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    • suggested PC gamedays?

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      Hi whussup everyone! So, being a UK member, i'm not allowed on your fun american servers for ps4 nor xb1, or any of the console servers, so maybe we can have a couple of PC gamedays? 

      unfortunately i can only suggest playing some RWBY  grimm eclipse, Borderlands, Overwatch TF2 or even Half-life 1&2 Deathmatch?

      Do let me know as i'm in the UK and i gotta stay up stupid late to have fun with the most awsome community there is.

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    • PC: EU Players

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      Howdy... or something.

      anyway i was just looking for some fellow players in the EU reagions and maybe form a mini team or something :3
      Lexiolt#2377. message RT to let me know who you are. (people add me too often xD)

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    • OverWatch anyone?

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      any other 6%ers that play Overwatch per chance? :3 Open to discussions and stuff too

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    • Life is Strange. So is quantum Theory. here's why...

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      Life is strange theory
      WTF is going on?

      The main question that everyone asks themselves during the course of this game is 'What is going
      on?' we are only allowed to speculate Max Caulfields Time rewind ability, it's origins and the
      reasons why the universe had bestowed her these powers.
      What if I told you that, the events in L.I.S. Are entirely random, and not bestowed to save either
      Chloe's life or the Lives in Arcadia Bay? And that, the only the end is to save Chloe ?What if I told
      you, that this game has NOTHING to do with time travel? What if I told you that Einstein's theory
      of relativity and our recent discovery of gravity waves and Space-time are the core physics of the
      You'd call me crazy right?
      Ha.. hahahaha... well no... (But I'd agree with you if you did)
      actually, it's scientifically possible (with added game physics) but not impossible. And it holds very
      close ties to quantum mechanics, Heisenberg uncertainty principle,extra/higher dimensions and
      string theory.
      I am here to explain, or theorise what exactly is going on the the universe (or universe's.. universi?)
      of Life is strange and the implications of Max Caulfields ability to manipulate time. And yes, in fact
      she is messing around with the very 3D fabric of Space- time and inter-dimensional manipulation.
      Please bare with me here as there are so many parts to this theory to work. So if 1 part or chapter
      doesn't make sense, don't worry, that will be explained further on.

      the rest of the theory ---->>>  https://www.dropbox.com/s/zbogtwos5zchp0i/L.I.S.%20Theory.odt?dl=0

      (sorry, it's a big theory and not enough space here for it....)

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