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    • Driving Etiquette (in America)

      4 months ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer

      Hey guys. So in sponsor chat a few days ago I mentioned that I would like to buy a police radar/laser detector so that I know when it's safe to speed without getting pulled over. . I was immediately ripped apart by a LOT of people who think that I am being reckless and putting other people in danger by driving quickly so let me first clear a few things up:

      I am a cruise control driver. I like putting my foot down but I drive SO MUCH that it is in my best interest to find an opening in traffic and lock in the cruise control. I only drive fast if I need to pass a car, or group of cars that are a serious impedence (or swerving). I will also drive fast if it is late at night, or on a totally empty road. I will slow down as soon as I catch up to traffic.

      It is my philosophy NOT TO BE THE FASTEST CAR on any stretch of road. I try to make sure there is a car going faster than I am, and if you drive on a freeway and still believe ANY mph over the speed limit is dangerous, you are part of the problem. Here are some other neat tips and tricks to stay safe and keep traffic moving,

       fireTurn signals are on almost every car on earth, use them so that people behind you (and oncoming traffic) know if you're about to make a turning move.

       boom Look in the direction you are turning or changing lanes. Hell, look both ways, go exorcist in your Kia. Seriously, a quick glance could save you from some hurt.

       fire I know you want to swerve to avoid that pothole/object/damaged road, but sometimes you have to eat a pothole... like when there is ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!! It's ok, relax, slow down and suck it up. If the pothole is massive and devastating, stop entirely, and wait for the oncoming traffic to finish. 

       boom If you have the Right of way, and there are cars waiting, Please go. It's not a waiting game and it's in everyone's best interest if SOMEBODY gets it moving.

       fire When you're passing another vehicle, please pass it quickly (ESPECIALLY TRUCKS)! The more time you spend alongside another car, the more opportunity for you to hit them, or them to hit you. Just pass em, or let them pass you. 

        boom Old people can be dangerous, there's really no way to tell if you're driving behind a blind elderly person but if you think a driver anywhere around you is dangerous, get away from them. This sometimes requires violating the speed limit. Occasionally a driver is too fast or dangerous to pass, if it's that bad, just hang back and hope they don't drive into oncoming traffic.

       fire The left lane is not just for fast people, sometimes you need to exit left, but if people in the slower lanes are passing you, you should probably move over. This applies to any lane when traffic is open. If you are being passed on both sides you are in the wrong lane.

       boom The police in America will not pull you over for speeding unless you are going 10+mph over the speed limit. This is because <9mph over the speed limit is not a primary stop and search offense. If you are going 65mph in a 60mph zone, and you get pulled over, the police are looking for something else.

       fire Not wearing your seatbelt IS a primary stop and search offense, so buckle the fuck up.

       boom There is a law in most states that you can go up to 15mph over the posted speed limit in order to pass a vehicle that is driving too slowly (under the speed limit). Check your local laws.

       fire Buy a pair of those stick-on fish eye mirrors for your side view. New cars and all trucks have huge blind spots and these cheap little mirrors are going to be the best money you've ever spent on your car. Set up your large mirrors to give you a wider view, and tilt a little higher, and stick the fish eyes wherever is convenient (recommended bottom outside corner).

       boom If the weather is legitimately dangerous, pull over or stop in a safe place as soon as possible. There are people who will drive 40mph in a 60mph zone because of a light rain. Whether you want to pass them or not is your call, but your car's performance in bad weather depends entirely on your TIRES! If the whole world is spinning around you, or it's raining so hard that you can't even see the nose of your car, just immediately find a place to stop.

       fire If it's raining, foggy, snowing, or any other precipitation; turn your lights on. It's not for you. It's to HELP PEOPLE SEE YOU!

        boom CARS ARE HUGE METAL MACHINES!!! They are extremely deadly and the speeds we drive them at can deliver a LOT of energy on impact. That's why even fender benders at high speeds do a lot of damage. Treat driving your car as if every other car is a gigantic scary monster truck, and you will be better off for it. 

      Edit 7/18:  cop Police do NOT need a real reason to pull you over. Cops see minor offenses as excuses to stop and run your paperwork, and smell the inside of your car for alcohol or weed. If you've been pulled over for 'nothing' just pull over and be nice. They want to see if you're doing something they can actually arrest you for. Just give them your paperwork. If you give them too much shit for pulling you over for 'nothing,' it's only going to upset them. You can flirt, or joke, or chitchat with the cop that pulled you over; but try not to be mean, or give them a reason to dig deeper. 

      Drive safely everybody! Have fun though!

      EDIT: Radar detectors are now fundamentally flawed because many cars have radar assisted features. Back-Up sensors, radar guided cruise control and lane assist/lane management systems WILL SET OFF RADAR DETECTORS.

      Overall great purchase, worth every penny so far!

      *Revised 7/18 - Even with the abundance of radar assisted vehicles, it's very easy to tell the difference between a Drug Mart electronic door (or a lexus with radar guided cruise) and a speed trap. 

    • Come back to Sponsor Chat!

      1 year ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer

      I know it's not exactly what it used to be, but it's lonely for those of us who continue to hang out in there. 

      Every single person on my friends list, I have met in sponsor chat! Come back!!! It will be dead-ish, but it doesn't have to stay that way. 

      For those of you who don't know, Chat is now a part of groups and can be reached from this link:


    • LFG GTA5 PC

      2 years ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer

      Hey guys, I'm looking for players in GTA. Most of my friends are on ps4 or xbone, but I'm just sitting here having all this fun by myself on PC. Long term I'm looking to grind for money and levels and finish all of the raids. Short term I'd really like to get 3 people together who all need wins in a RALLY race and run 2 of those.

      If you want in, Reply or msg me with your rockstar and steam names, if we're not friends already.

    • F*cking politics!

      2 years ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer

      Shit is about to get way too political. After seeing this video on facebook: I can't help it.

      We are tiny little people, on a a tiny little ball of rock and water, spread widely among an uncountable number of other small chunks of rock and water that may have tiny people of their own. For centuries, powerful people have been able to use money to gain influence and votes. They've been able to cover this up by constantly spreading hate. They encourage one race to hate another, or one country to hate another, and even one gender hating another. If we are distracted, we don't see the bigger picture.

      We are ALL the same!!! We're all human and we are all brothers and sisters. We're all descendants of a few tribes of people that survived the last ice age, numbering in the thousands. Now there are 7 billion of us? Cool! We should be one big happy family! Spreading hate is counterproductive, and I'm pretty sure that's why racism and sexism exist. If Fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hatred, by Jedi logic, all hatemongers are afraid of something.

      Don't be that person, we're all human. Question everything, hate nothing.

    • 3 years ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer
    • Shameless self promotion

      3 years ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer

      So since every post puts people on blast, you guys should take a look at my youtube channel.

      Fair warning about the DC universe videos, the first 8 are kinda beyond boring, but relatively educational. The newer videos are better, shorter and more interesting. Also there's a fish tank in there somewhere that people seem to like.


    • 3 years ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer

      So weird to see how people react to tragedy. It's amazing that this country is so split down the middle when it comes to personality and attitude. You are probably one of 2 kinds of people:

      The Desensitized: We grew up in gritty hometowns where we always have to look over our shoulders. We have lived through generations of Doom, Mortal Kombat, and a gross of movies with realistic gratuitous violence. We have embraced all of these things. We've been in fistfights, and we've seen some shit, both real and in media. We may seem cold and unforgiving, but we always tell it how it is, and we're happy to be proven wrong because it means we learned something.

      The Hypersensitive: I don't know why, but you go through every single thing in your life looking for reasons not to like it. Anything can set off a fit of a response if it doesn't meet your exacting requirements of social interaction. A joke may be rude, but it is not worth crying and going into a lecture on how that joke subtly related to the geopolitical situation in eastern Europe and wasn't funny.and you should be ASHAMED!!! (Most) people aren't coming after you with malice when they say something snarky, they're just trying to be snarky.

      I'm not suggesting that the desensitization of American youth is a good thing, but people need to chill out. I've seen memes that say "I AM EXTREMELY OFFENDED BY THIS POTATO"


      There are sensitive people who are not hypersensitive, but you all know who you are.

    • 3 years ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer

      So let's put this new site in beta to give the established users a chance to flush it out and find bugs while we complete it.... Nah, fuck that, let's roll it out after 2 weeks of beta.

    • Looking for a quick Text animation, anyone?

      3 years ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer

      Ok ladies and gents I know you are a talented bunch of people. I am looking for someone to make a 10 second title animation for all of my future video productions.

      I basically want the title to be "stamped" into metal with a brief light movement to show the letters are at a different depth than the background. The letters can either be raised or inset, as long as the animation is appropriate to show them being stamped into metal or pressed from the underside of metal.

      This will be used in many videos so I am willing to pay for the commission. Please let me know if you know anyone that can do this, or if YOU can do it.


    • 3 years ago

      secti0n31 Freelancer
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    • Becks Probably Grumpy

      3 years ago

      Hey, hope your wisdom teeth surgery went well!

      • Becks Probably Grumpy

        3 years ago

        Aww man! Well eat lots of soft foods and get better!

      • secti0n31 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Freelancer

        3 years ago

        One tooth came out in <30 seconds, the other took closer to 20 minutes of pushing pulling and digging around. I am fine and both teeth came out. I have painkillers I'll be good. Thanks for your thoughts! I look like I got punched in the face!

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      4 years ago

      I accept your friendship

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      5 years ago

      Hello secti0n31, welcome to a much larger world.

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