticed that I try to keep myself busy by doing things. Anything. Throwing playing cards, solving Rubik's cubes... the stuff in the 'about me' on my profile? Yeah, that's pretty much all I do. I hate being bored. I hate not going out with my friends and not being able to play board games and not being able to drive to a Steak 'n Shake at 2 in the morning to get the secret menu items. I just need to keep myself occupied, or else I'll be miserable.

      Wow I sound like a whiny bitch.
      I also don't seem to sound like a curse that much. I've found that when I type on the computer, I do my absolute best to sound professional and intellectually-savvy.
      Fuck that. This is my journal. If a potential boss were to read this, I'd probably flip him or her off for for delving into my privacy or some shit. Whatever. It's late, I'm exhausted, and my day has been completely lackluster. I digress.

      Night guys, smiley12.gif you all.


    • RP - Wrecking Worse: A Modern Drug War

      in Forums > RP - Wrecking Worse: A Modern Drug War | Follow this topic


      [Disclaimer: THIS THREAD DOES NOT CONDONE THE USAGE OF DRUGS OR ANY KIND OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE. Roughly based on the Hit TV- Series Breaking Bad, our characters work within the drug trading industry (as well as some officials who want to shut the industry down). We are not advocating the usage of any of the substances described within the thread, we are simply RPing as traders and businessmen within the business of drug transportation. This thread advocates creativity and diversity through each post, even within the serious, real-life scenarios presented to the characters. All of this is in good fun, and, to reiterate, DRUG USE IS NOT CONDONED AT ALL IN THIS THREAD.]


      Plot: Earth, 2015. A huge boom in substance abuse has tainted modern society to no end. Addicts and junkies roam the streets, while police officials and government agents track down the sellers and traders in the drug business. Drug lords rise to power, Businesses fall into nothingness.
      What side are you on? Take a risk with the law to make some BIG cash, or stamp down on crooks and put an end to the drug business? You decide.


      1. Be Civil: We're here to be creative and have fun; try not to be a jerk during the process (unless that's how your character is, haha.)
      2. No one is invincible: This is an obvious, but important one. We're not superheroes. We're dastardly men and women trying to run a successful (but catastrophic) drug industry. If you die, you die. Try to pay attention to the people around you to get an idea on what happens when you do.
      3. HAVE FUN! Though this is a closer-to-home, real-life scenario game, there is going to be some ridiculous moments popping up here and there. We don't want to be too serious in this game. If you walk into a drug store and a stripper mugs you, go with it. If an old lady rams into your truck and your entire supply of cocaine is ruined, so be it. Remember to stretch your mind for creative situations that our characters must face, though you must try to be as realistic as possible with how the characters deal with such scenarios.
      4. Character Sheet: It wouldn't be a real RP without an official RP Character Sheet. Be as creative and diverse as your little mind can be! Just try not to be too ridiculous with your character; we want all of our characters to have a balanced set of strengths and weaknesses when conflicts arise.
      Here are the sheets for both sides:


      The Insiders: The Bad guys. They deal with trading, selling, and transporting various substances.


      Position: (Example: Driver, Assassin, Drug Lord, etc.)

      Business Affiliation(s): (Do you work with another character's drug cartel, or are you part of your own business?)

      Strengths: (Nothing too specific. Gives your character the upper hand in different situations.

      Weaknesses: (Same as above, but holds your character back in different situations.


      The B-Team: The good guys. They deal with locking up fugitives, criminals, and overall villains.


      Position (Example: Cop, Police Chief, Lawyer, etc.)

      District Affiliation(s): Do you work in your own branch of law enforcement, or are you partnered with any other characters?)

      Strengths: (Same as strengths in Insiders Sheet)

      Weaknesses: (Same as weaknesses in Insiders Sheet)

      Alright, that's pretty much it. Don't forget to have fun, be creative, and THINK AHEAD; you never know what's gonna happen out there...


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