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  • Fate/Extra Last Encore Episode 8

    14 hours ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Fate/Extra Last Encore, where even sickly little girls can be selected as Masters in a fight to the death.

    In our last episode, the Terrific Trio have figured out that they're stuck in a loop thanks to the monster. Should it be killed, it resets the day in order to get its best ending. Along the way, we get more flashbacks with Alice and Hakuno and how they became close to one another, as well as revealing that the Alice we've been seeing is actually her Servant, a Caster. It's this Alice that grows close with Hakuno, then turns into a monster because she was having some major glitching issues, thanks to the Angelica Cage going insane.

    As a result, one more loop is needed, and Rin reveals her own trump card. She has somehow merged with her Servant and inherited their powers. Fate people, and those who played the game, will already know who the Servant is, but we'll talk about that later, when it's more appropriate.

    But with the combined efforts of Rin and Saber, they're able to defeat Alice, releasing her from her bonds, allowing her to move along, as well as our trio. What will await them on the Fourth Stratum? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins on a dark and stormy night, which sounds really, really cliche. Purple lighting flashes among a desolate city... that's actually floating in the sky. Must be the next fight. We see that the city has gone through it's own inception period, with buildings in all sorts of wrong places, before cutting to what appears to be a construction site. Hakuno narrates, repeating something "that man" said. That man tells him to see how his existence will end, how he's consumed by sin, and that no amount of punishment will satisfy him. So Hakuno is secretly Catholic? Cause we're all about that regret.

    -That man goes on, telling Hakuno that he has no hope, so he should return to death. To him, clinging to life is arrogant, and that face should be more than enough proof. And it looks like the enemy Master has a purple scar going across his face. Wait, "That face"? Does he mean Dead Face? Are we in media res here? Hakuno can't help but admit that he has a point. Everything he said was true. He is drowning in sin and has no wish. It's something he's incapable of having. And into the opening we go!

    -When we return, we get this lovely vintage of beauty gracing our screens.


    -Yay for close up of Saber! ...Wait, what did she say about the Fourth Stratum? Also, it looks like Saber and Hakuno are doing a stretching exercise because... uh, reasons.

    -...Right, so, to quickly recap, we're skipping the Fourth Stratum because that pair sucked so badly that they weren't worth a mention. Of course, this is an adaption reason that I'll explain later, but I can see why they skipped this part. Also, Umu count is now at 30. Rin is watching them stretch and totally isn't getting jealous of it. She mentions how they're so carefree, but thinks it's for the best. She's been preparing for the Fifth Stratum. And what has see been doing to prepare?

    -...What, is it constantly raining or something? And sure enough, it is. While looking over the landscape, Hakuno gets a vision of a city engulfed in flames, and it looks to be hurting him pretty good. Rin says that on this Stratum, Berserker roams. And given all of the destruction, this is not a happy Berserker. She then points up a central location, where the Ladder is. And it looks like it's already descended. So if Hakuno makes it there, he'll automatically ascend, because this place doesn't have a Floor Master, just some random Servant going berserk. Oh, and there's also a bloodthirsty murderer on this floor, too. Because it's a Holy Grail War and we need at least one bloodthirsty murderer as a Master.

    -Hakuno doesn't like hearing Rin describe a Master as "bloodthirsty," but in this case, it's true. The Master in question was an assassin back on Earth, and he did the same thing during the Holy Grail War, eliminated many Masters in secret. Saber recognizes the description, and we get the name. Julius Belkisk Harway. And if the name sounds familiar, you've been paying attention. But in case you don't see the connection, Julius is the brother to Leo Bistario Harway, who Rin has a very high opinion of. We've met him once before, back in episode one, where he killed that guy in a Chess match. And it seems Rin knows a lot more, because she mentions that Saber and her previous Master defeated Julius on this floor. And if that is the name of the Master, then Saber already knows the Servant they'll be engaging. And she's not looking forward to the rematch.

    -Saber does admit she did defeat the Servant once before (Umu count 31), but she just barely did so. But thanks to that match, she knows every trick the Servant uses, so leave all the fighting to her. Well, maybe she's more confident than she lets on. We follow the three into a nearby building to get out of the rain. After a moment, Rin will scout out the area, using something close to a presence concealment as she disappears. This leaves Hakuno alone with Saber. He'd like to know more about her previous Master. Saber is all praise for that Master, who had extraordinary courage and never knew when to give up. To her, the previous Master would be a "hero" (Umu count 32).

    -But despite that praise, Saber says that her previous master was foolish, yet endearing, with a wish that was equally so. But still, it was a wish they held close to their heart. Hakuno seems a bit upset, since it means it probably wasn't him. But obviously Hakuno can't be Saber's previous Master because...

    -So, yeah, Saber says there's no resemblance between Hakuno and her previous Master. That said, she has noticed a few similarities. Remember what Saber said when she first met Hakuno? Well, in melodramatic fashion, "Gasp, has she been reborn!?" And Hakuno gets depressed, because he doesn't think he could be that remarkable. And it makes me doubt if what he's doing is right. It seems like he wants to say something, but while he doesn't, Saber senses that he's picked up some baggage from their previous battles. But don't worry, Saber's got this!

    -And Saber pulls ahead of Gil in the "who has the bigger ego" race. She summons her sword, saying that, to be a genius, you cannot rely on just ability and talent. Sure, having those things are nice, but having talent only makes you talented, and even her blade could be described as such. So what makes a genius last?

    -Well, at least Saber keeps her ego grounded. She goes on to say that humans are prone to comparing one another, and when done so, they want to see the other as equals. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as no two humans are exactly the same. Something that, for example, Hakuno could do may be impossible for somebody else, and vice versa. And a genius can understand that difference without bias. Of course, Saber is an almighty genius, but she never once expected others to do the same work she can do. You're just so humble about it, aren't you? But she continues with her point. She also knows that she cannot imitate another person, regardless of how unskilled they are compared to her. Just keep being humble, Saber. But in the end, humans believe that they are equal to everyone around them. After all, how splendid would a world without competition be? Probably rather boring, but that's just me. But Saber's point is that, with equality, life would be satisfying. People walking together, hand in hand, being able to understand one another and sharing each other's values. For her, it would be a dream come true for such a perfect world to exist. But reality sucks, and it would never let such a thing happen. Especially if Nasu is writing it.

    -Saber explains that everybody has their roles to play, along with their flaws, but she believes it's important to believe in others. However, she reminds Hakuno that the person he would encourage is different from himself. Also, don't do anything extravagant. Just do all you can and that should be plenty. And in turn, she will do all she can, because in this world, that is all that can be truly expected of them. Well, that was a nice speech, Saber. And it seems to reach Hakuno in some way. Rin then shows up to say "yeah, she's right." Great contribution there, Rin.

    -Anyway, time to move on. Except there's a small problem. Berserker is blocking their path. Looks like they'll have to fight after all. Rin suggests falling back to strategize, but it looks like that isn't an option. Above them, standing against the side of the building, the enemy Master awaits. And he's very happy to see Hakuno once more. Berserker engages Saber while Julius, the enemy Master, engages Hakuno. Saber is forced back by the enemy Berserker, who appears to be using some form of martial arts. Stuck on the defensive, Rin intervenes, transforming into her servant self, launching Gae Bolg, and forcing Berserker back. Shen then carries Saber away, but she can't help but get her snark on. Also, I noticed now that Rin's hair has more red when in Servant mode.

    -But Saber is glad for this, because it means Rin can take her place to deal with the Servant. Rin is shocked by this request, but to add more to it.

    -No pressure or anything (Umu count 33). Rin is all like "...the hell? Seriously?" Meanwhile, the Masters go at it, with Julius just so happy to see Hakuno return. He's surprised that another Master actually recognizes him. Julius comments on how he doesn't learn, but isn't really surprising. and then a flash step and a bunch in the face that sends Hakuno into a nearby wall. Julius doesn't give Hakuno a moment to breath, but he finds this unexpected. He always assumed anger would kill him, but now, he might die from disappointment. And then he delivers a kick, sending Hakuno into a nearby pillar. And there goes his back again.

    -Julius, stopping for a moment, can't believe how pathetic Hakuno is. But now he's pissed, so Hakuno shows off his Dead Face and engages Julius properly. Now, he can see his face clearly and recalls a memory of defeating Julius, who gives him such an angry stare as he fades away. From this, he concludes that Julius is already dead, and asks if he's a ghost as well? And then Julius laughs like a madman, as if Hakuno said the funniest thing ever. He attempts to attack the laughing madman, but Julius easily deflects the attack and puts him in an arm-bar. While attempting to break his arm, Julius says that he and Hakuno are lower than ghosts. They can't create, nor can they save people. And so Julius reveals his own Dead Face, showing how the two are the same. And then he punches him in the chest and oh God so much blood!

    -And then we... flashback? Teleport? Dream vision? Either way, we're back at the incinerator, where the Teacher looking guy from episode one appears. He's surprised to see Hakuno again, but thinks that he has a connection between the past and present him. While he doesn't know everything, he does not quite a bit. For example...

    -Oh, we're just dropping all the bombshells today. Teacher guy says that SE.RA.PH has been on the decline for a thousand years, and through all that loss, the only thing gained was the guise of death. As in, the Dead Face. He explains that ghosts are beings with a physical body. They wander around in search of finding one, but Dead Face are different. They're trapped by death while still alive. They act like the death and are curses that spread nothing but death. To him, they are only malicious data that bring nothing but destruction. In SE.RA.PH, physical death and mental deaths are separate things. Even if the body dies, but the mind doesn't, anything leftover is a magnet for curses. So it sounds like you're saying that Hakuno and Julius are cursed. Aren't you a fun guy to have at parties?

    -He goes on to say that, normally, humans are pleased from their emotions once their physical body is lost, despite any hatred they may bear. But, when the Angelica Cage was closed, ending the Holy Grail War, SE.RA.PH became a cybernetic hell. The purification function stopped removing regrets from the dead, and their bodies were left neglected. Once, he sought to innovate humanity, but the century that prospered using his generation as compensation was immature. His wish was that humanity would become worthy of the sacrifice, but as he can see, the world went to hell in a worry, so that didn't happen. Undefeated in SE.RA.PH, he kept living and kept corrupting until he reached a clear conclusion. He just gave up, deciding that it'd be better for humanity to end. Thanks a lot, Twice. By the way, this is Twice talking to Hakuno.

    -During these years, Twice has disposed of many victors, some who were good and some who were evil, all worthy of being fit to win the grand prize. But in his opinion, not a single one were worthy of becoming a "Messiah." You have some real high standards there, don't you, Twice? Bad at the Incinerator, we see the piles of the slain as he explains that, normally, they would have been recorded as data. However, sending the fall of SE.RA.PH, a one time change occurred. Which lead to the formation of the Dead Face, who's task is to go up there and kick Twice's ass. And so, one day, a complete nobody awoke to bear that burden. Can you guess who it was?

    -Just to repeat, Hakuno is apparently not Hakuno. He's just a collection of death, but was influenced by her. Interesting. But yeah, Hakuno (we'll just keep calling him that to keep it simple) is just a murderer who wants to murder the living. However, he's just trying to process this all and he's having a lot of trouble with it. And here comes the crash. He denies everything Twice says, but he asks if Hakuno is certain of that, since from the beginning, he only wanted to climb because of his hatred. But he has no future. Hakuno was only born to kill others, then to die. So, yeah, it's a really bad day for Hakuno right now. Especially since he's got a hand in his chest. Julius recalls that Hakuno is already dead, so ripping out his heart won't be enough.

    -Luckily, Saber arrives, giving Hakuno a second wind and allowing him to push Julius away. Since murder is still on the table, Saber engages Julius, who keeps his distance from her. That's when Rin arrives. And by arrives, I mean gets blow through the wall and into some other garbage. Berserker is here to cause more trouble. Rin apologizes, but Saber's cool with that. So we get a stand off between Julius and Saber, when suddenly, she starts coughing up blood. Julius is surprised to see Saber endure for so long, since Berserker's Noble Phantasm kills in one hit. His first strike is guaranteed to annihilate any opponent he faces. This is something she should know, and yet, she guarded Hakuno, despite him not being a Master. All hope seems lost until...

    -...So apparently those skeleton arms from the Third Stratum bulked up and decided to join Hakuno, because why is there a random fist coming from the sky? Of course, said random fist is attached to some creature in shadow, who then leaves. Realizing the situation he's in, Julius and Berserker retreat. Hakuno, meanwhile, crawls over to the fallen Saber, apologizing to her for not being a proper Master. If she had one, she wouldn't lose to anyone. Except we have the problem of a lack of proper Masters. He then passes out next to Saber, leading to our episode title, Bajiquan. Cue credits!

    -And here are our Master/Servant pair image for this episode. It's Julius and Berserker, looking all berserker with his berserker look.

    -Oh, but we're not done yet! We have an after credit scene! And a long one, at that, given the timer. We see Hakuno walking in the void, probably dying. He says he was born of hatred, to curse other people, driven by the jealous he feels towards the living. He get a quick shot of his revival from episode one, about his hatred of the Moon, then his confrontation with Shinji and his declaration to kill him. Despite this, Hakuno says he had a convenient dream once, which includes Saber, then a girl staring out into the blue sky.


    -Hakuno wonders if, perhaps, he is her reincarnation, which is something he almost believed in, and it would have been nice if it was true, too. However, this is reality. He is not alive, nor is he Hakuno. He starts walking into this black pool, citing that he only has hatred and revenge. But during this trip into the black lake, Saber calls to him to open his eyes, then the very first thing she said to him. So these are likely flashes of previous memories with her, which includes her doing all she can to lift his spirits. He keeps walking, heading towards a golden light, but he doesn't want to listen to her cheery attitude, since hatred is all he has. And he walks past the light, going through the endless void, until sudden, he comes to a door. Curiosity gets the better off I'm, so he enters to see something like an A/V room.

    -In the room, a projector is on, but it's only displaying static. As Hakuno enters, a voice tells him to take a seat, because the show is about to begin. Hakuno can do nothing but stare at this girl, who looks very familiar to him. And that's where we end the episode.

    Hoo boy, do we have a lot to unpack, because there is a lot to do. Fortunately, I can probably hold off a lot of this until future episodes, depending on where things go, but still, we have a lot to discuss. Aren't adaptions fun?

    So let's discuss why the Fourth Master was skipped, as that's the easiest to do without getting into too many spoilers. After defeating Nursery Rhyme, an event plays that requires the main character to make a choice. This choice affects how the rest of the game is played, as it changes two Servants you will fight. Mainly, the Servants you with in the fourth and sixth rounds are affected by this choice. The fifth round, where you would fight Julius, does not change. I can't really go too much more into this one, because I suspect we'll need to revisit this later.

    As for Julius being back from the dead, this is a bit more complicated. You know all that talk about ghosts and the like that has been brought up through the series? Yeah, that was kind of foreshadowing something like this. Despite being defeated in an official match, Julius showed that he was too angry to die, and thus, came back during a later round to get a rematch with the MC. He kept the Servant, but changed classes as a result. I should also mention that, in the game, Julius was killing off a lot of Master candidates, but indirectly. Instead, he did just enough damage to their Magic Circuits, how they use magic, to make it difficult for them to control a Servant, and thus, the system would end their lives. In the game, you actually play as somebody else first before getting to the MC proper, and they suffer this fate.

    Now, there's one more thing that happened in the fourth round that obviously didn't come up in the Anime, but I suspect that will be coming up very soon, so we'll get to that when we get to that. Assuming Saber survives. Hopefully her self-revive skill still has some charges left.

    Will Hakuno survive this encounter? Will he learn the truth about himself? And will he be able to defeat fellow Dead Face Julius? Tune in on Friday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, when going on a floor that is nothing but rain, always make sure you have a spell handy to create a raincoat. You'll be surprised how often that becomes useful.

  • So the Vic and law suit depositions.....

    17 hours ago


    Rooster teeth, i gotta say knowing about those emails and the way you fired vic and the actions of some of your voice actors....Is a pretty fucking shitty look for you.

    Wonder what the new heads of otter media or rather WB whose penny pinching like a mother fucker right now, thinks about this shit?

  • Day 2019: Back at the house

    18 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    I was away 2 days, and have somehow got behind on all the wrestling. There was the one event I went to, then 4 other events to now catch up on, so I have stuff to do for the week ahead.

    While down in Jacksonville, we went to the Zoo and had a great time. We also went to a few places to eat. It was an interesting foody adventure, and we somehow ended up at two restaurants owned by the same person, which was a shocking turn of events.

    The drive back today was uneventful, and fine. Back in the house now, and it’s just quiet which is nice. I am looking forward to the week ahead and what stuff can be done. There is lots to do, I should write me a list of things to do, and work on some stuff, get things done.

    Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • Possible Addition for Watching Videos: Watch Order

    in Forums > Possible Addition for Watching Videos: Watch Order | Follow this topic


    Hey guys. Since this is my first post here, I just want to get two things out of the way first. 1) I don't know if this is possible, and 2) I have no clue if it's in the works. Anyway, to the point.

    If possible, could there be an addition to choose what order we can watch the videos on the site? I know there's a "Watch Latest Video" button, but sometimes I would like to go back in time and watch them from the beginning. For example, if I were a new member and wanted to watch RvB from the beginning, I would want to be able to sort the list in each season based on oldest to newest, so I can binge the series without having to constantly go back to the episode list and click the next one.

    Thanks so much for everything you guys do, and I hope that maybe, just maybe, I can help make this already awesome site even awesomer.

    1 reply

  • Bless our free anniversary quartz

    1 day ago


    so, when the summer rerun in FGO went live, I still needed summer Mordred and summer Anne & Mary. I got Anne & Mary off a yolo ticket, then an Arjuna spook, a 4th copy of Kiyo lancer, and a bunch of CEs off some 10 rolls.

    after wasting probably a lot more money than I should have, and only getting a second summer lesbians, a bunch of 4 and 5 star event CEs, and some excess 4*servants that are now rare prisms, I used the 30 quartz we got if we managed the week long login streak for the anniversary (which was easy, given my still flawless from day 1 streak), and I got summer Mo.


    all future quartz is now being saved for summer 2, though I may toss a ticket or two to see if I luck into another copy of Martha or Archuria.

  • Weekly Update #19

    1 day ago

    TheRedJoka7 TheRedJoka

    Soooooo crazy week. My Grandmother had a seizure and sliced her arm really bad and was in the hospital for 4 or 5 days. She's fine now and has been home for the last 3 days. We are keeping her monitored but it looks like she'll be fine 


    in Forums > I NEED WORK ADVICE! | Follow this topic


    Hi everyone,

    I really need some advice about my job and what my current situation is. I work as a marketplace/inventory manager for a good friend of mine for almost 7 years. I don't get paid that well, which sucks cause I live in Cali, but I stuck with it because of the growth and experience I could gain. Not to mention, my friend basically took care of me when I was kicked out of my house at 18. 

    Recently, I just had my 27th birthday and started wanting a career plus getting paid for all the work that I do for the company(I also just purchased a new home). Sadly, the company wants to move to San Diego and they asked me to come. They are willing to negotiate my pay, but it won't be too much more than what I make. 

    My worry is do I take the risk of uprooting my life for the off chance of making a career with this company because nothing is guarantee? Or do I move on and find a job/career with a company that might treat me slightly better, but that does mean starting all over again? I don't want to hurt my friend's feelings, but I have to remind myself at the end of the day she is still my boss. WHAT DO I DO?

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  • "Unable to load items"

    in Forums > "Unable to load items" | Follow this topic


    Is anyone else getting this tiny red error at the top right corner of their screen when on the roosterteeth website?

    I bought a membership not too long ago and haven't been able to set my profile pic or customize at all. I tried on mobile and browser, but come across the same issue. I don't want to be basic gray woman avatar ):


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  • Pasiphae, My New Band

    1 day ago


    What's up people! Been away for a while, hope you've all been well. For those that are interested I've started up a new band. 


    We're a progressive metal band based in Leicester, England. We formed while studying at De Montfort University. We're still in the midst of writing material, but hope to release some stuff soon. 

  • Isekai'd to Another Isekai Anime

    1 day ago


    Just when you thought anime couldn't isekai any harder, along comes Isekai Quartet to break all the records. Now if you're not familiar with the isekai genre, let me just ask what rock you've been living under, because it's hard enough to just cross the street and not get run over by an oncoming anime about someone being transported to another world. Whether it be reincarnation, teleportation, ritual summoning, or simply being trapped in your favorite MMO, isekai is everywhere. So how then did Isekai Quartet stand out among the crowd? Let's allow the anime to answer this question, please, go ahead Mr. Quartet. Well dog, you see, we saw how much you like isekai, so we put an isekai inside your isekai, that way you can isekai while you isekai in your isekai. Thank you Mr. Quartet, that was very insightful.

    For those of you who had some trouble with that line of dialogue, allow me to translate. Isekai Quartet is an isekai anime that combines four other isekai anime into one, pulling characters straight out of their respective isekai animes and transporting them to another world. Here they are forced to live out the lives of high school students, delighting some while driving others to the brink of insanity. To be precise, because of the vast quantity of available isekai to pull from, Isekai Quartet takes the main cast from KonoSuba, Overlord, Re:Zero, and Tanya the Evil. Meaning you'll end up seeing Ainz Ooal Gown getting buddy buddy with Tanya von Degurechaff, you'll see Kazuma Satou complimenting Subaru Natsuki on his choice of attire, and all the while you'll see secondary characters mixing and mingling like this was some kind of speed dating event.

    This is the kind of anime where humor and jokes require you to know these characters, because the references and subjects of conversation are so referential, that not having seen even one can see you ignorant to 25% of the content. For instance I had never seen The Saga of Tanya the Evil, and I guarantee there was plenty of times where Tanya was up to bat, or her cohorts were holding dialogue, and I might have giggled or smiled, but that's only because I know isekai anime humor and not because I understood what they were going on about. In fact, after having finished Isekai Quartet, I have actually added Tanya the Evil to my list of things I need to eventually watch. I originally skipped the anime because I wasn't a fan of the genderswap bit, but Isekai Quartet showed me that I shouldn't judge a series by a single trope.

    But what about Isekai Quartet? Did this anime itself have anything to offer? Well aside from the fan service jerk fest of having OP characters face off against one other, or similar characters who have all experienced being pulled into another world having conversation about their experiences with each other, there's not much. The story is as base as you can get, living out their new lives in this new world as students in high school, not really doing much or really caring about trying to return from whence they came. Sure they 'do' try to find a way back, but this is only their looming goal they will sometimes reference, not a 'must do' that is imperative. In fact the anime even ends on the update that the school will be having some transfer students joining, meaning that even more isekai animes may be being pulled into this world. Though that would change the title from Isekai Quartet to Isekai Quintet or Isekai Septet, so maybe this means more character from their worlds are being pulled in, like maybe the antagonists? That'd be interesting.

    In the end this is not an another that anyone who has not seen most of the included shows should watch, or anyone who doesn't enjoy the isekai genre. This is a fan service anime for all the fans of isekai, especially those who have watched the four series it references. The one last thing I should mention is that this is one of those shorter episode animes, with a single episode clocking in at 12 minutes. By far the longer of the shorter episode animes I have reviewed this year, but still significantly below your standard 30 minutes. And from the sounds of it, there is a second season on the way, so we'll get that answer as to who these mysterious transfer students are.

    Genres: Isekai, Comedy

    Animation: I guess I also should have mentioned this earlier, but if you're not a fan of chibi animation style, you'll want to steer clear of Isekai Quartet. Provided by Studio Puyukai, who have also been the guys behind the chibi Re:Zero net series, Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades a chibi spin-off series to Overlord, and Kaiju Girls, the chibi spin-off of the Ultra Series. This is very much not an anime to watch if you're looking for mind blowing battles from Overlord, the dark setting of Tanya the Evil, or the brutality found in Re:Zero. Still, for a chibi series, I was fine with it.

    Voice Acting: Everyone reprises their respective roles from their original animes, so if you like seeing consistency in this category, you'll not be disappointed.

    Favorite Character: Surprisingly, of all the characters I could have pulled from in this salad bowl of isekai, I have to say that Tanya von Degurechaff was my favorite. She was sadistic as hell, actually made Ainz jump when she unleashed her power, and she's got a cute character design.


    Isekai Quartet gets a 7.2 out of 10


  • How Powerful #9: Scorpion

    2 days ago


    D-t0oH6XsAM_PdF.jpgNOTE: I will be using some Test Your Might feats, however I will only be using Mortal Kombat 2011's version of the minigame because it's better to analyze these characters at their different levels of strength, while other versions have them at similar levels. Also spoilers to MK 11, if you don't want spoilers, go play it or watch the playthroughs. K? K. You have been warned.

    Mortal Kombat. The bloodiest & most violent fighting tournament ever to decide the fates of entire realms. More toxic than some fandoms. Many can join this tournament from a Hollywood star to a sexy & crazy girl who needs a trip to the dentist without killing anyone. This also includes the tragic spirit of vengeance, Scorpion. In "How Powerful", I will analyze a character to show off their best feats of strength, speed, durability, skill, etc. as long as if it's canon & don't contradict that character & I'll be explaining it like DEATH BATTLE! would. So don't expect every feat or p&a(powers & arsenal) to be explained. I'm Steven & I'm going to show you how powerful Scorpion is!



    Real Name: Hanzo Hasashi

    Height: 6'2'' | 1.89 m

    Weight: 210 lbs | 97 kg

    Leader of the Shirai Ryu

    Prefers his foes to come over here

    Ed Boon's favorite character

    Skilled in cooking

    Hanzo Hasashi was just a kid when he was told by his dad not to join the Shirai Ryu, a clan of "ninja" assassins & rivals to the Lin Kuei. Curiosity got the best of Hanzo when he wanted to help his family. During his training, he became the best of the best & was given the name of Scorpion. But, things didn't go well b/c his family was killed by Bi Han also known as Sub-Zero & his entire clan was slaughtered. Horrified by these events, Scorpion swore vengeance on Bi Han & to kill him, he enters in MK Tournament, fought his way through the ranks, &... & was killed by Bi Han. Guess that was the tale of Scorpion. Or is it? Nope. Because a sorcerer named Quan Chi used his magic to bring Hanzo back as the spirit of vengeance or for what I like to say, the next Ghost Rider b/c his weapon of choice is a spear he can use for long range, create some sick combos, & of course shoots it out of his wrist or inside his hand(Ew...) & tells his foes to "GET OVER HERE!" Ha yeah. As a wraith, he can teleport & has control over hellfire. He can use it to shoot from his hands or from the ground, use it for moves like Hellfire Punch & the Flaming Backflip Kick, can breath it out like a dragon, & burn himself. No seriously. He literally burns himself alive in an aura of flames to phase through anything & roast people alive! But, Scorpion has shown to manipulate more elements than just hellfire. He can manipulate the wind to create a tornado made out of hellfire, can create stone pillars, & even summon a log to smack people with it.

    Powers & Abilities:

    Kunai Spear

    Hellfire Punch

    Leg Takedown

    Flaming Backflip Kick

    Scorpion Sting


    Elemental Manipulation:

    -Hellfire, earth, wind, nature



    -Spine Rip

    -Who's Next

    -You're Next

    -Chain Reaction

    Access to the NetherRealm:

    -Summon Hellspawns

    -Create portals to the realm

    -Makes him stronger

    He also gained access to the NetherRealm, which is basically Hell, but Mortal Kombat's version. Scorpion can create portals from there to bring in Hellspawns to fight for him or just use them for enemies to "COME HERE!" In this realm, Scorpion's strength increases the longer he's in there. Giving full control of the battlefield against anyone & use his fatalities. This includes burning people alive while doing a face reveal with Toasty! Using heat in the kunai spear to cut someone in half with Chain Reaction. And pulling a Sub-Zero with the Spine Rip, which he did to Bi Han to avenge his family. Until the new Sub-Zero, Kuai Liang came to avenge his fallen brother. If Scorpion ever dies, he can just resurrect himself(This isn't allowed for DEATH BATTLE!). But, Scorpion has shown to be incredibly durable. He can be stabbed, dipped in lava, & while Kuai Liang was under the control of Blood Magik, he destroyed a frozen building in MKX Comics Issue 13. And he took hits from him. Also, is every word with a "c" replaced with a "k"? Kan it be? Anyway, now to his viktories!


    Scorpion defeated the ugly bug lady with no plot in MK 11, D'Vorah, twice. He defeated himself twice. Weird. He killed Quan Chi, who is strong enough to chop through a big block made out of sapphire.

    MK9-TYM-Challenge_15_-_Sapphire_with_QuaAnd once defeated the incompetent, but powerful lightning god, Raiden. He can smash through a bridge, blow up an entire temple with the output of 270 tons of tnt, & is said to be fast as lightning obviously being the god of lightning. Speaking of lightning, he survived being hit with lightning multiple times, which can require about 5 billion joules or 1.195 tons of tnt & once teleported out of lightning to save Takeda & himself in MKX Comics Issue 10. Now, a lightning's return stroke has a time span of about 30 microseconds. That's some insane lightning reaction speed for Scorpion, so lets say he's fast as lightning like almost every other character I analyzed so far in the series that are lightning fast- OKAY HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SAID LIGHTNING(11 times, later 12)?! I should be a meteorologist. Yeah scratch that. Never mind!


    Sliced through a frozen Lin Kuei Cyborg

    Teleported out of lightning in 0.00003 seconds

    Took hits from Blood Magik Sub-Zero(Kuai Liang)

    Survived several lightning strikes

    Scales to Sub-Zero(Both)

    Restored the Shirai Ryu

    Defeated Sub-Zero(Both), Quan Chi, D'Vorah, Raiden, & himself...

    He can take out multiple Lin Kuei cyborgs like they're nothing(5:33) & even slice through one of them that have been frozen solid back on Issue 13.



    Impressive b/c Kuai once ripped apart a cyborg in MKX Comics Issue 35 & this shows that Scorpion scales to Kuai, since he defeated him before. Making him outputting 63,000 pounds per square inch(31.5 tons) as well.


    Man, I guess you can say Scorpion is impossible to kill. But, you'd be wrong on that. Scorpion has shown some weaknesses. His temper has gotten in his way more times than not & has been played a fool by Quan Chi to work for him & was the person responsible for his family's death. While he finally gained more control of himself, this led to him in the future being killed by D'Vorah's stinger in canon. Permanently. Thanks a lot, Mortal Kombat 11, for giving Hanzo a stupid way to die! He survived it once, but he can't the second time! Mortal Kombat 11 has some awesome gameplay, but the story & writing sucks & I hate it for many reasons! Still, don't underestimate Scorpion. He's a skilled warrior & has patch things up with Kuai Liang & restored the Shirai Ryu. But, once you "come over to him", it will be "toasty!"

    Match-up Idea(s):

    This is Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series. Like Scorpion, he's honorable & solitary & has accomplish a lot in his past & became Kain's righthand man, however his life turned upside down when he lost his entire clan & life. Luckily, he came back as a vengeful spirit thanks to the Elder God, but was easily manipulated to be on the side of evil & he later went to the side of good. They also have similar abilities including manipulating some of the elements, creating portals, & having access to other realms. I see this as a perfect match for Scorpion if he ever comes back.


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