Hey guys, 

Today is a big day for Shaun Bolen and me because as of today Game Attack is now independent.  Yup, Bolen and myself are no longer employed by Rooster Teeth. We will however continue to work with RT as members of the Let's Play family. What does that mean and why is this "major news"??

It’s as simple as this: Before, when you watched our videos on YouTube, bought Game Attack merchandise, or signed up for First Memberships, your money went to RT, who then paid us.

Now, since we’re independent, when you buy Game Attack merchandise, or watch our videos on YT, or especially sign up for First Memberships, you’re money directly goes to the growth of Game Attack and helping support Bolen, me, and our beautiful, young families - including Bolen’s diabetes stricken pug, Bruce. 

Here is an easy to understand example of how things work now:

One other very important thing is that now all direct donations to Game Attack, like Super Chat on YouTube, ALSO help us do stuff like pay rent, stay moderately healthy with health insurance, continue to produce content, and grow Game Attack and our programming for you!

Literally everything you do from this day forward - whether it's watching our videos, buying merchandise, donating via Super Chat, signing up for FIRST Memberships or just telling your friends about us on the internet - now directly supports us more than it ever has before. You, our community, truly are our lifeline at Game Attack.

Unfortunately with the ScrewAttack team relocating to to Austin soon, Chad and Sam will rarely be in GA videos (outside of the Mario Party Saturday) but we do plan on continuing Mario Party later this year. Bryan is also taking a position down in Austin with RT's broadcast division. We're really excited for all of them but as you can see, this is a major shift as we're losing half of our team - which is why we'll need your help more than ever.

Being a small channel with big goals, this is a HUGE deal for us and an even bigger risk but we believe Game Attack has some amazing things on the horizon with the support and backing of you - our amazing community.

We're sure you have a lot of questions so please ask away. Please ask them via Twitter using the hashtag #BleedPurple so we can track them easily and then join us tonight at 7pm CT on a super special episode of our Try Hard Podcast where we answer your questions. If you're not a FIRST Member, don't worry! The episode will live for everyone on YouTube. Here's the direct link.

We feel like Game Attack is just now starting to figure out who we are and are excited to have the opportunity to grow it into something we know it can be. In a relatively short amount of time, we've grown to have the best and most passionate community online and we can't wait to grow with them moving ahead. With their support and continued growth, we hope to expand our programming, team members, and even return to producing live events. We hope those who haven't had the chance to check out what we do use this as an opportunity to get to know us and see why our community bleeds purple.

Come see what we do over at Game Attack: https://www.youtube.com/user/GameAttack