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  • Avis chirurgie esthetique

    14 minutes ago


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  • Seeking for ideas

    6 hours ago


    Hello, My name is Ann. I'm an amateur writer currently looking for inspiration)

  • For science!

    8 hours ago

    gi_goku Keeper of Tacos

    I am trying out the new dragon speak software to write this entire journal post. It takes a little getting used to but I think I am certain to get the hang of it soon. It does not fix all the issues with writing papers but it does help with writing them faster as I am faster with talking than I am with typing. The costs of the program is worth it. I can for see the potential of using voice recognition software to write.

  • Gunslinger Girl Episode 11

    9 hours ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Gunslinger Girl, the story of a government-sanctioned assassination squad made up of little girl cyborgs who kill the political enemies of their backers.

    In our last episode, recently introduced characters Elsa and Lauro have been murdered! Shock! And so Section One, who is not a big fan of Section Two, IE, the Cyborg Assassins, sends one of their own to investigate and try and get the program dismantled. Pietro, our investigator, learns more than he bargained for. He expected more of Elsa, but instead, he got more of Triela. Though Rico certainly didn't help matters, but Triela is the people person of the group, after all.

    And what foul group murdered Elsa and Lauro? Well, we don't know, but given the information Jean is handed at the end, it's something he doesn't like, which made signal a danger to the program as a whole. What dangerous knowledge could that be? And will Pietro find himself at the wrong end of a barrel? Let's tune in and find out.

    -OUr episode begins on a car ride through the Italian Shoreline. We're following Pietro as he's joined by his partner, Elenora. He wonders if he'll be able to drive his car onto Sicily Island, and the intrepid Elenora, who keeps notes on everything, sees that there is a ferry that can take cars to Sicily Island. Pietro is grateful for his partner, because without her, he'd probably be swimming to the island instead of trying to look this information up. By the way, am I the only one getting a bad feeling that this car is going to suddenly get attacked or explode during this trip? I'd be surprised if that didn't happen.

    -Oh, fun fact, the road they're on? It was the same ones the Romans used to attack Sicily Island. Like I said, Elenora writes down everything! He is worried about what personal information she has on him, but maybe that's for another time when they can be more romantic... assuming they're romantic in some way.

    -Tonight's episode is titled febbre alta, which is translated as "High Fever." And to my utter surprise, the car did not get attacked or exploded! Good thing I didn't put money on that. On Sicily, Ferro is giving some information to Jose and Henrietta, who will be staying on the island and out of trouble as the whole Elsa thing cools off. Jose thinks she's a little too paranoid, but honestly, I don't think you're paranoid enough. Ferro then turns to Henrietta and tells her to make sure nothing happens to Jose. As if she needs to be told that.

    -Now, while Ferro and her team will be staying at a hotel, Jose and Henrietta will actually be staying at a house. And it's a nice house, too, which is owned by Jose's parents. They used to vacation here in the summers, which shocks Henrietta. Even Jean? Even Jean. But right now, he's spending time with her and not mean Jean. And he wants to show her something and asks her to step out on the terrace. There it's almost nothing but the blue sea. As Henrietta takes it in, Jose remarks that they should return when the seasons change, remarking how amazing the island is during the summer. Henrietta gets excited by this, and Jose says that he would take her as often as she likes. Okay, so maybe Jose is actually blind to Henrietta's feelings, but I don't think you should be leading her on like that. Who knows what she'll do if you find somebody else instead of her.

    -And since they're on vacation, they need to act it, so Jose asks for Henrietta's P90 in her case and her SIG. She refuses, because she needs them to protect Jose, like she was ordered to. Jose disagrees, since they're here under the guise of a reporter and his niece, then remarks that a normal girl shouldn't be caring these kinds of things with her. Yeah, maybe back when this anime was first made. But Henrietta lingers on the "normal" part, and after a bit, relinquishes her weapons. She just seems so sad to lose her baby, but at the same time, more alone time with Jose!

    -Pietro and Elenora have made it to Sicily, and Pietro continues to be jealous of the type of work Section Two does to work in a place like this. Suddenly, Ferro and that other person who's name I forget walks down the steps right in front of Pietro and Elenora, but the two Section One investigators quickly duck to the side to avoid being seen by them. After they leave, Elenora asks why they're avoiding their own, but Pietro sums it up pretty well here.


    -Pietro is probably the smartest non-Section Two agent here. And that's why he'll be lucky to survive the series. They soon reach Jose's place, and after knocking a few times, they're greeted by Henrietta, who is so happy to see them.

    -If looks could kill, right? But Henrietta would need deadly stares. She was reaching for her gun, which she just gave up, so she was full on planning to murder the Section One agents, and boy would that cause all kinds of problems. Pietro introduces themselves to her, indicating that they're also from the Agency. Jose arrives, scoffing at their arrival. Though Pietro scoffs at him being a reporter on vacation, Jose points out the vacation part is true and demands to know what they want? Why, the investigation, obviously! Jose isn't pleased to have them ruin his vacation, but he's going to play nice... for now. Henrietta actually bars them from entering until Jose calls her off. Man, if Pietro thought it was chilly outside, just wait until he gets inside.

    -So the Section One investigators are allowed in, but Jose lays down the ground rules. there are no weapons allowed in this house and will take their weapons away. He's on vacation and the smell of gun oil will ruin that. Pietro then asks if he's going to take away his jewelry, but Jose is in no mood for games and tells him to leave his smartass attitude at the door.

    -After some time passes, Jose is caught up on the situation, as well as the story that was given to Pietro, about Elsa's "killers". But Pietro is just too good of an investigator to leave things as they are. Either that or he's going with this Lawful Good Alignment all the way through. Would he be Lawful Good, given he works for the Agency, or does Section One not handle the things Section Two does? Pietro admits that his superiors didn't send him here. He's doing this on his own. Jose wants to know why they're here about them? Turns out, it was Triela's idea. If he wants to know more about fratello relationships, then he should look at them. Jose isn't pleased about this at all.

    -Looking to get Henrietta out of earshot, Jose asks her to make dinner for all of them, which she goes about doing. Pietro comments on this and Jose admits that she practices cooking in her dorm room, so they shouldn't expect anything tasty. Pietro asks Elenora to assist and she does so rather happily. Before we go on about how this might seem sexist, I would argue that this would be more for Henrietta. She might feel more comfortable with Elenora looking over her shoulder than Pietro or Jose. But only a little bit.

    -With the two ladies out of the room, Pietro gets to the questioning. He asks Jose if Henrietta's respect for him is due to her conditioning? Jose says that all cyborgs are required to do a certain amount of conditioning, but he doesn't increase her conditioning to make her loyal. And he's never forced any of the affection she feels for him. Oh, so he isn't dense and blind to it. That doesn't mean this is a good thing, though! Pietro points out that there isn't that much of a different there. She still has to do the conditioning, and no matter how little it is, it still doesn't make it right. Jose is in agreement with this, and understand that they're using these girls for their own agenda. So what's stopping you from trying to do what Raballo did? Or are you too loyal to Jean to do anything about it?

    -We check in on the ladies to see what's for dinner. Tomato soup pasta. How bland. Luckily, Elenora is there to help, though Henrietta is still new at this and doesn't know how to cook without a recipe. But remember, Elenora write down everything, so she has some cooking notes handy. So they're going to replace the pasta with tuna, and on the side they can have marinated seafood with vegetable caponata, and some olives and cheese. Sounds good. Henrietta is throughly impressed, commenting that Elenora is carrying a magic notebook! Nope, for you see, our Section One Agent apparently has terrible memory, which is why she writes down everything! And I was hoping that she was just that diligent.

    -Our two girls bond rather quickly, but as they need more ingredients, they go out shopping. This gives the two time to get some girl talk in. Elenora can see that Henrietta really likes Jose, but she asks what kind of feeling it is, exactly? Like a love for a brother, or does the Agency determine that? Henrietta doesn't really care about that, all that she does care about is that this is a nice feeling for her. But she still has to do what the Agency wants, but what she does for Jose is what she wants to do for him. Sounds like love, doesn't it? Henrietta doesn't deny it and says it's the same for Elenora, the she's also in love with Pietro, right?

    -This catches Elenora off guard and she denies it, telling Henrietta that a man and woman don't have to be in love to work together. But Henrietta lays in all the charm about how beautiful and tall and what pretty hair Elenora has. She thinks they would be a good match for each other. Oh, you sweet little girl! And to think, you were going to kill them earlier. Then, suddenly, a purse snatcher drives by, grabbing Henrietta's purse! That poor fool. It takes a moment for the two to realize it's gone, and as soon as they do, Henrietta is off to the races. This sequence is rather well done, with Henrietta running through the tight roads of the city until she's able to spot the thief. She does her cyborg thing and leaps off from a considerable height, doing some damage to the road, and confronting the thief, who's surprised to see her. But Henrietta isn't in the mood for games.


    -Somebody's so going to get hurt here. Thief is all "piss off", which only pisses off Henrietta. She walks over like she's the Terminator... which she technically is, and grabs the guy by the throat, lifting him up in the air, much to his own surprise. Luckily, Elenora arrives in time to prevent things from getting too bad. Thief denies having the bad, but Elenora plays up the cop routine. She would let the thief go if she returned the purse, but because of his denial, we have theft, hazardous driving, and he smells of whisky so he's getting a DUI on top of that. A small skip shows the two at a nearby park by the beach. Elenora is there, asking Henrietta if it was worth it to get back the purse? Well, the camera Jose gifted her was in it, and there was no way she was going to let that go. It is expensive, after all.

    -It seems like Henrietta has gained a new found respect for Elenora and in confrontation with Thief. to her, Elenora was the toughest woman ever, but Elenora admits that Henrietta was the scariest girl ever when she confronted the thief. And just like that, a cute bond between the two was formed. It is going to be so terrible when Henrietta is forced to kill them.

    -Later, the four are enjoying the dinner made by the two girls. Henrietta is anxious to know what Jose thinks of it, and he smiles approvingly. She turns to Elenora, who winks at her in joy. Meanwhile, Pietro is going "What is with the looks these two are giving each other? Did I miss something?" Poor Pietro has no idea what he's in for.

    -Later, Jose and Pietro share a drink as the Section One agent asks Jose about Elsa's death, like any suspicions he may have about them. Jose throws it back at him, and Pietro admits that he has a crap ton of them. He just can't buy the story because it's just too convenient to him. After all, an agency trained man and his cyborg are killed. There was no investigation, but suddenly, Section Two knows who did it? He can smell a cover-up. Jose admits that, even though the girls have enhanced skills, they're rather useless if they aren't concentrating. And because the fratello were ambushed in a park, it's not outside the realm of possibility it happened exactly that way. But Pietro still doesn't believe it. Oh, this is going to end so badly for you, Pietro.

    -He calls something Jean told him, that the girls are highly sensitive to any danger that their handler might be exposed to. Pietro tested this with Rico, throwing an innocent item at Jean and saw how she reacted to it. Jose comments that each handler conditions their cyborg differently, and that Elsa reacted, only not fast enough. But this ticks Pietro off. And while he knows Jose believes that Elsa did nothing wrong, this whole situation feels wrong to him. And he admits that the idea of cyborgs disgusted him at first, since they went through a lot of surgery for those enhancements, but now, after seeing them in their personal lives, they're all just regular, adolescent girls, and they come with a whole gambit of emotions that he doesn't even want to get into, but like humans, they seek approval and can't understand their feelings and can't cook worth a damn. Hey! I thought weren't going to comment on that?

    -As the two men get all silent, we check in on the ladies. Henrietta seems quite proud of herself, given how the men seemed to have liked the meal, and Elenora agrees, given the work the young girl put into it. But Elenora is in big sis mode, because she tells Henrietta to not run off like she did before when she went after that purse thief. Normally, little girls aren't suppose to be violent. And Henrietta begins to cry tears of joy, because Elenora is trying to treat her like a normal girl, just like Jose is. But while she was joyful about the comments, it immediately become self-doubt, as she wonders if she really is normal, given the strength and enhancements she has. And she starts crying tears of pain, thinking that she'll never be a normal girl for Jose.

    -Elenora is still in Big Sis mode and puts a stop to that line of thinking, telling Henrietta that Jose thinks the world of her. He wants her to smile and to enjoy everything that she can. And with this comment by Big Sis, Henrietta finally understands how Elsa died. And she's going to show it to her, Pietro, and Jose as an example. She also asks for her side arm, as well. Oh, please tell me that somebody had the foresight to not load that gun, please?

    -Outside, the three adults turn to Henrietta, waiting for an answer. They're at a park and she'd like her gun, but Jose wants to hear an explanation first. Well, better start at the beginning. She turns to Pietro and asks him if he thinks Elsa loved Lauro? He would think so. Then she turns to Jose and asks him if Lauro was ever nice to Elsa? Nope, everything was always business. And that's how it all began. Henrietta explains that, Elsa loved Lauro with all her heart, but then realized that he would never feel the same for her. In a flashback/recreation, we see Elsa and Lauro walking in the park as Henrietta explains that, if it was her, she would kill that person, and then turn the gun on herself, which she does by grabbing the gun from Elenora's hand and putting it right against her eye, like Elsa did. Pietro and Jose attempt to stop her, but she never had any plants to shoot herself. Why should she since he's so wonderful to him?

    -Fortunately, somebody was on their game here. Elenora had removed the bullets from the gun, so there was no way Henrietta would shoot herself. Properly paranoid or following proper gun safety rules? You decide. Later, the adults get their drink on as Pietro accuses Jose of knowing. He probably didn't, but at least suspected as much, he just didn't say anything because loyalty to the family and Henrietta and all that.

    -Pietro is still trying to process this, though. He had a tough time accepting that the cyborgs would take a bullet for their handler, but now? Yeah, not a comforting thought. Jose asks Pietro if he'll report this, but even if he's Lawful Good, he knows that Section Two probably destroyed the evidence by now, so this will be nothing more than a theory. Elenora is still thinking about how Henrietta reacted, but Pietro assures her that the young girl was only showing them an example and nothing more.

    -Oh, and there was one interesting thing Pietro never showed Elenora. It was the picture from Elsa's room of Lauro, which is all she ever got from him. Pietro thinks Lauro couldn't handle all the affection, then adds that your regular person probably couldn't stomach it. By the way, I'm fully expecting the Section One Agents to be killed off before the episode is out. I just have this feeling that is going to happen, and it'll be soon.

    -Pietro turns to Jose, who isn't your average Joe, who responds that, above all things, they have to be someone the girls can look up to, which is the absolute least he could do. And then we're back to Henrietta, sleeping, but this time she's covering herself up, like she's having a bad dream.

    -And once more, with clarity, we see the murder/suicide of Elsa and Lauro, now fully voiced and in color. Lauro wants to know why they're at the park. This was the park where Lauro gave Elsa her name, "Elsa De Sica." Lauro can't believe she would remember that, but it was an important day for her, so she would never forget it. And Lauro just walks off, pissed off by her doing this, especially when they have an early morning. But it seems like Elsa has come to her decision and finishes the task she set herself out to do. Well, that was probably going to end that way, so I'm not too surprised.

    -The next day, Pietro and Elenora take their leave, allowing Jose and Henrietta to enjoy their vacation. Jose is ready to take his charge out on a tour of the city, because unlike Lauro, he knows how to deal with Henrietta's affections, and hopefully, won't suffer the same fate as him. Cue credits!

    -Next time, our penultimate episode of season one, simbiosi, which is translated as "Symbiosis". That sounds like fun.

    And thus, our little mini-arc comes to a close and we finally learn the truth behind Elsa and Lauro's death. And it's meant to be tragic for all the ways we've see in this show so far. The girls are very devoted to their handlers, so much so that they would die for them, but when taken too far, the girls may react poorly to any possible rejection, which lead to Elsa's murder/suicide with Lauro. I suspected that she took him to the park to see if he truly cared for her the same way Jose cared for Henrietta. So, in honesty, this was all Jose's fault, the jerk!

    But seriously, hopefully Henrietta can take a lesson from this, but I think she'll learn the wrong lesson here. I wonder if the same could be said for Jose and the lesson he should take from this.

    I rather enjoyed Pietro and Elenora and hope they return for other episodes. I appreciate how, despite being part of the Agency, they're rather decent people and seem to have the best in mind for the girls. Unfortunately, despite figuring out the murder/suicide, Pietro knows he's hit a dead end, and that Section Two would have covered the whole thing up. At least they didn't get killed in the end, which I consider a win, even if the whole thing ends on a rather depressing note.

    Only two more episode left in season one. Will we get another mini-arc? Will we have a cliffhanger ending? And will another fratello team be next? Tune in on Friday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, always keep your valuable close to you when sightseeing a new location. You'll never know when those drunk bike purse thieves will appear and attempt to steal your things. The jerks.

  • Drawing work

    12 hours ago


    Drawing for a friend, I don't do request because it's a pain in the butt! I don't know if it's done 


  • Day 1872: Sunday Funday!

    19 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    This weekend has been pretty relaxed! I’ve had a good time, and I’ve had fun. I woke up this morning and no one else was up, so I decided that I would walk the dog to get it done so that everyone else could have a relatively free morning and an extra hour to get ready for the day.

    I spent the morning cleaning and sorting out stuff. I managed to consolidate all my posters from their tubes and frames into a single tube, and then I also arranged all my paperwork so I know where I have the things I need. I’m slowly getting less and less stuff in my rooms, and less and less stuff I need to sort out.

    I played a lot of Destiny 2 as well, I’ve been hunting down a set of armour and I’m currently just trying to get leg armour, but I’m not finding it, and I’ve tried so many times to get it. I know it’s a little bit of work, but I kind of need them because the next week is a curse week, and getting them will allow me to get one of the final exotic items I need.

    I am feeling relaxed, I don’t really know if I’m looking forward to the week ahead, I’m hoping that we hear something about our immigration paperwork, but that’s about it. There isn’t a significant amount of work to be done, though I know that at home I will need to spend time writing music. I have a few ideas, but I know that none of them will suit the next Game of Bands round. I have some other bits of music I need to get recorded now, but I’m focussing on the other things, the ones that are needed for Game of Bands. I have a new track out, I’ll write about it tomorrow.

    Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • Ew, it has been too long | 2/17/19

    19 hours ago

    FiskJr KevinEverett

    Hey Y’all, 

    I have been AFK for... 5 months? I literally do not remember making a post 5 months ago. Anyway, my last major post was 10 months ago. 

    I missed RoosterTeeth a lot!

    So one of the biggest things that have happened since I’ve been gone is me getting a boyfriend! I will not talk too much about that because I do not want to jinx the relationship, since there has been some heat between us due to my personal mental state. 

    Being in a relationship is the biggest/newest step for me, but this is one of those things that every person will experience differently and there is a benefit to experiencing the different waves of a relationship. 

    Most of the time if there is a personal issue... communication is key. This helps each person know how to go about figuring how their personal situation. Personal dilemmas will bleed into the relationship even though it may not be caused by the other partner. This has been happening with me. I have learned my lesson because I really fucked up. I let personal demons bleed into our relationship: Not good at all. 

    Being an adult is dumb hard. I realized I need to be taking more risks. The risks I have taken in life have been well worth it. Yes, some risks do not work in favor, but the ones that did were amazing. I just need to find a way to stay motivated for longer. School work has been a hassle for me, but I need to find that drive I once had. 

    Sure the schoolwork in college is hard, but figuring out life is even harder

    This upcoming week is going to be the busiest week I will have in a long time. I am hoping that if I can get most of my school work done on weekends, I can distract myself during the weekdays with classes, friends, food, meetings, and workshops. 

    I hope everyone has been well. I do not know who is on the community actively anymore haha 



  • Day 48 FF17

    23 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens


  • Weapon Gojira X Plays - Batman Return To Arkham Arkham City Part 4

    1 day ago


    Batman continues tracking one of Ra's al Ghul's assassins for obtaining Ra's blood so Mr. Freeze can develop a cure for the blood disease. Will Batman find Ra's in time before the blood disease starts affecting him?


  • My First Weight Loss Journal (02-16-2019)

    1 day ago

    SumoG12 AYO!!! Whats up Communit

    My name is Kevin Garcia, you can call me Sumo. I got that nickname when I was in the Football team in high school. I am posting this journal because I want to start getting in touch with the Rooster Teeth Community. I have been a fan of Rooster Teeth ever since I saw Achievement Hunter's First AHWU. From then on I have been watching everything that Geoff and Jack has made. What a journey they had.  Speaking of journeys, this is mine. 

    Here we go. I am starting today to lose weight. As of now, during writing my journal entry here, it is 11:32 pm at night and I am playing some Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds to Mars. Some may say I'm already having a bad start because lack of sleep contributes to stress which then leads to gaining weight. That is not going to stop me. Tomorrow I am going to start easy and get the basics down which is eating right! I'll have a simple breakfast smoothie which will have banana, strawberry, blueberry, Greek yogurt and peanut butter. For Lunch, I will eat a 6 inch grilled chicken sandwich (from subway)  and I will need to drink plenty of water with this meal as well. For my dinner I will have 1 Chicken breast with Broccoli, of course I will also need to drink water. In between my meals I will be eating a handful amount of peanuts, cashews, almonds and pistachios. After 8:00pm I cannot eat anymore and if I start to feel hungry I will try drinking water, and I am praying that will help me.

    Now that's my Meal List, what about my Exercise List....that will be off the table for the next three days because I have no idea what exercises I want to do and I don't know if I want to lose weight and reach my weight goal OR use my weight to gain muscle. Obviously I'll need more than my own body fat to gain muscle. Proper diet, right amount of sleep and how much energy will I be burning during my exercises will contribute to weight loss and gaining muscle. So for now meal plan first, exercise second. Lets do this!

  • More Gold Your Majesty

    1 day ago


    It was the year 2000 and a younger version of me found a copy of a game called Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim on sale at a TJ Maxx, I convinced my parents to buy the game since it read on the box that it worked on Mac. When I got home I popped the CD into my Power Macintosh G3 that I had upgraded the RAM and hard drive in, and started to play the game on the lowest settings that allowed the game to run at the slowest crawl possible. Of course back then this didn't deter me in the slightest, I mean, the games I was use to playing up to this point on my Mac were Spaceward Ho!, Panzer General, and Civilizations. Back then I never did beat the game, officially anyways, and it was only recently I was able to return to this childhood entertainment to give it another shot. However can a game developed 19 years ago still be that good? Especially one that was on sale at a TJ Maxx for a fistful of dollars? Surely not, right?

    Since I now own a PC of my own, and I knew that there existed a version of Majesty called the Gold Edition, I went to GoG and downloaded the full 667 MB file for the low low price of $5.00 as it was on sale. Now the gold edition included an expansion and DLC not found in the base game, so not only was I looking forward to revisiting my childhood but also checking out this new content Ive never seen before. Of course this isn't 2000 anymore and my PC was fully capable of running the game at its top settings, making things run smooth and fast, so fast in fact that I actually found myself lowering the speed of the game to better construct my kingdoms.

    For all you Majesty noobs out there let me lay it out for you. The main campaign of Majesty is a map full of quests, most are locked at the beginning and only become available after beating certain quests. Selecting a quest gives you bit of background story behind your task for the quest, read to you by a very Sean Connery sounding actor. Once you note your objectives, you're thrust into your starting kingdom for that quest. Usually starting you off with your castle and a handful of other buildings, like a market, an inn, a blacksmith, and maybe one of the various heroes guilds. Your job as the king is building up your kingdom, protecting your citizens, and exploring the surrounding areas. To accomplish this you have a vast number of buildings at your disposal to construct, each with its own unique purpose to serve. The market is your main source of revenue, and is also the place you can research healing potions and other artifacts your heroes can buy. The blacksmith allows your heroes to upgrade their weapons and armor, the inn gives them a place to rest and retreat to in a pinch, the guard towers ward off low level enemies and offer a place for your tax collectors to deposit their collected gold. Managing your coffers can be a bit of a chore at times, but once you see a flow of income start up it's usually not about to stop unless you're not careful.

    Outside of kingdom buildings that help you earn income, buff heroes, and deal with pesky enemies, you also have your heroes guilds. There's quite a few to be had but not all can be built, each quest is a decision as to which branches to take. As a start you can almost always build a few base guilds, like the warriors guild, the rangers guild, the rouges guild and the wizards guild. Warriors are tough but need to get in close to deal damage, and their guild has a feature that allows you to quickly summon all the hired warriors back to the guild. Rangers will freely explore the map and earn XP by doing so and are good ranged attackers, their guild is also able to be broken down and moved at anytime. The rouges are a bit of a necessary evil as they will often steal from your own kingdom, but their guild will allow heroes to poison their weapons and allows you a fast way to collect all the taxes in the kingdom in an instance for half of the collected gold. And the wizards are as weak as they come but dish out some of the most powerful damage with their spells, their guild also allows you to use spells yourself for a price and allows heroes to enchant their weapons. And these are just the base guilds, this is before we talk about the temples and the branching paths you can take.

    Much like guilds, temples also hires heroes to aid your kingdom, but they are all religious buildings and don't generally like one another. Want to build a temple of Krypta and hire Priestesses who summon skeletons to patrol your kingdom for enemies? Well then you can bet you won't be seeing any Healers from the temple of Agrela. Interested in taming the local wildlife with Cultists from the temple of Fervus? You can bet the stone-skinned Monks of the Dauros temple won't appreciate that. And when it comes to Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes, you'll need to pick one of the races you best think will be useful in your current quest, as the two you don't choose from will turn their noses up at you. Elves can only be hired two per bungalow, but with them come gambling halls and elven lounges for free. Dwarves are builders and attackers, plus their settlement is also a defensive building and you get access to a more powerful version of the guard towers called ballistas. And Gnomes are weak fighters but they build things like the wind, and their cheap to hire and more of their hovels will appear for free as you build allowing you to hire more Gnomes quickly. In the end what paths you take will depend on your play style and how you wish to approach the objective.

    Now as the king you don't actually control your heroes or your citizens, they are free to go about their business as they please. So to help you direct them you are given flags to set. Attacking flags cause heroes to seek and destroy the target, explore flags will make heroes plunge into the fog of the map, and defend flags that rally heroes to a location or unit to defend it or them. Setting a flag doesn't immediately cause heroes to jump for joy however, as you'll need to offer up some of your gold as an incentive. The larger the amount, the more risks the heroes will be willing to take, including loss of life. Heroes are units with personality, they act accordingly to their level and won't generally go outside of what they are capable of. So even if you put a $2500 attack flag on that dragon wrecking shop on your marketplace, the heroes might just ignore it out of fear for their own lives. If you're like me though, you'll often just let your kingdom run on autopilot. Heroes will level up over time as they skirmish with enemies and explore their surroundings, their various voice lines providing an often amusing bit of background noise.

    Not all quests allow you to autopilot things though, and sometimes you'll be sweating bullets as time limits are introduced and stronger enemies often wander into your main kingdom. The main campaign played out mostly as I remembered, basking in the nostalgic glow of the game, and I was even able to make it pass the couple of quests I couldn't win before allowing me to move on to this 'Northern Expansion'. Sadly I found the original quests to be far more entertaining, as this expansion didn't introduce any new hero units and only a few new enemies to kill. The quests themselves were kind of similar to the original string too, so there wasn't much diversity there. Still, for what I did play, I enjoyed. Only rarely did I become overly frustrated, and that was only due to my own play style interfering with me accomplishing a couple quests easily.

    Majesty Gold HD Edition gets a 7.3 out of 10


  • Nostalgia bomb

    1 day ago


    Most of my journals seem to be either me complaining about stuff or gacha reports. So instead, here's a couple music pieces that it randomly occurred to me that I wanted to hear again, and really hit me hard in the feels.

    Dunno why I thought to look this up, but I did this morning. The beginning is beautiful, but when the battle music starts at 2:40 it just blasted me so hard with nostalgia I teared up. It's so much more powerful than I remember:

    Was binge-watching Avatar clips for a while a couple months ago, and after rewatching the scene containing this I looked for the music right away. I wish this were a longer piece! So much. It's amazing how it gets the blood pumping:

    And I was thinking about the Link's Awakening remake, and thought, "I wonder if it'll have that Zelda theme club remix?" I sure hope so. I really want more stuff like this.

  • Day 1871: I have normal legs!

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    I have been having some issues with my feet recently due to ill-fitting shoes as I’ve worn them out. I spent this morning travelling to a shop that could perform gait analysis to figure out what kind of running shoe would suit me best.

    I found out that I don’t have much deviation in the angle my legs are at so I run pretty neutral, and so I found some trainers that felt like the suited and tried them on. I knew I needed to be very particular about all of this, as I know how good great shoes can make running feel.

    I think I still need to let my foot heal a little more, but I’ve been spending my gym time in other ways. The revelation that going to the gym doesn’t mean I have to run was enlightening, and I’ve spent my gym time working on other things, like general strength things, and bigger compound exercises which are a lot of fun, and have more practical applications than isolated exercises.

    I’m hoping that the shoes fit me well, and that my running habits can continue, as I know each day I don’t run, I feel myself slipping behind my goal, but I’m confident that I can catch up to where I want to be.

    Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

    Peace -x-

  • Friendly reminder

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    gi_goku Keeper of Tacos

    If you are ever having suicidal thoughts. Talk to someone, a friend, family, coworker, or call 1-800-273-8265 for the suicide prevention hotline or 1-855-948-2311 for the VA hotline.

    I post this as it has been about 3 years since I lost my aunt to suicide.

    Remember that you are loved

  • The Epic of Remnant begins soon

    1 day ago


    You'll note that they made a change to Emiya Alter for the NA release.  This was probably the best move to do.

  • Day 47 FF16

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    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens


  • adsfadsf

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  • Bring back the Know

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    Why did we put this new shit in the place of the know I do not accept this. This new show is horrible bring back Brain or Ashley I will no longer watch insider whatever not good FYI. This team is better than this Burnie don't turn me off RT I only now am watching the pod cast and gen lock. The know was what I turned to for weekly news and I don't accept the new cast or feel for what it has become please go back. Belmont out.

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